Majority fully complying with COVID restrictions

Most do not believe this is last lockdown
  • Deborah Condon

Over half of adults in Ireland believe that they are fully compliant with COVID-19 restrictions, however most do not believe that people in their local area are being complaint, a new survey has found.

The entire country is currently living under level 5 restrictions and according to the findings, 57% of adults believe that they are fully compliant (90-100% compliant) with these. However, just 11% believe that people in their local area are fully compliant.

The survey of 1,000 adults also found that 85% of people do not think this will be the last lockdown of this type, with 30% believing that lockdowns will occur on and off indefinitely.

Overall, 70% of adults agree with the Government's decision to move to level 5 restrictions, however 59% think cafes and restaurants should be allowed to remain open if they can facilitate social distancing.

Despite the important of exercise and sport for overall health and wellbeing, 53% think sport should not be allowed to continue, including GAA.

The survey was carried out by iReach from October 20-27.

For more information on level 5 restrictions, click here.


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