Viagra helps women to orgasm - study

The anti-impotence drug Viagra may be effective in treating sexual dysfunction in women too, according to a new study. Italian researchers have revealed that the drug, originally developed to improve blood flow to the penis, can also assist women who have difficulty in obtaining orgasm.

Previous studies had found that Viagra had no particular effect on women. However, the preliminary study in the current edition of the 'British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology' suggests that the drug can improve sexual satisfaction in women who were previously unable to become aroused or maintain arousal.

Professor Salvadore Caruso and his team at the Centre for Sexological Research in the University of Catania gave Viagra to over 50 women in their 20s who suffered from sexual dysfunction disorders. After four weeks taking the drug, the women reported being more satisfied with sex.

However Pfizer, which manufactures the drug in Cork, has questioned the latest research. The company's own studies into female sexual dysfunction have not conclusively shown any positive effect in women who take Viagra.

"Salvadore Caruso's research is an interesting study that we will review as part of our ongoing research", stated a Pfizer spokesperson. "To date, Pfizer's female sexual dysfunction studies demonstrate that while Viagra has been well-tolerated, it has not shown a significant increase in reported sexual arousal".


Anonymous - 29/05/2001 21:46

Does viagra work for loss of libido? especially during menopause.

- 24/12/2001 07:05

how do i get viagra without my partner knowing? where is it available?

Anonymous - 17/08/2002 20:13

No sex is ruining my marriage. Im 38yrs with 3 kids. I told my husband I can live without sex as I have no feelings in that area. He said he can\'t. Where do I go for help he says it is not normal.

Anonymous - 21/08/2002 17:15

I imagine that for your husband to hear that, it must be hugely disappointing. Do you feel disappointed having to tell him? There is medication available for this circumstance. Your doctor will help you, and your husband, if you set up an appointment to talk to him. If not try Veromax for Women.

Anonymous - 21/08/2002 20:48

God don't get me started on the subject of mismatched libidos. I am 28 and have a 3 year old daughter. I have been down the path of feeling guilty about lack of desire etc and I finally blew my top and told my partner to deal with it or go but to stop making me feel guilty or inadequate and ABNORMAL. It is not abonormal to lose or have low libido. In a mans world women are supposed to have libidos to match the male but evolutionarily speaking we are not built that way. People forget we are animals. I often envy female friend who profess to love sex (tho' few with kids do, most say they do it because they love their husband and once a month/three months/six months would be fine). Having a high sex drive or one in line with your husband/partner makes for a much easier life and I'm sure a closer relationship, however, if your desire for sex isn't there then you cannot force it.To do so only makes you resent the person all the more.Somehow using viagra to help you get through sex is a bit sad. Are we back to the days of lie back and think of England (or have we really moved away) I won't keep going on but to the woman who is having problems re lack of desire all I can say is be strong. I have no answers but you must respect yourself and your husband must respect you. Please talk to your friends, if they are really honest with you I think you will find you are not as alone as you think you are.

Anonymous - 22/08/2002 12:11

Here's a male perspective. I'm 39 - my wife and I have two lovely kids and live in a nice spot. We haven't had sex for some years now and I really don't miss it at all. Neither does my wife. We have the two lovely daughters we wanted and the most important thing is that we are very close, we are each other's best friends and that is worth more than anything. The conventional idea that everyone should be having sex all the time is a bizarre pressure to put on relationships. There is far more to love than sex. I suspect that many do not have regular sex and that the pressure which is felt by many that they ought to have sex regularly is an unhealthy pressure to put on relationships. Maybe we are the unusual ones, but I suspect not.

Anonymous - 24/08/2002 16:28

I do not think I could agree with the view that it is not abnormal to have a low libido. It is not unusual maybe, but there are reasons for low libido. If both partners are happy not to have sex for years, then, that is normal for them. But it is hardly being suggested that all of us should strive to be celibate, because if it is, that would be abnormal, in my view. If a man prefers sex regularly and a woman does not, it is a problem. Similarly, if a woman prefers sex regulalry and a man does not, it is a problem. It should not be looked upon, in my view, as another chapter in the battle of the sexes. Sex is for relationship. If either partner has a loss of libido, and it bothers the other, it needs to be addressed, or the relationship will suffer. If it doesnt bother the other, then its not a problem. Human's are sexual beings, and I watched a "Discovery" programme recently in which Robin Williams visited scientists who were working at sea with dolphins. And the observations of the scientists were that dolphins are the only species, apart from humans, that have sex for fun. And that is the aim of When lack of it affects people, its a problem for those people. If it damages relationships, it is a problem that needs solving. If counselling helps, get it, if medication helps, take it. If your partner can help tell him/her.But solve it, somehow.

frank(frando) - 28/08/2002 23:57

The person who said that dolphins have sex for fun and in his opinion that the way it should be , for fun. I mentioned this to my wife but I can't repeat her reply. Regarding the man who said that he has not had sex with his wife for several years and he is quite happy and his wife is happy.Surprise surprise ( I mean about the wife) It is not natural for a man not to use his equipment .I can only guess the man in question may be latently homosexual.It is also unnatural for a man to have sex with only his wife. Unfortunalely for an ordered society we must have rules and one man to one woman provides some order to society. I have been married for 34 years .They were many women I could have been just as happy with .The day will come when men and women will stay less and less years in a relationship . Already many men and women dont get married but have children (and a expensive mortgage).Jumping in and out of marriage in USA seems the norm and the kids seem to cope

Anonymous - 29/08/2002 19:38

Want to swap partners? I am a 34yr old woman, with a 28yr old male partner of 5 years, we have lived together for 2yrs. HE is not interested in sex, he "gives in" about once a month. He has millions of excuses!! I am not fat, ugly, a wedding recently he said I was easily the sexiest,best looking woman there, I was thrilled as we were booked into the hotel overnight but - NOTHING!!! HELP

Anonymous - 30/08/2002 09:40

Interesting to see that it (mis-matched libidos) does occur the other way around. A friend and I were discussing the problems faced by so many couples of mis matched libidos and came to the sad conclusion that although we can rationalise why it happens it doesn't actually change the situation.However, if one party gives the other 'permission' toleave because of the lack of sex then I think it can make the 'interested' person actually sit down and think about what else they have in the relationship e.g. companionship, children, love, fun, etc and maybe then do they re-prioritise sex. The number of couples in which one or other partner is not satisfied sexually is enormous, yet they do not break up and do not stray. Modern socity presses us to be very sexual beings almost to the negation of the other wonderful attributes of a relationship. Frank, who said about humans not being monogamous etc is right, however, Western society has evolved such that to rear children effectively (as society sees it) we must live in monogamoues relationships and monogamy brings with it a lot of baggage be it lack of sex for men (by and large) and frustration for women (being both career woman, mother and lover) Right I've said enough. I could talk about this whole can of worms for the day because it is facinating in its complexity but I won't bore you any further!

frank(frando) - 30/08/2002 23:13

To the woman looking for help?,I would love to Help? but I dont want to end up in a dingy bed sit staring at a black and white t.v .Dont you know that nowadays cheated women take their husbands to the cleaners. Re your relationship , it would seem to me that your partner is playing away unless of course he has turned gay .I think it is all the trend now. Anyway ,for him to tell you that you looked sexy on the occasion you mentioned but not sexy enough to want to go any further is very odd indeed. Look for a new man.There are plenty out there

Anonymous - 31/08/2002 19:28

My marriage has broken down. We live in the same house, but sleep in separate bedrooms. All that happened 2 years ago. Aged 42, I felt my sexual appetite had decreased over the years anyway, and sex was never a priority. I still don't miss it, as an act of stimulation, dolphinic fun, or satisfaction. I do however, greatly miss the closeness, comfort and warm feeling that it brought. The feeling of being wanted and belonging. Sex cements a relationship together, and has value in a loving union. What I totally abhor, is the person who derives pleasure and desire from watching pornographic material, and then expects his lover to satisfy his needs. This behaviour reverts to type, the huge mojority being male. I guess sex is interpreted differently by both genders, and that is human nature. My mother used to always say, you can change the times we live in, you can change attitudes, but you will never change human nature!

Anonymous - 04/09/2002 16:07

I have read that Viagra works to help female libido, but it's an answer for a professional to give. I have read also the Veromax is the female equivalent, and it can be obtained from the UK, via Internet.

Anonymous - 20/02/2003 21:09

Does anyone know if Viagra is a prescription drug, or can you get it over the counter, or from a reputable website??

Cathy - 11/11/2007 00:05

Does anyone know what can help loss of libido? My doctor says she cannot prescribe Viagra for me and it's illegal for women in this country. Can it be got from the U.K. and what is the female equivalent called?

nicky - 26/11/2007 23:00

I am suffering from being-unable to orgasm what can i do?

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