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(Saturday, 25th Apr, 2015)
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New video to help autistic kids

[Posted: Wed 20/06/2001]

A new video, which aims to help children with autism to communicate better, has just been launched by the South Western Area Health Board (SWAHB). The video, 'Share the moment', is the first of its kind produced in Ireland.

Its production involved collaboration between health and education staff, children with autism and their families. It uses footage of autistic children's interactions with each other, as well as with their parents and with staff.

According to Pat Donnelly, chief executive of the SWAHB, while every child with autism is different, 'they tend to share difficulties in the areas of communication, social skills and imagination'.

The video aims to help with the development of communication skills, he said.

It was produced by senior speech and language therapist, Vivienne Foley and was facilitated by social worker, Angela Quinn.

The launch took place at Beechpark in Stillorgan, Dublin. Beechpark provides a comprehensive service to people with autism and their families, including special classes and residential respite.

Autism is a neurological condition in which a child is unable to relate to people and situations. Physically there is nothing wrong with them, which can make diagnosis difficult. However most will have been diagnosed by the age of three.

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  kathleen(kathleenatkins)  Posted: 26/07/2001 23:25
where can i get this video,as i have a child with autisim.
  philip(philly)  Posted: 04/09/2001 04:44
is this video readily available to buy in the shops
  Anonymous   Posted: 03/10/2002 20:40
Where can i get this video, is it available to buy??
  Julie(BKN11883)  Posted: 31/03/2004 14:12
Can I buy this video?
  cornelius(RWQ20527)  Posted: 11/11/2004 21:53
Like the others, I would like to purchase the video, but where? Its ok to show peoples questions-do the replies get shown? I don't see any here.
  Pez  Posted: 09/01/2006 17:29
I ask "What do we do for the disabled?" Many try to make money from a frightened parentel commodity.Some genuinly want to help and others just want to be heard to be helping. I have found you from here in Australia and it seems my quest ends here as the promise of help has nothing I can offer my son.
  Anonymous   Posted: 12/02/2006 21:37
  Marie(marieheavey)  Posted: 24/08/2006 20:18
Is this video available?
  Anonymous   Posted: 14/10/2006 19:06
I am a teacher of a child with autism and would like to know how to get this video
  Anonymous   Posted: 22/10/2006 20:58
Like others above I would also like to know how to get this video please.
  Anonymous   Posted: 25/10/2006 09:23
Does anyone know where this video is available please?
  ann  Posted: 22/05/2007 18:09
wher can i get this video. It sounds great.
  grandad  Posted: 17/08/2007 20:22
Our 4 year old grandson has just been diagnosed as being autistic.Like all the others posted ,can you please let us know where this video is available.
  Aunty  Posted: 07/10/2007 20:30
Info on how I can get this video?
  Marie(marieheavey)  Posted: 08/10/2007 14:28
It seems everyone is asking the same question - is there any answer?
  Lemmy  Posted: 08/10/2007 16:21
has anybody tried contacting the South Western Area Health Board and asking them can they get a copy of the video?
  Constance  Posted: 05/02/2010 17:13

I know ASPIRE have made a video in conjunction with Trinity College Dublin and it costs about €10 - see It's called

Asperger Syndrome: A Practical Guide for Parents, Teachers, Young People and Other Professionals

see for information on education issues including guidelines for developing Individual Educaton Plans etc.

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