Easing of COVID restrictions to be discussed

Extension of 5km rule being considered
  • Deborah Condon

The Government is expected to take a cautious approach to the easing of COVID restrictions, which are due to come into effect on April 5.

Ministers and public health officials are due to discuss this issue on Monday, with a final decision by Cabinet due to be made on Tuesday. It is understood that an extension of the 5km limit and a return to outdoor sports, including allowing children to take part in non-contact training, are being considered.

The avoidance of a fourth wave and the return to school for all pupils on April 12 are key to the considerations. Secondary school pupils in 1st-4th year have not been in school since last December.

A further 13 deaths related to COVID-19 were reported on Sunday evening, as well as 604 more cases of the virus.

Of the 13 deaths, 12 occurred in March and one is still under investigation.

The median age of those who died was 77 years and the age range was 51-93.

This brings the total number of deaths to 4,666 and the total number of cases to 234,541.

Of the 604 new cases of the virus, 224 occurred in Dublin, 45 in Donegal, 36 in Kildare, 34 in Limerick and 26 in Tipperary.

As of 8am on Sunday morning, there were 322 patients with COVID-19 in hospital, of which 66 were in ICU.

As of March 25, 760,168 doses of the COVID vaccine had been administered, although just 211,223 people had received both of their two doses.


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