Volunteers needed for fitness study

Looking at the role of genetics
  • Deborah Condon

Members of the public are being asked to take part in a major new study on fitness.

The GenoFit Research Study is Ireland's first large scale research study into the role of genetics in fitness and health. It is being run by University College Dublin's Institute for Sport and Health.

Volunteers will be required to fill out a lifestyle questionnaire, undertake a short fitness test and undergo a mini health screen, which will look at things such as body mass index and blood pressure.

Participants will also provide a blood sample for genetic analysis and will be given a free Dexa scan, which measures bone and body fat percentage.

UCD has partnered with Genomics Medicine Ireland Ltd to carry out the study, in an attempt to provide a comprehensive view of the potential genetic factors that contribute to fitness and health.

The GenoFit Research Study is open to anyone aged 18 and older. To book your free appointment, call 087 113 2875 or email genofit@ucd.ie

*Pictured promoting the GenoFit Study are Dublin GAA football stars and All Ireland winners, Jack McCaffrey and Sarah McCaffrey


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