Many believe there is potential to cure cancer

Most also willing to take part in clinical trials
  • Deborah Condon

People believe that cancer is the disease that science has the most potential to cure, according to a new survey.

Some 1,000 adults were asked which illness science has the greatest potential to cure and the highest amount - almost half - said cancer. The second most likely disease that people believe could be cured by science is heart disease.

These were followed by dementia and cystic fibrosis.

The survey also found that three-quarters of people would be willing to take part in a clinical trial if they were sick. Clinical trials are used to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of drugs. They can improve patient outcomes and save lives.

When asked what is most important for the future of healthcare, almost half of respondents said investing in more doctors and nurses. This was followed by investing in new hospitals and developing new medicines.

The survey was carried out to launch BioPharma Ambition, an industry-led event that will be held in Dublin in March. It will look at the discovery, development, manufacture and delivery of innovative medicines and technologies for improving human health.

Some 400 delegates from Ireland and around the world, drawn from industry, government, research, academia, clinical care, entrepreneurship and finance, are expected to attend.

The survey was carried out nationwide in December 2019 and was undertaken by iReach.



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