'Morning after' pill may be legalised

The 'morning-after pill' may finally be legalised in this country. Ireland is currently one of only two EU countries which does not have legalised emergency contraception.

The Cabinet sub-committee on abortion is expected to recommend the move in an effort to reduce the number of crisis pregnancies in the state, according to today's 'Irish Times'.

A decision by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB) to refuse a licence to a new emergency contraceptive pill last year was slammed by the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA), who described the move as 'ridiculous'.

At the time, the IMB refused the licence on the grounds that the drug, Levonelle, also known as the levonorgestrel-only pill, was an abortifacient. (An abortifacient is a drug which induces an abortion or a miscarriage.) However the drug is not considered an abortifacient in any other country in the world and is licensed in every EU country except Ireland and Greece.

According to the IFPA, at the moment, doctors and clinics, at their own discretion, give out four high dose oestrogen pills, which have to be taken 12 hours apart. The first dose must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

According to Dr Sheila Jones, medical director of the IFPA, the levonorgestrel-only pill is a better option for women to take as it does not induce vomiting and can also be used on women who cannot take oestrogen-based emergency based contraception.

The cabinet sub-committee on the issue is chaired by Health Minister, Micheál Martin.

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linda(fairlady) - 05/11/2002 14:02

i think it should be stopped altogether.it is pure murder in my opinion.every baby deserves to live either get it adopted or keep it you shouldnt kill it.could you live with yourself knowing that you are a murderer?maybe thats going to far but i think its wrong to kill an innocent unborn child.if you were responciable enough to have sex you should be responciable to deal wih the consequences

Anonymous - 06/02/2003 08:49

No, definately now. Be responsible for your actions. Society is too accepting of jumping into bed with whoever. Get real.

Anonymous - 08/03/2003 14:49

Sometimes it's the responsible thing to do to make sure that you don't bring life you can't support into this world.

Deirdre(Deelowney) - 28/06/2003 21:28

I would agree with the person who posted a message on 8/3/03. The vast majority of those looking for the morning after pill are responsible and want to remain so.

Anonymous - 02/07/2003 13:26

I think it should be legalised. By taking this pill you are not killing a baby but preventing one from been conceived. I am anti-abortion however I think people should be allowed to prevent conception if accidents happen. It is no different to taking the regular pill every month to avoid pregnancy.

Anonymous - 16/10/2003 20:34

i have taken the pill in question before, i am in a relationship and had been off the regular pill, we used a condom which burst, myself and my boyfriend have the right to stop ourselves from becoming parents, there is no baby for the first few hours after sex, it takes time for one to be conceived, this pill is merely preventing it from taking place,which has to be better than an actual abortion, and any woman or indeed man is completely irresponsible and absolutely selfish to try to force their misguided moral view on people they don't even know, i would never consider having an abortion, but will not become a mother just to satisfy someone else, how can anyone think that keeping this pill illegal is the best option, after all it has to be prescribed by a doctor not bought over the counter

John(johnwilliams) - 19/10/2003 12:09

Your contributors will be pleased to hear that Levonelle, the 'morning after pill' is now available in Ireland and can be obtained bt getting a prescription from your doctor and getting it dispensed by your pharmacist. The down side is that the previous 'morning after pill' (ovran) which was less than a quarter of the price was taken off the market at the same time. The multi-national drug companies should be investigated for price fixing.

Anonymous - 05/01/2004 14:41

well i think that the company that makes levonelle should do a bit more reasearh on it seeing that it didnt work for me and it was the first time taking it. i previously had taken ovarn which i got told by my doctor had been banned in Ireland and that levonelle was a new and better morning after pill well i dont think so seeing i got pregnant.

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