Points requirement for nursing cut

Students who missed out on nursing in the first round of CAO offers may have more success today, as second round offers show a significant fall in the points required.

This is the first time nursing places have been administered by the CAO.

The first round offers, which were made two weeks ago, saw the majority of 'general nursing' courses only being offered to those who had in excess of 400 points.

At University College Cork, as much as 460 points were needed, while UCD required 435.

However all general nursing courses have now dropped in points to between 325 and 395.

A similar trend has occurred in courses offering other types of nursing. Psychiatric nursing in Dublin City University has dropped from 430 in the first round to just 280 in the second round.

Mental handicap nursing has dropped from 385 points in Dundalk IT to just 225 points.

Over 800 nursing places, out of a possible 1,550 have so far been filled.

There is also some good news too for those wishing to study medicine and dentistry. While the points required have stayed the same in some colleges, there has been a slight drop in the points required in others.

Medicine at Trinity College, which did require 570 points, will now be offered, albeit by random selection, to those on 560 points, while dentistry, which required 540 points, drops to 530, also on random selection. While the reductions in points required are small, traditionally medicine and dentistry rarely drop in points at all.


Anonymous - 07/09/2001 20:49

Nursing CAO points will always drop as nursing is still a 2nd choice for many due to poor pay and long stressful hours (and I'm a nurse with kids who I would actively discourage from nursing)

nurseme - 21/10/2005 22:27

I am a registered psychiatric nurse and would like to do General nursing. Anyone know how/where I can get further training without having to do four years Much obliged

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