One more death from COVID-19 in the Republic

Cases top 10 million worldwide
  • Deborah Condon

One more person with COVID-19 has died, bringing the total number of deaths here to 1,735.

A further three cases of the virus have also been confirmed, while one has been denotified, bringing the total number of cases here to 25,439.

Over 419,000 tests have been carried out here, including over 19,000 in the last week.

One more death has also been reported in Northern Ireland, bringing its total number of deaths to 550.

Meanwhile worldwide, the number of cases has topped 10 million, while over 498,000 deaths have been recorded.

Phase 3 of the Government's plan to reopen businesses and society begins on Monday, June 29. Almost all businesses that have not already opened can now do so, including hairdressers, beauticians and gyms.

Capacity on public transport is to be increased, however the use of face coverings will also be mandatory except in certain circumstances. Details on the sanctions that will be applied for failing to wear face masks have not yet been announced.

For more information on phase 3, click here.


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