Most think plastic surgery is on the rise

Many believe celebrities to blame
  • Deborah Condon

Most people in Ireland believe that plastic surgery is increasing in popularity and the main reason for this is the influence of celebrities, a new survey has found.

According to the findings, just 6% of people here have had plastic surgery and 16% are considering it. However, 82% of people believe that plastic surgery is increasing in popularity and of these, 69% believe this is due to celebrities.

Some 45% also believe that social media has a role to play.

Some 15% of people who have had plastic surgery have had face surgery, with almost half of these in the 16-34 age group.

The main reason given for undergoing plastic surgery was to boost self-esteem/self-image (41%). Some 34% said they were motivated by vanity, and this was particularly high among the 16-34 age group (71%).

Some 57% of people think that there is a stigma towards plastic surgery, while 72% believe that such procedures should not be covered by insurance.

Among those who had not undergone plastic surgery, 52% said this was because they were happy with their appearance, 30% were worried about associated dangers and 28% were worried they would be unhappy with the results.

The research was carried out by iReach in June, 2018.


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