Migraine costs Irish economy 252M a year

Many sufferers hide severity of condition
  • Deborah Condon

An estimated 13,000 people are affected by migraine every day in Ireland and the condition costs the Irish economy €252 million per year, the Migraine Association of Ireland (MAI) has said.

This week is Migraine Awareness Week 2017 and this year's event is focusing on how to manage the condition in the workplace.

Migraine is a neurological condition that is much more than just a headache. Along with a throbbing, severe headache, symptoms can include nausea, light sensitivity and dizziness.

Furthermore, 20% of sufferers also experience aura, a condition that precedes the migraine. Symptoms of this can include visual disturbances, loss of speech and partial paralysis.

According to the MAI, despite the debilitating nature of this condition, many sufferers hide the severity of it in work, because of a perceived lack of support and understanding among their employers and colleagues.

"The accusations of being a ‘drama queen' or a ‘hypochondriac' put added stress on the wellbeing and mental health of people already surviving with chronic pain on a daily basis in many cases," the association noted.

It is encouraging people to tweet their stories and messages of support on European Migraine Day of Action 2017 (September 12), using the hashtag #makemigrainematter

Meanwhile, the MAI is hosting a number of seminars, workshops and training events throughout Migraine Awareness Week. For more information, click here



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