Many still concerned about everyday activities

Survey on social impact of COVID-19
  • Deborah Condon

The latest findings from a new survey show that as COVID restrictions ease, many people are still uncomfortable with the idea of going to pubs or large outdoor events, and sending their children back to childcare.

The results are contained in the second round of the Social Impact of COVID-19 survey, which was carried out by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

According to the findings, 57% said they would be ‘uncomfortable or ‘very uncomfortable' sending their child to childcare or crèche, while 54% report similar feelings about allowing their child to play team sports with close physical contact.

Some 21% said that they would be ‘very uncomfortable' with the prospect of going to a pub, even with two metres social distancing in place. This figure increases to almost 40% if social distancing were to be reduced to one metre.

Meanwhile, 82% of people said they would feel ‘uncomfortable' or ‘very uncomfortable' attending a large outdoor event with no social distancing, while 63% would feel ‘uncomfortable' or ‘very uncomfortable' at the prospect of using public transport.

Some 78% said they would feel ‘uncomfortable' or ‘very uncomfortable' with the prospect of flying to another country, while 63% had similar feelings about travelling by ferry.

"The findings of the survey illustrate how comfortable or otherwise Irish people are feeling at the prospect of undertaking what we would have considered to be everyday activities prior to COVID-19, and highlights the impact COVID-19 may have on people's behaviour into the future," explained CSO statistician, Brian Cahill.

He noted that men and woman appear to differ in their feelings about COVID restrictions. For example, overall, men report feeling more comfortable than women with the idea of going to a pub or restaurant, while women feel more comfortable than men at the prospect of having someone in their home.

Women also appear more uncomfortable than men with the prospect of sending their child to childcare/crèche or allowing them to play team sports.

The survey involved over 1,600 people and was carried out on June 10-17.


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