Main COVID concern is health of family

Big jump in people wearing masks
  • Deborah Condon

When it comes to COVID-19, the main concern adults in Ireland have is the health of their family, a recent survey has shown.

According to the findings, worries about their own health is their second biggest concern, however a significant number are also worried about the impact the virus could have on their jobs.

The survey was carried out at the end of May as a follow-up to one carried out at the end of March, when the pandemic had first hit.

It found that 39% of adults are now wearing face masks or gloves - a big increase since the pandemic first started.

It also found that 29% of people are now working full-time from home, compared to 11% at the end of March.

By the end of May, 53% said they had to change their holiday plans overseas compared to just 25% at the end of March.

Meanwhile, 25% admitted to still stocking up on food at the end of May.

Over 1,000 adults took part in each survey between March 21-27 and May 21-27. The surveys were carried out by iReach Insights.


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