Students to get free sex packs

Most information that students receive about sexual health focuses on contraception, with little emphasis on the risks and dangers of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) has said.

The union today launched a sexual health awareness pack, 50,000 of which will be distributed during freshers' weeks and sexual health awareness weeks this autumn.

The pack contains a condom, lubricant, a glove and an information leaflet.

According to USI president, Richard Hammond, the pack is 'all-inclusive', which means that both men and women regardless of the level of sexual activity or sexuality can use the material in the pack.

Dr Declan McKeown, director of public health with the Western Health Board has commended the information leaflet in the pack for its 'factual nature' and the directness of its approach.

"Without being unduly graphic, the language of the leaflet does not use euphemisms or 'baby talk' and the reader is left in no doubt as to which are safe sex practices and which are not", Dr McKeown said.

The packs will be distributed either during the various freshers' weeks or sexual health awareness weeks, said USI welfare officer, John Paul Swaine.


paul(brianmac) - 10/08/2001 18:17

Question? Why does our Health Board not put advertisement regarding safe sex in public toilets,public transport,ect + schools/colleges lile they have been doing in the Uk and other european countries for years?

Anonymous - 10/08/2001 18:25

Excuse my ignorance, but what is the glove for? Have I been missing something?

Anonymous - 11/08/2001 14:27

A sign of the times-sex packs,drugs,drink,where are the parents of these miscreants?What are we rearing? A pack of drunks,junkies,sex freaks. I have given up on honesty,I have followed a code of goodness all my life,and now I find people going to Mass,are robbing the State,do I need to continue?I feel I am the only honest man on the island or am I alone really, in this den of imfamy? The Saint.

Anonymous - 13/08/2001 10:14


paul(brianmac) - 14/08/2001 22:04

'What the glove for,really folks, why its to keep your free hand warm standing up an irish lane on a winters night.

Anonymous - 15/08/2001 17:33

I am shocked by the innuendoes and dirty suggestions on this topic.A new sign of the times-the little minds of our copatriots.The Saint.

Anonymous - 17/08/2001 22:14

Me too!!! Please tell what the glove is for??

Anonymous - 17/08/2001 22:22

Is The Saint suggesting that going to Mass is the cause of the state robberies, or are the robberies happening while they are on the way to mass?

paul(brianmac) - 18/08/2001 11:32

Thank God, I dont attend mass today,and have to listen to people like the saint. such rubbish,

Anonymous - 24/08/2001 17:12

Hello - what's the glove for - a little spanking perhaps?

Anonymous - 29/08/2001 11:34

Whats the glove for? I would also like to know.

Anonymous - 31/08/2001 13:52

A glove, where do they put their hands then?

Anonymous - 31/08/2001 13:54

If you know what the lubricant is for, then you know what the glove is for.

Anonymous - 07/09/2001 11:20

According to USI president, Richard Hammond, the pack is 'all-inclusive', which means that both men and women regardless of the level of sexual experience can use the 'GLOVE' in the pack.

Anonymous - 10/09/2001 12:36

The glove is for penetrative didgital sex of the vagina or the anus you idiots.

Anonymous - 10/09/2001 18:45

What immature freaks are using this feature!!The pubs are packed every night with our young.They think of nothing save their gut.I am disgusted. Of course we have very good kids too,but there is alot of rubbish out there too.No respect.Vandalism,sex,ect. The Saint.

Anonymous - 10/01/2002 21:56

why not they get everything else for nothing

Anonymous - 10/03/2002 00:15

im a member of usi and i didnt receive anything

Anonymous - 10/03/2002 12:33

The Saint here, my God .How our little country has changed!!I am DISGUSTED by the infamities posted to this site.How dare they insult me,I pray for them all,may God enlighten their ignorant souls..

Sarah(sarahob) - 23/04/2002 09:03

i think this is a brilliant idea. also what does the Saint do all day?

Anonymous - 23/04/2002 18:16

Sarah I pray many times.Even for the PERVERSE. I play chess,and read, but I do not pester women ,i leave them alone with their friends. I have never used a contrec. in my life,and i am PROUD of it, are you not afraid,Sarah of missing the bus--i.e. of ending up in HELL...The Saint....

Anonymous - 30/04/2002 21:58

what is wrong with you people?! of course teenagers are going to try things out when they are teenagers. it doesnt mean they are going to grow up to raging alcoholics or drugies. their just curios. im sure you people were when you were young except maybe the saint (notice ABSOLUTE sarcasm. the saint thing is such crap. whoever you are, stop tryin to force your stupid holy crap on us!)

Anonymous - 30/04/2002 21:59

my god saint , take a hike!!!

Anonymous - 01/05/2002 19:07

The Saint here.I am shocked by the last comments.'let teenagers try things out'--a remedy for disaster.A child is not a toy,or a plant that can be left to grow on its own. It must be nurtured,not left to its own evil devices. I look for support from you for this axiom(a thing taken for granted). Pray my friends and there is still hope. the Saint

Anonymous - 09/07/2002 09:45

They never mentioned the dental dam (protects your gums from infection if you want to engage in cunnlingus) that they got in the packs :p Anyway, the packs are there to cater for ALL users of them i.e. you don\'t have to be heterosexual to get one.

Anonymous - 09/09/2002 01:48

yes dental dams are a gr8 idea . but shud b advertized more the famous GLOVE i think it may b 4 examining urself ........ wat u think ? or does the "other" person not wash ?

Anonymous - 09/09/2002 01:51

if there is 2 condoms in the pak u can use 1 4 wat its intended 4, the other as a dental dam ( just cut off top & bottom)

Anonymous - 15/10/2002 15:06

seriously,why bother commenting on this issue cos if we have any unanswered questions,they dont get answered.its nearly a waste of time.i too,want to know what the glove is for!!!!!

Anonymous - 15/10/2002 16:49

You disgust me you lot,I would not tolerate such behavior.

Anonymous - 28/10/2002 18:02

the glove is for the lubricant so that you can keep your hands slip free.

paulo - 10/04/2003 12:36

Sigh... Sounds like a lot of you are fooling around but need a bit more information to do it safely :-) So... The glove is for wearing if you're going to be putting your fingers inside someones vagina or anus, whether to apply the lubricant or just to give them pleasure, as cuts or abrasions on the skin are a potential site of infection by a sexually transmitted infection. A dental dam is a small square of latex that protects your mouth if you're going to be putting your tongue inside someones vagina or anus, almost certainly just for pleasure (this is where the saint faints!!). I think these packs are a great idea. Shag packs have been available on the gay scene for years and have undoubtedly saved lives. Don't leave home without one.

Anonymous - 24/05/2004 15:45

sex packs are great idea. my son is 16 and 4th year at secondary. the last sex ed. he had was at 6th class primary school. something is wrong here. why is sex still taboo? it must be taught in a factual and relistic way. Sex is normal and good. sex is not synonomous with bad unless it's non consenting sex. Saint you seem to visit this site a lot. does that not worry you?

Anonymous - 25/05/2004 19:41

the Saint says: of course sex is good! who said it is not? Not I! But it is not for abuse,like all good things. Casual sexd does harm. Need I explain the harm? Hardly! a sex pack for a your boy! Your last writer is for it! And let him have his way! A few fatherless chislers is no harm. this is the philosophy of doom! the Saint signs off....

Richard(ZDR22652) - 12/01/2005 02:28

what the hell is the matter with you people. as parents it is your duty to talk to your children about sex. not the school's. with parents like you it's no wonder it is everybodys problem. IE; teen pregnacy, and std's. act like parents and talk to your children.

Sarah Kate(ZFJ18968) - 28/09/2005 15:37

Well Saint i think one of the major reasons for giving students these sex packs is to promote protected sex and so prevent "fatherless chislers" as you put it. Its not intended to promote Casual sex either. Not all young people engage in casual sex and they have the right to know how to be safe without being told they are evil by idiots like you

Anon - 19/06/2007 23:02

Ok. As a teenager myself, I think that it's a good idea to get free sex packs. Cos' it's beter to have sex safe. But they're only given out to teenagers who are the legal age to have sex so yeah, that's ok. I got a frr pack in Sex Ed. in school and yeah, I've had safe sex with my boyfriend who is responsible and careful and we're in a steady relationship and we both love each other. That's the main thing. We only done it to express our love in a new and different way. Not just to get it over with or cos everyone else's doing it. I don't care! So stop being so stereotypical and get your facts together ppl!

rob - 20/06/2007 12:06

the sex pack is a good idea..i got it in college and used it accordingly..unfortunately there was no glove or lube in it..just the johnny..ah sure cant complain!

Angie - 26/06/2007 22:21

Anon you say "We only done it to express our love in a new and different way" A new and different way?? Not exactly a new and different way, is it? I think the giving out of 'sex packs' is a joke. What, with the amount of money teenagers have for drink and drugs it is pointless to give them sex packs. They are usually too out of it to use them. If they are not out of it, then they can afford protection themselves. It is their own responsibility to do so and parents are the very ones at fault here, 100%! It is up to the parents to teach their children about safe sex, not anyone elses. There wouldn't be half the single mothers out there if the girls parents were not so damn tolerant of their own daughters out there having sex with whoever and knowing that they can come home pregnant with out any fingers being pointed at them. Yep, I'm with the Saint on this. The country has gone completely mad. Sex packs... what next? Lets sort out our health service for those that are ill and cannot get proper treatment unless they are able to afford private care. Time they took all the perks off single mothers then they would make an effort at safe sex. At the end of the day, its down to the girls to protect themselves, and that is completely down to nature.

BillyBob - 27/06/2007 13:08

Angie Posted: 26/06/2007 22:21 Angie thanks for making me laugh! It's down to the girls so is it? Ehm no it's down to both parties. These "sex packs" will reduce unplanned pregnancies and STD's so can only be a good thing. Such a shame that in this day and age people are still embarrassed to buy contraceptives.

Angie - 27/06/2007 20:34

BillyBob, Yes it is partly down to both parties but at the end of the day, when a girl gets pregnant, she is often left on her own, 'holding the baby'.. end of story. Lad nowhere in sight so therefore it is up to the girl to protect herself. Sex packs will do nothing to stop unplanned pregnancies. Very few people are embarrassed about buying contraceptives and if you think they are I suggest you think again. Protection is available to buy in every female loo in the bars of the entire country practically. I see no evidence that people are embarrassed whatsoever and not embarrassed either about getting the morning after pill. Society thought with the advent of the contraceptive pill that that would stop unwanted pregnancies but it didn't.

BillyBob - 28/06/2007 11:09

People have sex Angie, fact of life. If it doesn't reduce unplanned pregnancies it will at least reduce STD's! You don't think that's a good thing?

Angie - 28/06/2007 20:05

BillyBob, Yes they do. I totally concur with you and they will have, regardless of education/sex packs etc etc. BUT using a condom will make a huge difference. You don't need to distribute 'sex packs' to promote safe sex! The very ones who need most protection are the very ones that won't use condoms/sex packs. The ones that use condoms and practice safe sex will do so regardless. So the idea of sex packs is a bit pointless because it won't achieve anything.

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