One more person with COVID-19 has died

124 confirmed cases in hospitals
  • Deborah Condon

One more person with COVID-19 has died in the Republic, bringing the total number of deaths here to 1,678.

Meanwhile, 25 new cases of the virus have been confirmed, while seven have been denotified, bringing the total number of cases here to 25,201.

Data from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre shows that of the 25,176 cases reported to it as of midnight on June 5, 3,321 (13%) have been hospitalised and of these, 409 have been admitted to ICU.

Some 8,057 cases are associated with healthcare workers, which is 32% of all cases nationwide.

As of Saturday night, there were 124 confirmed cases and 188 suspected cases in hospitals nationwide. Of those with confirmed COVID-19, 36 were in ICU.

The hospital with the highest number of confirmed cases continued to be Dublin's Mater Hospital (31).

Phase 2 of the Government's plan to reopen society and business begins on Monday. For more on this, click here.


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