Many return to work deflated in January

Post-Christmas slump to blame
  • Deborah Condon

Almost 50% of adults felt deflated and low when they returned to work this January, a new survey has found.

According to the results, 47% felt low or deflated, with slightly more women affected - 51% versus 44% of men. The feeling of falling into a slump after all of the festivities over the holiday period was given as the main reason for this.

A lack of natural bright light due to the shorter winter days, and concern over unpaid credit card bills were other reasons also given.

However, older people did not appear to be as affected. Just 27% of those over the age of 55 described themselves as low and deflated when returning to work.

When it came to New Year resolutions, just 26% of adults made any for 2018. However, 39% said they are dieting this month, with women more likely to diet than men.

Perhaps not surprisingly, 60% of adults said that they planned to eat healthier after Christmas time.

The survey of over 1,000 adults was carried out by iReach Insights.


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