Five more people with COVID-19 have died

R number has moved closer to one
  • Deborah Condon

Five more people with COVID-19 have died in the Republic.

However, five deaths that had previously been classed as COVID-related have been denotified, so the number of deaths here remains at 1,738.

A further 15 cases of the virus have also been confirmed, while three have been denotified, bringing the total number of cases here to 25,489.

According to Prof Philip Nolan, chair of the National Public Health Emergency Team's (NPHET) Irish Epidemiological Modelling Advisory Group, the reproductive number of the virus "is now estimated to be closer to one than it has been in recent weeks".

"The R number is easily influenced by small changes to the transmission of the virus. We have noticed an increase in the number of cases towards the end of last week. It is a trend that NPHET will continue to monitor closely," he explained.

The Department of Health's chief medical officer and NPHET chairperson, Dr Tony Holohan, reminded people to continue to follow public health advice and stay safe.

"What has been a collective and effective national effort to suppress COVID-19 in Ireland, now also becomes an individual mission. Every person must risk assess their own environments, make appropriate decisions about where they will go and who they will meet, and how they can ensure their safety and the safety of those around them," he commented.

According to the department's deputy chief medical officer, Dr Ronan Glynn, 60% of all COVID cases have been reported in the last month and the transmission of the virus "is accelerating globally".

"In order to limit the potential for a resurgence of the disease in Ireland, we all must continue to follow public health advice and take responsibility for our individual actions," he noted.

Meanwhile, according to Dr Vida Hamilton, national clinical advisor and group lead of acute operations in the HSE, as a result of the good practises of the public in the last few months, the country's ICU's were not overwhelmed.

"Although they were busy, every patient got the care they deserved. Some of us may have witnessed the reality of the frontlines in our hospitals on recent television documentaries. We should not lose sight of what is at risk and how fragile our systems are in the face of this pandemic. Please continue to follow public health advice," Dr Hamilton said.

Phase 3 of the easing of COVID restrictions is now in place. For more on this, click here.


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