CervicalCheck commission not needed - Scally

Affected women angry about media leaks
  • Deborah Condon

A review into the CervicalCheck controversy is expected to conclude that a commission of investigation is not needed.

It is understood that Dr Gabriel Scally, who carried out the Scally Review into the controversy which affected 221 women and their families, does not believe a commission of investigation is warranted.

The review contains 50 recommendations and he feels the system can be repaired if these recommendations are followed, rather than having to wait for potentially years for a commission to produce a report.

However, speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, the Minister for Health, Simon Harris, who had promised such a commission of investigation when the scandal broke earlier this year, said he may still move ahead with one.

He said that he would meet those affected and the Opposition ‘and then decide whether people feel there is need for one'.

"If there is a feeling that there is a need for one, that will be the case," he said.

Meanwhile, some of the women affected by the scandal have spoken of their great disappointment that details of the review were leaked.

The report is due before Cabinet today (September 11) and is due to be published tomorrow (September 12). However, prior to this publication, the women and their families were due to be briefed on its details.

Also speaking on Morning Ireland, one of those affected, Lorraine Walsh, said that to see details all over the papers this morning was ‘heartbreaking'. She also described it as ‘disappointing' that the media has been the ‘main information source' for the affected women throughout this whole experience.

She questioned how this information could be leaked when it's ‘only with the Government'.

Minister Harris described the leaks as ‘extremely regrettable' and said that he will now try to bring the women's briefing forward to today.


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