No two breast cancer journeys are the same

Campaign highlights individual experiences
  • Deborah Condon

A new campaign aims to highlight the fact that no two breast cancer journeys are the same.

The Glam Up Your Bra campaign in aid of the Marie Keating Foundation aims to raise funds and awareness of the disease, which is newly diagnosed in around 3,200 women in Ireland every year.

"It is crucial that we acknowledge that no two breast cancer patient journeys are the same. Each person with breast cancer may experience a different set of symptoms and may receive a completely different treatment plan to that of their neighbour.

"This campaign really highlights the individual experience of breast cancer, which is a very important message to bring to focus," commented Dr Janice Walsh, a consultant medical oncologist at St Vincent's Hospital, Dublin.

According to the Marie Keating Foundation, bras are used for support and are unique to each person - with different styles, shapes and sizes - and everyone's breast cancer journey is also different.

The foundation is calling on people and businesses to get behind the campaign by sharing it on social media and donating €4 by texting ‘Marie' to 50300.

It is also hoping that the theme of support will spark conversations between people about the signs of breast cancer and the importance of self-checking.

"Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, with 3,215 women diagnosed every year in Ireland. Thanks to the work done to increase awareness of early signs and symptoms and improved treatment options, breast cancer now has a five-year survival rate of 83%.

"Being breast aware and understanding how to effectively check your breasts each month is crucial to spotting those early signs and getting treatment, if needed, quickly. As a breast cancer survivor, I have glammed up a bra too and would encourage everyone to do the same. It's a fun, easy way to support those women going through or recovering from a breast cancer journey," commented the foudnation's CEO, Liz Yeates.

For more information on the campaign, click here.

*Pictured are a selection of bespoke bras created by a group of Irish personalities and breast cancer advocates as part of the Marie Keating Foundation's Support Your Girls and Glam Up Your Bra campaign in partnership with Roche.


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