Free hearing aid batteries offered

TV and phone calls a "lifeline' at this time
  • Deborah Condon

People with hearing aids can now avail of free replacement batteries, which will be posted to their homes.

Hidden Hearing, which provides hearing-related services in clinics nationwide, has said that it will post out free replacement batteries to anyone who needs them, whether they have used the company before or not.

It said that in light of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis, television, radio and telephone calls are especially important for many people at this time.

"People have enough stress right now, without having to worry about hearing aid batteries running down," commented Dolores Madden of Hidden Hearing Ireland.

The company is calling on families to check if their relatives' hearing aids are in good working order "at this challenging time, when TV, radio and telephone calls are a lifeline for many".

Hidden Hearing clinics are currently still open to cater for urgent customer appointments and enquiries, although some services, such as wax removal, are not currently available.

"The wellbeing of staff and customers is paramount. We continue to follow HSE guidance in terms of handwashing, respiratory hygiene, distancing, and sanitising touchpoints, to ensure we can continue to provide an important service," Ms Madden said.

The company is also offering extensive advice online to guide people who may be experiencing difficulties with hearing aids, or who require general information.

In the meantime, anyone who needs hearing aid batteries, including nursing home residents, should contact Hidden Hearing on 1800 370 000, text ‘Hear' to 50015, or email, to have replacement batteries posted free of charge.


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