Women and dieting

Weight on the mind...

by Jim Clarke

For many women, weight gain is a fact of life. A survey conducted last year revealed that as many as one in six Irish women are currently obese and the vast majority of these would like to lose weight if they could. The most likely to suffer from obesity are women over 50, of whom nearly one in three are clinically overweight.

There are health problems associated with being morbidly obese, the medical term to describe a dangerous excess of weight. Obesity has been linked to diabetes, gallstones, hypertension and heart disease, but obese women are particularly at risk from breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. For those one in six women, the need to lose weight is a health requirement, not an issue of vanity.


Obesity is strongly related to diabetes and is also linked with increased risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, gall bladder disease, bone joint disorders and certain cancers, according to Professor Michael Gibney of Trinity College in Dublin.

"The findings of recent research predict that an epidemic of adult-onset diabetes will face the health service sector in the not-too-distant future", he told irishhealth.com.

However, at any given time a majority of Irish women are watching what they eat. Perhaps they diet because they fear how they will look on the beach in a swimsuit, or merely want to slim down to fit into fashionable clothes that never seem to be available in any size bigger than 12. Whatever the reason, dieting has become endemic in Ireland, as it has in other Western countries.

'The slimming industry is global, and makes billions of pounds from dieting women each year'.

Dieting has now become a massive global industry, with diet plans, books, courses and products making billions of pounds in revenue from people, mostly women, who are seeking to lose a few pounds. The diet industry in America is now worth more than $30 billion a year.

"We have over 100,000 members in Ireland", explained Carmel Smith of Weight Watchers Ireland. "Around 95% of our members are women, many of whom are life members who are allowed to use the service free. This is not an Irish thing, it's the same worldwide in the 28 countries where we operate".

Diet books criticised

When British nutritionists examined the advice given in 14 of the top-selling diet books, they found that only three offered sensible information on how to lose weight. Some of the best-selling diet plans were condemned as potentially dangerous for the advice they offered. Carmel Smith criticises faddish diets and believes that only by making lifestyle changes can the weight be kept off.

"We never refer to dieting in class", she said. "We aim to provide people with a healthy eating plan. It is all about changing habits. We recognise that people have to want to lose weight for any programme to succeed and we know that the habits of 20 years will not change in a couple of weeks. That's why fad diets do not work".

She said that a person simply cannot live on a fad diet for any length of time. "We say to people 'Can you live like this for the rest of your life, eating only cabbage or grapefruit?' Most of our members have tried something like that before to lose weight and it did not work. That is why they come to us".

The idea behind most diets, including the Weight Watchers points system, is to lower the number of calories that a person takes in each day to less than the number of calories they burn up. The reason why most diets tend not to work for very long is because the body actually rebels against them. A woman will gain weight if she consumes more calories per day than she uses in energy. The diet creates a temporary deficit.

Most diets will produce impressive weight gain results in the first week or two. This is as a result of fluids being lost from the body. After that early 'success', weight loss will be much slower. After a period of time on a diet, the body begins to adapt to being deprived of calorific intake. Your metabolism will actually change to accommodate the change in diet.

Energy stores

The human body is well designed to defend itself against becoming underweight. It learns to store energy in fat, so fat becomes a very hard thing to shift while dieting. Unfortunately, the body is not half so well able to deal with being overweight. After all, having too much food was very rare throughout human history.

'The best way to lose weight is to burn fat during vigorous exercise'.

The body has an almost limitless capacity to store fat, especially the female body which has a higher proportion of fat cells than men do. Not only can each fat cell grow to more than ten times its original size, but when the available cells are filled, new ones will propagate. As the body stores more fat, weight and girth naturally increase. All this kept us alive in stone age times, but is of little consolation to women today.

"Diets are nutritionally dangerous", says Bridin McCarthy of Bodywhys, the national support group for Irish people who have eating disorders. "There are all sorts of diets but none of them actually work. After starving, your body needs to restore itself. When people are starving, their bodies go into famine mode. When the starvation period is over, the body will demand extra food, to make up for what has been lost and in case another period of starvation comes in future. That is why people often put on more weight after a diet than they lost during it".

Bridin McCarthy believes that many eating disorders originate with young people beginning a diet for the first time.

'Re-educating the palate to eat healthier food is more likely to lead to permanent weight loss than crash dieting'.

"People who diet are eight times as likely to develop an eating disorder", she explains. "There are other factors involved, such as how you feel about your body and yourself, but dieting can play a major part. We know from people who have had eating disorders and from academic studies that it starts with dieting, which becomes addictive". It is reported that when people starve themselves they can get a high from it, both psychological and physical. The psychological high is due to perceiving themselves as thinner and the physical high is to do with a release of endorphins.

Media pressures

Bridin McCarthy attributes the growth in dieting to the pressures applied on women by the media. The Duchess of Windsor's famous maxim, 'you can never be too rich or too thin', has been adopted by cinema, magazines and newspapers as the celebrity type to which we should aspire.

"In our culture, the emphasis is on thin", says Bridin McCarthy. "People have assimilated the idea that to be successful they have to be thin". This is the message being promoted throughout the media and young people in particular are vulnerable to it, she says.

"Most fashion models are female and most advertisements about beauty and body image are targeted at women. Women are more susceptible to this sort of pressure. Every woman is conscious of how she looks".

Carmel Smith of Weight Watchers Ireland agrees that women are more prone to worry about their weight. Her organisation does not accept anyone for membership who is not at least 10 pounds over their recommended weight and so they do not deal with perfectly normally sized women who nevertheless wish to lose weight. However, she believes that some women are pressurised by the media into losing weight.

"Men are not as emotional about weight as women are", she explains. "Once men start to lose weight they can be single-minded about it and have a very high success rate. Women can get quite upset about weight. They eat for different reasons to men. They have a different relationship with food. They might eat because they are bored or lonely, or simply while watching the television".


It is of particular concern that dieting has become second nature to the very young. According to research conducted by Dublin Institute of Technology nutritionists around two years ago, 45% of teenagers in Ireland are currently dieting. Also, 46% of secondary schoolchildren have dieted at some stage in their lives. Most worryingly, 70% of 15 year olds have tried to lose weight by smoking, vomiting, skipping meals or using diet pills.

"A lot of diets are very irresponsible", states Bridin McCarthy. "They do not address the nutritional needs of human beings, especially the needs of growing teenagers. Eating disorders are most prevalent during the teenage years. A lot of teens deny they are in trouble and while anorexia might be spotted, bulimics can often continue unnoticed into their twenties and beyond".

The most sensible way for women to lose weight actually has little to do with dieting, but a lot to do with diet. By changing your eating habits to incorporate many more fruit and vegetables and by cutting out foods rich in saturated fats, everyone can go a long way to boosting their health as well as losing weight. However, any change in eating habits should always be accompanied by exercise. Since the only way to lose weight is to take in less calories than are being used, the best way to lose weight is to burn up more calories. Regular exercise is the real key.

Some people have a naturally full figure and they will find it much more difficult to lose weight than others. The reasons why some people pile on the pounds while others do not are complex, but they involve genetics, heredity, environment, diet, exercise and metabolism.

Genetic link

If your parents tended to be overweight, there is a very good chance that you will be too. This may be genetic or simply due to the environment in which you were raised, the food they fed you and the habits you picked up from them. Every woman has her own body shape and it can be very difficult to change it fundamentally.

"Diet books and courses are commercial enterprises", warns Bridin McCarthy. "They exist to make money, not to promote good health or nutrition. More is spent in the United States on the diet industry than on the social welfare budget. That is the extent of the diet culture and it affects all of us in Western society".

She advises those who wish to lose weight to see their doctor first. Your GP can establish to what extent you might benefit from losing weight and help you with a healthy eating plan and exercise programme designed for you. If you intend to begin a diet discuss it with your doctor or a nutritionist to ensure that you will not deplete your body of the vital minerals and vitamins it needs or put your health at risk.

Dieting is a short term solution that can lead to long term health problems. Very often, women who diet do not actually need to lose weight at all. If your body mass index (BMI) is below 25 there is no need for you to lose weight. Often a combination of media pressure and self perception issues can lead perfectly normally shaped people to assume that they are overweight when they are not.

To discover if you are overweight, check your body mass index (BMI) on our service by clicking here. Also, Bodywhys can be contacted at (01) 2834963.


Anonymous - 31/05/2001 15:35

what are the best slimming tablets and where can you get them?

Helga(Hanny) - 31/05/2001 16:37

There are no slimming tablets on any market that work without really dangerous side effects. I know we are all very sick of hearing 'healthy lifestyle' and exercise, but in the end that is what works. A certain amount is also in your genes, so have a good look at your parents and if possible grandparents. If the men were 10 pints a day Drinkers - forget his genes!

Anonymous - 01/06/2001 11:16

Does anyone use a product called Trim Right?

Anonymous - 05/06/2001 17:41

I was glad to hear the ans.about slimming tablets and patches.I have tried loads and everyone I have actually put on a stone in weight,mostly in just a couple of weeks.Yes,I have also tried herbal remedies with the same results.The biggest and quickest weight gain was with the patches!.

jimmy(jbrennan) - 05/06/2001 21:37

If the best way to loose weight is to exercise vigorously, what happens if you have problems with your knees and can't jog, or aerobically work out.

Anonymous - 05/06/2001 22:08

How about men overweight!

Joan(joanking) - 06/06/2001 00:42

Can dieting cause osteoporosis

Anonymous - 06/06/2001 10:50

I'm not a doctor, but I'm almost sure that dieting, especially irresponsible dieting, contributes to osteoporosis. Think about it - you deplete your body of minerals and fuel, then your bones get weak. That seems like a pretty likely link to me.

hollie - 06/06/2001 10:55

I have used Trim Right on and off for the last 6 months and I have found them excellent I only take 1 tab twice a day and I have lost 2 stone

Anonymous - 06/06/2001 14:26

Just to let readers know, that there is a appetite suppressant out there called Regulator. It is a natural food ingredient that comes in the form of a pill that helps you control your appetite. It is safe and has ben tested vigorousy. I doesn't promise you a miracle but it is like to dieting what the patch is to smoking helps you control your intake of food. So instead of eating that extra slice of pizza or taking that extra spud, you won't feel the need to. It is available any many pharmacies around the country.

margaret(magpie) - 06/06/2001 14:49

One does not have to deplete their intake of minerals and fuel to lose weight.The way to do it is burn up more calories than you take in and cut out saturated fats that have no nutritional value. In other words forget the fad diets and develop good eating habits.

Anonymous - 06/06/2001 15:58

Margaret, you misunderstood me. I was saying that starving the body of nutrients is likely to be a causative factor in osteoporosis. I agree with you utterly that faddish diets are a dangerous and irresponsible way to lose weight, and I am shocked and scared at the number of people on this page discussing diet pills and appetite suppressants as if they were aspirin. Hello everyone! These are highly dangerous substances you are playing with, and what's more they don't address the fundamental causes of obesity which are lack of exercise and genetic predisposition. So you can take them, mess up your metabolism and get a bit thinner and a lot unhealthier, then you can stop taking them and watch the weight come back. That's if you can stop taking them - remeber that the very addictive drug amphetamine (known as speed) originated as a diet pill.

lydia - 06/06/2001 21:17

WOW!I have to say I'm as amased as the last person at the way people think about slimming pills, it's bad enough we've put all this junk food into our bodies, and then to think obout putting chemicals in too,(I'm not saying that I didn't think about it) I did! Then I looked at the side effects they give you and I have to say I'll stick with my fat-- or I won't if I work hard enough at changing my eating habits. I read above about diet books not being a good idea, but I have found a book that has started to change the way I see food and eat it. It's equivalent stopped my husband stop smoking 40 fags a day. So I am hoping that Allen Carr's easyweigh to loose weight will help me on my long quest to loose 12 stone yes that's not a misprint twelve stone. And if it works it's a tenner very well spent!! And there are no chemicals involved. I would recomend this book it's a good read and it certinly makes you think, which is what I think most of us who are over weight forget to do-- we're to busy eating!!!

jimmy(jbrennan) - 07/06/2001 18:34

Is anyone going to comment on the best form of exercise if you have problems with your knees, what would you suggest as a good fat burning exercise to loose weight and avoid damage to your joints, pounding around if you are overweight is another thing people have to think about, I believe you can do more damage by doing aerobics or jogging if you are carrying excess weight, the pressure you put on your joints is very damaging, does anyone have any suggestions ?????

Anonymous - 07/06/2001 22:00

I know the healthy way to eat and exercise but I lack motivation. I have got into bad eating habits so I eat rather than face a problem. I am so tired of my eating problem yet I am not making an effort to change. Any suggestions?

Anonymous - 07/06/2001 22:22

jimmy I think swimming would be the best exercise for you

lydia - 07/06/2001 23:12

Swimming is the best excersise to do if you are heavy and have joint problems and aqua aerobics. you don't put as much pressure on your joints in water.

rose(roseroche) - 08/06/2001 00:03

Jimmy I suggest swimming and aqua aerobics as a good form of exercise for those with knee problems.

Anonymous - 08/06/2001 00:37

Oh! Ok Jimmy, about excercise for those with weak knees. Try Swimming or Calenetics or Yoga. Calenetics and Yoga are very gentle but boy do they work. They are great for toning up. If you are watching what you eat and taking in less calories, then even gentle excercise should work, though it may take a little longer.

niamh(gateway) - 08/06/2001 02:10

I know it isn't a "high fat burner" but walking would be the best form of exercise if you have problems with your knees.It's not as severe as aerobics as it doesn't put as much pressure on your hips, knees and ankles however it is a very effective way of loosing those pounds! A good book on walking is "Fitness Walking" by Les Snowdon & Maggie Humphreys which reminds me now that the summer is here I better get back out walking again!

angela(angelaw) - 09/06/2001 18:26

Would love to hear how everyone gets on on thire new quest of healthier living....I have gained a lot of weight recently and believe exercise is the only way..eat less fat also ..

Anonymous - 09/06/2001 19:48

where can you buy the tablets trim right.

Linda(lindad) - 11/06/2001 10:58

Anyone who really wants to loose weight needs to start taking the right kinds of fat. In other words, forget the chipper, pizza's and McDonalds. All these products will do for you is make you fat and most likely bring on an early heart attack. The correct fats are found in fish and seeds (and other products), for example Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds and all types of fish. I recommend everyone should start taking Udo's Oil, available in health food stores. It contains the correct amounts of Omega 3 & 6 oils which is what our body actually needs to help get rid of the bad fats. Give it 2 months and I guarantee you will not only look and feel much better, your body will also have begun to funtcion correctly and will have begun to get rid of that fat. Also avoid all products containing hydroganated and partially hydroganated vegtable oils. They are VERY BAD for you, learn to read the labels of things before you buy them.

Anonymous - 11/06/2001 21:49

How do you avoid putting on weight whilst taking anti-depressants if you are a clinical depressive. Bearing in mind that when one does not take them ones weight is normal

Anonymous - 12/06/2001 20:44

As a 34 year old who has constantly dieted all her life and tried all the diets - I've come to the conclusion they just don't work. Every time I try a diet my energy levels just plummet and as a mum with two toddlers, I need every ounce I have. So I have joined a Gym. I work out for 1 and a half hours 3 - 4 times a week. I thought I was doing Ok, alternating between Aqua Aerobics which I found the toughest class, spin classes (all exercise carried out on a bike), cardiovascular work and a couple of body conditioning classes. But my energy level hasn't increased dramatically, my monthly cycle has gone haywire and I'm experiencing a lot of utterine cramps. The pain was so severe that my GP thought I might be having an ectopic pregnancy! Has anybody else experienced problems like this. I wonder if I'm overdoing the exercise thing.

Anonymous - 14/06/2001 11:59

what is trim right? does it work? where can you buy it from?

anonymous - 14/06/2001 12:31

Trim Right, like all diet pills, does not work because it does not change your eating habits. See a nutritionist or your GP to draw up a diet plan and stick to it. Then start taking exercise to increase your metabolic rate and burn off some calories. It is hard but it is also the only way. Taking pills isn't even a short term solution because you will only harm your body and the weight will pile back on in even greater amounts whne you stop taking them.

Anonymous - 14/06/2001 14:40

I keep asking people what slimming tablets are the best? I know they dont work in the long term but I am only thinking short term!!. Anybody got an answer?

Anonymous - 19/06/2001 15:13

Does anyone have any advice re: weight gain and anti-depressants - I lost a stone doing weight watchers but have put it all back on since taking anti-depressants (amiltriptiline) - any advice?

Anonymous - 21/06/2001 14:29

Slim fast!! How good is it for losing weight?

Anonymous - 24/06/2001 22:34

Has anyone out there tried Zenical? They are prescribed for obesity and work by stopping 30% of fat intake being digested. They can only be got on prescription. I've just started taking them and would love to hear from other people who have lost weight taking them. I would also love to know what are the long term effects.

Anonymous - 26/06/2001 15:27

I was taking Trim Right until I found out I was 10 weeks pregnant, luckily the baby was OK and I'm due on the 11th of August. I did loose a couple of pounds though but the tablets caused me to become nauseous and absentminded for eg. its not a good idea to drive on these tablets. After the baby is born I'm joining weight watchers as it has been the only thing that I has really helped loose weight. For those who do want to try Trim Right they are available in any natural shop and chemist.

Anonymous - 26/06/2001 21:12

I after having a baby and I would like to get back to my old size please help

Anonymous - 27/06/2001 17:22

I have tried Trim Right - I lost a few pound with them and they definitely suppressed my appetite - however as they are so full of caffeine, after about two weeks I experienced a constant burning sensation in my stomach and severe heartburn and had to stop taking them. I put back on the pounds I lost plus more! I know a few other people who tried them and also suffered painful side effects.

Anonymous - 28/06/2001 16:03

When you work out 3 times a week and you build up muscle are you likely to weigh heavier on the scales? I am 5ft 1 and weight 8st 12lbs is that normal.

Anonymous - 02/07/2001 15:19

Slimfast didn't work for me! I leave slimfast over night and then just see if there is any worms? I tried weightwatchers its brilliant. I'm only 20 years of age and not too over weight. I was the youngest there and everyone that I met said what is she doing here? She doesn't need help,she's young it should be easy for her to lose weight!!!but its not so easy,people should cop on to the fact that young people need advice as well as the old!

Anonymous - 04/07/2001 22:31

Folks - how about loving the weight you are at. Sometimes it's like love - when you stop chasing it, you trip over it. Forget about the weight and enjoy your life, you might be surprised and actually start loosing weight! Average weight charts are for average people - I would hate to be average!!!!

Anonymous - 06/07/2001 22:14

I started Xenical in April and have gone from12st 4lbs to 11st 6lbs. There are some side effects if you eat a fatty diet, mostly diarrheoa and oily staining of underwear which is most unplesant, so this makes you stick to low fat choices. Sometimes I feel a bit more tired than usual. I think Taking Xenical can lower your cholesterol so its not all bad news.

mary(angelaos) - 08/07/2001 00:19

i tried trim right,I could not sleep at night i had loads of energy could not stop cleaning I lost some weight but when i stopped taking the tablets i gained the weight again can anybody help.

Anonymous - 11/07/2001 12:12

Does anyone know how to deal with someone who is extremely thin...probably has anorexia but will not admit to having a problem??

Anonymous - 11/07/2001 14:58

The only way to lose weight is to not eat too much of the things you know you shouldn't! Eating tonnes of vegetables is a much better way to lose weight than taking pills that mess up your whole system. And you want to lose the weight for life, so your diet has to be something that you can stick to for the rest of your life. Good luck!

hollie - 13/07/2001 11:52

Trim Right are available at Pharmacies, Yes they give you more Energy and you feel dizzy but Only take 1 tablet a day instead of the recomended 4 a day and You'll be fine!!

Anonymous - 13/07/2001 12:57

Can anybody tell me how much Trim Right costs????

Anonymous - 16/07/2001 21:08


Anonymous - 18/07/2001 21:30

How can I loose weight I am very obese but only eat 3 meals a day and these are normal size meals - I eat less than my husband. The only thing is I hate veg and I work very long hours. I have toast or cereal for b/fast, a sandwich at lunch and mostly chicken at dinner with either dry pasta (ie no sauce) or spuds. Any ideas ?

Anonymous - 30/07/2001 22:08

Sometimes weight gain is not just putting the wrong food into your mouth,you may be feeding a problem as well.Think back to when you first started to gain weight,there was a reason for this.Be honest with yourself and break down the aspects of your life that you know could be better e.g marriage,kids,job,friends. Find whats missing or wrong and fix that first.You gained the weight for a reason even if that reason is now gone,but you are now locked into you habit of over eating. After trying lots of diets and failing I decided to try and look inwards and discover why I was gaining weight when I knew it made me so unhappy.So I did a lot of soul searching and was completely honest with myself,changed some things and people around me,watched what I ate (we all know whats good and bad for us by now!)walked as much as I could and I lost 2 stones in 4 months. Being Overweight is being out of control. So take control of Your Life.

Anonymous - 15/08/2001 15:28

Okay, I know what it is like to be overweight and that you would love an easy way out and you think of diet pills! But actually I was 13 stone and thanks to Weight Watchers I am now 9 stone for last couple of years and the feeling is absolutely brilliant, to be able to go into all the trendy shops and not feel stupid!!

Anonymous - 20/08/2001 13:50

Has anyone tried Regulator??

Sharon(Sharon00) - 29/08/2001 08:44

It's true what they say! You are what you eat!! I have been on diets all my life and I put on weight thinking about diets. You have to be in the right frame of mind and your mind set for losing weight. I know how to loose weight, healthy eating, and exercise. I often lost 1-2 stones by just eating healthy alone and not exercising so imagine how much you'd lose by doing both. I don't believe in all those pills, it's food that puts on weight and you can't just expect this magic pill to stop you eating food. It's all in the mind, think about it!

Anonymous - 29/08/2001 14:27

am i the only person who disagrees with weight watchers policy of eating what you want as long as you stick within your points quota for the day? i think this encourages unhealthy eating habits - in the long run if you want to lose weight and keep it off stick to a healthy diet, after a while you wont even crave junk food, also exercise i've started working out with a personal trainer - it makes a big difference if theres someone there to motivate you.

Anonymous - 29/08/2001 15:21

I am very bloated in my stomach lately and I would like to know what causes this as I never had that problem and I am only 26. I have tried cutting out bad foods but it doesn't work and I have also tried walking and that doesn't work. I would also know how to tone up the body and what I should eat and what exercise I should be doing.

Anonymous - 30/08/2001 21:41

I'm a little overweight but my problem is my tummy. I've had 3 children. Since the last child (3yrs ago) I look like I'm 5 months pregnant. I just can't get rid of the big tummy. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it?

Anonymous - 02/09/2001 20:51

Hi has anyone tried the atkins diet i heard it really works and if so what did you eat?.

Anonymous - 05/09/2001 13:07

I have been on Xenical since Feb 01 and I have lost 2 stone at first it was hard going as you really needed to watch your fat intake especially Chinese,Italian, Fast foods even cheese if you over indulged in these foods you needed a loo fast, but you eventually learn not to eat these foods as the consequences are very unpleasant. I am still on Xenical and I have no intention of giving them up I also attend Unislim which helps with the low-fat meals and weekly weigh-in.

Anonymous - 05/09/2001 16:12

i agree that weight watchers really does work. About a year ago, i noticed that i had almost no energy to do anything except go to work.In the evenings i would either watch the t.v or go straight to bed. Since i started weight watchers i have lost 12 pounds and i really notice the difference. I don't jump out of bed in the morning but i do have a lot more energy than before. It's hard to resist chips and chocolate but the good thing about weight watchers is that you can allow yourself treats without feeling as if you've "broken" the diet.

marion(marionh) - 05/09/2001 21:24

Can anyone tell me where i can buy wigs in Dublin or Cork. i suffer from very bad hair loss.

Anonymous - 10/09/2001 15:28

If you're feeling really bloated - and I know this sounds strange it could be because you're not drinking enough water- Try drinking at least 1.5 or 2 litres of water a day and see if it makes a difference. Cut down on tea and coffee and soft drinks. Water will also help to fill you up so you'll be inclined to eat less.

Anonymous - 13/09/2001 09:30

I have to say the best way to lose weight is to follow a healthy lifestyle. To eat healthy food and do a little exercise.I lost five stone, it was slow but I now know what I cannot eat if I need to stay slim. When I first started to lose weight I could only walk 10 -15 minutes a day but as time went on I know can walk up to 3 miles a day.Slimming tablets may work for some people but not for me. You really have to reeducate yourself on a healhty lifestyle. There are plenty of groups out there to give you support.I have kept the weight off now for 8 months. Good luck to everyone.

Anonymous - 10/10/2001 11:09

In the last 6 months my 13 year old son has lost 3 and a half stone through following a healthy eating plan that I devised. He eats 3 meals a day, keeps a notebook with the approx. calorie content of each and allows himself a total of 1200cals a day. Snacks and treats are allowed up to this limit. He regulates it all himself and is so determined and strong. He looks great now at 8st 10lbs and has learned so much about healthy eating. I am so proud of him.

Anonymous - 12/10/2001 11:52

Is it possible to eat too many nuts in one day. I eat approximately 200g of cashew nuts every day. Am I eating too many? Please advice

Anonymous - 12/10/2001 21:31

I lost 5 stone in 12 months after a serious illness. I put on 3 stone on top of the 2 stone I was already overweight during the treatment. I started by giving up dairy products and I then started checking everything I was eating. I treated the supermarket like a library, reading the ingredients in everything. I only eat low fat foods, nothing with two many preservatives, loads of fresh veg and fruit. This really is the only way to los weight and keep it off. After a while healty eating becomes a habit. With regular excercis, I guarentee you will feel like a new person, and I am saying this as a 36 year old woman who has been battling weight most of my life and now wear size 12, something I haven't done since school.

Samantha(samandtom) - 18/10/2001 23:54

I suffer from fluid retention, my thighs, bum and lower leg region the top half of my body looks like somebody elses, totally out of proportion. I do step aerobics 3 times a week and drink loads of water, any other suggestions?

Barbara(babs26) - 22/10/2001 19:20

I'm getting married in 12 months and I'm 10st 2 pounds. I was 12 stone two years ago I went to Weight Watchers I thought it was great. I joined 2 weeks ago but I'm finding it very hard to get motivated I have too much on my mind to be worring about loosing my last stone it's so hard I was on slimming pills they worked but guess what??? I've put it all back on again. Any advice anyone only one year and one stone WHAT SHOULD I DO?????

Sue(Sue236) - 22/10/2001 22:06

Weigh Loss - Been there, done that and lost more lb's than ...sound familar. Well I have just attended a weigh class which provides information on healthy eating and NOT diets, what a nice change. And the major thing was that it only cost 1.50. There was none of the usual lectures, registration or charge for missed weeks!!. To be honest there is nothing they can tell me that I haven't already tried. Anyway just in case you are interested they are in Donaghmede House (beside Credit Union) on Thursday evening bet 7.30 - 9.00 and Swords BASE Centre on Wednesday evening bet 7.00 - 8.00.

aibrean - 25/10/2001 11:37

I wouldn't consider myself very overweight but I do have a big belly which just won't budge. I do regular exericse by going to the gym and I do regular exercises for my tummy but it still won't shift. Does anyone have any solutions to offer???

lydia - 25/10/2001 23:44

I've just finished reading Allen Carrs easyweigh to lose weight I would love to be able to stick to his ideals but thats why I'm fat because I have very little staying power but it is a good read for any one who is really serious about losing weight

jenifer(sxyjen01) - 23/11/2001 19:15

please help, i can not understand why i am not losing weight. i am 12 stone and 5' 8. i know i dont look hughly overweight, but i cant for the like of me loose anything. i work out in a gym (running for 30 min and rowing for 15min and do all kinds of light weights and abdominal exercise) and i eat very health, mussels for b'fast, salad s'wich for lunch and a dinner. hardly ever drink, and consumption of sweet food is kept to a minimum. so why is it for the last 4 years i am 12 stone. i have to say it annoys me to see others join a gym and loose a lot of weight quickly. i am 23 years old. does anyone have any suggestions for me.

Anonymous - 28/11/2001 07:27

last April I had no energy and had pains in my joints, fingers/knees. I could not remove an earring one night. I went to the Turner Clinic in Stillorgan and since then I have never looked back. They changed my food plan to eliminate bread, pasta and potatoes, carbohydrates. I purchased a book Dr.Atkins Diet Revolution which was the same principle and adopted my eating plan according to his advice, never straying. I did lose 18lbs. and have been 8stone 6 lbs. for the last three months. I control my weight and wellbeing by observing my intake of carbs. needles to say I do not take consume any products with sugar. I get up at 5.10am each morning and return home at 6.30pm at night having worked hard and coped with 2 hours driving in traffic, I know I could not continue to do this on my old eating plan. I am 50 years of age and have great energy. I do take vitamin supplements as I cannot eat very much fruit. I also suffered significantly from Thrush and again since the change in food, I have not had a recurrence in three months. I made the decision, to change my foodplan, I do not consider I am on a fad diet.

Anonymous - 28/11/2001 08:03

hi im 20 years of age , 5'7'' and weigh 9 stone 2 lbs.i really would like to loose 1-1/2 stone. ive been trying for ages + nothing seems to work or ill diet for while loose few pounds but ill put it all back on again. could someone please give me some advice as how to loose this as i would like to have it lost for xmas.

Eimear(eimearnid) - 28/11/2001 08:56

I tried the Atkins diet during the summer and had rapid weight loss - up to 5 pounds in one week and if you continue it does keep the pounds off... but my GOD, you are SO constipated, it's just not worth it. In one way it's good cos it means absolutely NO refined or sugary carbohydrates (bread, pasta, sweet things) but it also rules out complex carbs like oats, bran and also potatoes and all fruit, so you miss out on vital nutrients and anti-oxidants you would get from fruit... I would only recommend it for a short period (2-3 weeks) and then revert to a healthy eating plan, lots of fruit & veg, LOADS of water, lo fat meat, dairy - best to cut down on things like bread & pasta etc

Anonymous - 28/11/2001 11:14

Can you tell me where you purchased this book,Dr.Atkins Diet Revolution. Whilst I was trying to lose weight I got an allergy test done and she she told me to cut out pasta, bread and generally anything with wheat. I did and I found I was losing 2-3 lbs a week but once I started eating it again the weight will not move. I have since lost 5 stone but Iwould like to loose a bit more. I would be interested in purchasing this book.

Anonymous - 28/11/2001 14:10

The only way to keep the weight down is willpower! Do not eat that chocolate bar, do not buy chips, never eat between meals unless you are really starving and then it should be reasonably healthy. I am slim and many friends say enviously "you're so lucky". Well I'm not. I make an effort to eat healthily and do not indulge in sweets, chips, burgers and pizza! I'd love to, but then I would put on weight - it is a simple as that. Another key is to have the correct amount of fibre in you diet. I do this by eating a lot of salads and chosing brown bread always over white. I also only cook with oliver oil or no oil and no deep fat frying!

Valerie(valalan) - 28/11/2001 15:55

Please look up E-Diets which tells you about various diets including the Atkins diet, it certainly is not recommended and other sites have condemed it to,as positively unhealthy.

mary(angelaos) - 28/11/2001 20:32

i went on the dr atkins diet 1st ok but 2nd day i got a really bad headache and had to go to bed i lost 1 lb in 2 days i still feel hungry and crave sweet things any ideas for breakfast i am finding it very hard any ideas or help from any one on this diet.

maura(poiuyt) - 28/11/2001 22:29

It is common sense, Eat fatty foods and you will gain weight, turn your diet to a 3 meals a day one with 2 ltrs of water a bit of excercise and bingo you will see a change for the better!!

Anonymous - 28/11/2001 23:12

I would like to receive e-mail notifications of further posts on this topic.

maura(qualan) - 29/11/2001 07:21

The Atkins Book can be purchased in Easons where I got my copy. It has to be read cover to cover to get a complete understanding of the principles.

Anonymous - 29/11/2001 22:47

I am confined to a wheelchair,and the only exercise I have is doing my house-work, and saying that, I cannot do all my hosework myself as I have only got the use of 1 hand,but I can wash and dry the dishes, clean my oven and grill, fridge -lower half, sinks and the dusting, except for the higher area's. I cannot hoover, change bed linnen, or Iron. I get assistance four hours a week to help me with the things I cannot do. The reason I am saying what I can do is to let you's all know that it is important to burn up one's callories in order to keep down the weight. It takes so much out of me as I have to put a lot of effort into each thing I do. I joke about it, and say, It takes me all day to do what I used to do all day(not quite that bad). I am on a wheelchair nearly 22 years and I vary between 8 Stone and 8-4. I eat a Banana in the morning with albran, and a glass of grapefruit juice,and a cup or two of boiled water after the cereal. For my Dinner which I have at one o'clock,(I prefer my dinner early rather than night) I have either chicken or fish, plus plenty of fresh vegetables, and a glass of milk with my dinner, and an apple afterwards (avoid desert) vary your fruit if one wishes. For my evening meal(which I have before six, I eat two slices of Brennans light brown or soda bread(brown) with a variety of different salad items on same. Try it folks, it is delicious, and which ever of the salad items that you decide, add a wee bit of red onion, it is very good for the blood, and you can toast this if you wish, but forget the mayonaise, it spoils the taste, and only adds up the callories.I eat another piece of fruit after that. Drink plenty of water afterwards. I eat a large orange before I go to bed, and drink more water. So there you's are, if I can keep down the weight, it should be easier for those who can walk. I wear a size 10 dress or skirt, and like looking good especially when either my Husband comments on hw well I look at certain times. Give it a lash everyone!!! Let me know how it goes!!!!

Anonymous - 30/11/2001 14:58

my first comment is about the few people that say they want to loose weight and can't shift it when in fact they are not overweight!! 9 1/2 stone is not heavy for a person that is 5 foot 7 and your body knows it so stop trying to loose it because your body won't let you!! secondly diets have being known to cause weight GAIN-you should develop healthy diet gradually and exercise more instead. in a project done in america a group of people who had problems gaining weight were put onto a diet similar to one for someone who was trying to loose weight they lost some weight at the start and then after a while their bodies had had enough and they actually put on weight which they had being unable to do with any other method!! interesting!!! thirdly it is not actually a good idea to cut meals down to 3 a day and stick to it!! u should eat small meals 4 or 5 times a day as each time you eat u actually burn more calories. and do not starve yourself for hours so that u only eat 3 times a day. eat your main meal as early as possible in the day and do not skip breakfast!! about the exercise question-swimming&aqua aerobics, walking, cycling, yoga and tai chi are all very good forms of gentle exercise. once you've lost some weight and your joints have strenghthened and become less painful which they will if u sart off gently u can up the tempo a bit but stay away from high impact activities like running on roads or doing aerobic, although step aerobics is ok!! if any of these points interest anyone please post up a comment. i would also like to find out how many of ye have actually put on weight since starting the pill?? as i have put on 2 stone in 6 months since i started even though my lifestlye HAS NOT CHANGED!!

Sinead(sckavanagh) - 05/12/2001 23:13

Hi, you all seem able to hit the nail on the head, but I have to ask and I'm not being smart, do you all follow your own advice? I for one, could tell you everything you need to know about safe weight-loss, healthy eating, regular exercise and the rest, but it doesn't mean I'm Twiggy. In fact I'm anything but. Up until I was 25/26 I could eat anything I wanted and remained a very small size 8. Then that vicious rumour about once you hit 25 everything else hits the deck, actually came true. I used to dance, swim, kick-box, do shows but nowadays I have no inclination to exercise. Manyana, always Manyana. I'm going to start Salsa dancing, I'm going to join an aqua aerobics class, I'm going to go back to doing Musicals....... ah the intentions are good but instead I sit on the sofa feeling like a blob but can't manage to kick myself sufficiently to get down on the floor and even stretch my muscles properly. HELP! Am I the only totally demotivated, beached whale in the country? Everyone else around me seems to being 'Weight Watching' to beat the band but I just couldn't be bothered. I know that what I eat is in the majority healthy. I adore salads, stir-frys and the like and keep my meat intake to about 3 times a week, the rest of the time I eat fish or double up on the vegetables and suppliment it with fruit, nuts etc., But that's all very well, if you can't shift your backside into the vertical position long enough to use even a handful of the muscles your body has. There must be someone out there as bad as me and there must also be someone out there who has just the advice to help us

Anonymous - 06/12/2001 10:13

To Sinead who was looking for some help. It would seem that you need help to get motivated. I suggest you look at a web site www.mla.ca These clinics have published studies to show their long-term weight maintenance results. Good luck.

eileen(emarie) - 11/12/2001 20:31

Hi everyone those who are on the Atkins diet please please tell me exactly what you ate I have the book but find it hard to get anywhere with it I would be everso greatful looking forward to hearing from you best wishes to all ,Eileen.

Anonymous - 16/01/2002 20:58

After suffering from mild acne my Doctor prescribed tablets for me yet failed to mention that these contained steroids and would more than likely result in weight gain. After three months I noticed that I was putting on a lot of weight, very quickly, and have put on approx 1 and a half stone in the past twelve months. I have tried Uni Slim but could not take the criticism when I put on a pound in weight. I am not seriously overweigh(11 stone 5`10 in height). I also got some stretch marks because of the quick weight gain. I am starting aerobics this week in the hope that this will help, is this the best type of excercise to burn fat.

marie(lilli) - 30/01/2002 01:43

I would like to know of any one who has tried the carbohydrate addict's diet by Drs racheal and richard heller.I have and found it great but alot of the recipes are american and it is very hard to get any vareity here in ireland. I do believe in this book and believe I can make this diet work simply because you don't have to deprive yourself of anything. Every day I can have chips ,Every day I can have ice cream and chocolate and bread and all my other favourites its just a matter of when! I have been losing a steady half pound a day for quiet a while now.

Anonymous - 29/03/2002 13:26

About the stretch keep walking and gentle exercise will eventually get rid of them - trust me! & please help me!I'm going away for the summer in 8 weeks and am desperate to lose a stone. I am already following a healthy diet but at just over 5ft every pound counts and definately shows. Has anyone acheived this please let me know. Thanks!!

Anonymous - 03/04/2002 22:21

In reply to the lady who feels she has put on weight since starting on the pill, let me really annoy you by saying I lost weight. I was already overweight when going on the pill for the first time and did not want to gain any more. I felt that being overweight was adding to the risk factors already associated with the use of the pill. So I changed my lifestyle. I have heard that the pill can increase appetite so perhaps you need to look at your life style again. It may have suited you then but maybe not now. THEY say that many women put on weight on the pill simply because they have become more relaxed because the risk of pregnancy has been removed.Knowing that being overweight and on the pill is a health risk was enough incentive for me.Sorry for sounding so smug. It really has been a battle for me. Best of luck.

Anonymous - 08/04/2002 15:24

To the lady who said she lost weight when she went on the pill, can you please tell me what pill that was, as the one Im on makes me eat like a pig.

Anonymous - 24/04/2002 15:47

I'm not very overweight but would like to lose 1/2 stone. I joined Unislim and lost a couple of pounds but over the last 6 months although I'm very conscious of what I eat and go to the gym 2 a week, I am gaining weight. I'm really depressed about it. Last year my sister was gaining weight for no reason and was diagnosed as having an under active throid. The medication she was given has gotten rid of the excess weight and she looks great. My question is - could that be my problem also - is it heriditary? I don't want to bother my doctor unless I thought it was a possibility.

Anonymous - 12/06/2002 10:40

TrimRight can be bought in Nature's Way outlets

Catherine(CatherineD) - 12/06/2002 14:37

I was on Xenical and had to come off it - I got a terrible rash of hives - dreadful - was very sick with it - be careful

Anonymous - 07/07/2002 19:52

Dieting makes you fat and it's true. I'm recovering from and eating disorder and have had anorexia and bulimia for years. My metabolism has been so messed up that the last time I went through an anorexic period I didn't sink to the weights I had previously, my body rebelled. Nature always wins. As someone once said to me your body is your house why not make it your home. Abusing your body by dieting and taking tablets will only work for so long. It will rebel and it will find it's own natural weight regardless of what you do to try and change it(believe me I've tried and succeeded for a while... but nature is stronger). So treat your body well, eat healthily, exercise but don't take drastic action to try be someone else. Your body is unique you can't just mould it to be like something you see on a magazine. Laxatives don't work and neither do slimming tablets, neither does starving. Take care.

Anonymous - 11/07/2002 23:24

Hi there fellow dieters. I have lost 2 stone and need to lose another 8. I was on Zenecal for 8 mts but stopped it as I started to have cracking and pain in my joints. My feet, knees and hips since looking up info on net I discovered the product can cause joint disorders. I cannot prove it was this product but Im blaming it. Of course the doctors blame my weight for the joint problems.Im 25

Anonymous - 15/08/2002 21:31

I have lost 1 stone in nine weeks going to weight watchers.I feel this is a very safe way to loose weight.I would recommend weight watchers.It really works

Anonymous - 01/09/2002 23:58

hi, I'm on the Atkins Diet and have already lost 20lbs. However I am finding it hard to get products in ireland to suit the diet - does anyone know where I could find some products ( flour free etc..) Please I really don't want to put the weight back on? To any of you wondering the diet really works I've being on a low fat diet all my life and gain weight successfully this one really works!!!!

Anonymous - 03/09/2002 21:26

This was my 12th week with weight watchers and I have reached my target.It was not to hard.My daughter was married during this time and as you can imagin there was lots of eating and drinking.However I was still able to loose waight.With waight watchers you can eat everything all you have to do is watch the points.I would again reckmend this safe and fairly easy way to loose weight.

Anonymous - 06/03/2003 11:45

I am finding it so hard to lose the weight at the moment.... I had a baby last april to which I pilled on the weight after adam's birth and now finding it so so hard to lose it. I put on 3 stone last summer and have managed to lose 1 stone since last sept to now. but still have another 2 stone to go. Your suggestions of exercise/ recipes/ diet plans would be great. Thanks Cars

Anonymous - 12/03/2003 18:59

to those of you wanting to know more about the atkins diet. i really do not recommend it. I think it spells disaster for your body if not now in the long run!!

marie(lilli) - 26/03/2003 22:59

To all those on the Atkins diet, I have tried it and it worked but I missed so much and then I heard about the carbohydrate addicts book by Dr Rachael and Dr Richard Heller and discovered it made me feel even better than the Atkins Diet and I wasn't deprived of anything, and it's usually the deprivation on any diet that makes you fail.If you felt that the Atkins diet was working and you couldn't hack it for what ever reason give this one a go what have you got to lose only weight. It's only a tenner and quiet easy to read.There is a test in it to see if it is compatible for you, and no it doesn't work on everyone.only if you are a carbohydrate addict that is if you try dieting and find you end up binge eating as a result well that's just one symptom Good luck.

Anonymous - 21/05/2003 18:58

I would like to get a good 1200 cal diet.I have looked all over the place and can't find one.My doctor reccommended that I go on the diet but there is a long waiting list to see a dietician.Thanks to anyone who can help.Lots of weight to loose.

Anonymous - 25/07/2003 09:37

How does a hysterectomy affect tummy muscles. Can you tone up your tummy muscles after such an operation.

Anonymous - 31/07/2003 20:31

Sorry girls for gate crashing your party ! BUT may I say ,I was a big fat MAN two years ago.without going into details I eventually went on a low or no sugar diet.ITS like the piramid food tree the higher you climb the less sweeter the food .Cut out the sugar and see the pounds drop off, and of course keep up the exercise ! you'll be amazed with the results, remember to ask your doctors advice first! FAT[man}

Anonymous - 23/09/2003 23:38

Has any one tried Tony Quinns AminoOr& AminoExcercise? They seem to have alot of protein and I'm wondering could this be a problem? they say they're natural . thanks

Anonymous - 24/09/2003 10:54

Everybody is talking about magic pills to lose weight. Losing weight is one thing keeping it off is another. The only way to lose your excess weight and maintain it is to change the bad habits and brhaviours that are causing the problem. Diets and pills will only treat the symptoms (the excess weight)you neen to follow a good behaviour modification programme. I suppose we have all spent a fortune over the years on fad diets and quick fixes looking for that miracle cure. There are motivation clinics around the country worth checking out.

christine(kentucky46) - 20/10/2003 14:29

where can i get trim right and how much is it

catherine(camabe) - 27/05/2004 21:33

Dear All,In the past i worked with a disabilities organisation which developed a fitness video for those with disabilities.If any one is interested contact E-mail:kerry@pwdi.org

Anonymous - 31/05/2004 19:27

i am teenager living in a society where every where you look there is a skinny, twig like, air brushed woman on every mag, biil board and tv programme i look at!! i am sure i do not stand alone when i ask "why is it so necessary to be thin these days???" well, the answer is that it most certainly is not necessary to be thin! as long as you are healthy why should it matter what size jeans you wear or what you weigh? i know all my friends want to look like the next super model in a bikini and alot of my friends do.. they may be a size 8 or asize 16! diet pills are not the way to go!! they can cause serious side affects and damage your health! i know everywhere you turn you are told the only way to lose weight and stay healthy is to eat sensibly and excercise regularly but there is a reason why you are constantly told this... IT'S TRUE! so, i say if you spend all the time you do on trying to lose weight and starving yourself on just simply building your confidence and learning to love your body.. YOU WILL BE THE NEXT SUPER MODEL!!

Anonymous - 01/06/2004 16:56

you can buy trim rite in any health shop they are about 30 to 40 for a month's supply

pat(FNK14657) - 14/06/2004 17:57

could anyone help me i have diet shakes in the past not slim fast. but by another name..it was about 16 years ago and they really helped me to lose weight. and i wasn't hungry with them but can't seem to remember the name can anyone help. you only used to be able to get them through an agent. thanks

Anonymous - 15/06/2004 10:32

i dont know about losing weight yet. I am taking trim rite twice a day for three weeks. my energy levels have shot up i am really enjoying cleaning my house, corners have been cleaned that never saw light before so go for it girls.i am now contemplating painting my hubby is in shock watching me.

Anonymous - 20/08/2004 12:35

To Pat(fnk14657) Yon can get supplements like you mentioned at the Motivation Clinic at 7 Dawson st.

eileen(Emaria) - 22/08/2004 16:02

I am nervous about taking pills is it safe 2 take trim rite ?

Anonymous - 18/11/2004 13:51

I am 18, 5ft 6", and currently weigh 12st5lbs what is the ideal weight for someone my age and height, i know i am over weight but need a rough idea of what weight to aim for (realistically)

Anonymous - 11/05/2005 15:26

I notice lots of questions on "Trim Right." For a start trim right is basically an "ECA stack" product, which means it contains natural sources of Ehpedrine, Caffeine and Aspirin. You could concot the same thing by taking sinutab (or many other over the counter cough mixtures which contain pseudoephedrine), caffeine tablets and half an aspirin. The ephedrine speeds up your metabolism and increases body temperature. The caffeine intensifies the effect, and finally aspirin prevents it from being expelled from the body. Because of this the metabolism is sped up and you burn more calories. However if you are not on a diet and don't exercise, then coming off the tables will more than likely cause you to regain the weight as the metabolism returns to normal. Ephedrine was banned for nearly a year in the US because of several suspected deaths. Its also extremely dangerous to take if you have a heart complaint or high blood pressure. Also its not recommended to take for more than a couple of months as the effects wear off and there is a risk of addiction (oh and its also related to amphetamines - basically, speed). If are already on diet and take lots of exercise then taking this will intensify weight loss by about 2 pounds a month, but if you're not on a diet you're wasting your money as you'll probably regain the weight. I'd suggest to cut out alcohol, fatty foods, white bread, butter and oils from your diet and reduce meat portions to 4oz. Start walking for 30 minutes a day (better still, visit a gym or take up running and cycling). You can but a cheap set of weights in Argos for 20 euros. Weight lifting is an excellent way to exercise, as it preserves muscle while reducing fat levels. And you won't look like Arnie (unless you take steroids). Lastly do not return to old habits once you've lost the weight or you'll end up piling it all back on again!

Margaret(PMJ28266) - 10/06/2005 19:19

I am trting to lose weight for some time now and I am finding it very difficult to shift the fat. I am on a very healthy low carb diet and with as much exercise as I can do with artheritis. The doctor prescribed reductil and I have lost 4lb in two weeks

Anonymous - 22/06/2005 15:10

i'm 19years and being treated in a hospitalfor anorexia....I THINK YOU SHOULD DUMP THE PILLS! the weather is gorgeous. go for a sunny walk and a healthy salad. Don't get stuck on bedrest for the sake of a few pounds! LIFE is for LIVING!

Fiona(UKX30759) - 28/06/2005 17:23

According to this "BMI" index, I am considered overweight. Im a 5f 7" 32 year old female & I now weigh 12 stone. Personally, I think this is nonsense. When I go clothes shopping, I take between a size 12-14 jeans. theres nothing overweight about a size 12-14. Two years ago, I weighed almost 19 stone. Though sensible eating, and excercise Ive lost almost 7 stone. This BMI index is far too general. It does not take into account my lean muscle mass or how fit I am. Please dont take too much notice of it people. I never will. I dont believe in dieting at all. By making smart changes to my food habits I was able to lose the weight. Ie. instead of a bar of dairymilk I now have a fry's turkish delight, or two jaffa cakes. Instead of lager, I now drink a whiskey with a diet mixer or a glass of red wine. I use a health grill to get rid of most of the fat in meat etc & I find power walking the most effective means of increasing my metabolic rate and personal fitness. If I can do it, anyone can. Fiona

Margaret(PMJ28266) - 21/08/2005 08:46

My problem is that I have arthritis and I am finding it increasingly harder to exercise but in order to lose the weight I need to exercise. I am on a healthy low carb diet but this is not enough. I have another 3st to lose.

Anonymous - 29/08/2005 18:54

Hey all i just thought i'd let you all know that there is an Eating Distress conference being held on the 21st of October in the Crowne Plaza in Santry. The theme of the conference is " Anorexia and Over- eating: two sides of the same coin". The conference is aimed at the role of family and professionals in ed recovery. It is being run by the Marino Therapy Centre and any information can be gotten from their site www.marinotherapycentre.com. There are so many people who are affected in some way with eating disorders that going to a conference like this can be very helpful and can raise alot of awarness. I suffer from an eating disorder and will be attending the conference as well. I hope some of you take the time even to go to the website because it can be very helpful.

Anonymous - 13/09/2005 09:35

Stop sitting down watching t.v, eating your chinese's and get up off your behind and work for it.Taking tablets to help you lose weight cant be good for you. stop being so lazy Half an hours walk every night and eating healthy fresh food will do you the world of good.so stop watching coronation street and do somthing more productive with your time.

Patricia(GMC11099) - 21/09/2005 19:37

Hee hee, hee, last Anonymous. Your message will probably not go down well, because of its acerbity. But I find myself having to agree basically with you. One thing is certain: there are better things to do in life than watching Coronation Street. Perhaps we could have a discussion on this forum on soap opera syndrome? P

blondie - 05/01/2006 15:07

have tried the slimming tablet Trim right and yes it just seems to give you more energy. have also tried Sliver, another slimming tablet and so far it seems to be working, has any one else tried this one

Anonymous - 18/01/2006 08:33

Hi everyone, I'm 25 and weigh 204lbs, that sounds drastic, but take into consideration that I am 6 ft tall. When I was 19 I weighed around 151lbs for ages and never really changed. I was never happy with my weight, even when I was "skinny". I got into a relationship 4 years ago, a very happy relationship that still flourishes, I was about 165 at that time. Since then I've given up smoking and went on the pill for a time and naturally I ballooned to about 200lbs. Last October, I finally decided after a lifetime of dieting, I was determined and 100% committed to losing the excess 3 stone. I joined the gym and started a workout program. I never used to exercise at all. My diet has never been bad, I just lacked discipline when it came to portion size and I could possibly call myself a chocaholic! I have steadily put on about 7lbs a year over the last number of years because of this. I started the workout, going to the gym every second day, since the middle of October, for about an hour, initially burning off about 600 calories per session. I gradually increased that to about 1200 calories per session, increased my water intake to about 2 ltrs a day, basically cut out chocolate and reduced alcohol to about 2 glasses of red wine per week. I have lost a grand total of, wait for it, after almost 3 months...............0 POUNDS I am close to tears, was that a complete waste of time or what????? What the hell is wrong with me? When I go shopping for food, I'm proud of my basket, everything is green and lean. Now I can't find the motivation to keep going, I've totally lost hope. People keep saying "Stick with it " and "It won't happen overnight" which infuriates me because I think I've been really good and patient and I have got NO RESULTS. Can somebody shed some light on this? Or at least help me continue the motivation. I'm at desperation point now, thinking of doing some ridiculous low calorie crash diet that I know I won't stick to.... HELP

Anonymous - 13/04/2006 08:19

Has anyone heard of the diet herbalife and if they have, did they try it and was it successful for them???

Anonymous - 27/04/2006 08:36

to anonymous posted 18/01/06 at 8.33pm. There is a clinic who can help you MOTIVATION WEIGHT CONTROL CLINICS they operate a medically supervised behaviour programme and have fantastic success stories. I recently met a woman who had tried everything on earth and failed but lost 12st on this programme. You can see further info on websites www.motivationweightmanagement.ie and www.motivationclinics.com good luck to you.

breo - 07/02/2007 21:43

I am desperate to lose weight, as it is now affecting my health. I have tried many times, but once, I have lost two to three stone, I get demotivated and end up putting it all back on. I have six stone to lose. Please someone, advise me on how I can stay on track till I reach my targrt weight.

Pink - 18/05/2007 12:07

Hi Everyone. I'm 39 years old and a mother of two beautiful little boys. I find i have he best of everything for my husband and my kids but have nothing for myself. I'm only 5ft 4in and weighing in at 14st and so depressed. Have tryed the lipotrim diet, WW and doing it on my own but with no luck. I'm now thinking of having a gastro by-pass. The depression of being over weight and in a size 20 top is killing me. I had a friends wedding to go to but made up a story that my kids were sick so i wouldnt have to go. I know i have a problem but cant find anyother way then by-pass? Does anyone know of it being done in Ireland or are we still in the dark ages and have to go abroad? Pink

Anonymous - 23/05/2007 16:57

In response to the person who isnt losing weight despite the exercise and good diet I totally sympathise. I suffer the same problem it seems that the body just goes into starvation mode and refuses to loose anything. It took me a full year to lose an extra stone on ww. Instead of losing 1-2 lbs a wk I lost on average less than one a month! Sickening I know but you have look at this as a long term project and although it is not going at the rate you would like it will eventually. You wil have plently of years left to enjoy your slimmer body when it eventually does come off!

Mani - 24/05/2007 11:11

Hi everybody, Anonymous is right. Losing weight is always a long term project and you need to have patients. Keep your exercise going and watch your calories. Only eat, when you are hungry and stop when you feel you are nearly full. Watch out for crash diets, they never really work and most of the time you get the "Jo-Jo"-Effect. You can "starve" yourself for up to 3 days, before your body goes into starvation mode and thinks there is famine coming on. Until the 3 days your metabolism will continue to function normally, but make sure you drink loads of water. You have to start eating again on day 4, otherwise your metabolism will slow down and anything you eat will just be put into storage, your body preparing for the next famine. Also watch out. Sometimes you are not actually hungry, your body is just thirsty. So, if you feel that hungry feeling in your stomach, drink a glass of water, that might help it already.

Gerry - 29/06/2007 23:52

I have just started Herbalife and would love to know if anyone else is on it, and how did they get on. Lots of tablets to be taken, but it has definitely curbed my appetite and I have loads of energy.

fee - 01/07/2007 19:06

I have tried trimrite about four years ago but then they were taken off the market as countrymallow which was an ingredeant is now allowed to be sold over the counter in ireland. has anyone found a difference in them and if they still work as well without country mallow. thanks

Anonymous - 14/07/2007 16:10

I have read and listened to Paul McKenna and was very successful, however I had a very traumatic year and I put the weight back on. But I'm back to his commonsense approach and it works. The CD is very helpful as it makes you think about yourself not food,

Maverick - 05/09/2007 11:36

Hi Anonymous You should really give Motivation Weight Control Clinics a try. I lost 3 stone in 18 weeks and have kept it off for the past year and a half. They really get an understanding of your individual needs and tailored ahealthy eating plan specifically to me which worked wonderfully but like you i used to put the weight back on. But Motivation should me how to retrain my habits and attitudes toward food and thats what made the difference to me now. I can't praise them highly enough. I go back once a month for a consutation to help me keep on track, which is totally voluntary but works for me. TRY IT

Swan1 - 05/09/2007 21:53

Does anyone know if these motivation clinics are in Galway / the west ??

Swan1 - 06/09/2007 21:49

And also how much does motivation clinic cost? I heard of the 'four week club' too which is supposed to be good - anyone any experience of this?

Ashtowngirl - 21/02/2008 21:14

Hi Pink, If you still are interested in a gastric bypass, I can give you some info on the subject. I had one 2 years ago. Lost 90 pounds.

Anonymous - 26/03/2008 17:54

before people start doing anything crazy and messing up their insides thus messing their mind, energy, inner body and soul....read jason vale s slim 4 life!!!!!!!!people when saying "i lost 90 pounds" don't look at the issues of inner self

loving life - 19/06/2008 16:36

hi, I'm another one who had gastric bypass, i came home december 5th from mine and already i have lost over 8 1/2 stone i only have another 3 to go, i went from a 30 to a 16 in just over 6 months, i went through an irish company, because i wanted a bit of security, i was picked up at my house and dropped back 10 days later, surgery, nurse visit, flight, accommodation, taxi's everything was taken care of for me and the staff here have had the same surgery in the same hospital so the girl i met before i went was the same girl who called to me after and the amount of phone calls really kept me secure in the knowledge i'd done the right thing. if anyone reading this is struggling for years dont even think about it have the surgery. this has changed my life, mail me anytime for info or if you have any questions i'm ann degaffeinteriors@iol.ie

aburst - 22/10/2008 19:40

I eat very healthy and can not lose a pound, have heart palpitations and wondering if thats not helping also. cant really exercise due to joint pain. can anyone help pleaseeeeeeee

kal - 26/04/2009 03:06

I put up two stone,  one per child, as I have hypothyroidism (underactive).  Also I'm on Seroxat and have been for a number of years.  Anyhow, I got so fed up being overweight that I have managed to put up another 2 stone in comfort eating.  I have tried lipotrim, lighterlife, clinicallix, zenical, and phosphacore.  /they all work but I never reached my target weight

Annoyed - 27/04/2009 13:13

Kal, maybe the reason you haven't reached your target weight is because you have set your goal to high. Most women want to loose loads of weight as quickley as possible. This does not work. Quick weight loss is caused by fluid loss and in most cases, you will regain the weight and then some. The best thing for you to do is to follow a low GL diet. This is the most recommended diets out there and it does work. Look out for a book called The GL Revolution by Patrick Holfold.

LisaB_19 - 22/03/2010 21:41

Hey There,

I've been dieting since i was 16, i am now 21 and i've lost 7 Stone but i am still overweight according to the Doctor. It's really getting me down, i've taken all sorts of dieting tablets and have even gone the wrong road of fainting from lack of food. I eat healthy now and i work out everyday if not every 2nd day...I just find it really hard to loose the last 2 stone, i've been trying for the past 2 years and my weight has been going up and down, it's my Birthday in April and i really want to be able to wear some nice clothes..Can anyone help be boost the weight loss?? I'd really appreciate it! I've only 3 Weeks from Today!

Annoyed - 23/03/2010 13:41

Lisa, well done on losing so much weight,7 stone, thats a great achievement. If need to loose more weight, look at your portion size when eating. Many of us make the mistake of loading our plate with plenty of fruits and vegetables - (wich are very good for us) but also contain natural sugars and calories so keep the portions small. Eat small but regulaly to help beat off the dredded hunger pangs and dont let yourself get dehydrated. Sip on water throughout the day. Stay away from  processed foods, sugary snacks and stimulants like tea, coffee, smokiing and alcohol - it sounds boring i know but cutting these things out for a while will help your cause, you can then slowley introduce them back into your diet but try and keep them to a minimum.

Here comes the hard part, trying to loose 2 stone in 3 weeks is impossible. Even if you didnt eat for 3 weeks, you would be hard pressed to loose 2 stone. Not only that, the damage you would do to your health would be life treathening. Try and be realistic with your weight loss, set yourself goals every week (but not to high) when you reach that goal, congratulate yourself and go for the next one. You've lost 7 stone, you can go all the way. Be positive,stay healthy and YOU WILL reach your goals. Good Luck 

buzz - 23/03/2010 15:21


Its actually not healthy to lose that much weight so soon. It's recommended at around 2lb per week as far as I remember. Losing it too quickly through crash dieting will not only send your body into "famine" mode where it lcings on to any food it might get, it will slwo your metabolism and is generally very bad for you. Fair play losing the rest though seven stone thats some achievement!

LisaB_19 - 23/03/2010 19:34

Hey there,

Thanks for your advice, I never thought to cut down the Fruit and Veg!! I've given up Alcohol and Coffee already. I wont try for the 2 stone in the 3 weeks but i would like to be down a good few pound by the end of April. It's so hard to do sometimes. I was reading up about the "Special K" Diet you eat a cereal in the morning and one at lunch time along with a healthy dinner and you are supposed to drop a jean size in a week, do you think this would work? Probably not the healthiest option though.

Buzz - 2 pound a week?? Omg! So little, i suppose it adds up though...hmmm I've been in "famine" mode before i think, that's when i ended up fainting. Thanks again for all your good advice and nice words :D

Annoyed - 24/03/2010 13:03


Buzz is 100%right, 2lb a week is perfect. Remember to look long term. Losing 2lb a week is healthy and achievable. You will lose weight and be able to keep it off. Crash diets don't work and The special K diet is a fad. You have 125g for breakfast and lunch and a proper evening meal. 125g would fit in the palm of your hand, its the same size as the multi pack cereals you can get for kids. They dont fill you. The special K diet is a starvation diet. You will lose weight in the short term but its all fluid loss. As soon as you start eating properly again, you will gain back the weight.

LisaB_19 - 25/03/2010 12:11

Hi Again,

2lb a week seems so little but you're right it would build up... Yeah i was doing the Special K one and you get really bored with it so quickly and end up looking for something else to eat..so it doesn't really work. I did a healthy Diet before by Rosemary Connoly i think her name is and i found that i was just maintaining my weight rather then loosing it. I really hate having extra weight, it's so depressing. I've even started to think about the Surgical route just to get rid of what i cant. It seems once i get to a certain weight i can't get under that. Need to start looking at other options, because i don't think i can do it on my own. Thanks for your advice and i'll definately take it onboard.

barbie86 - 25/03/2010 14:19

My favourite diet is Slimming World. I've just started it as I want to lose a stone by June (when I go on holiday); I'm not strictly speaking overweight (9 stone 8 when I started and 5'7") but my healthy weight is between 8 stone 4 and 8 stone 10; if I creep above that it means I'm eating too much of the 'wrong' foods. I'm 1 week in and have lost 3 pounds (was aiming for 2 and didn't stick to it too strictly so chuffed with that).

The thing I like about Slimming World is that it's easy to follow. There are 'green' days, 'original' days, and a new plan which mixes to two. On a green day, you are allowed unlimited fruit, veg, rice, pasta, potatoes, lentils and beans, low-fat cottage cheese, eggs, low-cal drinks, and low-fat yoghurts. You then get 6 'healthy extras' which can be milk, cheese (28g normal; 42g half-fat), cereal (28g), lean meat (around 30g), and bread. On original days it's roughly the same but instead of unlimited rice, pasta, potatoes, lentils etc you can have unlimited lean meat, and use your healthy extras for potatoes, rice etc. You then get between 5-15 'syns' per day for things like alcohol, butter, cooking oil, treats, etc. It's great as it isn't restrictive, and really works.

Another key to dieting is to make sure you eat fewer calories then you expend during exercise, and also, eat little and often eg 3 small-ish meals (eg 28g cereal with semi-skimmed milk, plus a grapefruit, or 1 slice wholemeal toast with 3 scrambled eggs and fruit, for breakfast; small portion pasta or fist-sized baked potato with salad/tuna in water, for lunch; etc) and have small snacks (eg handful nuts; piece of fruit; Muller light yoghurt) in between.

Hope that helps!

emmadublin - 11/02/2012 15:49

HI I am a Dublin girl. I am 16stone now at 31 years of age. I find it so difficult to see where the 2.5 stone crept on in the last 2 years. I work a lot in office base, and i drink coffee non stop. I dont have breakfast, I eat an ok lunch generaly soup or brown bread sambo, and don't have dinner or if I do its thin and crispy pizza or pasta. If anything i feel i under eat so cant understand why i keep adding on the lbs . I am aware i have to kick start at least 30minutes walking 3 days per week and then increase so that i started this week. but help needed please on any energy increasing supplements and what to do about coffee( i drink it non stop and v bad with water). any advice please ? Em Kiss

buzz - 13/02/2012 09:47

Emma, you should have breakfast at the start of the day. As far as I remember, studies show that people who have breakfast tend to be slimmer.

Barbie, I have heard so many people talking about Slimming World (they appear to be taking over the world lol) Are they good? I need to lose about 1.5-2 stone and thinking about joining. I just hate paying someone to tell me to lose weight! :)

JamesH - 13/02/2012 10:28

Emma, Two things jump off the page at me. First you don’t eat a breakfast. They always say that breakfast is the one meal that you should always have. The theory is that your body has been fasting for somewhere in the region of 12 hours by the time you get up in the morning and so needs the energy boost of slow release carbs got from breakfast cereal. (porridge is an excellent source of slow release of energy) You actually mention yourself about not having enough energy. In its absence the body goes into starvation mode, where it slows down the metabolism and so cruelly will contribute to putting on weight.. This may explain why even though you seem to be eating relatively low amounts you are still gaining weight. Second thing is that while your lunch and dinner seem ok, you don’t mention fruit or veg, which are filling and may help give you energy. There is a saying about energy breeding energy which is very true. Even if you are tired in the evening you will always feel more energised after taking a walk. Best of luck. Operation Transformation on RTE is a great source of useful information, provided by experts in their fields of nutrition, exercise and psychology.

buzz - 14/02/2012 09:32

Good point James re the exercise, I can vouch for this. Often I feel sluggish sitting at my desk all day and the last thing I want to do is exercise but when I do, I feel much more energised after. I also think it keeps the metabolism going at a faster rate for a time after. You know one thing I always notice with exercise? It seems to have a very good "return". For example, if we are told a person of X weight swims moderately for 40 minutes he/she will burn Y amount of calories, it always seems like I burn more... I sometimes convert the calories and say "Why would I bother swimming for an hour so I can eat a double cheeseburger when I go out later or have just one glass of wine, doesn't seem worth it" but any time I have a period of frequent exercise in my life, I seem to be able to be "bold" more often and still lose weight.

emmadublin - 16/02/2012 13:45

Thank you James H and Buzz. I am sitting here looking at my net of mandarins go green, so I think taking your advice is great, I will try with small portions of fruit and have them in the car and office at all times. its so easy to just grab a coffee and keep going.

Fruit and veg great point - and yes i think when im in they gym my mindset is aaahh- being told to lose weight, so i think the walking like what Buzz says will give me a better therapy and mindset.

Thank you so much for  your feedback. I am hearing lots about slimming world too- seems to be one to watch. Embarassed

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