Warning issued over herbal sleep aid products

Not authorised for sale in Ireland
  • Deborah Condon

Two products, which have been sold in Ireland to aid sleep, are not authorised by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) and have been found to contain an undeclared substance, the HPRA has warned.

U-Dream Full Night and U-Dream Lite are not authorised for sale in Ireland. However, the HPRA has become aware that some retail outlets, including health stores, have sold these products to consumers here. It is also possible that consumers have purchased these products online.

They have been marketed as herbal sleep aid products and have been found to contain an undeclared substance that is similar to zopiclone, which is a prescription-only medicine.

Zopiclone can cause dizziness, drowsiness and abnormal sleep patterns.

Anyone currently using these products is advised to consult their GP immediately, as stopping them suddenly could lead to adverse health reactions. Similarly, if anyone has recently stopped taking these products and has health concerns, they should also seek medical advice.

Anyone taking these products is also advised not to drive, operate machinery or perform any other activities that require mental alertness, until they have consulted a doctor about safely stopping.

As part of an ongoing investigation, the HPRA is identifying stores and online outlets, which have been selling these products in Ireland, to ensure that they are removed from sale. Anyone who has purchased the products is advised to return them to the retail outlet, or contact the website where they were obtained.

The testing of these products was carried out in the US and Canada and they have been recalled from sale in those markets as a result of the findings.

If you have experienced an adverse reaction as a result of taking either of these products, a report can be made to the HPRA here.

Any other information on the availability of the product in Ireland should be reported to the HPRA on (01) 676 4971 or at reportacase@hpra.ie.


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