Dealing with infertility

The desire for a child…

Couples are now more likely to attend a doctor much earlier with queries about infertility than would have been the case in previous generations. The couples of today have grown up in an era where they have the power to plan their pregnancy. They can choose to avoid becoming pregnant through the use of contraceptives and may plan to defer conception until they have secured a nice home for themselves and can provide a warm and comfortable environment in which to rear their child.

Given the fact that a couple can switch off their fertility very easily it can be a tremendous shock to find that they are not succeeding in getting pregnant at the time when they had planned for this to happen. There is a strong emotional undercurrent in every case of infertility and the couple and their doctors ignore that force at their peril.

Many couples see their family doctor as the gatekeeper who is simply there to give them a referral letter to see a specialist. They may fail to appreciate the potential that exists in this initial encounter. There is much that can be achieved at this first consultation, which should not be rushed.

Drink and work stress

Simple questions need to be considered. How long have the couple been sexually active together? Is sexual intercourse mutually satisfactory? Is there any suggestion of a gynaecological problem? Do the couple both have normal genitalia? Are they drinking too much alcohol? Is intercourse taking place when they are both stressed out and exhausted after a busy week at work?

Basic questions need to be asked at this early stage and the focus of attention must be on the couple because either or both of them could be infertile. I have known of several cases in the past where the woman underwent a series of hospital investigations before the penny dropped that it could be her male partner that was infertile. I have also encountered a situation where the couple embarked on a series of investigations, which turned out to be inappropriate because the difficulty was in their relationship and not in their respective reproductive systems.

We tend to have images of microscopes and complicated technology when we think of infertility investigations and often overlook the value of simple observation. Not many people realise that the physical size of the male’s testicles are a reasonably accurate predictor of infertility. Infertile men tend to have small testicles with resulting low sperm counts.

'Infertility treatment can result in the most wonderful prize of delivering a normal healthy baby'.

The family doctor can advise and assist with a whole range of simple options that do not require being referred to a 'high tech' centre. Sperm tests can be organised through the GP as well as a variety of male and female hormone analyses that can be performed on a small sample of blood.

Being patient

The underlying message in what I am saying is that there is a great deal that can be done by the GP and people should try to be patient. Sometimes the diagnosis of infertility can be made in general practice and there is no immediate pressure to rush off and see a specialist.

Experience has taught me that it is important for the couple to pause at each hurdle along the way before proceeding. For example, if it is established that the man has a testicular problem this fact should be absorbed first before proceeding on to further investigation and treatment. Embarking on the next stage should take place in the full knowledge of the possible outcomes and should take place without coercion or subtle blackmail.

I have known couples to damage their relationship because one of them came under pressure from the other to get on with the next stage despite some slight misgivings about proceeding.


Having established a diagnosis it is important for both partners to be comfortable with the treatment plan. This is a process that the couple should be in control of. I have dealt with a situation where artificial insemination was considered to be the best option for a couple but the man was not comfortable with that choice. He declined and the couple have remained childless but together to this day. I think they made the right choice for them.

I have also observed that infertility investigations and treatment can expose some serious cracks in a relationship. Several years ago I recall giving the results of a normal sperm test to a couple. I saw the man in a completely different light when he said: 'well that’s me out of the frame'. I was not surprised when some time later the relationship broke up. Interestingly enough they separately went on to new relationships both of which produced normal healthy babies.

Emotionally draining

It is important for couples to feel the power to stop the process at any time. This is especially so when undergoing treatment. Sometimes a couple need to take a holiday from infertility treatment. The process may not be physically arduous in comparison with other treatments but it can be more draining than most. It can be particularly emotionally draining if the treatment has been going on for months with initial high hopes that are cruelly dashed when the slightly overdue period arrives late. More than once I have heard women describe how the period arrived just when they were beginning to hope that their dream might be about to be realised.

Infertility treatment can result in the most wonderful prize of delivering a normal healthy baby. The preceding months or years of investigation and treatment quickly evaporate when the parents see their newborn baby for the first time.

Overcoming the problem of infertility can be compared to an exciting voyage where there can be moments of fear and excitement, hope and despair before the exhilaration of completing the journey successfully. It is not a journey for the faint-hearted. It requires courage and determination and can severely test a relationship.

In recent years there has been a virtual explosion of new technology for dealing with the problem of infertility. It would be very easy to be mesmerised by the science and overlook the emotional dimensions that are entwined with this problem.

Infertility can be a devastating loss that cannot be remedied in every case. Technology alone is no solution for such people.

Written by Dr Leonard Condren, medical editor of


Anonymous - 15/05/2001 14:42

Having undergone infertility treatment I have to agree with much of this article. GP's are the best first port of call and can be very understanding and knowledgeable and can explain what courses of action are available. Infertility is not assigned to an individual, it is a couple's issue and it tests every aspect of a relationship. We found our GP to be very caring but did not quickly point us towards any specialist treatment. He explained and performed initial tests and advised use to take things slowly and return if/when we wished to seek specialist treament. When we felt ready to persue specialist treament we found it by chance ourselves but this was nothing to do with any reservations about our GP. He has been excellent and is looking forward to having an additional member of our family under his care.

Anonymous - 15/05/2001 15:06

It can be very emotional for the woman - the men can seem to be distant as if it does not affect them - having gone through the process a couple of times without success - I believe there should be more advice as to how to deal with the problem. ** It does not seem to occur to people who constantly comment on a couple's childlessness how selfish they are -- to wonder if there is more to it than selfishness.

Anonymous - 15/05/2001 16:37

the quote from the man whose normal sperm count led him to say, "that's me out of the frame" makes me wonder how many men have differing sperm counts from one test to another. My husband has had a half-dozen over the past 10 years and about 1/3 are very low, 1/3 are marginal and 1/3 are average to above-average. I suspect that one spermogram doesn't necessarily mean that the husband is consistently fertile.

Anonymous - 15/05/2001 18:42

As mentioned in the text above about the size of a man's testicles being an accurate predictor of infertiliity -what would be the average size ??

Val(lyonsy) - 15/05/2001 22:20

As someone who attended their doctor wondering about my fertility for over a year and heard 'wait a little while' as the response, I only wish that I had taken my fertility into my own hands earlier on. Which is exactly what I did, and not listened to that doctor, as I now find that 'waiing a little while' was worthless as I do not ovulate - something I proved myself with a little help from charts, bbts and ovulation tests. a little education is what some doctors need.

sallie(Salliepal) - 16/05/2001 03:55

God help anyone living with that problem.Long ago and far away I had three miscarriages. Then 3 kids in 5 years. Then came 3 adopted kids. All are grown now but one daughter had cancer when her daughter was six months old.The other daughter is trying to become pregnant and feels under such pressure. At 29 she has many years to become a Mom.

Anonymous - 16/05/2001 11:48

In addition to considering the emotional aspects of infertility prior to treatment, it is important to consider the emotional aspects if treament fails. I have had infertility treatment twice unsuccessfully with ICSI. In addition I have had an intrauterine death due to chromosomal abornormalities at 20 weeks gestation, plus a miscarriage at 8 weeks. I will shortly be 40 and have to come to terms that there won't be a successful outcome for me.

Anonymous - 16/05/2001 18:22

A guy's point of view - I was pretty dissapointed with the service available from our GP - He did arrange a sperm test, but he had little else to offer. I feel we could really benefit from coaching on fertility charting/use of ovulation predictors etc, ideally from a practice nurse. Does anyone know of how where this kind of advice might be available?

Val(lyonsy) - 16/05/2001 22:05

To the person who wants info on charting etc. There is a book called 'Take Control of Your Fertility ' by Toni Weshcler. Fantastic book. You dont need a nurse after reading this book. Its twenty quid from Amazon and they delvier it within a week. Also you could use uvulation tests which you can get far cheaper than the shops by getting them from, who also deliver within the week. Hope this helps, and I too was pretty disappointed by my GP which is how I learned all the above:-)

Anonymous - 17/05/2001 00:35

My wife has endometreosis and we have trouble having a child, we feel so frustrated every month and are desperate to try anything like this if possible.Its seems our country though isn't up to date with fertility clinics. Or am i wrong?

Anonymous - 17/05/2001 21:09

It is possible for the couple or one partner to subconsciously reject the idea of having a child. My experience as a hypnotherapist has shown this to be the case and help is available with a reasonable chance of success.

Anonymous - 26/05/2001 19:47

I and my husband have had various treatments for infertility over the last 4 years,the last being an i.v.f. just 2 months ago which failed.Obviously we were totally devastated.I feel the lack of counselling availible for this problem is frightening and very dangerous.Nobody in 4 years has ever suggested counselling and I find this amazing in this day and age.Are there any counsellors specialising in this area?

Anonymous - 30/05/2001 11:08

I found your article on infertility really interesting. Having miscarried 16 months ago I haven't been able to get pregnant again. My doctor mentioned that I may be allergic to my partner's sperm. Please can anybody tell me what this means and what I can do about it. Many thanks"

Anonymous - 04/07/2001 16:24

Has anyone in Galway had success in this area? I have an appointment for ICSI the end of the year ? My husband has low sperm count with slow mobility.

julie(julied) - 06/07/2001 22:06

I have had three miscarriages and am 38. We are having treatment in Galway (TSI) I find it very difficult, but reading about other people helps. We may not give up yet!

Anonymous - 18/07/2001 12:20

To the person talking about being allergic to partner's sperm. I have just found out(last week) that I have an antibody in relation to sperm. It appears my body rejects the sperm. Not sure if it is just my husband's sperm forgot to ask that question. Anyone know anything more about this or where I could research further - would appreciate it. Thanks

Anonymous - 07/08/2001 12:17

To the gentleman who posted on 16/05/2001 at 18:22. You asked about fertility charting and if anyone knows of how where this kind of advice might be available. Have a look at the Creighton Model FertilityCare System (try Google)it's very american though, be warned!. The system teaches the couple to chart their fertility & can reveal the underlying CAUSE for the infertility, which can then be treated effectively.

louise(ldoherty) - 12/09/2001 20:46

While the article was good I think putting a picture of mother and baby is quite insensitive as this is simply a reminder(as if one was needed) of what has been denied!

Anonymous - 07/10/2001 22:26

I believe that Ireland has a severe lack of treatment and understanding in the area of infertility. I am not aware of any support groups in Ireland and I find a lot of doctors are very unsypathetic to the problem especially if you are overweight or under 30 years of age. I have polycystic ovaries and have been offered no treatment even though it has caused me to put on weight and hairusim. I am disgusted with the treatment I have been given.

Anonymous - 12/10/2001 16:41

I have also been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and have been absolutely horrified at the treatment I received from my gynecologist. After telling me that I was imagining something was wrong - and after five visits - I insisted that he perform tests. After my fears were confirmed he fobbed off my questions and told me to go to an infertility specialist. He did not say this means X for your health and Y for your fertility he just showed me the door. The new doctor is excellent but has done little to address hair growth or to ask me to take a test to see if I have diabetes. I really don't think I should be the one doing all the research, demanding tests, asking questions. Surely there is some onus on doctors to ensure their clients/ patients are informed and that every possibility is examined!

Anonymous - 09/12/2001 11:41

To the person who tested positive for antibodies against sperm. I have also tested positive. Your immune system creates antibodies and unfortunately for some men or women (between 5-10%), these antibodies affect sperm. I have been told last week by my Specialist the only option for me to possibly get pregnant is through "assisted fertilisation" i.e. IVF or one of the other treatments, I am having a follow up with my specialist next week and will let you know what happens next.

Anonymous - 12/12/2001 20:17

With regards to frustration re GPs etc, I totally agree, I thought I was the only one who was frustrated with my specialist, E.g got a call on monday to go in today for bloods, went in and the person who called me on monday asked me who had rang me to call me in!!! I have done all the research with regards to infertility investigation and have had to insist on some tests being completed..that is actually now more worrying to me at this stage then suffering from infertility!! Does anybody know if the Irish Infertility support group is still operating in Cork?? I need to get some support from somewhere!

Anonymous - 16/12/2001 18:36

Hello, with regards to infertility support groups I dont believe there are any in Ireland at all. I suffer from PCOS and have given my email address in order to talk to others in similar situations it is I live in the North West of Ireland and have very little in the way of support from Doctors or anyone. It helps to know I am not alone in this nightmare.

Anonymous - 27/02/2002 16:23

Is there anyone who has looked into donor sperm? My husband and I can never have children naturally and this is the only option left to us. Any comments/advice?

Anonymous - 06/03/2002 17:41

For those people looking for a support group in Ireland, the group NISIG do exist still.NISIG stands for national infertility support and information group.They have a website also but I'm not sure of the address.Try a search with NISIG, it might work.They have a also and I'll post it if I can find it.They can be a great help and do newsletters etc.This is a very lonely problem and until you speak to people who understand you can feel so isolated.I spoke to people with the same problem eventually and I realised how I felt was so normal.I urge anyone who feels really isolated to find a buddy who really does understand.

Joan(nisig) - 26/06/2002 12:37

For those people looking for a support group in Ireland, the Group NISIG does exist. NISIG (National Infertiltiy Support & Information Group) P.O Box 131 Eglinton Street Cork Tel 1890 647 444 E-Mail Nisig holds bi-monthly meeings throughout Ireland (Cork,Dublin, Kerry, Limerick) NISIG also has the following sub -groups Donor Conception (Sperm/Ova) Secondary Infertility "Living Life without Children" Aims and Objectives of NISIG: To highlight the existence of an official support Group To inform GP's /Medical Organisations that NISIG can help their patients. To encourage infertile couples that they can contact NISIG in confidence. To heighten awareness among the general public- be sensitive towards couples that "do not have children" To inform infertile couples of the treatments/services available to them We have compiled a newsletter, which will be forwarded to our members. We are in no doubt that many couples all over Ireland need the services of a confidential support group. Consequently, we would be delighted to welcome these people to become members of NISIG and in turn we will put them in touch with the group nearest to them.

clodagh(clodaghf) - 26/06/2002 14:43

For any PCOS sufferers - there is an Irish support group. See The next big meeting is in Dublin on SAt 6 July - email to apply to book a place. We also have meetings coming up around the country. Check out the website for information regards Clodagh

browneh - 25/07/2002 21:47

Hi, my name is Helen and I am co-founder and presently Chairperson Of NISIG (National Infertility Support and Information Group). I must apologise for not looking into this site earlier but with working and having the helpline most evenings my time is limited. Yes, infertility is a very lonely and isolated place to be and that is one of the reasons why I set up the group.The main reason was that I had nobody to turn to when treatment had failed for me. I kept reaching out to the telephone but had nobody to speak to who would have understood the grief I was going through. Nobody should have to go through what I went through so to let you all know the telephone line is open to you all up to 9pm and if no answer please leave your number and message and I promise to get back to you. You are not alone.

Anonymous - 03/10/2002 17:10

We have been trying for over year now. The trouble is that I feel I am running out of time and I know we are too anxious about the entire situation. I went to the G.P. in June and he did tell us to try and relax and that it should happen in time. We have had the initial tests done and they were both fine. So one half of me says give it a chance and the other says do not waste time. I think deep down we both are a bit nervous to go any further at present. I am feeling pretty fed up today as I jast got my period and it was a few days late and we were silently hopeful. Does anyone know why Clomid is used and would the GP be able to give it to help increase the ovulation activity? Thanks a lot and it is good to know other people have the same goal.

geraldine(gerrn) - 10/10/2002 11:26

i am going to ring NISIG .hope they can help,as im feeling very lonely and lost at the minute.

aidyk - 18/10/2002 16:13

I am researching a television documentary and would like to talk to couples who are dealing with infertility and who would be prepared to tell their stories on television. All responses will be dealt with immediately and sensitively. If you are interested or would like further information Please respond to me at:

browneh - 24/10/2002 23:30

I would be delighted if some couples would tell their story to Aideen which she hopes to have aired on the "True Lives" programme. I have spoken to her and I am very confident she will treat you with dignity and respect. We need people with a voice. Infertility is nothing to be ashamed about but I do understand the sensitivity. Our help-line is available up to 9pm. Helen - Chairperson of NISIG

Anonymous - 06/11/2002 23:54

We have just had our first visit to a Fertility Clinic and understand that there are two types/or sources of the hormone FSH; the recombinant human version or the urinary derived version. Which one should we go for, if given the choice?

geraldine(gerrn) - 04/12/2002 14:35

hi.after 6 months from my initial visit to the doctor,i still havent even been referred to galway yet. i have to have a scan at the beginning of january.the an appt. with gynaecolist late january, then hopefully he will refer me to the clinic in galway,as they dont deal with it in this seems to have taken forever to get this far.any idea how long the waiting list is for fertility treatment? as we cant afford to go private.

Anonymous - 30/01/2003 14:16

We have been trying for over 2 years, with one miscarriage last year. Our GP is a wonderfully caring sympathetic man, but just keeps telling us to 'relax'!! We have just contacted Sims Clinic in Dublin, which is a private clinic which offers all the fertility tests and treatment. We are hoping that 2003 will be our year.

tina(tinamarie) - 08/02/2003 00:05

Having lived successfully now for 14 years without our longed and yearned for unforgotten dreams, we have thankfully come to a space and a place in our lives that allows us to live happily without children. I honestly thought I could never live a happy and meaningful life without children. Living with a reproductive system that cannot recreate new life, has been a devastating, life-changing journey. Living life without children is the route I took, in my infertility journey. I have discovered a life now that is trully fullfilling. I am very proud to be a member of NISIG(National Infertility Support and Information Group) since 2000. I found that I could smile and laugh again once that difficult decision of living life without children was made. I will always remember my yearned for children, by acknowledging their loss, by living life with their loss, and by embracing a life that I was granted to live. I wish you all luck, with whatever route you decide to make on the journey of infertility.

Antoinette(christinao) - 10/02/2003 18:45

Tina,your mail is very moving...after 3 years, my husband and I are nearing the end of our I am having to face the fact that unfortunately, we may not be blessed with children..I am trying to face that fact now, which is very difficult, but I know it is a reality that has to be dealt with and I hope and pray that we will strive to reach the stage that you have been able to get to. Thankyou for your posting, it is a source of inspiration.

tina(tinamarie) - 14/02/2003 00:39

Antoinette, I wish you and your husband well at this most difficult and devastating time of your young married life. Living life with infertility and all its complexities is a journey that is as unique and individual as you both are. Each couples experience of infertility is their own, and while it is comparative to other couples experience of infertility, in essence it’s the couple who make the choices they feel comfortable with. Mind yourselves and to gently with each other at this time. Antoinette the group NISIG are fantastic. You are not alone with all of this.

shoyna - 09/03/2003 19:01

hi gearldine, we have been trying for nearly 8 years, and i`m only 30! for the last 2 1/2 years, have been attending a private clinic in galway, . Have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions during that time believe me. No sucess yet, ever hopeful.Going to contact NISIG! Don`t give up!

Anonymous - 13/04/2003 15:46

Hello, I would be most grateful if anybody reading this board would know the name of a doctor who assists couples faced with infertility through concentration on diet and nutrition? I think his first name is philip but I just can't get any info off the web.. After going through the most traumatic experience with one of the fertility units - my faith in the conventional medical methods has been shattered - so, my only other avenue is through alternative routes - I would be most grateful if anybody could help. Thankyou, Regards Julie

Anonymous - 27/04/2003 22:22

hello julie, There is a Dr in Galway. Maybe he is who you are looking for, we attended his clinic, sadly no result. But i would say to you he has an approach that is not to invasive, respectful and very supportive. He works with you and your body. hopefully this would appeal to you, though we were not sucessful i would recommend giving it a try. May be on a waiting list for a while though. Good luck!

Anonymous - 28/04/2003 13:00

We've been trying for nearly two years.I'm not in a panic yet but am concerned that it's symptomatic of another health problem.So far the standard tests have been clear.I'm going for the alternative route first.Acupuncture and chinese herbs.The accupuncturist says it could be simple fatigue.My fertility programme is herbs,rest and loads of nookie.I can't believe all those years of doctors telling us how easy it is to get pregnant and pushing the pill and now it seems it's not that easy!I don't think the doctors know what they're talking about.Does anybody know at what point do you stop hoping?

Anonymous - 02/05/2003 00:21

Hello everyone, i'm so glad I can share a problem like 'infertility' with you guys. It can still cause embarrasment, not only for myself but for my close friends and family too if I bring up the subject. Myself and my husband have been trying for a baby for about 3yrs now. We're both aged 28 and have been married for three years. After about eight months of trying unsuccessfully, i began to get worried. I approached my GP and he told me to buy a fertility pack. This consisted of a chart and thermometre. He told me to record my temp every morning before i get out of bed. This would indicate if I was ovulating. I had to do this till the chart was full. This took six months. On returning to my GP he told me it looked good and would referr me for futher investagations. After several weeks of waitng for an appointment to arrive, we discovered my referral letter had been lost. Countless phone calls later, I got my appointment and can as they say 'start the ball rolling'. 'Just getting this far can be stressfull'.

Anonymous - 02/09/2003 23:48

Hi there, can anyone recommend the name of a Dublin based acupuncturist for 'unexplained' infertility? Have been trying for baby number two unsuccessfully for two years now. Had no problem conceiving baby number one. Nothing appears to be medically wrong. Any advice would be appreciated.

Anonymous - 09/09/2003 14:04

We are thinking about going for a third IVF attempt. We have had two unsuccessful attempts with te HARi at the Rotunda. This time we are considering attending the Sims Clinic (change is as good as a rest and all that!). Does anyone have any information/experience with the Sims Clinic to help us decide which to attend?

Anonymous - 19/09/2003 15:09

I had a sperm count about 3 weeks ago. I got the results last week. I had 60 million sperm per mililitre. 30 million were dead. 15 million were abnormal. 15 million were the correct shape a size. Would this be considered a low sperm count? My wife and I have been trying for a baby for 15 months. It's heart breaking every month when we find out we were unsuccessful again. People who don't have this problem don't understand. I never thought it would be this hard.

geraldine(gerrn) - 23/09/2003 11:47

hi ,just an update simce last year. found out that i have gone through early menapause,probably for the past two years.never really had many symptons,only the odd hot flush,so i didnt know it was the outset was i have no eggs at all.our only option is egg we visited a private dr. in belfast.i have a donor,we have our first set of tests in a couple of weeks,and if they are o.k. we proceed with has been about 5 months since our first visit,and if you dont have a donor,it could take a long will probably cost 5000 sterling.the success rate isnt that high,but its our only hope.hopefully we will be one of the lucky ones.i will be 39 in november,so if i had a baby before im 40 ,would be the best.say a prayer for us.good luck to everyone else also.if i only could turn the clock back and realised its not that easy to have a baby,but i guess what will be will be,and everything happens for a reason.i still am very happily married whatever happens.

Claire(Clairo) - 25/09/2003 16:18

Hi to those of you seeking alternatives to conventional medicine for your infertility. Metamorphosis is a holisitc therapy which has huge success with infertile couples even where drugs and IVF have failed .

Helen(helenquinn) - 01/10/2003 14:12

Claire would you be able to let us have more information on Metamorphosis?

Anonymous - 03/10/2003 11:49

Hi Geraldine, I wish you all the luck in the world with egg donation. I am 38 and have been through 2 failed i.v.fs in Galway. I gave up a very successful career to give the treatment the best possible chance but to no avail. My latest diagnosis is that I am not producing eggs. ( I only ever got two eggs from IVF and I suspect thyat I may have go through an early menopause too.)My consultant has advised egg donation. I wanted to ask you if this was a major ethical decision for you? My husband is incredibly supportive and would be happy to go this way but it's a big decision for me.I'd welcome your advice. Do you know your donor or is she anonymous? I find the whole infertility issue very hard. If any of you are considering it, do not give up your work. Hope to hear from you. Maryanne.

Helen(helenquinn) - 03/10/2003 12:17

Maryanne, N.I.S.I.G. do have a sub group which deals with donor conception. If you ring the Helpline at 1890 64744 between 7pm - 9pm one (donor conception) one of the NISIG volunteers will be able to assist you with any questions.

Helen(helenquinn) - 03/10/2003 14:06

Sorry Maryanne I forgot to mention which evening the helpline is devoted to Donor Conception and its Wednesday evening between 7 and 9 pm. I hope this helps.

Anonymous - 03/10/2003 15:26

Thks Helen, It's nice to know that there are other people like me out there. It's not a very talked about subject and I don't feel comfortable about talking to my friends about it. I'll talk to you of the volunteers on Wednesday next, Maryanne.

geraldine(gerrn) - 06/10/2003 11:20

hi maryanne,yes my donor is a family relation,but its not her eggs that i"ll be works that i get someone elses donor eggs and they get my donors eggs.i never really thought about ethics,just the only way for me,was this husband was reluctant at the start,but after having a long chat with my donor,he was o.k.he felt that it was alot to ask for smebody to do and that we would be indebted for life ,so to speak,he felt worried about the drug treatment involved for her etc,but all you dont have a donor,most couples advertise in the english newspapers,we did consider this,but i dont think alot would reply,as i"m not sure if i was reading one of these ads would i reply?appt next week for my first tests.good luck all.ger

Anonymous - 08/10/2003 16:47

Hi Ger, Good luck with the tests. myself and hubby have decided to go ahead with this. We will be getting a domnor that is completely annoymous. We will only know her chars. As it is the only way for us too, I feel better about it. After all, it's the modern progressive world that we live in and isn't it wonderful that can take advantage of this wonderful technology. Take care Maryanne.

Anonymous - 09/10/2003 09:30

Has anyone considered learning natural family planning as a means of assessing fertility? It may also act as a diagnostic tool for determining the source of difficulties in conceiving. It is free, healthy and ultimately puts a woman (+couple) in better control of her (their) fertility.

Helen(helenquinn) - 09/10/2003 12:10

Yes I can see where that system might work for some couples but unfortunately it is not an option for my husband and I. It may not be an option for couples who may have low sperm mobility or blocked tubes, endometrosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Claire(Clairo) - 09/10/2003 21:43

Hi Helen, sorry I didn't see your request for info until now. Metamorphosis allows us to change the way in which our body responds to stress thus relieving us of our symptoms including hormone imbalances and infertility. It works through reflex points in the feet hands and head and I am the proud Auntie of one such 'morph' baby. If you would like further info please email me at

Anonymous - 10/10/2003 09:16

No offence Clairo, but I keep seeing you posting much the same thing to everyone no matter what their problem is. I may be wrong on this but I can't help thinking you must be making a fortune out of this site......

Claire(Clairo) - 10/10/2003 21:48

Dear Anonymous , sorry to disappoint but my motives are altruistic in nature. I have personally experienced healing from various serious illnesses through Metamorphosis and through this site I can raise awareness of it's potential. The reason Metamorphosis is successful where others fail is because it focuses on the underlying cause rather than the symptom therefore it is useful in a wide range of areas. I can understand why it might be difficult to comprehend this given our conditioning towards conventional medicines but sometimes it takes an enlightened person to lead the way.

Anonymous - 15/10/2003 15:15

All of this is so hard. I'm just at the beginning of treatment - having blood tests done to assess my natural fertility levels - if I have any. I have endometriosis and PCOS. Want to have a baby more than anything - it's a very consuming feeling. My husband wants a child too but is very apprehensive about the sperm test. Has anyone else had their husband feel like this?

Anonymous - 22/10/2003 22:06

just recently learned that my husband and i had clamydia, i can`t begin to tell you how distressing this was. we have been trying to concieve for eight years, 21/2 with fertility treatment. only to discover after all this time we had this. apparently you could have it for years and never know. It is symtomless for a very long time. The most shocking thing to discover is that it can lead to infertility, i`m really upset that through all the tests we went through, we were never offered this test. I hear the statistics are unbelieveable about the ammount of people who are infected and have absolutly no clue, untill maybe it`s too late and damage may already be done. It affects both male and female fertility. I don`t want to appear over the top, but I have researched this, and if people were checked for this early on in investigating their fertility, it has been said that a lot of fertilitly clinics would probably just have to treat a percentage of couples for this condition.I don`t mean to alarm anyone but i have just come through this experience.

Anonymous - 01/01/2004 15:47

We the National Infertility Support and Information Group (NISIG) have just launched our website and the address We will be holding an Infertility conferance in Limerick April 2004 . Remember you do not have to be alone with your infertility issues, ring us up until 9pm each night, we are just a phone call away. Ring Martina, Helen or Helen Q. for any details at 1890 647444 (locall.)

Anonymous - 05/01/2004 22:08

would like notifications of further posts

Anonymous - 19/03/2004 22:22

I was diagnosed with PCOS a few months ago and I am at the stage where I am going though all the blood tests. My Husband has his sperm tests but we dont get the results of them until our appointment which isnt until the end of May. I Think it is scandelous the way people are treated with such a lack of sensitivity in relation to infertility. When I first approached my GP about my fears that I may have problems I was told not to be silly...go home and have a bottle of wine and get to it! That was over a year ago!! I am starting Metamorphosis as I am willing to give anything a try at this stage.

Michelle(michelleq) - 24/03/2004 12:58

Before I start, I really don't want to trivialise all the pain and suffering that you have all gone through with IVF - I have friends who are going through it at the minute and I can see the stress all this is putting them under. I read an article in a womens magazine last year which struck a chord with me. The article was on a study that a university in the UK were doing into in couples who had been diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Basically, the premise they took was that we are all animals really and that Mother Nature works on a theory of the survival of the fitest. In the wild, only the fit and healthy animals reproduce in order to maintain the viability of the species. What the researchers did was to look at the lifestyles of each of the couples, and they suggested some fairly radical changes for both partners (not just the wives) - no alcohol, no smoking, organic food only, a fitness regime and both partners had to look at their stress levels and to cut back to an acceptable level and get more rest and sleep. They were claiming that, of the couples who had stuck to the regime, nearly 65-70% had concieved naturally within 12 months. What struck a chord with me was that I joined Weightwatchers four years ago (I'm 5ft 3in & weighed 12st 10lb when I joined). My husband & I had been trying for about 2 yrs before that - never had any tests done though - but once I got down to my goal weight of 10st, I discovered that I was pregnant 3 months later and am now the mother of two beautiful boys. I had looked at what I was eating and was making healthier choices and getting more exercise. It could just be coincidence, but I have 3 other friends for whom the same thing happened - the weight came off and then we all got pregnant. I'm definately not saying that this is the answer for everyone, but it certainly can't help to try it, and it's far less expensive and invasive than IVF. Good luck to you all.

Claire(Clairo) - 27/03/2004 17:28

To the lady who is trying Metamorphosis I'm delighted you have taken this step. I am a Metamorphosis Practitioner and I'm aware of many couples who have had fertility issues and have had no success with conventional approaches but are now parents after Metamorphosis. My sister is one such case who suffered seven miscarriages each after assisted conception. After a short time of Metamorphosis she became pregnant without medication and is now the proud mother of my 15 month old nephew. She was my inspiration to become a practitioner. If any of you would like info please email me at

Anonymous - 06/05/2004 10:48

I am 30, we have been trying to conceive for over 2years. My husband has had a sperm test & is ok. I had a laproscopy and everything was ok, i had a small cyst on my ovary but it was drained. My doctor put me on Clomid for 3 months but we did not get pregnant. I am very stressed out and disappointed every month. I am due to go back to my doctor for more intensive fertility treatment but before I start that I have decided to try acupunture-I am starting tonight. Has anyone else done this? I need hope now as i am getting very discourged...

Ninah(QMV14577) - 11/06/2004 12:58

Hi I'm 33 and been actively TTC for over a year now - but stopped BCP 6 years ago. I've had all the tests done and found "nothing wrong" so I did 4 cycles of clomid - unsuccessful. I 've stopped the clomid and currently trying acupuncture with chinese herbs and I'm hoping this will help. I've been charting for over 10 months and I learnt everything I know about infertility through a site called You can chart online and even compare charts from a huge database of other charts from women all over. I also bought Toni Weschler's book - a must read! Good luck to you all!

Kathleen(PZD13264) - 15/06/2004 08:35

Dear Ninah How long have u been trying acupuncture & chinese herbs. I started 6 weeks ago and when i get my period i also bleed from my bellybutton - has this happened to you? This has only started since i started the chinese herbs. I would love to know how you are getting on with the chinese herbs & acupuncture. It has relaxed me alot and i seem to have a more positive outlook. Not pregnant yet! Maybe soon..

Ninah(QMV14577) - 15/06/2004 10:23

Hi Kathleen, I've started acupuncture mid May when I was still on my last month of clomid. No I haven't had that belly button bleeding that you described ; ) that's strange? You should definitely ask your practitioner about that. I also haven't noticed any significant change in my period either. I only bleed normally for one day, that's it , the rest is just spotting - I'm sure this is not normal. Where does your practitioner insert the needles? I have one about three inches below my belly button, between my eyebrows, the top of my head, and a couple in my feet. Just wanted to compare the points. Also this month my doc is giving me three different types of herbs. One for the early follicular phase, another for the week before ovulation and then a third for the luteal phase. Do you also get your herbs in a black tonic form which you dilute in warm water? Don't they just taste disgusting!! best wishes to you

Kathleen(PZD13264) - 15/06/2004 14:19

Hi Ninah,my period is the same as yours, v. light for 1 day & then spotting. I get my needles inserted into my feet and lower legs and one in each wrist. I have 1 bottle of Chinese herbs for the full month - it is a blood tonic, it is supposed to bring back normal periods. I bruise very easily so my doc thinks my blood is not strong enough to hold a baby. I do feel better and i dont bruise so quickly anymore but periods still extremely light. Maybe next month I might be more "normal" or pregnant!! Best of luck to you and great hearing from you as you know what i am going thru right now

Ninah(QMV14577) - 16/06/2004 09:17

Since I can remember I always only had one day of normal bleeding but when doctors would ask I would actually say my menses lasts for 5 days! Because I thought that the spotting was still considered a period even though it was faded. I don't get PMS and never get cramps. My sisters all had these "normal" things and they had no trouble conceiving - I'm sure there's a link. I also bruise very easily, and I always have cold hands and feet and a very pale tongue. My doc said I don't have either a yin or yang deficiency but a combination of both. Well, let's hope our herbs work for us this month : ) I've actually never met anyone in Ireland who's struggling trying to conceive. I just see pregnant women all over! So I can't talk to anyone except chat online to others in the same boat. Looking forward to my acu. this afternoon.

Anonymous - 10/07/2004 15:42

Hi I am 31 and have been trying to conceive for the last year. Have a little boy 2 years old whom I conceived on Clomid therapy. Got pregnant last May naturslly but sadly miscarried. Since then actively trying for it to happen again. I have been on the clomid again for the past 3 months and nothing has happened yet. Am waiting for an appt with Dr Egan in Galway as I seen him the first time round. Have only just discovered this site and find it reassuring to know there is support in Ireland.Fertility problems are so common and it is not till you go through it yourself that you realise this. Does anyone know how much IVF costs just out of interest?? Also other treatments? I did not realise IVF was not on the public heath care till recently! I am hoping it won't come to that. Anyway just decided to say Hi.

Kathleen(PZD13264) - 13/07/2004 13:48

Hi Niamh Kathleen here, hope the acupuncture is going good for you. I finished it afew weeks ago, got my period and still no difference. I am back at hospital and started 100mg Clomid (2 tablets a day) and i have to go for a scan next week and injections. It is a long path.. IVF costs about €3,500 each time and has very low success rates so hope i dont have to do that! Infertility is very common in Ireland today, in my area i know of 5 other woman with fertiltiy problems, some has had children. God Bless and fingers crossed this month!! PS. Niamh - What county are you from - I am from Kildare.

Ninah(QMV14577) - 14/07/2004 15:49

Hi Kathleen, Pity the acupuncture isn't working for you, but you really have to try it for more than two months to see a difference. I was also on 50 mg clomid for 4 months but it made me very dry, no cervical mucus :( I am taking different herbs for different parts of my cycle. I've noticed an increase in my period, it lasts for two days with full red flow, so that's promising. Did you ask me where I'm from? If so I'm living in Donegal. It's actually very isolating here because everyone here seems to be super fertile. Can we

Kathleen(PZD13264) - 15/07/2004 13:47

Hi Ninah, glad to hear that the acupuncture is working for you and your period has got more "normal". I am still taking Chinese herbs, it seems to calm me down. I have to go for a scan and Injection next week, it will release my eggs for fertilisation. Hope this works as i am sick of putting so many drugs through my body. When i take Clomid i get very moody - my poor husband!! Keep me updated with the acupuncture. Best of luck

niamh(niambh) - 06/08/2004 14:39

Hi Ninah, I have had 2 tries at IVF and both failed but the cost is €2500.00 for a fresh cycle and €500.00 for a frozen one. It's very hard and stressful and we've been trying for over 4 years now.

Anonymous - 04/10/2004 13:52

I became pregnant in my late thirties and miscarried at five months. The consultant reported no abnormalities and told me to go home and try again. I was pursuing my career at the time and nothing happened until a year later when I attended the GP who referred me too fertility clinics. The medics were reluctant to try IVF as I was over forty at this stage. I had started CLomid for the previous two years without success. Finally I was referred to Dublin to Rotunda where I had to undergo a laporoscomy if I wished to proceed with IVF. As I had all tests completed and no blocked tubes or ovarian problems I refused to have such a procedure as I was having regular periods. My husband's sperm count and all other investigations were normal for him. I then attended the private Dublin infertility clinic and was tested for ovarian function. I was informed I was not producing enough eggs possibly due to my age. However I unsuitable for their egg donation programme and decided to travel to the UK for same. Unfortunately I miscarried at eight weeks and decided to travel again to England for same. This time I did not conceive and it was very disappointing. The doctor at the Dublin clinic told me the Newsweek had an article stating ideally a woman should have children by 35 years of age. I don't know but I was only married in my late thirties. I found the whole infertility experience humiliating and emotionally draining. Every time I visited the clinic I was frowned upon by male medics who inferred IVF was unsuccessful for women over forty years. It transpired one year later that I had a thyroid problem which was overlooked by the medical profession and would have serious implications for ovarian function. This was discovered by an alternative therapist who advised me to consult a specilaist for myelitis which was not responding to Difene drug therapy prescribed for months. I just wish I had availed of further complimentary medicine during my infertility period as the money would have been well spent on a more holistic and detailed approach. I spent thousands of Euro on infertility private clinics staffed with male medics who were merely interested in statistics and results. Although I failed IVF I would recommend it to other women only after all investigations have been completed especially thorough biochemical studies and procedures.

S(RainyDay) - 04/10/2004 15:41

Check out RTE 1 TV tonight at 9.30 pm (Mon 4th Oct) for "Making Babies - New three-part series that follows Irish couples as they openly discuss fertility issues"

Anonymous - 06/10/2004 16:03

To Ninah (QMV14577) - you say you bruise easily and have cold hand a feet with none of the usual PMS symtoms. Please get your thyroid checked and insist on a full thyroid panel. I had these exact symptoms. Amd now on 350mg of eltrxin a day and I'm like a different woman

Joanne(rogersj) - 07/10/2004 16:21

Hi my name is Joanne and I have just been reading all your messages. I attended my consultant this morning and he told me that he is referring me to have the gonadatrophin stimulation treatment. I was just wondering if any of you have had any experience with this. Look forward to hearing from you.

Anonymous - 08/10/2004 00:51

Hi everyone. When I was 18 i was diagnosed with having early menopause. Born with no eggs means i cannot conceive naturally. Im getting married soon and im starting to think about whether i would like to try IVF, but with the time factor and cost factor, im not sure whether im that maternal. Being diagnosed in England and now living in R of Ireland, can anyone give me details of IVF in Ireland, please. I could do with having someone who understands to talk to and good luck to everyone who is having IVF treatment. Thank you.

Annette(MKB12076) - 08/10/2004 02:48

Hi There, just wondering if anyone can tell me the difference between ICSI and IVF programmes? My sister has done ICSI three times and it has failed.

Anonymous - 08/10/2004 11:11

The cost of IVF in Cork is 2500 euro for a fresh cycle. You can freeze your eggs for another 500, and to use then in a frozen cycle of IVF it will only cost 500 euro. On the question of IVF and ICSI, as far as I know ICSI is used when there is a problem with the Sperm (if they are weak). It is just another type of IVF. IVF is a very stressful thing to put yourself and your partner through and unless you are both sure ye want a family, it may not be right for you.

Phil(WFA18980) - 10/10/2004 16:37

Hi all I have just discovered this discussion group. I think it\'s great to be able to discuss this with other people who may be experiencing similar problems. I am 35 and we have been trying to concieve for the past two years without success. We sought medical advice a year ago and after the initial blood tests we were referred to a specialist. Sperm sample was normal and I had a Laporoscopy in April which was also normal. I was advised that the next course of action was IUI. The first one in July failed and I had a second one last week. I am now nearing the end of the two week wait and going crazy waiting to see if it worked. The actual IUIs themselves are not too stressful and the staff were professional and friendly. It costs €380 per IUI. Please keep your fingers crossed for me and I will update you when I know the result. take care

Anonymous - 12/10/2004 08:46

Hi Phil Could you explain exactly what IUI is? Is it similar to gonadatrophin stimulation. I am going for my first consultation for gonadatrophin stimulation next week.

Anonymous - 13/10/2004 15:41

Hi I'm 42 and just had a miscarriage at 8 weeks after trying for 9 years, mega disappointment. Had laser treatment for endometriosis 2 years ago and was on clomid for 6 mts,nothing happened, then concieved naturally, where to now any advice?

Kathleen(PZD13264) - 13/10/2004 16:09

Hi Phil. Best of luck with the IUI treatment - my friend got pregnant on the 2nd time so i will pray for you. I shall be starting IUI very soon, it costs €580 in Kildare per month. I have 'unexplained fertility' so hope IUI works, I am 30 & have been ttc for 30 months. Best of luck

Anonymous - 13/10/2004 18:51

My sister had six miscarriages over a number of years of conventional fertility treatments. She then had Metamorphosis, initially to come to terms with her infertility but became pregnant within a few months with a successful outcome . RTE's 'Off the Rails' are doing a feature on Metamorphosis over the next few weeks.

Phil(WFA18980) - 13/10/2004 22:41

Just want to say that my second IUI failed. Aunt flo arrived today. We are soooo dissappointed. To Anonymous enquiring about IUI (intra uterine insemination). This may also be called artificial insemination. It involves getting a semen sample on the day you are ovulating. The semen sample is "washed" to select the healthiest sperm and these are then placed in your uterus using a catheter. Most people are given fertility drugs (i.e clomid) to stimulate the ovaries to produce eggs. These cycles are also monitored by ultra sound scans to make sure that your eggs are growing and to time ovulation. It is slightly nerve racking the first time but it is best to just relax. To other anonymous - so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. After 9 years of trying I can only imagine your elation then crushing disappointment. It must be a relief in a way to know that you can conceive naturally. I'm not sure what advice to give but good luck and perhaps keep trying. Who ever thought it was going to be this hard!! Kathleen - Good luck with the IUI. I can't believe it's €200 more in Kildare! Why can't our healt insurance cover this? It makes me so mad. Let us know how you get on and again lots of luck, hope it goes well.

Antoinette(christinao) - 18/10/2004 15:09

Hi folks, Just wanted to tell you my success story if it may help anyone. I tried to get pregnant at 26, went on clomid, did\'nt work then my marriage broke down ( nothing to do with infertility by the way).. I met my now darling husband, knew that we would have problems and started to trying to conceive at 32. Went for IUI in a hospital in one part of ireland - (don\'t know if I can say the name) totally horrific experience - staff complelety incompetent - 2 x IUI\'s cancelled twice then I switched to Cork. What an absolute wonderful experience - the staff were fantastic, I was diagnosed with PCOS, weak lining of the womb, elevated FSH and slight endeometrosis, recommended to go straight to IVF. My hubby and I found IVF a breeze, mentally and physically I prepared as best I could and we just got through it all fine...the hardest part was the 2 week wait, especially because my sister gave birth that week... we retrieved 12 eggs, 1 egg was empty, 6 did\'nt fertilise and 5 did, out of five 2 embryos were ok to transfer...they were\'nt grade A embroys but were \"ok\"...and now I am the proud mother of a beautiful, healthy baby boy at the age of 36.....don\'t give up...try to be at your best physically and mentally, have other things to focus on your life...I think a huge factor in our success was happy we felt during our treatment with the staff and our interaction with them was A1...I can\'t praise the cork clinic enough...if anyone wants to ask me anything please of luck to you all...

Joanne(rogersj) - 19/10/2004 08:35

Hi Antoinette Congratulations, you must be really chuffed! Myself and my husband have our first appointment for gonadatrophin stimulation (which as far as I know is IUI) today. I was just wondering how you would compare IUI with IVF? I know that would be the next step for us if this doesn't work. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 3 months ago and clomid has failed.

Therese(ABR19267) - 19/10/2004 12:05

Hi Joanne, I too have PCOS and attend the Cork Clinic and as the previous poster mentioned they are brilliant. I dont know if any of you watched "Making Babies" but my dh and I were the couple attending the Cork Clinic and they were fantastic to us. I felt like we were the only couple they were treating. I had one treatment of IUI but we went straight to IVF/ICSI because of sperm issue. The best of luck with it, I didnt like the IUI procedure itself but that is just me, the injections meds etc are fine. The fertility nurses in the Cork Clinic will go through everything with you! So I hope all goes well for you both. Helen x

Antoinette(christinao) - 19/10/2004 12:15

Hi Joanne, I took all the drugs for 2 attempts at IUI but my eggs did'nt develop to the size they should have...both times I was given an inadequate prescription based on my hormone levels, we wasted 6 months with the first clinic and that is why we moved to Cork...because I had many different issues, cork suggested I go straight to IVF...however, I know two people who went through IUI and were successful both times...I think you should weigh up your issues, if it is only one particular problem then I would give IUI a shot - it is much cheaper at €500 compared to €2,500 for IVF - the very best of luck joanne and let me know how you get on...

Anonymous - 19/10/2004 15:47

I had to tick Anonymous as there seems to be a mix up with me and my collegue Therese's registration in case any of you thougth that I was gone a bit mad. Good luck with the IUI. Helen (Quinn)

Antoinette(christinao) - 19/10/2004 19:44

Helen! I cried buckets for your and your wonderful did everybody who watched it...You are an amazing person...I know how lucky I am with our little miracle and I will never forget the pain of infertility, watching you and your DH was like watching myself before...I so prayed for a different outcome for you and your DH...while it was heartbreaking, you could'nt help but notice the wonderful relationship you share with your fabulous DH..I have often thought of you Helen after following the programme over the last 3 weeks and I just want to wish you the very best...

Anonymous - 20/10/2004 08:22

Hi Helen Yes I did see Making Babies, I have been glued to it for the last three weeks. I cant believe that was you! I am attending Professor Harrison in the Hari Unit of the Rotunda Hospital which also appeared on that programme. I had my first consultation yesterday for the gonadatrophin stimulation and am going to start when I get back from my holidays at the beginning of November. I am very anxious about it but excited aswell! Well, the very very best of luck to yourself and your husband. My heart really goes out to you, I know how you must be feeling. But, we have to remain positive, its the only way! I will let you know how I get on. Talk soon. Joanne xx

Anonymous - 20/10/2004 08:26

Hi Antoinette As I said to Helen, I had my first consultation yesterday and the nurse went through all the differences between gonadatrophin stimulation and IVF, so I do understand it a little better. It is very similiar up to a point. We are going to have a go at this for at least one cycle anyway to see how I get on. The fact that myself and my husband have conceived before makes me feel a little more positive that it might work. Fingers crossed! I will let you know how I get on either way. Take care. Jo XX

niamh(niambh) - 20/10/2004 09:39

Hi Helen, just wanted to say you were amazing, reminded me of myself and my husband who are also attending the Cork Clinic for the past 2-3 years. I am 29 and have had two failed IFV attempts and am just waiting for a period to start my next one. I also think the Cork Clinic are wonderful. I haven't watched the final episode yet as my husbank and I wanted to watch it together so it had to be taped for us. I wish everyone the very best of luck.

Antoinette(christinao) - 20/10/2004 09:49

Hi Jo! I wish you and your hubby the very, very best of luck for your upcoming cycle...Be kind to yourself and give yourself lots of you did conceive before I think that is a huge plus on yourside...I had never been pregnant before IVF...yes, when I attempted IUI the drug stimulation process is very similar to the drug stim of IVF...IVF process for me was alot more drug stimulation, alot more scans, egg retrieval, embryo transfer & the 2 week wait, many hurdles to overcome, we just took it a stage at a time, when I was doing it, all I aimed was to just make it to the end of the process, just to get as far as the embryo transfer, we were one of the lucky ones..a friend of mine who had success on her first IUI is now trying for a second baby, she is going to try 3 IUI's and then 3 IVF's.. but everyone is different and it is totally depenedent of course on each couples emotional wellbeing as of course it can be such a difficult journey and unfortunately also depends on financial of luck jo and keep me

Anonymous - 20/10/2004 23:14

I have had two failed IVF treatments in one clinic and am now considering moving to another clinic. Since the very beginning it seems that there is too much focus on money - \"the first to pay gets accepted on the programme first, the quickest to pay gets taken on the programme first\". After 2 unsuccessul treatments they were ready to accept me on again and would send on the prescription when they \'received my cheque\'. I thought it obvious that there should be some review with one of the consultants before continuing so we could understand the problems, get a sense as to whether we were wasting time trying again, if IVF was not going to work - basically get an understanding of what was happening and what our chances and options were. I got my appointment with the consultant today and now they are suggesting doing a laparoscopy (which I already had 1 year ago) and hysteroscopy and clipping a tube they think is damaged by endometreosis. Doubt has set in here and I think I need a second opinion, and maybe a different clinic. Does anyone know where I can get a stat comparison of all the IVF clinics in Ireland ?

niamh(niambh) - 21/10/2004 11:06

Hi, Don't know about any other clinic as I have only attended the Cork one and after both my 2 failed IVF attempts I had a consultation to see where we would go next and to discuss any questions we had. You don't sound very happy with your clinic at present and maybe and you need to be 100% sure they have your full interests at hand.

Anonymous - 21/10/2004 11:07

Hi there I am attending the Hari Unit in the Rotunda Hospital and have found them very efficient, friendly and helpful since the first time. I am now going for IUI and I asked about money and I was told 'not to worry, they will bill me afterwards!'. It was good to know that the money wasn't their only concern! Best of luck in whatever you decide anyhow. Joanne

Anonymous - 29/10/2004 08:38

Am 27 and have been trying to conceive for 2 years. Was diagnosed with PCOS a year ago. Have just completed 6 months of ovulation induction without any success. Going for laparoscopy next week. Am terrified that I'll probably have to undergo IVF and the chances are so poor. How do people do it? Was told by nurse at fertility unit that I should be enjoying life cos I'm 'so young' rather than letting this take over but I can't seem to think of anything else. Everywhere I go I see families or pregnant women and I'm running out of ways to reply to the insensitive questions from others as to when I'm going to have a child.

Anonymous - 29/10/2004 09:23

Hi, I know what the feeling is like and you see pregnant women and children everywhere. I never minded seeing children its pregnant women that would stab at my heart. However, you are not alone. I too have PCOS and have had 2 failed IVFS. When you have to go for IVF you do get the strength, I really dont know from where but you do, both of you. At 27 you are still young but I realise that you are anxious to become pregnant. Take this time to learn more about your condition and your cycle. I am taking Glucophage and it has worked wonders for me with regard to my cycle and weight loss. I dont know if you saw Making Babies recently on RTE but my husband and I were featured and I was the girl with PCOS. When I started filming last year I was 2 stone heavier. I put it down to exercise and Glucophage! Its been a wonder drug for me. My name is Helen and if you would like to talk more to me on pcos I would be delighted to hear from you. I can let you have my email if you wish! Take care and try not to get too down about everything, there is always hope! Helen

niamh(niambh) - 29/10/2004 09:27

Hi Anonymous, At least you are 27 and know there is a problem which you are doing the right thing in trying to get it sorted out now rather than in your late 30's. I myself am 29 and have gone down every road with no success so far. Don't let it take over your life, it can and will and it's very hard to maintain a normal life with your partner. IVF is really not that bad, it takes a bit of getting used to and there's a lot to take in but witht he right clinic, you'll be fine. Best of luck with your laporoscapy and make sure you have plently of well deserved rest after it.

niamh(niambh) - 29/10/2004 10:13

Hi Helen, Only just got the chance to sit with my husband last night to watch the final episode to "Making Babies". Everything you said seems so familiar and I have said the same so many times myself. I am just waiting for a proper bleed (nothing normal) to go for my 3rd IVF. We are actually quite anxious to get started as we have in the back of our minds this special christmas present to ourselves! I wish you all the best and that you have a lovely Christmas.

Therese(ABR19267) - 29/10/2004 16:03

Niamh, thank you very much and I really really hope that you have wonderful news at Christmas and it would also be a fantastic start to the New Year. I will be thinking of you Niamh and I really wish you the very best. Also to the previous post i.e. the girl who has PCOS my email is if you would like to talk to someone with the condition. Its a lot to take in. Niamh am thrilled you liked the final episode. I dont know what you made of my mad dance in the garden, I really wish the Producer hadn't put that in but she wanted to show the joy and the sorrow associated with IVF. Wish you well in your next IVF. Helen x

dionne - 01/11/2004 18:18

Hello, I just wanted to give my support to all of you who are on this difficult journey. I am 35 and have been diagnosed with PCOS- I underwent 2 IUIs both of which were unsuccessful. However, I did achieve 3 pregnancies completely naturally without treatment only to miscarry all of them around 8-9 weeks. I thought of giving up and wondering why God was punishing me, thoughts and emotions I am sure you have all felt. But my story has a happy ending, I am now 18 weeks pregnant on my 4th pregnancy and everything appears to be going well so far, so good! I hope and pray that your dreams of having children will come true, you are all brave women, don't give up.

Anonymous - 02/11/2004 13:48

hi everyone. I just recently stumbled upon this valuable site when I am was trying to find some source of help and comfort. I am 25 and my partner and I just got married in july past. shortly after we met my partner confided that he could not father children . although shocked our relationship developed further and our love grew. A year before getting married we started attending the royal hospital Belfast fertility centre. There we met up with a consultant who told us there would be no problem with me starting the Donor sperm insemination programme. we were delighted at the chance of having our baby. However the happiness did not last long before even getting a chance of treatment we recieved a letter in the post sayint that the treatment was no longer going to offered at the clinic. what upset kme so much was that the letter was posted to my mum and dads house. When I began to read the letter it was horrifying it was like someone had just turned our live upside down. I realise that fertility may never work for us but at least then you can alwyas know that you gave it a try. Things are looking up a little now. We now have found out that the sperm donor insemination programme is running in southern ireland and with additional IVF input. However being from the north I know nothing about the clinics. I have noted from other peoples comments that some clinics are more helpful than others. I am not asking for people to name and shame clinics but my partner and I would be most greatful if anybody could add some valuabel insight.we have an appointment with the sims clinic does anyone know any information about it. Also if anybody has had sperm donor insemintion preformed is there any advive. I hope to hear from you all soon. Although you don't know me please know that all of your above comments have helped us to see meaning and value within these circumstances

Anonymous - 02/11/2004 14:15

If you contact the National Infertility Support and Information Group at 1890 647 444 between 7 - 9 pm on Wednesday evenings (donor conception evening) a volunteer who has information on donor cycles will be albe to assist you. Hope this is of help!

Anonymous - 03/11/2004 22:45

Hello everybody, just found this website tonight. I didn\'t realise there were so many other couples like ourselves, my husband and I are going for our 4th treatment of ICSI in the Hari unit. We took a break for a year after 3 failed attempts and visited a doctor in Galway to try the Creighton method, but to no avail. We are going to have 1 more try at ICSI. We are both almost 38 and have been trying for children for about 7 years, it is a very lonely problem and its reassuring to know that we are not on our own, The HARI unit are so helpful and even though it hasn\'t been successful for us, they are worth talking to. Best of luck to you all,

Anonymous - 14/11/2004 19:04

hello everybody, i have been on chlomid for the past year, my husband had a semen anaylsis which showed the morphology rate to be 5%, he was told the normal was 15%. I'm not happy with the consultant i attend, so i asked to be referred to a fertility specialist, the options i was given were the Rotunda or a new clinic in clane but wanted to ask Antoinette about the clinic in cork and where it is?, you seen to have had a good experience with them, the doctor i attend at the moment is a gynacologist and is not very sympathetic, best of luck to you all

Anonymous - 16/11/2004 09:55

Hi Anonymous I also was very unhappy with a gynacologist who I attended for nearly two years. He actually referred me to the Hari Unit of the Rotunda Hospital and I have been attending there now for about a year. I was getting very depressed attending the gynacologist because I felt I was getting absolutely nowhere and like yourself, found him very unsympathetic. Since I first attended the Hari Unit I am so much happier, OK, I haven't got pregnant yet, but at least I know I am doing all I can. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries about four months ago and I have just started gonadatrophin stimulation because the Clomid didn't work for me either. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I would highly recommend the Hari Unit. Best of luck.

Antoinette(christinao) - 16/11/2004 19:20

Hi Anonymous, best move I ever made was to move to cork and I also had the experience of another clinic so I was able to make a very precise comparison. The cork fertility centre is longside the bon secour hospital. I can\'t express enough how for me personally, the staff were extremely efficient, extremely nice and just the environment itself was so itimate and warm, its just so important when going through this type of struggle, I got an appt in may and I could have started ivf two months later, but I postponed it until October, maybe that was a good omen!! So there was very little waiting time, don\'t know if that is still the same a year later. I am hoping to find out again next year! If I can be of any more help, don\'t hesitate to ask. The very best of luck to you all. Antoinette

Anonymous - 17/11/2004 21:16

Hi Antoinette, thanks so much for your advice, do you need a refferal letter for the cork fertility centre or can you just make an appointment yourself, I work in a maternity ward and its so hard sometimes looking at mothers with their new babies, i try to block it out and just get on with the job, and try to think positive that it'll be me someday......

Anonymous - 24/11/2004 11:05

im 17 yrs of age and for the last 7 yrs of my life i've been seeing my doctor at least twice a year over my periods and how severe they were... I knew that there was something wrong with me which is why i was so persistant. eventually about a month ago - nearly 7 years to the day of my first period - i found out that im infertile due to many medical problems that if they had been caught early enough wouldnt have been as severe and maybe the chances of me ever getting pregnant would've rose. now in 17 and facing the future without children of my own. I felt that my doctors just weren't listening to my complaints and I feel let down by them.

Anonymous - 24/11/2004 12:38

Hi Anonymous I really feel for you and cant imagine what you are going through. I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries recently (even though I have a seven year old child) and there is doubt over whether I will ever be able to concieve again. Like yourself I attended a gynacologist for two years wasting my time and his, because he just kept telling me that there was nothing wrong (because I have a child already). Anyway, the only consolation I can give you is that there are so many ways nowadays for people to conceive - you wouldn't believe!! Keep your chin up and when the time is right look into it more. Never say never!!

Antoinette(christinao) - 29/11/2004 21:17

Hi Anonymous, sorry for the late reply - yes I needed a referal letter for Cork from my gynee - did the initial work up with my gynee, went as far as 6 months of clomid then got reffered to clinic - first clinic was a disaster - went back to gynee and asked to be referred to Cork and started the ball rolling from there. One bit of advice I would give everyone is to manage your own infertility issue as much as you are able to. I scoured books, internet etc for as much information as I could, I got familiar with what tests needed to be done and why, also, because I learned so much I was able to walk away from the first clinic knowing the feedback I had received on a particular test was completely inaccurate and incorrect - if I had listened to that clinic I may not be in the position I am today. Secondly don't ever be afraid to challenge a doctor if you are unhappy or unclear about anything - we are so dependent on these people with what is such a delicate, emotional and life changing issue, that we deserve to expect nothing less than the best we can get. If there is anything else I can help with, please don't hesitate to ask

Carrie(IZI21489) - 03/12/2004 18:37

Hi Everyone, I thought i would share some of my problems in hope i can help as i know how heart bearking it is trying to get pregnant. My problems started over three years ago and 5 miscarriages. After months of trying to get pregnant i finally found out i had POS. As i didnt have eggs every month i was told it was very likly i would never get pregnant. I went for a second apinon to a wonderful doctor in Clane Hospital this man was a gift from god for us. After four months i was pregant after being put on a course of clomid and some other drugs. Today i am the prond mother of twins. So what i would tell people is never give up and believe everything your body tells you. Good luck to you all.

Anonymous - 06/12/2004 14:38

Hi, I have just found this website and have found this section of it very interesting. At least I know that I am not on my own. I watched the Making Babies documentary and was taken aback with the emotions of all the couples who were featured. Helen, if you read this I think you are fantastic. What struck me was the strength the relationship between yourself and your husband. That strength is so important especially going through such treatment. I conceived a year and a half ago but sadly lost our baby after 9 weeks. I knew several people who also miscarried around the same time and all except me have gone on to have healthly babies, the last baby was born last week. I do believe that you can't have everything in life but I consider myself very lucky as I have a fantastic husband and lover. Maybe this little problem has been sent to make us stronger which it certainly has done. A few months ago I sat infront of my GP who told me that as I had conceived before that everything would be ok. I went on clomid for 3 months. It did'nt work but I was also very upset amd emotionally scared. I monitored my cycle since the miscarriage and new that there had to be something wrong, I cried most weeks about what was happening to me. I asked to be referred to a Specialist. I attended the HARI unit in the Rotunda, have had a lap & die and they have discovered that I have a blocked tube and very early signs of PCOS. I was so upset and I honestly thought they would find nothing. I cannot praise the Rotunda & Prof. Harrison highly enough as. It is important to find that all you can about your condition and work on your own wellbeing however it is even more important to trust and believe in your treating Specialist.

Anonymous - 11/12/2004 17:21

Hi all,My husband and are hoping to start ivf after christmas..can somebody who has gone through it tell me if they needed to take much time off work during it and did they tell their boss? I would prefer not to tell..I live in dub and am attending hari

Anonymous - 13/12/2004 10:54

Having gone through one cycle of IVF at the HARI (successfully), I can advise you that it does require a significant number of trips into the clinic. In the 2-3 weeks just before the procedure, you will be in there quite frequently, though not necessarily every day (once you or your partner is up to doing the injections into your abdomen). Even for hubby, there were frequent visits for sampling and other tests. My wife isn't working, so she didn't have to worry about her manager - though I would imagine it is quite difficult to arrange a work schedule around the treatment. The only person that knew about our IVF treatment at the time was my manager, who was very supportive and flexible.

Anonymous - 14/12/2004 14:54

I am 37 and have been trying for a baby for 4 years. I am due to start IVF at the Cork Clinic in January. I would like to enquire from anyone who has been through it if the egg collection is very painful or if there is any advice I could get regarding being more prepared for what lies ahead. Thanks.

Anonymous - 21/12/2004 07:38

Can anyone tell me if you have an atopic pregnancy does it still show up positive on the pregnancy test.

Anonymous - 21/12/2004 09:44

Yes an ectopic will show up as positive becuase the tests measure homones but if you suspect you have an ectopic, pleasse see uyour doctor immediately as it can be extremely serious. A scan will help in diagnosis

Anonymous - 27/12/2004 20:58

For any one who has tried numerous ivf procedures which have failed, particularly if you are in your late 30's or 40's it is well work considering ivf using donor eggs. I know it may take a little while to get you head around the idea but its worth it. I had one ivf procedure using my own eggs which failed and one ivf using donor eggs which succeeded first time. I will be forever grateful to the donor who though not involved in ivf procedures herself just wished to give the joy of having a baby to another.

Anonymous - 29/12/2004 14:16

We have been trying for over two years, told everything ok, then had a miscarriage last february. Sent to a specialist on clomid now for 5 months no success yet to go back to specialist in feb 2005. Cannot seem to get over miscarriage, dont know if talking to someone will help, any advice?

Denise(NUV22197) - 02/01/2005 22:58

Another Christmas and no baby. Everybody who went off the pill the same time as me are now on baby no 2. What is wrong with us? We have "unexplained infertility" which is feck all good to us! Have been trying for 2 1/2 years now. Getting nuttier by the month! For a couple of days every month convince myself that I am pregnant and then bang on every 28days, get my period. Look around me and see women drinking, smoking and doing everything that is supposed to prevent pregnancy, and they are all having babies. Maybe will take up smoking!! At the moment praying to St Dominic who is supposed to be sympathetic to couples who are in our situation. Have a scapular under my pillow. I`m not a bible basher but who knows what will work? Have just gotten prescription from Cork F. Clinic for clomydin. Will say one for everybody else in the same situation tonight. Take care and keep your hopes up.

Anonymous - 04/01/2005 09:29

Hi to all and I wish you all the very best for 2005. My 3rd IVF didn't work, don't know how many more I can do at this stage. As you all probably know how much you get your hopes up just to be utterly devastated. Anyway, maybe a break or something might do us some good, have no idea anymore. Maybe this doner egg thing for the IVF might be soemthing to discuss next.

Anonymous - 07/01/2005 00:44

Hi all-you will think I'm a complete nut but I want a baby so bad! I have done 6 IVF/ICSI cycles and am now on my second donor cycle-I am just not willing to give up. I have come acros many people along the way for which all of the above procedures have worked at some stage. So don't give up until you@re ready. I keep myself going saying 'one day it could be you' and I don't want the lotto money I want to win this baby lottery. Love and luck to all

niamh(niambh) - 07/01/2005 11:09

Hi, I have had 3 unsuccessful IVF's and was wondering about this doner egg procedure. Do you need to get someone to give you the eggs or are they anonamous? What about the costs related as we all know everything is money these days.

Anonymous - 08/01/2005 00:13

Hi Niamh It is anonymous donation. In Ireland the waiting lists are very long but you can be jumped up the list if you can recruit a donor.We are attending a clinic in Spain where it is working out at about E8,000 that includes all the tests beforehand and all the meds-flights and accomodation are seperate. Here is another web forum where donor eggs in Spain are discussed I have found it an absolute Godsend as I wouldn't have had a clue where to start Hope this helps

Anonymous - 14/01/2005 13:03

Hi there, I wonder if you can help me, we have been referred to the HARI clinic from our consultant, our first appointment is on Jan 24th, I am assuming this is for the first assessment to see if we are suitable etc. Can you tell me what they check on the first visit? I am a little worried because I am over-weight and worry that they won't allow me on the program. Thanks!!

Anonymous - 14/01/2005 13:13

Hi Anonymous. Dont be worry about going to the Hari Unit, they are extremely professional, efficient and friendly. I wouldn't know what they are going to check first with you because obviously everybody is referred to the Hari Unit for different reasons. When I first went my previous gyne was unable to confirm what that the problem was so I was referred to Hari Unit and Professor Harrison there carried out a laporoscopy to get to the bottom of it. Best of luck with it all!

Anonymous - 14/01/2005 15:23

I attended a clinic and had a bad experince because I was heavy - so we went to a different clinic, which we found better for us.

Anonymous - 14/01/2005 17:15

Thanks for the replies. We have been referred to be added to the IVF, I have had a lap and dye and we know what the issue is.

Anonymous - 16/01/2005 10:31

Hi there, I wonder if you can tell me more about SIMS clinic in Dublin? Is there anyone who had done IVF there? Thank you!!

Anonymous - 16/01/2005 13:47

Hi everyone, does anyone know something about factor 5 laiden? thanks

niamh(niambh) - 17/01/2005 07:47

Just a question to anyone who has PCOS, I can't produce my own eggs without some sort of medication (clomid). Does anyone know what this is?

Anonymous - 17/01/2005 09:34

Chlomid is a synthetic oestrogen which stimulates your ovaries to produce eggs

Anonymous - 05/02/2005 23:17

Hi,just stumbled on this website tonight.I'm a DES daughter (ie my mum was given a drug called Diethylstilbestrol or DES for short while she was pregnant with me to prevent miscarriage).The irony is that her much longed for daughter has been longing for a baby of her own for the past 6 years but unfortunately DES has caused my infertility.I now know how my poor mum must have felt 33 years ago when they told her she may lose her baby if she didn't take the drug. The goood news is that it worked and kept me alive but caused havoc with my reproductive system even before I was born. Just wondering if there are any other DES daughters(as we are known)on the happy side of this motherhod journey?WE have gone through all the tests possible, done clomid,4 cycles of iui,and are now about to commence IVF with icsi.End result of tests was anti-sperm antibodies and malformed uterus due to des exposure.Would love to finally talk to someone else in des club with happy news or otherwise. Love your website,It's very informative and a huge help with the coping mechanisms Will keep in touch

Anonymous - 07/02/2005 10:41

Was just wondering if anyone has had both fallopian tubes removed. What the procedure is like and the recovery period afterwards?

Anonymous - 23/02/2005 14:53

Hi all, my story is a little different to the others. I have had four miscarriages and two ectopic pregnancies (I now only have one tube). All of the miscarriages have gone unexplained so I attended a doctor (who's name I will not mention) who apparently had succeeded in sorting out fertility problems for those who even IVF had failed for. Having spent two and a half years attending him and taking all sorts of prescribed drugs (that my own GP advised me against) I gave up and tried to accept that I would never have a child. At that point I was so low that I thought I would never smile again in my life! I needed something to try to sort my head out and to get back to the happy person I had been several years before. It was suggested that I try an alternative approach so I went for a session of what is called Metamorphosis. Afterwards I felt absolutely great. I went back for several more sessions. Within about 6 weeks I was feeling so much more positive that I had in years and accepted that I would never have a child. 4 months later I found that I was pregnant but immediately became completely paranoid as I didn't want to go through another loss - but I didn't loose the baby and my son is now just gone 2 years old and guess what? I am pregnant again at 37. Metamorphosis is a holistic approach to health. I'm not even going to attempt to explain how it works as there is so much to it. In short, it deals with the cause of the problem and not the symptoms. I'm not saying that it will work for everyone as everyone is different but I know that it worked in my case. If by introducing this idea here and if it works for even one person who reads this I think it has been worth my while making this entry. If anyone has any interest in finding out anymore about Metamorphosis please post a response back onto this thread.

Anonymous - 23/02/2005 20:34

Hi there, could you please give me some more info about Metamorphosis, did you do it in Dublin, any address, how much does it cost per visit etc. Thank you very much!

Laura(COV24861) - 24/02/2005 10:54

Here is one web address that will give you more information about Metamorphosis. If you do go, let me know how you get on with it. I hope it has the same or similar impact on your life that it has had on mine.

paulina(ETH12231) - 24/02/2005 18:31

Thank you Laura will keep in touch, I am doing IVF at the moment, but I will check that place. Fingers crossed and Good luck to you too!

Anonymous - 25/02/2005 09:53

I am 27 years old and am due to start IVF next week. I was diagnosed with PCOS about 9 months ago but nothing else up to now has worked for us (clomid and gonadatrophin stimulation). Just wondering if there is anybody out there around the same age that has gone through IVF? People say that the results for someone my age are quite good - any comments would be really appreciated. Thanks.

Anonymous - 12/03/2005 10:04

hi myself and my partner have been trying for a baby for over a year , i was married and have two children so it is hard to suddenly finding myself worrying if i will ever have another child. my partner has had a sperm check and the results were perfect.i had all the blood tests and again everything appears cycle is regular , i am attending the rotunda privite clinic and they are really lovely and i am about to start clomid 50mg a day . i am really hoping it will work , but i am worried that maybe myself and my partner just dont match that maybe i reject his sperm for some reason. i fell pregant fairly quickly with my ex husband, does anybody know if there is a test that could see if this maybe the case. also i dont seem to notice any fertile mucus at all at the time it should be there. any help would be great thanks x

Phil(WFA18980) - 19/03/2005 19:18

For any of you that have questions that do not get answered on this website you should try it's an amazing site with a section for people trying to conceive and coping with infertility. It's full of advice from lots of lovely people sharing their experiences.

sara(sarab) - 20/03/2005 19:53

I'm interested in finding out more about the new fertility home test 'Fertel' if anyone knows if it gives a good reliable reading and I would be able to get it, I would be grateful. Everytime I go to my doctor he's not really helpful as he just keeps telling me that it's too soon for my partner to get a sperm test done. It has been over six months since i've been off my pill, but my periods aren't regular i haven't had a period in about three months. If anyone can give me some information or advice as where to go i live in louth, I would be so grateful. I got tested myself about two years ago and every test that came back everything was okay. My partner doesn't want to go the doctor so if we could obtain the 'fertel fertility test' we could do the test at home. Any information regarding this matter would be brilliant. Tanx

S(RainyDay) - 21/03/2005 09:43

Hi Sara - As a guy who has gone through the whole infertility process (including successful IVF), I would strongly recommend that you help your partner to get over his reluctance to see the doctor fairly promptly. One of the learnings about the infertility process for me was that you really can't afford to be squeamish or hesistant - you need to be able to talk to doctors, nurses and other professionals about topics which you have probably never spoken to anyone else about.

Anonymous - 22/03/2005 14:03


sara(sarab) - 25/03/2005 20:03

Clomid - Could someone give me some information about this product please, I read the other notice about the woman who was taking it and she stopped and then she conceived, if this product does help well I would really like some information about this product or some help please at my the end of my rope.

joanne(JGW20630) - 29/03/2005 21:20

hi everyone.can anyone give me advice on where or what to do next.I am 25 years old and was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 19.Was on the pill dianette when i fell pregnant at 21.My husband and i were delighted when aoibhinn was born in 2002.I am off dianette since august 2004 and still having no luck getting a bun in the oven.My periods were like clockwork till january and i havent had one since.I feel all the symptoms of pcos are back and dont know what to do now.i have tried taking folic acid but still now luck.My gp tells me time is on my side but that doesnt manke me feel any better about not getting pregnant.Can anyone please give me some inspiration.cheers jo

Anonymous - 30/03/2005 19:15

This message is for Sara re: Clomid. Clomid is mostly given to women TTC by IUI or IVF. It is a hormone that helps your eggs to develop. perhaps you should speak to your doctor as it needs to be prescribed.

Anonymous - 31/03/2005 09:01

Clomid is a synthetic oestrogen designed to stimulate yor ovaries.

Therese(ABR19267) - 31/03/2005 11:58

This is for Jo the girl with PCOS. I am a member of an online support group for girls with PCOS. It is very informative and some of the members are also involved in research into this awful condition. If you would like more info you can email me at

Anonymous - 02/04/2005 22:19

Hi all, myself and my husband have been trying for a baby for 16 months. We're attending an infertility clinic and find them excellent, all tests have come back fine, just had a cyst removed under laparoscopy. I'd like to try IVF but wondered am I just entitled to or does it depend on the descretion of the doctor?

Anonymous - 07/04/2005 14:50

Myself and my husband would like to try for another child but we had terrible trouble conceiving my daughter who is now 3 years old..I am now 34 this year and feel as if I am running out of time..I have heard and read about the horrors of having a child in your mid 30's..because of down syndrome and other deformities having a child in later years can cause..Can you tell me if I am more likely to have a child with deformities at my age than I was when I conceived on my last pregnancy. I had a miscarriage before my daughter and fear that could happen again. Can someone please put my mind at ease

Anonymous - 14/04/2005 14:26

im no expert on the matter but i do know that although chances of problems may be heightened it's certainly far from a given. my mothre had 2 kids in her 30's and 2 in her 40's. think about your own friends and relatives and im sure you can think fo loads of people how have had healthy babies in their mid 30's and beyond. obviously becaseu you;ve had some trouble in the past you're more nervous and this is bery understandably but you'd be best to tak to your doctor. by the sounds of it i'd imagine s/he'd be able to put your mind at rest

Anonymous - 12/05/2005 17:05

Have just found this website and I would really appreciate your advice. I\'ve had 4 miscarriages to date and am attending a doctor in Galway for Creighton method & HARI unit. Problem is that all the advice I get from these people is contradictary & I dont know what to do. No one can find a problem but I\'m scheduled to have a laporoscopy with HARI soon. I just am so desperate for a baby & I feel no one will find out what my problem is. I know I have endometriosis but the docs dont think it\'s a problem cos I\'m getting preg. Have had my 4 miscarriages over the last 18 months.Has anyone come up against a brick wall like this. Where else could I go? Are there any docs out there that people like me have had success with?

Anonymous - 13/05/2005 10:16

I really feel for you. I experienced something similiar. I attended a gyne for nearly two years, went through loads of blood tests and scans but was getting nowhere. He kept telling me there was nothing wrong. Then he referred me to the HARI unit where they carried out a laparoscopy and discovered I had polycystic ovaries immediately. I have since tried clomid a few times, gonadatrophin stimulation and am currently undergoing the IVF treatment. All I can say is keep your head up and keep thinking positive. I have my good and bad days but you just have to try and get on with it. The very best of luck, you are not alone!

Anonymous - 13/05/2005 11:24

There's a previous post on 23/2/05 from a lady who had a similar experience to you. If you are interested in an alternative approach perhaps you could follow up on her suggestion.

Anonymous - 14/05/2005 14:57

hi. i have just recently come across this website and it has really helped me. i have been diagnosed with pcos and am despretely trying for a baby but is not working! i am having blood taken on day 21 of my cycle 3 times now.had a laporoscoby in uchg in october 04 and have been to see gynae at least three times since who is on about putting me on clomid but didnt even give me a prescribtion last time i was there. have to get my hubby up to give a sperm sample but that is proving very difficult! my sister has just announced she is pregnant and i am so very jealous but i cant help it. three of my friends at work are also pregnant and i find it very difficult to be around them. one of those girls had a laporoscoby the week after me and was in a worse situation than me but she had to inject herself daily for a couple of months and she is now six months pregnant. i cried when i heard her news i was so jealous. so glad i found this website because i can finally let go of all my fears about never becoming a mammy. never realised there was so many other people in this situation because i was getting so caught up in my own thoughts and fears.

joanne(JGW20630) - 15/05/2005 21:48

hi everyone what is with the waiting lists for a gynee.cant get one till august.can anyone tell me what they will do.Havp pcos and havent had a period for 4 months .trying for a baby since august.Gp kept telling me to lose weight and i'll get pregnant.Dont think so.

Anonymous - 16/05/2005 09:10

Joanne, I think your GP needs a wake-up call. Surely s/he must realise that it is because you have PCOS that you ave difficulty with weight.

Anonymous - 19/05/2005 22:03

Although I agree with much of what was said in the article I think it most situations it is not realistic or practical to take your time. Since many couples are older when they find out they have a fertility problem, it is important that they consider all options at an early stage. There are age limits on adoption as well as costs and waiting lists which must be taken into account if adoption is a potential option for the couple. Also, if IVF or other fertility treatment is an option, cost and time again come into play as the younger the woman the better chances of conceiving with IVF.

Paula(BKC20055) - 20/05/2005 12:46

Joanne, In relation to your message 16/05/05 I have been attending my GP for PCOS for nearly 3 years now and trying for a baby with no luck. I was recently referred to a new consultant (as the one I was attending is in Dublin and I live in the midlands), the new consultant told me to go home and loose some weight and come back in six months my gp was outraged, so its not only Gps who dont understand PCos

joanne(JGW20630) - 20/05/2005 22:42

hiya paula i dont think they know what they are on about when they say lose some weight.I have always been the same size(14-16) even when i had my little girl in 2002.It can be very hurtful when they go on about weight all we wabt is a baby not to look like a model!! Did the consultant recommend treatment other then weight lose???

Anonymous - 22/05/2005 21:28

hi just want to say a few things after reading paulas message. i am outraged that a consultant could treat a patient like that. and as for been told not to go back for six months that is disgraceful,six months is a long time when you are trying to conceive. i have pcos and am trying despretely to have a baby. though a lot of those consultants dont really care whether you have a baby or not. its awful easy for people to tel you to take your time and it will happen when the time is right etc i know its not what you want to hear and nobody knows that better than myself. people ask me every day when im going to have a baby and "its about time you would start having a family" and you cant exactly tell everyone that you cant get pregnant! my family and a few close friends know i have pcos and i am having trouble conceiving. but dont despair youre day will come and you will be holding your little baby in your arms. think positive!that is the only way i get by from day to day. i used to think of nothing else except having a baby and cry when someone would announce their pregnancy,but i have decided that i am not going to dwell on it.

Anonymous - 23/05/2005 09:34

Anon, I'm horrified that people, close freinds and family, would say to you - "its about time you would start having a family". In my view the only response to commens of such an extremely personal nature is the sharp retort "I beg your pardon, when did this become any of your business" Impolite - perhaps. Effective - defintely. They will think twice or maybe three times before daring to ask anyone such a question again.

Anonymous - 23/05/2005 19:50

just want to answer the message posted 23/5/05 @9.34am. i think you have misunderstood me or maybe i didnt explain myself properly. my family and close friends know that i suffer from pcos and i must state that they never ever ask me when i am going to have a baby. its people that dont know about the pcos and the trouble that i am having trying to have a baby that ask me when am i going to start a family. my family have been a great help and support to me and try to know that im heartbroken not been able to have a baby. so much so when my sister found out she was pregnant she was scared of upsetting me and my other sister has paid for me to have laser treatment for facial hair which i am very concious of. my mam comes to the hosp appointments with me when my husband cant get time off work. i cant praise them enough.

Anonymous - 25/05/2005 13:55

I am so so mad. Consultants telling us girls with PCOS "go away and lose weight" is just so stupid and ignorant. We need to change people's attitude on PCOS. Losing weight IS NOT A CURE FOR PCOS! As a previous post read "we only want a baby - not to be models". Weight does not come into it really, its all to do with ovulation and its basic science if the sperm meets the egg! bingo pregnancy (hopefully) I get so mad at doctors, consultants and support groups who dont give a damn about you as a person but just see "weight" and then tell you lose it. Its not easy to lose weight. My other half ticks me off for not eating enough and therein lies my problem I think! We need to learn like diabetics to eat small portions or snack like meals 5 or 6 times a day. Sorry for ranting but it does get my goat. Try and re-educate about eating and looking at a low GI Diet. Also ask your GP about Metaformin/Glucophage. Studies have shown that it does help with PCOS/ovulation etc. It did work wonders for me. I hope I have been of help and did not mean to go on so much!

Anonymous - 30/05/2005 15:44

Its Paula here again. I have just been reading some of the messages since i posted mine. I have tried the following treatments - Glucphage, Dianette, Low GI diet and a weight loss drug prescribed by my GP all with little result, I am about 5ft7 and a size 18. I think that when a consultant looks at me they just see an over weight girl and nothing else. I have tried my best to loose the weight but when you are suffering from all the symptoms that PCOS throughs at you it is hard to be in the positive frame of mind for weight loss. I am a very active person and I exercise at least five times a week, walking or swimming and I am not the biscuit eating couch potato which I sometimes think strangers perceive people who are overwieght to be.

Therese(ABR19267) - 30/05/2005 16:32

Paula, I know exactly what you are talking about. Unfortunately it is the way of the world that some doctors and consultants think that weight loss is a cure for PCOS. However, I wish you the best of luck on your tcc journey. I am a member of an online PCOS support group and if you want to email me at I can let you have the web address of the site. We need all the support we can get! There is no support group for PCOS here in Ireland - there is an infertility support group but I am afraid that the attitude to PCOS is the same as you experienced. H

Anonymous - 02/06/2005 15:26

Hi as a first time contributor I just had to let you know I have PCOS and also endometriosis but luckily I have been blessed with two beautiful kids am hoping for a third but am so grateful for what I have. I did'nt fall pregnant easy and have used clomid. In relation to weight I carry extra weight which I have tried to lose unsuccessfully and it does upset me when people presume your just lazy yet when I was pregnant the weight fell off without dieting and I was definitely eating for two I think this proves it is definitely hormone related. I know it is very soul destroying to go to doctors and be told to loose weight. Don't let them get you down and I hope that very soon you will get those magic blue lines. Good luck

Anonymous - 08/06/2005 13:29

Hi, was hoping if anyone can help me. I am having both my fallopian tubes removed in a couple of weeks and was wondering if there is anyone out who has had this done. I have been TTC for 5 years and am 29 years old. I am very worried about the operation!

Anonymous - 15/06/2005 21:54

hi everyone, im 31 years old and trying to concieve for 2 years now.Ive been to see gp and he was great and referred me on to gynae, after going through the obligatory phase of " keep trying and relax" i eventually got a laproscopy and was told that i have endo with one blocked tube and started on decepeptayl for 6 months, when i returned after 3 months to get repeat prescription you can imagine my shock at being told that i infact have extensive scarring and adhesions and will be referrred to HARI for possible (pointless) tubal surgery and most likely IVF, I am devastated and feel constantly close to tears, I cant even talk about it for fear I will melt down i feel as if im falling apart from the inside and am so anxious, comined with this im cursed with horrible hot flushes from the decepeptayl and feel so uncomfortable all the time, i just feel so hopeless and am dreading the next few months, i feel that infertility is so unfair and that nobody really understands the pain involved, my hubby is wonderful and supportive and equally upset but i would say that this has made us stronger but i dont know if i can take much more and the journey is only starting,sorry to ramble on but i just need to vent!!

Wendy(TES30549) - 23/06/2005 22:27

Hello I am 32 and I am going to start IVF tomorrow. I am scared but also excited. Both of my tubes are blocked and they say I have 0% on my own to have a baby. I live in the U.S. For many years I was told that I was tring to hard, but I knew something waas wrong. So my advice to women is listen to your gut feelings and don\'t let the doctors tell you how your body works. Good luck to eveyone that is dealing with what I have.

Anonymous - 02/07/2005 00:53

I want to donate eggs to my friend who is infertile. Is there any infertility clinic in Ireland who will facilitate this or do we have to go abroad ?

Anonymous - 02/07/2005 09:33

Try the Sims Clinic - they do egg donation - website

Caroline(VOU15155) - 05/07/2005 20:45

Hi All, I'm 26, my husband is 31. We've had all the test's in 2 and 1/2 years of trying as i was not standing for "Relax" or "Your so young" well i am not going to stay in my twenties forever!! Change your G.P. go to your nearest Family Planning Clinic, get the ball rolling!Contact the N.I.S.I.G on 1890647444 up to 9pm, these women are us!! They have gone through what we are going through, i for one have drawn tremendous strength from them, they are ready to listen and sympathise with you because...they can!! You can join them and get a news letter every month full of sad, informational and happy articles!

Helen(helenquinn) - 08/07/2005 16:44

Orla - my heart goes out to you and I hope the treatment you are on now does work and allow you another course of IVF. If you want support of other girls who are trying ivf there is a page dedicated to Irish girls on Also the rollercoaster site is good for support and information. I wish you well Orla. Helen x

Anonymous - 11/07/2005 12:37

Orla, I cannot imagine how you must feel right now and I'm sure your medical team have advised you, but are you fully aware that the hormones involved in pregnancy - such as oestrogen has carcinogenic properties and as such their involvment in the high levels required for pregnancy have the potential to greatly accelerate the growth rate of cancer cells.

Helen(helenquinn) - 11/07/2005 16:15

Hi again Orla, we all need each other for support and to as you say "keep our chins up". Through ivfconnections and rollercoaster I have made some wonderful friends and connections. A lot of the girls know me better as my husband and I were one of the couples featured on Making Babies. However, on our fourth attempt we were successful and are now due a baby in the New Year. For my husband its all down to the wonders of medical science but for me it was the power of prayer. I hope Orla that you will be successful and if you want to ask me anything or even a good old rant email me at

Anonymous - 11/07/2005 16:41

Am I correct in thinking that it is dangerous to have any more than 4 attempts at IVF?

Orla(FHU31197) - 11/07/2005 16:50

Thanks to the person who posted a message informing me of the dangers of pregnancy with cancer. That was obviously one of the first questions i asked my consultant as even though my need to have my own child is so strong i dont want to put my own life at risk. She has informed me that my type of cancer is not oestregen based so it will not grow any quicker if i do become prgnant. It wont stop growing either so i would have to be monitored very closely the baby will be born by caesarean section as early as is safe for the baby.

Anonymous - 12/07/2005 10:17

That's wonderful news Orla. Best of luck and look after yourself.

Sabrina(SWW31379) - 13/07/2005 09:27

I\'m attending the a clinic for infertility. I have Polycycstic Ovaries. I have just finished three courses of Menformen injections. I was told yesterday that one of my tubes is blocked and will need an \"SA\" or somthing sounding like this. Then our next step is IVF. Im terrified, is there anyone with information on this or who has had this salene injection to check the tubes, if one is blocked what happens is there an opperation !!! I\'m only getting the bare information on this and IVF. Could anyone please help.

Orla(FHU31197) - 13/07/2005 10:22

Sabrina, I think what you will be getting done is SIS, i had this done about a year ago in the SIMS and was fine after it, your sedated so will feel absolutely no pain at all during the procedure. You might be a little tender for a day or two after but im sure you'll be fine.

Sabrina(SWW31379) - 14/07/2005 09:13

Thanks Orla.

Orla(FHU31197) - 14/07/2005 11:11

Sabrina- If you want to talk to other girls who are trying ivf there is a page dedicated to Irish girls on If you need any other questions answered i would be more than willing to help if i can. My e mail address is

Johnboy257 - 08/08/2005 08:51

Myself & my wife have been trying for a baby now for the past 7 years. We used the Creighton model with no success but have just found out about Bach flower remedies. Has anyone out there tried this? Would appreciate any feedback & also if there are any other 'magic' cures out there, someone letting us know. Thanks....

Alma(Almaj) - 08/08/2005 22:28

Dear Sabrina, I have both tubes block and had to have an operation in the Combe, so even if your tube is blocked IVF is not the only soluation.

Sabrina(SWW31379) - 09/08/2005 10:54

Thanks Alma, This webpage has been really helpful to me. I have found out great information on the web. Many thanks for your reply. I have indeed found out that IVF is not the last stop! :-)

Anita(SJO27533) - 11/08/2005 11:00

Both of my tubes are completely blocked and we have been referred to the HARI unit in the Rotunda. Does anybody know if they do tubal surgery or is it just IVF? Have an appointment on September 22 so I suppose we don't have too much longer to wait to find out, but I would like to know as much as I can beforehand. Any help would be most appreciated.

Anonymous - 11/08/2005 12:38

hi, I am a lesbian and myself an my partner are looking into having a baby and i would like my partner to carry my egg,is this possible in ireland ?if not where would we have to go in europe and on average how much would this treatment would this cost?

Anonymous - 11/08/2005 13:12

Anita the HARI do IVF but if the consultant feels that you will benefit from surgery then he will recommend that at your consultation. They are a brilliant clinic.

Anita(SJO27533) - 12/08/2005 08:29

Thanks for your reply. Have you attended the HARI and was it a success???

Anonymous - 17/08/2005 12:06

Hi. Can anyone recommend an acupuncturist near Cork city for infertility problems? I am nearly 2 years TTC.

Anita(SJO27533) - 18/08/2005 09:34

You can find a local practitioner by calling the Professional Register of Traditional Chinese Medicine on (01) 855 9000.

Johnboy257 - 18/08/2005 14:21

Hi Anita (SJO27533), Was you last posting (18/08/2005 09:34) directed at myself Re: Bach flower remedies or to the lady requesting details for an acupuncturist? Would appreciate you letting me know. Thanks......J

Anita(SJO27533) - 19/08/2005 08:26

Hi Johnboy257. Sorry for any confusion. I was responding to the lady looking for an acupuncturist. Unfortunately there are no "magic" cures out there. Believe me, we have tried a few and we are starting IVF soon. Best of luck to you and your wife. Anita

tanya(VBJ33183) - 19/08/2005 10:11

hi everyone, im new to this site so excuse my ignorance until i get used toit, my story is we r trying for a baby for 7 years now i have numerous investigations you name we had it including napro technology for a whole year with no sucess, i recently asked my consultant to explore inside my womb as i pointed out why all my investigatins have been outside the womb etc surley inside is the first place you would look anyway yesterday just discovered for the firsttime i had a crop of polyps which were removed so does anybody know does this mean i have a greater chance of covceiving now or does it make any difference we are thinking of ivf for oct would appreciate any help, and johnboy i feel for u and your wife 7 yrs is a blooming long time isnt it. take care all

Anonymous - 20/08/2005 18:33

Hi to this site but find it wonderful..just wondering does anyone have any info on acupuncture and how or if it may help with infertility..trying for two years now..on pregnyl injections for past 4 months..all tests seem to be normal but still not pregnant and willing to try anything..thanks

Anonymous - 26/08/2005 00:18

Hello, out there. I am over 50 and have two zygots introduced just two days ago. I feel elated, happy and very impatient as nothing is to be felt. I have to wait two weeks to have my pregnancy confirmed. How will I surwive these eons? Hi to all, who try:)

Anonymous - 09/09/2005 21:20

I am 37 and have recently been diagnosed with high FSH levels 24). We have been trying for a baby for a year, and never heard of FSH levels before recently meeting a consultant in hospital. They were extremely abrupt in relaying their diagnosis to us which was that I would never be able to get pregnant. They also suggested that I return for a follow up apointment in six months time for prescription for HRT. I was totally gobsmaked at this diagnosis. Not only will I never get pregnant and have my longed for baby but I am going through the menopause at 37. I think the menopause thing upset me more than the baby thing as a knew that there was obviously a problem with by ability to get pregnant, but know that it has sunk in I am devasted that I will not be able to have a baby. Has anyone had a similar experience or any advice.

Helen(helenquinn) - 12/09/2005 14:38

Hi Anon I cannot believe the way you were treated by that consultant and hospital. It was totally uncalled for. Please dont give up hope, even if you are going through the menopause - you could in time do IVF with donor conception. If you want more information there is a wonderful girl called Sarah who has the NISIG helpline on Wednesdays as this (as far as I know) the evening given to donor. I dont think you should accept that kind of attitude from your consultant and if you are not happy perhaps you would consider seeing someone else with more empathy and understanding - and who might go through all the options for you if you are still trying to conceive. Please dont give up, I am a week shy of my 39th birthday (oh no!) and I am now 18 & a half weeks pregnant with my first baby. I can't remember the helpline number but there is a website and there is another good Irish website if you want more information. Hope this helps and dont ever give up hope - because had I done that I dont think I would have given IVF one last try. Helen P.S. if you feel more comfortable talking to someone on a one to one basis please feel free to mail me on

Anonymous - 14/09/2005 21:04

Dear Anonymous, I attended a fertility clinic - we were going with IUI, on our 2nd attempt, on our 3rd visit, the nurse advised my FSH was quite high - I was totally confused as I was told at the beginning it was normal then to be told half way through the treatment it was quite high & then I was asked if we had though about adoption!!!!!! I broke down, I stated how unhappy and disgusted I was being treated (there were many other things I had'nt been quite happy with) I cried all the way home and vowed never to return to that clinic again. I would'nt give up and started the ball rolling again with another clinic, from the time we walked in the door, we knew things would be different, I was very cagey after my last experience but we talked everything through. I was diagnosed with a weak lining of the womb, endiometreosis, elevated FSH level & PCOS on both ovaries. We went straight to IVF & after our first attempt we now have a beautiful 14 month old baby boy...!! We are going to try IVF again in January and I will be 38..So don't give up. Manage your own infertility, don't accept unacceptable treatment, I know, it is such an emotional and difficult journey. What would have happened if I had believed the advise I was given originally!

paulina(ETH12231) - 15/09/2005 13:17

Hi everyone, to last person: Could you please tell us which clinic did you go the second time/ Thank you very much

Helen(helenquinn) - 15/09/2005 14:17

To the lady who posted second last! Thank you for sharing your story and I felt inspired by it myself. It goes to show that sometimes these so called "experts" dont know everything and a second opinion could shed more light on the condition. Please Anonymous dont let this experience get you down and do seek further help from another clinic or consultant. They may have other options for you. Helen

Anonymous - 16/09/2005 08:00

Dear Paulina, the clinic we went to was the Cork Infertility clinic. The atmosphere was so different, even the visible surroundings, we had a great relationship with the staff & most of all they were honest with us. Because I had 2 experiences to compare, I have advised any other people that are going through infertility to go to Cork, just from our experience, even during the process, my husband & I agreed if it did'nt work, at least for us we were very happy with the way things went & tg it worked! Helen, if you are the same Helen who was on the television series, I am just so thrilled for you!! That is fantastic! God Bless

Helen(helenquinn) - 16/09/2005 11:06

Yep I am one and the same Helen lol and thank you for your words of congratulations. Our success was through the Cork Clinic too. We changed from Galway as it was easier for us to travel to Cork than Galway. The team in Cork are just brilliant and each and every one of them were wonderful to both Tony and myself. We always got the impression that we were treated as if we were the only couple there (of course we weren't) but that is how brilliant they are. Of course they were delighed with our "positive" result and when we went down for scans during the early days of pregnancy they couldnt have been nicer and asked us to keep in touch. Helen

Ann(LQK25854) - 18/09/2005 23:40

Hi Helen I am so delighted to hear your news. I to attended cork after years travelling the country and after 7 yr we had our healthy bady boy in nov 2003. We watched the series on tv and i often wondered how you were doing. best wishes for a healthy pregnancy. Ann.

Helen(helenquinn) - 19/09/2005 12:13

Thanks Ann congratulations to you on the birth of your baby boy. You and your husband must be delighted with the new addition to your family. Helen

Antoinette(christinao) - 19/09/2005 20:53

Helen! I am delighted that it is the "same helen"..I watched you on that programme and cried and cried. It brought me right back to the raw pain that you feel when going through this difficult journey. I wish you health & happiness for the rest of your pregnancy & yes, please god, your little bundle will join the hall of fame in Cork, we sent up a pic of our little boy for their wall. Advise I can give is, just like all the problems I was diagnosed with, there is hope, don't give up until you are ready to close that chapter, but most importantly, it is you at the end of the day that has control & can say yes we feel happy with this and continue or no & demand better. We just worked great together with the people in Cork. God bless all

Helen(helenquinn) - 20/09/2005 13:14

Thank you Antionette I am really looking forward to sendind a baby pic to CFC as they asked us to keep in touch. It seems a lot of patients are still asking and I suppose its always easy to spread good news. I never let go of hope as sometimes its all that gets you through. Helen

niamh(niambh) - 21/09/2005 10:37

Helen, that is wonderful news, I am so happy for you. I too attend the Cork Clinic and have just recovered from having both my fallopian tubes removed. I istarted my 4th IVF 2 days ago, so I hope I hope and pray for a positive result. I only just turned 30 and having been TTC for the past 5 years. Our only hope is IVF.

Helen(helenquinn) - 21/09/2005 12:25

Niamh, just want to wish you luck during your IVF. Dont forget to drink lots of pineapple juice in your 2ww and keep the feet warm (helps flow of blood to cervix I believe) Hope you are taking some few days off after transfer. I drank lots of pineapple juice this time & had a hot water bottle at my feet for first 5/6 days after transfer - so perhaps that was the key to the positive! Helen

Anonymous - 27/09/2005 00:15

Hi all, new to site. Have been trying for a baby for two years,then discovered have endometriosis. I have my first appointment in Cork Fertility Centre tomorrow and am feeling really nervous

Helen(helenquinn) - 27/09/2005 12:04

To the previous post Anon - just want to wish you luck with your first appointment with the Cork Clinic. My husband and I attended this clinic and we cant praise them highly enough and just to reassure you that you are in very good hands at CFC. Helen

Joanne(rogersj) - 29/09/2005 14:24

Helen I havent been onto this site in a while and I was so thrilled reading all your mails! You are a true inspiration for me and everybody else that writes to this site. I am so delighted with your news. Myself and my husband did our first course of IVF this year but unfortunately I hyperstimulated and ended up in hospital for a week. We had three eggs frozen, one of which didn't survive the thawing process. We had the two eggs transferred in August but unfortunately didn't progress! Very very disappointed but we are starting up again with our second course in January. Feel like this year has had nothing but bad luck so we decided to wait until a fresh year! It is three years now TTC so we are getting very anxious as you can understand! Interesting to read about the pineapple juice, whats the backround to that? Anyway, the very very best of luck to yourself and your husband!

Helen(helenquinn) - 30/09/2005 09:23

Hi Joanne, Best of luck in 2006 - new year new start and hopefully positive result. You are right to take a break as Christmas is just around the corner and it can be a difficult time to undergo treatment. As for the pineapple juice apperantly there is some enzyme in it that can help implantation. On my last attempt I drank buckets of the stuff and ate fresh pineapple (lovely with fresh cream!) so to be honest I dont want to drink pineapple juice for a long time. As well as that I took a few days off work after the transfer and sat on the couch and I used to have a hot water bottle to my feet. It stimulates the flow of blood to the uterus so maybe that and lots of prayers helped me. My email address is and if you want to email me for a chat or a bit of support by all means do. Wishing you and your husband all the best with your next cycle and do keep in touch. Helen

Anonymous - 30/09/2005 10:10

To All My advice to you if you are not successful after 3 yrs of IVF etc. apply for foreign adoption > it takes 4-5 yrs to complete. God Luck to everybody!!

Anonymous - 30/09/2005 14:31

"3 yrs of IVF "? I understod that any more than 4 attempts at IVF was actally medically dangerous for any woman and therefore contraindicated.

Helen(helenquinn) - 30/09/2005 14:32

Your advice is noted Anon but it is a very sweeping statement. This is not really the forum to discuss adoption. Adoption is not a cure for infertility nor is it an answer for everyone and even then its not a guarantee that you will be allowed to bring home a child. Helen

Joanne(rogersj) - 30/09/2005 14:55

Thanks very much Helen, I will mail you most definitely when the time comes! Thanks very much and the very best of luck! In relation to the last two people that wrote in, I must say that I agree with Helen completely. The frustrating thing for me is that (fortunately) I have an 8 year old son and it has only been since i came off the pill that I have had problems. I was diagnosed with PCOS three years ago (right after I came off the pill). For me, adoption is not a substitute for giving birth to your own child - but that is completely a personal opinion. This will be my second time for IVF and at the moment my attitude is that I will keep trying until I have another child!

Anonymous - 30/09/2005 15:54

Im glad you said that Helen, only someone who has not had to deal with infertility would make a statement like that.

vanessa(BQL34311) - 03/10/2005 18:29

Hi Helan and Anon Thank you both very much for replying to my message about my experience being dianosed with high FSH. Helan I am delighted that things have gone well for you and that you are now pregnant with your first baby. Very very best of luck with everything. Thanks anon for replying that you also experienced high FSH and went on to have a baby (and hopefully another one soon). I am going to the Clane Fertility Clinic for a second opinion soon, so you never know things might work you. I am still hopeful. Thanks again.

Anonymous - 04/10/2005 05:25

Hi to all,I just discovered this site. My Husband and I started attending the Cork Fer Clinic a few months ago after years trying to conceive.We find the staff so nice and considerate they are a blessing.We have already had an abandoned cycle and we are finding it very difficult.We yearn to have a Baby but I seem to be taking it harder than my Husband,Sometimes I feel I need to relax more if thats possible given the stress.If anyone can give advice please do it would be much appreciated.Looking forward to getting a reply Thanks again.

Anonymous - 04/10/2005 09:22

Hi 5.25. I'm not sure if this will help you but I find practising meditation very good for mental relaxation. Massage is also excellent for physical relaxation.

Anonymous - 04/10/2005 16:48

Thank you for your reply anon I will certainly consider it.

Anonymous - 04/10/2005 16:48

Thank you for your reply anon I will certainly consider it.

Antoinette(christinao) - 05/10/2005 20:25

Hi Anonymous, I posted up above, my hubby and I went through IVF and thankfully we were blessed with a baby boy. I am going again in January please god. The advise I would give is: personally, I did accupunture 3 months prior to my IVF cycle just to try and help my body get into the best physical shape. I am now at the moment getting ready for my next cycle. Of course it is so difficult to try and stay stress free when the emotional stress of yearning for a baby is not something you can switch off, but I do belevie it is of benefit to try and alleviate as much stress as possible, I did meditation and gave myself lots of TLC. Take IVF one step at a time. There are many hurdles which need to be crossed through the IVF process to get to embryo transfer - just take each one at a time. My hubby and I did'nt talk about it all the time, we just spoke when we had to and continued as much as possible with our daily lives. Be very good to each other and lean on each other. Have a treat planned after your cycle regardless of the outcome, like a weekend away. I know it is very painful, but just acknowledge you and your hubby are doing the very best you can & you can't do anymore, I wish you the very best of luck, hope this has helped & you could'nt be in better hands than with the people in Cork. Antoinette

Anonymous - 11/10/2005 12:00

i've just discovered this site and i think it is really great we have been ttc for 5 and half years i have done a fresh cycle last november and i started a frozen cycle in feb which was stopped and then i completed a frozen cycle in july none of which worked now i have to have a solid cyst removed from my ovary before i can go ahead with my next and last frozen cycle but i have never heard of the pineapple juice and the hot water bottle so i am taking notes for my next round of treatment

5.25 - 12/10/2005 04:43

Thank you so much for your reply Antoinette it means so much.My Husband and I had started our first cycle in August but I did't develop enough follicles and therefore had to wait until my next cycle,only to find out I have a cyst on one of my ovaries (which never happened before)and my FSh is high which is also new-this is so frustrating for both of us I just which I could chill out more.When I was taking the hormones first time round I was very positive -I am starting accupuncture soon so hopefully this will help .Thanks again and best of luck to you and your hubbie.

5.25 - 12/10/2005 16:54

Hi Helen(Quinn),I have just read all your postings,Many CONGRATULATIONs to you and your DH-I am thrilled for you both.My Husband and I aaaalso watched "Making Babies" last year and our hearts went out to all the couples who were trying to conceive.My Husband and I have been trying to conceive for years and started drug treatment for IVF in the Cork Fer Cli. in August.To our great dissapointment I didnt develop enough follicles to consider transplant and had to wait until my next cycle this month.When I went back this month they noticed that I had developed a cyst on one of my ovaries and that my Fsh was slightly raised so I cant start treatment this month which is heartbbeaking but I know I must remain positive until next month-sometimes the only things that get me through are the support of my Husband and prayer.Thanks for sharing ye're good news with us Helen and wishing you and your Hubbie a Happy and Healthy pregnancy Ye're determination was inspiring and uplifting.Best Wishes

Helen(helenquinn) - 13/10/2005 09:38

5.25 thank you for your good wishes. I am sorry to read that you werent able to go ahead with egg retrieval but at least they have discovered the cyst - which might be a contributing factor I dont know. I know its disappointing but its good to find these things out now instead of later. IVF can bring rewards but also many many disappointments and when we go through it we sign on for the bad with the good (hopefully) I have to say you are in good hands with the Cork team and they are a great bunch. I could never imagine going to another clinic and they always made Tony and I feel like we were the only couple they were treating (of course we weren't) but they take a special interest in every couple. So take heart in the fact that you are being well looked after and your time will come yet. Everything is going well for us (Thank God) am 23 weeks pg today. We are having a 3D scan done on Monday and we hope to find out the sex of the baby (if we can!) If you ever want to talk or ask questions please feel free to email me at as I will only be glad to help in any way I can. Good luck for next month. Helen xx

Antoinette(christinao) - 14/10/2005 18:41

I am trying to find any place that will do a vitamin/mineral analysis. Was at my GP as I wanted to get a complete check up and get the basic checks done in preparation for my IVF in Cork, but when I asked him about checking my zinc & magnesium levels etc, he did'nt know anything about it..As both vitamin & minerals levels are extremely important and can be a factor of infertility, I would like to check this if anyone has any info, I would really appreciate it. Many thanks Antoinette

Apple - 17/10/2005 15:50

I just found this site today and it is amazing to read everyones stories. I would like to ask Antoinette (christinao)a question, in your posting on the 05/10/2005 you mentioned that you were doing acupuncture before your first IVF. I have just had 3 failed IUI and 1 cancelled IUI and am due back to Dr Waterstone soon. He will no doubt recommend IVF and i am interested in knowing how the acupunture is going for you and if you are doing it in Cork? If so could you give me the contact details? Thanks to everyone for making me feel normal by just reading your stories.

Antoinette(christinao) - 17/10/2005 19:32

Hello Apple, I live in so I sourced a chinese accupuncturist in my local area.. I had attended another lady accupuncturist but some of her diet and nutrition information she was giving me was wrong, she was very stressed as she was doing a couple of sessions with different people at the same time, she was making me more stressed! so I left her and found this guy. He was great, he did a few check ups, he advised my body was damp so he treated my feet, stomach, lower legs to build up my blood & warm up the body. I felt so relaxed and I noticed my periods were heavier and lasting longer than my usual 1 day!. I personally beleive it definetly did assist to improve my physical and emotional well being before IVF. I stopped the accupuncture before I started the IVF process, that was just my own personal choice. Its going very well for me now, I hope to do it once a week for the next two months along with sticking to a healthy nutrional diet. I may be unsuccessful, but at least I know I will have given it my best shot and will have given my body and brain a general overhaul! I know there is a registered body of Accupuncturists that is how I found my guy, you will get the number in the golden pages - you could work from there, or perhaps someone on this site can help with a reccomendation. Hope this is of some use and I wish you the very best....Lots of luck Antoinette

mf - 18/10/2005 21:21

have been trying for a second baby for 2 1/2 years with no success. I have been on clomid for nearly 2 years (which worked last time after a laporoscopy and 3 years of trying).have a 3 year old son but so desperately want another baby. Just recovering after another laporoscopy .My gynae has recommended IVF in the hari.Can anyone please tell me how long do i wait for an appointment and is it very expensive

cath - 19/10/2005 17:36

i have been trying to conceive for two years. i live in cork and am looking for a really good acupuncturist, please recommend one if anyone can or other possible help Thanks

Anita(SJO27533) - 20/10/2005 08:49

Hi mf, I waited 10 weeks for an appointment in the HARI. I had my appointment in December but was told that tubal surgery would be the best option for me. I had a quick look at the price list and it is €3700 for one cycle with embryo freezing and €3400 without freezing. I don't know if that includes meds but they advise you to get a drugs refund scheme card. I am having my op in two weeks so hopefully it works. Best of luck with the IVF. Anita

mf - 20/10/2005 18:31

hi anita Thank you so much for that info. I wish you the very best of luck with your op in two weeks.Hope its a success and everything goes to plan . mf

marie(YFG32142) - 20/10/2005 18:42

where do you apply for a drugs refund scheme card

Anonymous - 21/10/2005 10:19

You local Driugs Payment cheme office of your HSE. Your pharmacist will have the address.

Amelie - 21/10/2005 14:58

Hi all, i've been following this discussion for a long time as i've been trying to conceive for over 3 years. I have had a full workup including laporoscopy which is all clear thanks God, but my husband has just been diagnosed with antisperm anitbodies and we have to proceed with IVF using the ICSI method. Has anyone else done ICSI? If so can you give me some guidance on it?

ash - 21/10/2005 17:14

Hi Amelie, I have just completed icsi and i'm on my 2week wait.. ICSI is where they take one individual sperm and inject it directly into the egg my hubby had low sperm so this option gave us a better chance, that does'nt mean that it will fertilise as theres a lot of work that goes on even after the sperm has been injected.. I hope this is some help best of luck!

Sue - 24/10/2005 13:56

Hi, This is my first time on any message board, we have been trying for 7 1/2 years for a baby, after 3 years had investigations and discovered reason(husband has 95-100 % autoantibodies and apparantly icsi our only chance) I have recently had an attempt at ICSI a couple of months ago and the fresh transfer failed but we are now about to try a frozen transfer and wondered if any-one reading knows much about the difference between having this drug assisted or a natural cycle?? I would be interested to hear from anyone for who this was successful and their thoughts??? Thankyou! (We are attending the HARI unit). Good luck! to all those going thro.ivf treatment,I know what a roller-coaster it is!! and antoinette I will certainly be using the tip you gave of hot water bottle and pineapple juice!) Suzanne

sue - 24/10/2005 14:11

Amelie, I've just read your message from 21st and realised you have the same fertility problem as myself and my husband, you are the first person i have come accross in same situation- My husbands antibodies are a very high level (possibly result of a previous Hernia operation) and we were informed ICSI was our only chance-we did try iui whilst waiting for the isci which didn't work either and i think we were clutching at straws there anyway, as I've seen stats in America where IUI didn't work for anyone in study with autoantibodies in the male. We left treatment a long while after 1st diagnosis -I think we were just so shocked-but we now wish we hadn't waited so long-I have to say the whole ICSI procedure was not as bad as I imagined it would be - I found the drugs didn't give me any bad side affects-and I am very hopeful that another attempt will work. I hope you don't wait as long as we did and good luck,Amelia. I would love to hear how you get on! Suzanne

Helen - 24/10/2005 17:06

Sue, I am now pregnant after 7 years of trying. We had 4 attempts at IVF/ICSI but only 3 transfers as we had 1 cycle abondoned. My dh didn't have the same medical condition as your dh but of course he is a smoker (loves his cigars) On our first IVF some of the eggs were ICSIed and some IVFed and the IVFed ones didnt do any thing so hence we had to do ICSI at each attempt and because of poor egg quality (due to PCOS and age!) we never had anything to freeze. What really I am trying to say, is that an ICSI pregnancy can happen and its not all as black as it seems. At our last attempt we had 3 embryos transferred as opposed to 2 every other time and I dont know if this was a contributing factor or just pure luck and determination. I stuck with the fresh pineapple and pineapple juice and the hot water bottle to the feet and this with a bit of faith and hope could have brought about our little miracle. We are due our baby in February 2006 and we are still in awe that it happened for us at all. My dh and I were one of the couples in Making Babies which was screened last year on RTE just to give you a face to put with the name. Please dont give up and hope is a great and powerful tool, it helped me tremendously I have to say. When you dont have hope, then it can be hard. If you ever want to ask me anything, please feel free to email me privately at and I will be more than happy to give you support when you need it. Helen

SUZANNE(MDB31047) - 25/10/2005 21:30

Hi Helen, Many thanks for your response. How wonderful and also very encouraging to hear about your pregnancy after your 4 IVF/ICSI attempts. It must feel so surreal after 7 years of trying. I missed the 'Making Babies' program, and only realised it had been on when some friends mentioned it afterwards and assumed I had watched it. I was so annoyed I missed it. That must have taken a lot of courage to do! It must have been a rewarding feeling though as I bet it helped many others to hear your story. You also mention you have pcos-I too was diagnosed after a laporoscopy with mild PCOS although as it was mild they didn't think that was as big a factor as the antibody problem. (am trying to improve diet now to keep it in check)! I agree that'hope'is the one thing you have to have-and its strange but even after 7 1/2 years thats the one thing myself and my husband havn't lost, I think as long as we are doing some-thing about it!Thankyou for being kind enough to give your E-Mail address and if you are happy for me to I will E-Mail you some time. Take care. Suzanne.

Susan - 26/10/2005 10:22

Hi, this is my first time on the message board. Myself and dh have been trying for a baby for the past 5yrs. After going through clomid, temperature watching, HSG and Laparotomy to finally discover that both tubes are blocked. Had our first attempt at IVF last year which failed and now considering going for our second attempt. Our IVF cycle went well until it we had to change to ICSI. This worked and 2 eggs were fertilised and transfered. My dh has now had some of his sperm frozen for our next attempt but I don't know if I can handle the emotional wave that hit me when our first attempt failed. I could handle all the medication without a bother but when IVF failed the emotional side hit me like a ton of bricks which I was not prepared for. Need advise on how to prepare mentally for our next attempt at IVF. Susan

Shellie - 26/10/2005 10:46

Nice to find some information at long last. Attending for the first time in December and wonder the costs of treatment and the success rate for Galway

Susan - 26/10/2005 11:33

Hi Shellie, the cost of IVF in Galway this year is 2800 Euros. I have a price list at home if you need other costs. As for success rate Galway seems good but again have to take all factors into consideration i.e. age. Best of luck in December. Susan

Ruth - 26/10/2005 13:21

Hi all, we have just discovered that our last/3rd attempt at IUI has not been successful, we are devestated and don't really know where to turn next. I attend acupuncture and am a little overweight!! It there anybody out there who can guide me in the right direction. Our fear is that I don't think we will be able to afford IVF. I would be extremely grateful for any response from anybody. We have being ttc for 3.5 years!! What makes it harder is that it seems that everybody around us are having babies without a whole lot of difficulty!! Anybody who wants can e-mail me direct on

Helen(helenquinn) - 26/10/2005 13:39

I know its hard to prepare yourself to go through IVF again and yes the disappointment is hard, I lost count of the negative pregnancy tests I did, and I never got used to it. Take your time before you embark on your next attempt, what I did was review the diet and my alcohol (I love my voddys) and gave that up. I started a little fitness regime and I was doing reflexology (oh I love that) and acupuncture in between. For me it was bit of control of my life and my body. I know its not for everyone but for me it did give me a little bit of help. Also if the clinic that you are attending offers a counselling service do take advantage of that, its good to talk, it helped my husband greatly, as in the run up to the treatment I got lost in my own feelings and worries and relied on him, but the men need a bit of support too. We dont do this on our own. If you want to talk to anyone feel free to email me at I feel like an old warhorse at this stage, but anything you want to ask etc by all means dont hestitate to ask me. Take time out for yourself and your husband and most of all look after yourselves. Helen

Johnboy257 - 26/10/2005 17:34

Hi All, I'm a fella & have been reading through all your notes & I am amazed by the amount of people who are going through the exact same turmoil my wife & me are going through. I feel for you all. We have gone through the Creighton model process down in Galway, with no success. We have tried Bach flower medicines, with no success. We are now on the 3-month waiting list for IVF in Dublin. Nothing, I don't believe, would make my wife happier. Good luck to you all. If there is any good advice out there, please share it! Thanks.......J

Andy - 27/10/2005 08:41

Hi All & Cath, I have just begun on the fertility treatment seesaw. We have been trying for three years to get pregnant and in July of this year I suffered a miscarraige at five weeks, we were devasted. I was refered to a consultant and it was discovered that I have a problem with my left ovary. My periods are very irrgular and go from 25 day cyle to 36 days. I am on Clomid and then get an injection after I have a scan and my consultant judges when the best time to get it is. I find this web-site great I felt so on my own and not sure of the direction we were going in, all of a sudden we\'re on fertilty drugs, being scanned every month and then full of hope for two weeks and crushed for another two when it doesn\'t work. I have told a few friends of our situation, but all I hear is you\'ll be next ( this is from friends who have kids). Sometimes I just find it so hard, I get jealous and resentful of my friends and my sister just announced she is pregnant. I feel guilty for feeling like this, I mean I\'m delighted for them and I wouldn\'t wish this on anyone but you do ask \"why me\". I get some side affects - very bad period cramps - cripling and I am extremly emotional and moody. Is this normal? To Cath, I have a friend who used a acupuncturist, after 7 years of trying she just had twins after ICSI aided by acupuncture. Best of luck, am I going to try this next cylce when I have the injection. Best of luck to everyone. Andy

Niambh - 27/10/2005 08:54

Hi Susan, You seem to have the same diagnosis as myself, I am also TTC for the past 5 years and had both my tubes removed in June, am now started on a new fresh cycle of IVF. This is my 4th attempt (no previous pregnancies). I also have a problem with stimulating my ovaries but my husband is in perfect health (thank god). It completely tore us appart when our 1st IVF failed as we were bankers on getting pregnant with both of us being healthy and I was only 27, but 3 years of IVF later and we are still going. Our priority is each other, even though it is hard to see it at times. Some times you need to take time out and step away from the whole thing. I wish everyone luck. Niambh

Helen(helenquinn) - 27/10/2005 09:38

Hi John just want to wish you and your wife well on your first IVF cycle. There are no golden rules unfortunatly, or tips but just take each day as it comes. For myself, I had some alternative treatments i.e. acupuncture and reflexology and I found it good as it helped me gain some control over by body. I also had a good support network in friends (some of who went through IVF as well) and we were able to talk to each other through all the various stages of our treatment. There is a website which you and your wife may find of interest and its and there is a page for Irish girls who are going through IVF. Once you register there is a page IVF BY LOCATION and then you will see Ireland so go in there and the support, help and information you find there will be invaluable. Infertility and treatment can be a lonely road but you are not alone, my husband and I had 4 attempts and I am now pregnant at the tender age of 39! (our first and probably only baby!) Also my email is listed in other posts and if you or wife ever want to ask me questions by all means do. Just be there for each other too, when your wife will be on injections, moods can be all over the place, one minute up and the next down. But relax as much as you can and remember you are in good hands with whatever clinic you attend. The very best of luck to you both and I really hope your first attempt will be successful. Helen

Johnboy257 - 27/10/2005 13:07

God Bless you Helen, thanks for taking the time......J

Helen(helenquinn) - 27/10/2005 16:59

No problem, am only too delighted you can ask this old warhorse a question any time. Helen

Kate - 30/10/2005 13:16

Hello there everyone...I've been ttc for 2 1/2 yrs now, attending the hari unit and all tests so far have come back as fine. I've been getting pregnyl injections for the last 7 months and having acupuncture for the last 7 weeks. I'm feeling very hopeless at the moment and would really appreciate any advice from somebody who understands. ..Should I just keep trying or should I consider ivf now..I'm 32. thanks

fred - 31/10/2005 09:38

I'm 41. Everyone seems to be younger than me. I've had 3 IUI treatments - one was cancelled and I got pregnant on the second but miscarried at 10 weeks. I've had 2 tries at IVF but both cancelled two days before egg collection - I produced to many follicles - my dosage was reduced but even the second time I produced over 50 follicles. I'm 3 weeks into a 3 month course of Glucophage (PCOS) and will try IVF again in January. Am I naive to hope for a pregnancy? Am I too old?

MaryJ - 31/10/2005 18:58

Hi all this is my first time on this site. I have been ttc for 3 1/2 years now. I have had two ectopics and had both tubes removed subsequently. We are going into our 5th IVF cycle though please God all going well this will be out 4th Transfer. I have been attending a Chinese Dr for the last 8 mths receiving accupuncture intermittently the principle treatment being chinese herbal therapy. I do believe this has helped me physically a great deal, using the temperature chart there is now a definite pattern with evidence that ovulation is taking place each month (I am 38yr!). I have undergone frozen cycle transfer without the aid of drugs relying only on the chinese herbs (successfully June '05, unfortunately, ectopic). My query is, is there anyone out there who has taken these herbs. If pregnancy is confirmed at this next cycle (which needless to say we are praying very hard for) this Dr will want me to take these herbs for 16 wks into pregnancy. I supppose I'm looking for reassurance from someone who may have also taken herbs at this period of time in pregnancy. If anyone has experience of this I would love to hear of them MaryJ

Helen(helenquinn) - 01/11/2005 09:58

Kate, please don\'t despair, I know its hard but even though IVF can be a daunting experience, you are not alone, and there so many out there who can empathise with you both. There is a wonderful website called and there is a page for Irish girls when you go into IVF by location. If you read the posts you can learn so much about the process and share with others your own experience as well as getting wonderful support. There are no hard and fast rules about IVF and every experience is unique for every couple. But no matter what clinic you are attending, you are in excellent hands. Some clinics now offer a counselling services (check this out with your own clinic) which can be invaluable especially after a negative test. I had 4 attempts at IVF and thankfully am now pregnant but we were seven years waiting. Its hard to stay optimistic and strong but dont ever lose hope! Doing acupuncture or reflexology or changing your diet can help - even if it is just giving you control over you body and makes you feel that you are doing something positive towards achieving a pregnancy. My email is if you want to ask anything in a private capacity. Dont forget you are not alone! Helen

Anonymous - 02/11/2005 08:42

Hi All, back in March I put up my first message on this board. We had been trying for a couple of years for a baby without any luck. In march this year I started to attend the Sims Clinic in Rathmines. And today I am 12 weeks pregnant. My message to all is please dont give up miracles do happen. I hope someone out there will take a positive note from this and keep going dont give up hope. I wanted to share my news with everyone on this site first as I've been lucky to have found this site, not only did it keep me going but i found a great friend from the site too. So please keep trying and the best of luck to everyone. x

Anonymous - 02/11/2005 12:34

Congratulations Anon, its really what I needed to hear today, having a bad day, you know yourself! That is really great news and you have given me a little hope. Myself and my dh are due to start another course of IVF in January with the Hari Unit and I am looking forward to it, although very very nervous! Good luck with everything.

NY - 02/11/2005 13:22

Hi Fred I personnally would have further IVF, YOU DID GET PREGNANT IN THE PAST. (If you've planned for January if it were me I would go for it). Sometimes I think we can put too much on age. I myself am 38yr and fast approaching 39yr!, see I obsess about it at times too. However, we all know women do become pregnant in their early and mid forties. Brook Shiels had a baby at 40/41 through IVF and after several attempts. The important thing is to concentrate on having as stress free a life as possible, eat healthily and exercise moderately. I wish you all the best for January. We are having our 4th IVF cycle this month, I became pregnant on our 2nd IVF cycle but unfortunatley the pregnancy was ectopic. The best of luck to you both in January

frank(WHG32000) - 03/11/2005 13:49

Although it may not work for everyone, there is an ovulation predictor available from Physio Needs in Dublin. It lets you know within 5 minutes, utilising a few drops of saliva, if you are fertile or not.

Susan G - 08/11/2005 21:07

Hi all. This is my first time in a chat room. I have been trying for the past 3 years for a baby. I have PCOS and a touch of endeometrois. Lovely Man!!! anyway i would appreciate any advice anyone has to offer. Im currently taking 150mg of Clomid very high dose and its not working(well i might get pregnant but my husband won\\\'t stay much longer between my mood swings and hot flushes poor man has alot to put up with)!!ok let me know anything that might help. Thanks alot

BM - 09/11/2005 23:53

Hi All, havn't put fingers to key board since 2004- when at 42 had 1st pregnancy after 10 yrs of trying -but not trying- which resulted in a miss at 8wks- now at egg collection stage in 1st IVF cycle- and really apprehensive- trying hard to relax and be positive- its hard but will try pineapple juice/fresh pineapple and hot water bottle am also attending acupuncturist and was given chinese herbs however am a little afraid to take with conventional meds- any advice?

Anonymous - 10/11/2005 13:00

I'm finding this site very helpful knowing theres so many out there the same,we have completed 2 IUI unsucessfully, my husband has high antibodies in sperm, looking for more info on how to go, any help, thanks

Apple - 10/11/2005 14:53

Hi All I had my second acupunture visit yesterday and found it fab. I have also been taking the herbs and i find my energy levels and general mood has improved greatly. It is also very relaxing so i would highly recommend it if only to combat stress.

Anonymous - 10/11/2005 15:32

Hi Apple Just interested in your advice. I have been considering going to acupunture. Im due to start another course of IVF in January - just wondering at what stage does the acupunture benefit you from? Should I start now or do you think I should start in January? What herbs are you using? Thanks.

Sus - 10/11/2005 15:39

Hi Apple, Great to hear you found acupuncture very relaxing as I am having my first session next week in preparation for my second attempt at IVF. It is great to hear from someone else trying the same therapy. Also heard that reflexology was excellent in helping to de stress but haven't looked into it yet.

Apple - 11/11/2005 10:40

Hi All The herbs i am on are in little pellet form and i take 8 x 3times a day...they are chinese herbs that my acupuncturist gave me, in that way it is like going to the doctor, she checks everything and gives the a specific type for your problems...i am always cold so these are to help heat me up by increasing my circulation. I would recommend acupuncture at any stage in your treatments, i have just had 3 unsucessful IUI and will probably start IVF in March/April next year...they do say to ensure the best outcome you should be getting acupuncture for at least 2 months in beforehand. Good Luck All!

trish - 11/11/2005 11:00

Hi, am going for my third IVF attempt in January, after seven year trying. Have already been told to look into adoption, as doctors don't hold out much hope due to fragmentation of embryos due to bad egg quality. Am taking Gludophage presently, so you never know. Its nice to see everybody supporting each other. After being told to check out adoption last year, i am not too hopeful, and am persuing adoption at same time, and its hard to know where your loyalty lies, as which of these should you persue with passion.... But there's always hope. anyway, following comments on acupuncture, i think i will start looking at this also, as we all need whatever support we can get to help us feel we are doing everything we possibly can, can only be good for us. eh?

Helen(helenquinn) - 11/11/2005 14:46

Trish I had 4 attempts at IVF/ICSI in the Cork Clinic and I too had issues with poor egg quality. I have read that Glucophage can help with the egg quality issue. Also I changed drug protocol as well after doing some research and changed drug to Menopur which did slighly help the egg quality although we were never able to freeze anything. I am now pregnant at the tender age of 39 and due baby in February so I am a testament to an IVF success even with poor egg quality but a few small changes did help. If you want to ask me anything on a personal basis you can email me at Wishing you the best of luck with your next attempt at IVF. Helen

Suzanne - 13/11/2005 17:01

For the anonymous posting on 10/11 (at 13.00). You mention your dh has high antibodies and you've tried iui twice unsuccessfully and were looking for any comment. We were in the same position (my dh's were very high though-in 98% region) we had just the one attempt at iui which was also unsuccessful-obviously your antibody levels may not be as high-but we read info.on an american study about this problem and decided we weren't going to bother with iui again as chances weere tiny for us. so we proceeded to ivf under advice from clinic we attend and although 1st attempt was unsuccessful we are now on our third day post transfer after having a frozen transfer and have fingers toes and everything else crossed. Obvoiusly every case is different and I'm sure your clinic will give you good advise as to where to go from here. But I have to say if you are worried about starting ivf-my experience of IVF has not been as arduous as I had imagined-the worst part to me is the 16 day wait after to see if it has worked and do a test-many others from what I have read seem to also find that part 'head-wrecking'-a mild way to put it! Anyway Good-luck! Also thankyou to Helen who gave the pineapple juice and hot water bottle tips previously -have been drinking fresh pineapple juice which I was surprised to find I quite liked,every day, and even on computer I have hot water bottle at feet-every little tip helps! I hope you are feeling well!

Apple - 14/11/2005 11:55

Hi All Well we had our chat with our Doc on the next steps in our treatment following 3 failed IUI. I am shocked to say that he is reluctant for me to have IVF as he feels i am too young (28 in January) and because there are no obvious physical problems with either of us he would like us to keep trying naturally for at least 12 mths...I am rather surprised at this and am not sure if i am happy or sad that we may have another long wait ahead of us!

5.25 - 15/11/2005 00:53

Hi All Still waiting to start IVF since My Husband and I had an abandoned cycle recently because too few follicles had grown.Just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction with regard acupuncture,I was attending someome recently but didnt find her very good I live in Cork city.Thanks so much and Best of Luck to us all.

Joanne(rogersj) - 15/11/2005 08:25

Hi Apple, I replied to you earlier regarding the herbs etc. I am only 27 and due to start my second course of ivf in January. The difference between us is that I was diagnosed with PCOS (polysystic ovarian syndrome). I was told by one gyne for over a year that there was nothing wrong with me and to 'relax' and keep trying. I was then referred to the Hari Unit in Dublin and after the first examination by a brilliant gyne in there I was diagnosed. If I were you I would get a second opinion. I dont care how young or old you are it is very difficult to live with infertility (harder when it is 'unexplained'). I am ttc now for three years (yes since the age of 24!!). I already have an eight year old son which is the most frustrating part for me. Anyway, whatever you decide I wish yourself and your partner the very best of luck.

Anonymous - 16/11/2005 11:10

For Suzanne posting on 10/11 (at 17.01).The American Study you mentioned is this on the Web.Your expericence is good to hear

trish - 17/11/2005 11:50

HI Apple, if you do decide to wait a year, which i know is fustrating (been trying 7 years), what about going for alternative therapy for the year so that you feel at least you're doing something. Have heard of a doctor in Galway, a Gyne, who encourages fertility through diet and good health and alternative therapys, and has supposedly 40% success rate. I forget his name presently, and perhaps someone else will mention him, but i did check with my GP as i was thinking of forgetting about IVF, and she has heard of him and quiet approved of my attending. IVF has not worked for me yet, but i will give it another go, and if am considering attending his clinic. regards trish.

Anonymous - 17/11/2005 14:08

Hi all, Myself and my husband will be starting ICSI in the new year. My husband had a reverse vasectomy done and we found out that there was no sperm present in his test. Has anybody been through this and what do you think our chances are of conceiving.

Mary P - 17/11/2005 15:56

We have had 2 unsuccessful IVF attempts at the HARI + 1 frozen cycle. Gave it a rest for a couple of years as found the going tough last time. We are thinking of going to the Sims clinic for our next attempt. Does anyone know anything about them? Also, does anyone have any experience of the clini in Clane?

Anonymous - 17/11/2005 17:06

Hi im attending the Sims clinic and have been for the past year and a half. Im just about to start my 3rd IVF treatment and find them excellent.

Alistair(YIG32089) - 17/11/2005 20:57

One sperm test which is often avoided, yet is the best test of all for it shows how well the sperm are doing in the cervical canal on their way to meet the egg. This is the post coital test. This is difficult to organise, yet it is a vital test in unexplained infertility. It is difficult to arrange because the cervical mucus must be just right - clear and runny as it is just before ovulation. Under the microscope the doctor hopes to see in the sample of mucus, lots of vigorously swimming sperm and they will only enter and be vigorous in mucus at the fertile time. This time might only last a short time and occur at weekends and the couple must have intercourse at this time, and it can be difficult to do it to order. However a good infertility clinic will try to have facilities available to do the test even at awkward times. Ideally the doctor will do the test on the spot and if a good result will show the infertile woman the view down the microscope, which will do wonders for her morale! Some comments ask about donor sperm - this is available in Ireland and a helpful option in male infertility, which is quite common. It will be a stressful option, but very rewarding if successful.

Mary P - 18/11/2005 09:28

Thank you. I've made an appt. with the Sims clinic so fingers crossed for next year. Best of luck with your third attempt.

cath - 18/11/2005 21:05


Rainbow - 21/11/2005 23:37

Hi to all. The last time I wrote was a few weeks before I got married and i'm now married a year next week. My husband and I put our name down for egg donation and I just found out today that the HARI clinic in Rotunda does not do egg donation, after waiting 6 months of our yearon the waiting list. I have a sister willing to donate as I was born with no eggs and went through the menopause at the age of 18. However we are going to proceed with treatment in Belfast, as there is a 3 year waiting list for egg donation in the south of Ireland. Good luck to everyone undergoing IVF etc and to those who have been unsuccessful so far, please don't despair as i believe that what's for you won't go past you! If there is anyone who needs egg donation treatment or who has gone through it, I'd love to hear from you.Thank you.

Topsy - 22/11/2005 15:38

Hi there, I'm a few months off my 45th birthday, failed two IVF attempts lately - poor response. Considering going abroad using donor eggs. Has anyone experience of this - I'd appreciate whatever info you can give. Thanks.

Helen(helenquinn) - 22/11/2005 20:30

There are a chain of clinics in Spain where the waiting list is not that long. It is expensive treatment however but can be worth it.

trixie - 23/11/2005 17:22

hi ladies just new to this website. looking for advise from you all. l am 31 with ovarian failure, had two month of ovulation induction treatment, 1st month 3 follicles, this month nothing, doctor suggested ivf. l am thinking more towards donor eggs as l think the ivf is a waste of time and money for me if my ovaries are so bad. my fsh at its worst was 29, so l am not at all hopeful. Is anyone else in the same boat as me. Has anyone got details of clinics in spain which offer eggs, also the cost. thanks girls

Sus - 28/11/2005 10:00

Had first attempt at IVF last year that failed. One of the factors was thin endometrial lining. Does anyone know how I can improve this?

Nookie - 28/11/2005 16:01

Sus, not sure if it will help , but I read somewhere that Viagra can increase the thickness of the endometrial lining. Worth investigating !

Niambh - 28/11/2005 16:08

Hi, Have just had a very close hyperstimulation but got away with it. My stomach has swelled up and is very tender. Does anyone have any advice on this as nothing fits me at the moment and I am very acxious to get the swelling down. The best of luck to everyone

skipper - 28/11/2005 20:20

Hi I'm not sure whether this is the right site as I am not actively attempting any form of Fertility Treatment but I still possess the the sensitivity of the Issue. My situation is complicated by PCOS, Endometriosis, Blood Group B RH Negative (D) (Anti D). Diabetes, Transient Hypertension, Cholesterol and Triglycerides and the list continues. My Relationship Status-Age-Financial Status, Mental Health Diagnosis and etc all go against me on top of the Physical Problems. I feel badly enough about the Physical Inadequacies and dealing with them without the insensitive comments which are reigned on me by those whom have absolutely no idea of my situation and portray me as some coldhearted insensitive woman with no maternal feelings or inclinations with the "You wouldn't know what we are talking about" look when the discussion centres on babies, their behaviour and growth patterns, The "Its all ahead of you" comment or the whisper "Has no interest in babies or motherhood" and usually takes place in locations where there is no escape. I try and be deaf but it doesn't work too well in small environments but what really gets me is the lauding over me their achievement and their derision and degrading of me as a person and my failure in their eyes as a woman when they have absolutely no idea of the actual situation. I know it isn't going to happen and accept that but it doesn't mean I find it easy to adjust to my physical inadequacies and that I don't possess any feelings on the issue. If the Physical Inadequacies aren't enough to contend with plus the high risk of multiple miscarriages upon conception to begin with to achieve a successful pregnancy and then the likely added complications of Pregnancy and then the High Risk of Post Natal Depression from the Hormonal Changes after birth and my History I know that I couldn't go through the emotional, mental, physical cycles of Desire, Hope, Pain and Despair that is involved plus my relationship status doesn't go down to well, my age, financial and etc all come into it. Even if I had everything in the correct place relationship, age, finances and etc when it comes to Adoption my Mental Health Diagnosis rules me out. However if I didn't have any of the physical inadequacies and complications but had the Mental Health Diagnosis I wouldn't be prevented from having a child naturally. I'm aware of the Programmes and Mental Health is also taken into consideration and I understand the reasons behind it. However, I feel I'm restricted in every possible way and I'm not meant to have feelings and sensitivity on the issue.

Kiki - 01/12/2005 15:31

Hi, We are about to start IVF in Jan, I am all for alternative treatments (I attend an acupuncturist) but please make sure you tell your dr if you are taking herbs etc. - we were told no herbs or reflexology prior to IVF but yes to acupuncture and over-the-counter vitamins. Best of luck to everyone! Ciara

kara - 10/01/2006 06:16

I had no trouble getting pregnant with my first two at 38 and 39, first attempt, then I had 3 miscarriages, come to find out I have a moderate polyp, which I'm having removed, also recently found out I had factor 5. Did this cause my miscarriages, and after 3 miscarriages in 5 months I have notbeen unable to get prgnant at all,a year and half went by. I know alot has to do with my age, but how come I was pregnant with 3 more so easily but had miscarriages.Then no pregnancy for 1 1/2 years, shouldn't I have slowed down, few and far between, but not just stopped getting pregnant.

Shelley - 12/01/2006 14:48

Hi Ladies I had my first treatment of egg stimulation and I produced too many eggs so it was abandoned. Starting new cycle this month. Have problem with endometriosis and thin womb lining and wondering is there anything you can recommend to help. I have been told three more attempts at this and then it straight to IVF. Feel this doesn't give me much options so I must try and do everything to make this work. I live in the west of Ireland and none of my family or friends know anything about this and have no where to ask advice or opinion. Thanks Ladies.

Anonymous - 12/01/2006 15:00

Hello everybody you are all amazing women to help by telling your stories. I would like to know is there anything you can do regarding thin womb lining. Any advise would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.

Anonymous - 19/01/2006 10:16

Hi All, In relation to the query on thin womb lining I would like to know more on this topic also if anyone has any advice. I'm currently taking metformin however, and I think this might help over time.

Claire(Clairo) - 22/01/2006 17:43

For any of you who would like to explore an alternative route to resolving either infertility or recurring miscarriage there is a workshop taking place in Stillorgan Co. Dublin on Sunday 26th Feb 2006. You'll be able to meet other parents who have been successful with this gentle self healing approach.All are welcome, for further info logon to

Anonymous - 29/01/2006 03:47

Help with endometriosis : Three years ago I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. A disease that affects mainly females, causing great disruption, pain, depression and anxiety as this disease interferes with the natural monthly cycle. Since finding out I had Endo I began to ask "why me" as someone who was relatively healthy and exercised regularly - "why did I have this disease". In the months that followed after being diagnosed I went from confusion, to despair, to anxiety but I was also eager to find out why this disease occurs and was it genetic? Was it due to an accident? Is it due to poor diet/Nutrition? There just had to be an explanation and my GP was not giving me one. I was also not going to join the queue for the usual NHS treatments as for me this was not the answer. For many it is and for many they see no other way. I searched to find another way and I have found my answers. In November 2003 my prayers were answered. I received an email outlining a Naturopathy site in Australia. I visited the website just to be nosey! What followed from that visit is just short of a miracle. I filled in a form on line and detailed my current state of health so that a pen picture of me could be created. After a telephone conversation with the Naturopath I agreed to go on the programme of Amino Acids, Minerals, Vitamins and Herbs. At first I was a little sceptical as by this stage I had tried most things to try and ease the pain of Endometriosis. The Naturopath began,over the weeks that followed, to educate me on what was happening in my body and what was causing the Endo. He mentioned a great deal about the Pituitary gland, Endocrine System, bone Marrow and other hormones within my body, the main culprit being too much Oestrogen due to imbalances within my system. He mentioned a great deal more and I learn as I speak with him. I have gained so much insight into the workings of my own body and this programme has certainly opened my eyes to natural healing. I feel a great deal of benefit came from the cleansing process. I could rest assured that simply taking the mixture each morning (the drinks are taken at certain times of the day, due to our natural body process/cycle which many are not aware of!) brought about the inner cleansing so that i could 'start to rebuild' from within. I felt that my body was trying to perform a normal bodily function but with great distruption as there was something not right within. I personally think the problems with Endo stem from using contraceptives/injections and medication. I think many women can relate to this and about 80%+ have probably used some form of contraceptive injection during their life. I learned that for me this imbalance had been evident from the moment I was conceived, genetics playing a large role. I don't want to go into all that here but when you speak with Jeff Campbell and his team you will learn things that will bring great understanding I promise you that. For me it was an eye opener and many questions I had about my health and why we have disease were answered. It is not to say that I am completely Endo free but the symptoms I have had, the pain, the throbbing in the lower back, the nausea, constipation etc etc have all vanished and my body seems to be functioning with ease! that's the easist and most honest way I can explain. I feel extremely healthy, my body feels in a very natural state, I no longer take Depo Provera or any of the usual contraceptives that GPs usually prescribe to us (which actually create many problems within our bodies). This programme is expensive but the way I look at it is that it has given me my life back. Not that I was majorily ill to start with but I was in pain. I no longer have this pain and as the days go by I feel better and better. These people are experienced Naturopaths and have worked extensively with pysicians, doctors and medical people from all over the world. Please visit the site, speak to Jeff and make your own mind up. I cannot do that for you, but what I can do is show you another way.... The site does not outline everything about the programme it is necessary for you to complete the online form and Jeff or Lorraine will call you. As I mentioned earlier due to the nature of the programme and how it deals with each of us as a unique individual you have to contact them through the online form and they will contact you. This programme has brought me such understanding. The Naturopath has explained what is happening to me and as my periods get better and better, as my body rejuvinates, i fully accept what he is saying as I am experiencing the healing cycle exactly as he has explained! Now my doctor would never have given me such information or explanation! I am not knocking him, merely stating how eye-opening this whole experience has been. I don't know how to put into words how this overall different approach to health and healing has benefited me. I believe in life some things cross your path, you either take the opportunity or it passes you by. I am so glad I did not pass on this one. 17th November 2005: Please note: Unfortunately Jeff Campbell has decided to take the website off line for now. The number is 00 612 99763242 For me the journey of searching for answers is over - I hope that you too find a way to heal your life as I have done and the best thing about this programme is "nature provided the cure"!

AK - 29/01/2006 21:31

Hi all, Its hard to believe that so many couples suffer infertility. My husband & I have had 2 failed ICSI attempts. I am devastated that I cannot concieve a child. Apparently I have now been told that I can only have one more attempt at ICSI. I am not producing eggs. The Hari unit in Dublins Rotunda have mentioned egg donation in spain.. Does any one know anything of this procedure. or egg donation from family members ??

RainyDay - 30/01/2006 09:03

The anonymous posting from the Naturopath seems more like an advert to me. Why would an Aussie be seeking out Irish healthcare sites to share their experiences. Treat with caution....

Tini - 30/01/2006 09:22

Anonymous Posted: 29/01/2006 03:47, interesting point about the pill and hte injection, yet were are always told that women can easily resume their fertility after it. I was on the pill for 17 years and now use the implant. Don't know how this will affect my fertlity but aside from condoms or the diaphragm, I wonder what would be regarded as a good method of birth control that is not hormone related as the coil is not suitable for me.

WWW - 30/01/2006 19:00

To AK - look up for details - they appear to deal with a number of irish couples, based in Madrid, saw recent irish times birth announcement thanking them.

skipper - 01/02/2006 23:01

Rather interesting the Naturopath was only available online and now the website is no longer available and the cost of ringing Australia from Ireland is horrendous and I noticed that email was from the UK. First of all Endometriosis is based on oestrogen to thrive so the declaration that oestrogen is the problem isn't the latest info on the disease. It has a tendency to be genetic. A signifcant proportion of women have Endometriosis however it isn't necessarily active in all women and some can have stage 4 Endometriosis and not even be aware of its presence and it has no affect on their lives or fertility. A stage 1 Endometriosis sufferer could be in excruciating pain and experiencing infertility difficulties. Endometriosis has 4 stages 1-4. It is not possible at times of diagnosis if a person is diagnosed stage 1, 2 or 3 whether it will progress to stage 4. Bowel difficulties and changes and alternating patterns are features of Endometriosis. Pain is a signifcant feature of Endometriosis and isn't "just a few days discomfort a month" remedied by a hot water bottle but can be a chronic daily pain with intensity ranges throughout the four stages of the monthly cycle. There are other difficulties associated with Endometriosis like Greaves Disease a thyroid disorder or MS as auto-immune difficulties and Lupus and Arthritis or the condition urologically of IC plus Endometriosis on other organs like the bowel or bladder. Mind you the Homeopath would have a field day with me and considering the concotion organised for the poster I can just imagine what would be in store for me.

ak - 02/02/2006 19:20

After been told at my last meeting with HARI unit that I may have to go for Egg donation, it seems my eggs are fine!! The doctor indicated that Acupunture is a good help... has any of you ladies ever tried acupuncture to treat infertility??.

Anonymous - 03/02/2006 06:31

If you buy a call card you can ring australia for half nothing. Alternatively you can ring the clinic in Australia and they will ring you back ..They are very obliging and will happily answer any health concerns you may have. Jeff Campbell\'s knowledge astounds me.. He isn\'t an email man and for that reason choce to remove the website..He was receiving hundreds of emails on a daily basis...He prefers to discuss things over the phone..Makes good sense to me..

RainyDay - 03/02/2006 10:34

Looks like the Aussie clinic are going on the 'hard sell' - Treat with caution....

CPL - 23/02/2006 14:18

I just got an injection today of Pregnyl - it's my second time to get it. I've been taking Clomid for the last 8 months. Does anyone know if either the Clomid or the Pregnyl definitely make you ovulate? Because I have a feeling I don't ovulate every month...

Ro - 23/02/2006 14:51

I agree with you RainyDay about the Aussie clinic, hard sell is on. I've my first appointment next week in the IVF clinic, I'm a bit worried about it, what if it doesnt work. I've had a tough '05 with hospital procedures and injections and still nothing's happening. I was put onto Clomid last month and I really thought this is going to work, how depressed and sad was I when my period arrived. The cruel part of it was it didnt arrive for a week after it was due and after a couple of days you start wondering if MAYBE but no. I'm reading a book at the moment called 'getting pregant'and they have in that some woman found that when they finished the clomid tablets that they found they became pregnant then. Does anyone agree with this. I was thinking of going for reflexology cause I know i'm very on edge at the moment. And could do with relaxing.

Shelley - 23/02/2006 16:56

I had it for the first time last month and by what the nurse was saying to me it does make you ovulate. It allow them to tell you the timeframe that you will ovualate within in. I am new at this also and sometimes people assume you know exactly what is happening and what is going on. I was unsure about this also

CPL - 24/02/2006 09:29

Thanks for that Shelly - it's good to know that I am not on my own and new to it. Fingers crossed for us both that it'll work!

Anonymous - 27/02/2006 02:33

Hard sell..My eye..I don\'t work for the aussie clinic nor do I have anything to gain be referring people to it..I just wanted to point out that the program has changed my life..Following it is the single most greatest investment I have ever made..I was genuinely only trying to help people who are having difficulty I KNOW his program has helped many couples overcome infertility..Why in the name of God do people in Ireland have to be so bloody sceptical?

Apple - 01/03/2006 10:13

Hi Anonymous, could you please let me know how much this treatment via Australia cost you? Including the approx cost of phone calls.

Anonymous - 02/03/2006 01:37

Hi Apple If you want further info regarding the program please e mail me at I am currently on the program but am an Irish girl living in Sydney..If you buy a call card prices to OZ are very cheap....Alternatively if you ring the clinic they will ring you back if you want to save on costs...The program would work out at approximately 70 euro per week...Expensive I know but IMO its the single most greatest investment I have ever made..

smily - 08/03/2006 19:16

hi all, this is my first time to write in. Myself and my husband have just been told that we cannot have children as my husband has no sperm at all. I am devastated and just wondering does anybody know if there is a solution to this.. iui etc. My doctor seems to think thats it, we will never have a child. I am 30 ttc for 2 years and feeling very low at the moment.

Apple - 09/03/2006 09:52

Hi Smily, I am really sorry about your news, i'm sure you are shocked. I would say however to make sure you spend some time with your hubby and try to reassure him as he must feel gutted. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but in order to do IUI or IVF you need to have some sperm. I would think the only other option would be a sperm donor.

AK - 09/03/2006 22:11

Hi Smily, That must be really hard on you both. As someone has just mentioned, spend plenty of quality time with your hubby. Can he not have surgery to correct this. Can there not be a procedure that will help hinm produce sperm the way there is procedures to assist women to ovulate etc. Unless you have been told point blank dont write having your own children off. If you do opt for Sperm donor, they look for a match for your husband ie features etc, I may have to opt for Egg donation this year, I am due to start my third ~IVF attempt in May (doing a course of acupuncture at the moment to see if this helps!) I know how you must be feeling. AK

Josie - 10/03/2006 13:59

Hi Anon Just wondering why your cycle was stopped? I have just been stopped in the middle of my third cycle. I also have PCOS. I hyperstimulated on my first cycle and ended up in hospital for a week. Then I did a frozen cycle mid-2005 - but no success either. They stopped me this time because the chances of me hyper-stimulating again were too high!

pc - 10/03/2006 17:45

Hi this is my first time using this message board, Myself and my husband have been trying for almost 4 years and 2 years ago went to our gp, After 6 months we were referred to the Hari unit, All the tests were ok and so I had a laparoscopy, Before the op I was told to lose some weight, even half a stone, so I lost a stone, That was last May, put on Pregnyl for 6 months, and then had an open meeting in Nov, and then an appt in Jan, First we met a counsillor who went over everything that would happen then a doctor who told me quite coldly she felt that I was still too overweight for ivf and to lose 2 stone by April by whatever means I liked, ie, crash diets etc, I came out of the clinic hysterical and felt I should have seen the councillor afterwards in case the news was bad, I have only managed to lose another half stone and am now panicking, even though I am a stone and a half lighter than when I originally went to them, Has this happened to anyone else? I don't understand why they did the op and called me back for the meeting 8 mths later and then said this...its so frustrating..

Helen(helenquinn) - 10/03/2006 23:41

Pc change clinics - you dont have to put up with that crap! I got pregnant on my fourth IVF and everything was stacked against me i.e. age I was 38, I have PCOS (poor quality eggs) and I am overweight as a result of the PCOS. But I became pregnant and now have a beautiful baby daughter. I attended the Cork Fertility Clinic and I have to say they were just wonderful to me and dh and my weight was never ever ever brought into question. I think you have done fantastic to lose a stone and a half. If you lose more then great but if you dont - please dont beat yourself up about it. IVF I feel is about egg and sperm and making an embryo and if the lining of the womb. I dont think that being overweight stops an embryo implanting. So look around and I would advise another clinic as there are plenty other excellent clinics in Dublin and beyond. I wish you well. If you want to ask me anything else please feel free to email me at All the best Helen

west chick - 13/03/2006 08:29

hi everyone,im 29yrs old and i have been suffering with endo which i have had many op's to get rid of it.i also have crohns diease and we find it very hard to have a baby.doc told us that our only option is ivf ,i was on clomid and puregon injections also for a year and still no just wondering if anyone has same symptoms and on lot of tablets for tummy pain can or did get pregant.its driving me goin into hospital today for operation to try and see why the pains n tummy wont go or ease.if someone could let me no anything please

Anonymous - 14/03/2006 12:58

Hi all, I started my first ivf cylce in January. It was tough going as you all know. Did my HPT last week and it came up positive. I really cant believe it. (I ended up doing 5 tests!!) I have my first scan for next week. Let's hope all will be ok. The reason why we had to go down the ivf road was because my husband had a failed reversed vasectomy and there was no sperm in his semen. So IVF/ICSI was the option. The morning of egg retrieval they retreived 9 eggs from me and they retreived sperm from my husband. 6 eggs fertilised and by day 3 we were called for egg transfer as 2 embryos were ready to transfer. The 2WW was the worst part as alot of you well know, but I got through it with the support of my husband and family and alot of novenas from from my Mam. I just thought I would share my positive story with you all as I know it is a longer road for alot of you and I count my blessings. Keep the faith

AK - 15/03/2006 20:09

To anon, Congratulations on your pregnancy, you are so lucky, I bet you are so pleased. I am going for my third IVF attempt in April, fingers crossed & everything else.... I hope I am as fortunate as you. Its really nice to hear success story.

Helen(helenquinn) - 17/03/2006 00:20

Ak just want to wish you luck with your next IVF treatment and I hope its a success and you will be telling us about a pg some time in May! Helen

Nors - 21/03/2006 15:15

Hi Smily, Just wanted to let you know they can do a little op called a TESE where they can do a tiny biospy thru the wall of the scrotum and they might find sperm that way, they told us the same thing that my dh had no sperm but they told us right away that they could do this little op and could find sperm that way. After the op they froze the sperm and we have done ICSI, trying our 4th time in April. Do ask the drs about all the options and I wish you luck. All the best Nors

smily - 22/03/2006 21:40

Thanks to you all for writing in and giving me some words of hope. I am still awaiting word from my doctor regarding an appointment with CFC. I have so many questions now to ask doctors I wish things would just move on a little quicker. Does anyone know how long it will take to get an appointment in Cork and how long after first appointment do things start to happen??? As you can gather from this e-mail I am impatient and fustrated at the pace in which things are going. I feel so helpless!!

sinead - 24/03/2006 19:45

Hi Smily. As far as I know you can ring CFC yourself to make an appointment. I was letting it to my own doctor and I ended up ringing myself and had an appointment within 3 weeks.

smily - 27/03/2006 19:09

Thanks Sinead, I think I might do the same. Rang my doctor again today and I got the same thing... we will ring you when we hear something. I would have expected a quicker reply than 4 weeks!! God life is so s**t at the moment, I have so much going on I don't think I will cope with it all.

Anonymous - 27/03/2006 21:30

Hi Josie Thanks for your reply. My cycle was cancelled because I had way too many eggs and none big enough !! I am on glucophage now and will be starting cycle again in May.

Sinead - 28/03/2006 23:47

Hi Smily, I felt like you do now but I think when you get your first app. you will feel positive again.Its a long road but hopefully we will get the result we want so badly.

Niambh(IYH36796) - 29/03/2006 11:48

Hi to all, Just wanted to share my story with you as I've been on to this site many times. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant (half way there) on my very first pregnancy ever. It was on my 4th IVF that worked and I took Helen's advice on drinking pineapple juice and keeping my feet warm! I have no fallopian tubes and dodgy ovaries and after 4 years of trying it worked. I also attend the Cork Fertility Clinic and couldn't praise them enough. Even though I am only 30 it seems like it took a life time to get to where I am, so I know how many of you feel. On my last IVF I had 48 eggs which put me on high risk but I was left to carry on with my treatment as I took plently of rest and followed all their instructions. I wish every one of you the very best of luck.

Brigid - 29/03/2006 15:35

Hi all. Interested to read site and peoples notes. This is all new to me and I'm a bit clueless. My hubby & I have been trying to conceive for nearly 2 yrs and no joy. I'm starting my 5th mth of Clomid and my hubby has had tests and told that he has some sperm but slow. GP says my levels are fine (not sure what this means) but he is going to refer us on anyway if nothing happens after 6 mths of clomid. What is the next step, what does it involve, is there anything else we can be doing?

ssj - 30/03/2006 17:34

Basti is a treatment modality included in Panchakarma therapy of Ayurveda. In a layman’s language, it may be explained as enema. This basti treatment is manifold effective compared to usual enema, as it has much more therapeutic implications. Enema is mainly given for evacuation of the bowel. Ayurvedic basti tones up the natural intestinal mucosa, strengthens the musculature, lubricates it, take out solidified fecal material, improves oxygenated blood supply to the adjacent visceral organs and thereby helps to retain the physiological functioning of all the organs in the lower abdomen. Basti treatment is also effective in successfully treating all types of neuromuscular pains in lumbo-sacral area and lower limbs. This effect is achieved owing to lubrication effect to the nerves in the lumbo-sacral region. HOW IT WORKS? Intestines have number of flexures and folds within the abdominal cavity. Hence the faecal material sticks, gets obstructed and dries up over a period of time. In spite of cleaning the house and mopping the floor daily, the dust and dirt accumulates at various places like corners of the room, behind the doors and furniture. Similarly, even a person having regular bowel movement, the faecal material accumulates at certain parts like flexures and folds in the intestine. Due to this, the intestines get distended causing pressure on the mesenteric blood flow. This pressure naturally diminishes the oxygenated blood to the organs and also affects the return of de-oxygenated blood towards the heart. The medicated oils lubricate intestines and allow the faecal material to get eliminated and ensure excellent blood circulation to all the visceral organs. Hence the chances of ischemia to visceral organs are minimised. This ensures the physiological functioning of most of the visceral organs. Treating infertility is possible by just making the organs perform their physiological functions. Therefore oil enema is a natural way of treatment, without any ill effects on any system of the body.

Mary - 31/03/2006 08:34

SSj, can you explain how this would effect fertility. Expecially in cases of non-motile sperm, low hormone levels, hostile uterine environment, sperm antibodies or scarred fallopian tubes?

Anonymous - 31/03/2006 09:15

Hi All, I'm back to this site after a break for a while. If you scroll up you'll see my message on 29/10/2004. It makes for bleak reading. Little did I know that the very next month I'd be pregnant and 9 months later deliver a beautiful baby girl. I just wanted to say thanks to you all for posting messages. It was reassuring to know that we weren't the only couple going through this, even if it felt that way. Thanks Helen for making contact with me...and I'm so thrilled to read that since then, you also have had a baby. Massive congratulations to you both!

KC - 02/04/2006 22:05

Hi, This is my first visit on this site and I am delighted to be able to read all your notes to each other!! It's nice to know others are going through the same and we are not alone. I am only starting on this path and am having a lap done in a couple of weeks time, feeling nervous but looking at what most of you have already been through makes me feel a bit selfish. KC

Mary - 03/04/2006 10:22

I have blocked tubes, and have the option of going for reconstructive surgery, has anybody had this done?, have also been through one failed ivf treatment.

Niambh(IYH36796) - 03/04/2006 13:25

Hi Mary, I had both tubes blocked and had open surgery to try to unblock them but it was unsuccessful. Your fallopian tubes are so delicate and tiny that it is very hard to work on them. I was told that you only ever get 1 chance at trying to unblock them. The surgery was pretty straight forward but you will need some recovery time for yourself afterwards. I had 3 failed IVF's and then had both tubes removed last June as they were causing complications and possibly the reason the IVF wasn't working. I had my 4th IVF in Oct/Nov and am now 21 weeks pregnant. I know it's different for everyone and your case may not be the same as mine.

AK - 03/04/2006 19:34

Hi KC - I would not think that you are a bit selfish, we all start somewhere! The best of luck I hope all goes well for you. I am starting my 3rd ICSI attempt at the end of the month, I am having acupuntcure done at the moment, apparently this is good!!!! costing a fortune but who cares if there is a result.. good luck with the lap - AK

KC - 06/04/2006 12:35

Hi AK, Thanks for replying, hope things work out for you with the ICSI. Do you mind me asking what clinic you are using? KC

cath - 06/04/2006 21:48

does anyone know anything about the Dr China stores and is acupuncture/ herbs any good for fertility

AK - 06/04/2006 23:14

Hi KC - I am attending the Hari Unit- Rotunda Hosp in Dublin.

KC - 07/04/2006 09:39

AK - Thanks for letting me know, we are attending Clane ourselves KC.

Chess - 11/04/2006 22:39

Hi there, I apologize if my questions might seem a bit out of place here but I just came across this site and thought I might give it a try. I am 31, based in Cork, and I am looking for information on surrogacy in Ireland. The reason being that my uterus was removed when a was a baby (cancer), now after almost 2 years of marriage me and my husband would like to try to have a baby (as far as I know I still have one functioning ovary). Does anybody know if this treatment would be possible at all? I tried to get some information but all I could find was the fact that there is no law about surrogacy in Ireland yet. I was also thinking about contacting NISIG to see if they have more specific information but I'm unsure as to whether this topic enters NISIG's general scope of support... I would be very thankful for any information, and if you know about a support group for people in my situation, after reading the postings on this discussion group I'm afraid I'm even more alone than I thought... Thanks again for the time you took to read the message, hope to hear from some of you

Jim - 12/04/2006 12:11

Has anybody tried or heard of Twaina A chinese therapy which is supposed to help with infertility???

Anonymous - 12/04/2006 21:23

Chess this website may be of help to you I wouldnt really recommend NISIG for this.

Chess - 13/04/2006 13:31

Thanks a million, I had a look at a few of them, it's just that I was hoping there was something similar in Ireland too, I guess I'll have to wait for the law to come out. But I appreciate the suggestions, best of luck to all of you with the treatments

Anonymous - 25/04/2006 10:04

Hi there. The IVFconnections website is a very useful site for all aspects of infertility. Have a look at the 'IVF in Ireland' section of the site. I think that there was a discussion of surrogacy there recently. I think (but am not certain) that it is not possible, but you may find the site helpful anyway, as there are many people with all sorts of fertility issues, and it may help you feel less alone. Good luck from someone who knows how hard it can be.

RO - 09/05/2006 14:00

Does anyone know what the problem could be. I'm late by a couple of days. I have terrible cramps in my stomach and feel that each day my period is going to arrive. I did a pregency test the other day and it was negative. This is so cruel, I'm afraid to get my hopes.

Josie - 09/05/2006 14:19

Hi RO My friend was in the exactly same position two weeks ago and went to the doctor. She had a kidney infection and as a result didn't get her period until two weeks after she was due them. I know how hard it is when you realise that you are not pg when you think you are so Im just trying to warn you a little in advance - maybe you should pay your gp a visit! Dont panic just yet!

Delly - 16/05/2006 10:00

I have a question?- last week i had my second laparoscopy in a year, i thought it was mainly just to remove adhesions as have been trying to concieve for nearly four years but they found that one of my tubes is destorted and useless & the other is practically closed. The docor suggested tubal surgey on the one that is almost closed. I don\'t know anything about tubal sugery - do any of you have any experience? where would i find out more.

R - 16/05/2006 15:07

I had a blood test done today to check if I was pregnant. My period is 9 days late and even though I'd done 3 pg tests that all showed the result as negative, the clinic suggested that I have the blood test. I'm not surprised that it was negative. Its just so frustrating because i'm in a lot of pain and all they can suggest in the clinic is that the medication I'm on (clomid tabs & ovitrelle injections) is causing it. Has anyone else gone through this?

KC - 16/05/2006 20:19

Delly, I think it would be worth your while logging onto and go into discussions and then infertility section some people on that site have had discussions on this subject, if you search back. Good Luck!!!

Anonymous - 17/05/2006 18:59

hi everyone, i have been reading all of the posts with great interest. its glad to know we are not alone. we have been ttc for nearly 4 years noe and i am not a patient person so finding it really hard. we have seen a doctor who has told me i am ovulating and dh sperm is fine as well. i am waiting to have a lap. done since last dec. ii must say i am getting really annoyed, anytime i ring up the doctor\'s secetary she just says realx i am still on the list but it is very long!! i would like to go the cork fertility centre but do i need to wait for my current doctor to refer me?? i\'m 28, i always dreamt when i got married at 24 that i would have at least one baby by 30 if not 2!! how wrong was i! anyway any advice would be greatly appreciated because if i get told to relax once more!! just another thing as well i do have light periods the last for 1 day and thats it which i feel is a bit short and light? my gp has assured me that once they come there is no need to worry. i have tried acunpuncture in core but found the chinese herbs really upset my stomach so i had to stop. thanks for listening!

Delly - 18/05/2006 12:02

Hi all, To the last lady.My story is similar: My local GP referred me to a local gynaecologist after 2 years of TTC. The gynaecologist recommended a lap & die but it took forever to get a date for the procedure & every time i rang the surgery to see what was happening, the doctor’s nurse kept telling me to relax & treating me like I was neurotic. Anyway, it turned out that my files got lost between my gynaecologist sending them to the hospital & the hospital receiving them & I was never even on the list. So, my advice is to continue pestering them. You have to take responsibility for your own treatment as the doctors and hospitals really don’t care. I am now with the HARI unit in the Rotunda Hospital, who are fertility experts and it is so much better, I wish that I didn’t waste a year and half of my life going to that gynaecologist. Also, I got another lap & dye recently and the results were very different from the first one. My opinion is that Gyni's deal with pregnant people but if you have fertility problems than you should go to a fertility expert. I think you should just ask to be refereed to the fertility clinic, sure what can they say. Insist on it. By the way, just because you have periods every month does not mean that you are ovulating, at all, sorry to disappoint you. You can only tell from a blood test. Maybe try the acupuncture again without take the herbs – I also got nauseas from the herbs but the acupuncture really regulated my periods and increased my progesterone. Reflexology is also good for balancing hormones. Also, I really recommend the infertility support group, NISIG, they are based in Cork but have meetings countrywide. It is great to meet people in the same situation, you don’t feel as alone plus I have learnt so much from all of them. They also send out a very informative newsletter. Best of luck, Edel

jk - 18/05/2006 15:27

Hi all, Just came across this article. My self and dh have been ttc for nearly 3 years now. We have one beautiful boy who is 4. Conceived him on first attempt. But don't know what has happened. Have been attending gynae in Galway who has put me on Clomid. My gp found my progesterone levels were very low only 1.5 when they should be 30-40 so I was on progesterone but can't take that now as it will stop me from getting pregnant. Have been having bloods done on day 21 and progesterone level is still very low. My clomid was upped to double dose - my gynae didn't see me to tell me this nor phone me. Did this through his secretary. Have had difficulties since I went on double dose e.g. my period was 56 days overdue. Rang gynae's secretary who would not let me speak to gynae nor would she get him to ring me back. She said he would be too busy and that was that. I don't feel comfortable discussing my issues over the phone with a secretary as the issue is very sensitive and requires expert advice. So I am now left in limbo land and don't know what I should do next. Sorry for complaining. I know that I am so lucky to have one child but I would just love to have just one more and I just feel so low at the moment and that the health profession don't really care.

Jennie - 18/05/2006 16:14

Hi, My partner had an unsuccessful vasectomy reversal last year, and I'm wondering if anyone knows what are chances are? I'm only 26, so I suppose that's one good thing on our side. Our GP says that it is possible to retrieve sperm, but I'mn not so sure, as it's been 17 years since the original vasectomy. Anyone any advice? Please?

abby - 18/05/2006 19:36

Hi delly, you say you are attending the hari clinic in the rotunda hospital. could you tell me is there a long waiting list with this clinic and can you attend as a public patient or is it private only? Do i need to be referred by my doctor? Many thanks for your reply.

AK - 18/05/2006 20:39

Hi Jenny, I am currently on my third attempt at IVF. I got word today that I have 7 follicles and so egg retrieval will be on Sunday - fingers crossed it will work for me. I am currently taking some time off work to rest etc and give myself the best possible chance, the reason I am saying this is - I have been spending my days watching "Discovery Home and HEalth" on Sky Digital all about IVF/ICSI and differenty fertility treatments, and there are alot of men who have had vasectomy for one reason or another, maybe on 2nd relationship and want to start a family etc etc. - in all of the cases they were able to retrieve sperm - I would be hopeful, dont take no for an answer from doctor - ask to explore all avenues! - best of luck. AK

luna - 18/05/2006 21:07

i am a 42 year old female and i am infertile. i lived in America for 11 years and had all my tests done there with a fantastic infertility team of specialists i went through all the routine tests and as alast resort had a laparoscopy which told us that my tubes were very badly scared. our only option was invitro which i had every intention of pursuing but sadly my marriagr broke up and i am now divorced. i am in a loving releationship now but feel too nervous at my age to pursue in vitro any futher. i have come to terms with it but i do wonder sometimes what if?

Delly - 19/05/2006 10:56

Hi All, Abby, I was referred to the HARI clinic by my doctor but its not a big deal, it is only a letter.As far as i know HARI is only private but you could ring them to clarify. To the lady who is on clomid and being treated badly by her doctors secretary, send a complaint letter in and requeat to be referred to another doctor. That type of service is not good enough. Also accupuncture is excellent for increasing progesterone levels naturally. AK, best of luck with the IVF. Luna, I really think you should contact NISIG 1890 647444. They are really full of information and experience of every possible infertility situation. They have given me great support. I personally think that if your relationship is solid, than 42 is still not too old to condider fertility treatment. I know older mothers. Best of Luck, Edel

Niambh(IYH36796) - 19/05/2006 12:14

Hi Delly, I had my fallopian tubes operated on 3 years ago to try to clear both of them. The operation was fine, you will be sore afterwards and need a few weeks to recover. I went with what my doctor recomended. At the time I would have tried anything and everything which I did. I eventually had to have both my tubes removed last year and am now 27 weeks pregnant after 4 IVF's.

abby - 23/05/2006 21:54

Hi all, my doctor has recommended that i attend an infertility clinic which uses a technology called NAPRO technology. There are only two clinics in this country one in galway and one in donegal. Has anyone ever attended one of these clinics and what are your opinions on the treatment. cheers abby.

Shelley - 24/05/2006 09:49

I haven't written in a while but at present Ovulation Stimulation treatment isn't working (knew it wouldn't really but hoped). We have been referred for IVF treatment and that we will be called to a meeting soon to discuss. I am attending the Galway clinic in UCHG and wonder: (1) how different is the road for IVF compared to Ovulation Stimulation. (2) If you had IVF treatment in Galway how was your experience I have been going to Gynae clinics for years with Endometriosis and TCC for over two years now but my body seems to fight anything they have done for me so far e.g. ovulating to early, not enough follicles or they are too small and my womb lining is very thin. I am abit scared about going down the road of IVF as it seems there is no turning back as it is our only and last option. Thanks for reading.

Mary(EST47366) - 27/05/2006 22:12

Hi All, My husband and I have just gone through our first failed attempt if iui. We are absolutely devasted and at the moment I have spent days crying and just can't seem to be able to cope with life. Just wondering has anyone else felt like this or am i abnormal?

AK - 28/05/2006 19:56

Hi there, I am on my third attempt at ICSI, I had one zygote transferred last Wednesday, I am very stressed and anxious. I feel very negative as I have period like cramps. I had these pains on the last attempt. Is there anyone who has had these pains and stil had a succesful pregnancy?. I am sick to my stomach at the thought of this not working AGAIN.I have been told by H Unit that these pains are to be expected as there has been a bit of poking around going on in ovaries etc. I will not put myself through this again beacuse it is cutting me up emotionally and phisically (eating constantly)Alternative option is egg dontation in Spain.... Is there anyone there with info on any of these two queries 1) pains 2) Egg Donation in Spain - many thanks AK

Anonymous - 28/05/2006 22:32

This is in response to Shelly`s query in relation to Galway fertility clinic. I have been attending there for awhile. I had to go private to get anywhere but once I did I must say they are excellent. All the nurses are brilliant ! Like you on my first attempt at IVF follicles too small, too many of them and thin lining so the cycle was cancelled. Im now on Glucophage medication for three months and start all over again next week. Dont give up hope. I can`t as its all that gets me through this !

Apple - 02/06/2006 15:40

Hi Mary My hubby and i had 3 failed IUI treatments last summer and we were devastated. I am now 28 and feel like time is ticking for me. I started attending acupuncture last november and i have found it fantastic, it has really regulated my cycle and i am now ovulating naturally. Dont get me wrong it not a quick fix solution but it is a step in the right direction. We have decided to try one more IUI this summer and then we will decided on IVF early next year. It is a long and painful process but the only thing that keeps me going is you have to have hope, without it where would we be?

LifeHandle - 08/06/2006 20:48

Its good that the accupuncture has helped you, but in as far as I know there is no scientific tests that link accupuncture to fertility. It is well known that 25% of infertility is caused by stress and one thing that accupuncture is good at is keeping you quiet for about 20 minutes. This may be where the therapeutic benefit comes from. Perhaps you should keep doing the accupuncture, but back it up with other activities that keeps your mind occupied (without worrying) for 20 minutes, such as yoga or some relaxing hobby. When you are stressed (whether you know you are stressed or not), the body directs most of its resources to the heart, lungs, arms and legs. We know this as the fight/flight response. Relaxing (whether in yoga, accupuncture or whatever) allows the body to tell the mind that there is actually no danger the the normal attention to all parts of the body can resume. Be warned though, relaxation techniques take a number of weeks to kick in, so you need to be patient and persevere. John

kanger roo - 09/06/2006 09:07

i was told 2 yrs ago i had 2 blocked fallopian tubes that the only way to concieve is ivf.i was also having problems with ibs so i had to change my diet.just over a week ago i done a pregnancy test cause my period was a week late and it was positive so i rang the doc to arrange a scan cause i could've had an ectopic i was taking into hospital for 3 days cause they wanyed to do tests to check for ectopic they done my hormone levels which came back doubled so the doc's were quite happy about it they took me down for a scan and they seen my baby striaght away in the womb,i couldn't believe it i am now just over 6 weeks and trying to take it easy.keeping yourself on a healthy diet and not stressing too much can make a huge difference in the way your body works.

Anonymous - 09/06/2006 11:47

This is in response to Jenny who wrote in comment regarding reversal vasectomy. My dh had a failed one, so we were told the only way we could conceive was by IVF/ICSI. We went to the Cork Fertility Clinic. They retreived sperm from dh and 6 eggs from me. 3 fertilised so they put 2 embryos back into me. Did a preg. test and it came up positive. I am due my baby in November. We feel that we are the luckiest people to get a positive result on our first attempt. So it is successful, just be patient and positive. Best of luck to jennie and all.

BM - 18/06/2006 21:37

Hi Abby, Yes I am attanding the NAPRO clinicin Galway- having an unsucessful IVF in Nov 2005 - and find it is very good less stressful as not all compacted into 1 month- you are treated for a year. Am 44 so dont hold out much hope but as an added bonus have had PMS symptoms cut down to less than a week. I suits me as I cant face IVF again.

mariaD - 25/06/2006 18:32

My husb and I have been tying for a year now. I am 38 he is 44. I worked as a midwife in the uk for years and met many women having their first baby aged 37-41 so it never occurred to me I was leaving it too late. All initial tests (sperm, hysterosalpingrogram female hormones) came back fine so the Gynae gave me a script for Clomid which I hadn't yet started. Last month a routine scan to document ONE small fibroid seen on hystosalp showed 4 Fibroids with "bulky" uterus. I'm not sure if this will affect us by preventing implantation. Does anyone have experience with Fibroids?? Of course my consultant should and could answer all of these queries if I could get hold of him to interpret the Ultra sound Scan report and not have to wait 6-8 weeks for another appointment. Although he is well known for being a lovely man he offers a very poor service, being eternally busy and overbooked. The thought of depending on Drs for any level of excellence in Ireland puts me completely off the idea of even taking the first step on the IVF journey.

tra - 26/06/2006 14:34

hi guys i was just wondering does anyone has the number for the fertility clinic in galway

Anonymous - 26/06/2006 20:51

Hi its 091-544622,and 091-544223.But the call times are restricted to 9-1 and 2-4.30 I think as they need to phone through results to patients (so I believe). My husband and I are attending that clinic but needed to be referred by our GP in order to get an appointment, as there are so many of us in this position unfortunately.Best of luck!

Mary - 01/07/2006 16:54

Hi Apple, Thank you for replying to my message. I am also 28 and me and hubby have been trying for almost 4 years. Have gone for our second lot of IUI today so fingers crossed. Hoping that your next lot of IUI works out for you.

Helen(helenquinn) - 03/07/2006 22:39

Hello my name is Helen and I have set up a community based support forum for infertilty called Some of you may remember me and my husband as the couple who attended the Cork Clinic in the documentary Making Babies which was screened on RTE in October 2004. Please do come and share your stories with us. There are many others who are in the same situation and find it easier to express their feelings in such a support website. Perhaps you are worried about a forthcoming treatment and perhaps having a cycle buddy will help you get though it. I invite you to have come and share your journey with us at Helen

Anonymous - 07/07/2006 22:20

Hi everyone.My husband and I have been trying for a baby for 3 1/2 yrs and have finally made it to our first ICSI treatment. My DH had the fertility problem, and the doctors diagnosed myself as being 'normal and healthy' so have good chance of success(?). We are attending the unit at UCHG.Has anyone had success there? We are totally happy with the team up there etc, but dont know of anyone who had achieved success where there was only male infertility being the 'obstacle'.

smily - 10/07/2006 15:07

Hi anonimous, we are in the same boat as you are except we have not got to the starting line yet. male infertility.. I am healthy etc. We are at the moment waiting for a biopsy on dh to see if any sperm can be retrieved. We are hoping that will be start of sept. We have been told it will be either icsi or icsi using donor so hopefully biopsy will be a success. I am also of the opinion that surely the success rate must be higher if its only male is the problem... surely better than both?? when are you starting? we are attending Cork and have been trying over 2 years now... seems like a lifetime!

Anonymous - 10/07/2006 20:34

Hi Smily, My husband had his biopsy in Dec last year, and had great results, 5 ampuoles were taken and frozen, all little swimmers healthy etc.He was very sore for a few days afterwards and had pains once in a while.We are attending the clinic in Galway, and yes the time has taken forever to get this far.We start this weekend on the cycle, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck with the biopsy etc!

Helen(helenquinn) - 10/07/2006 22:24

To the previous two posters. I have set up a new community support website called I hope you will take the time to come and take a look as there are other members who have been or are going through the same journey as you. Perhaps we can help and give you both support through this difficult and lonely time of your lives. Helen

AK - 11/07/2006 10:50

Hi there, I underwent my third ICSI attepmt in May and it failed. I was so upset about it that I could not even look at a web site. I had been attending the HAri Unit, they have suggested we contact Clane or Galway to proceed with other options ie. sperm donation or egg donation - or possibly try ICSI there with our own egg/sperm. Has anyone attended these clincis with success ??

Anonymous - 11/07/2006 12:51

Hello, I had ICSI treatment at a clinic. We had 4 attempts and on the 4th attempt we conceived. It was a long journey but we were lucky. Whichever clinic you decide do ask them about their donor programs and they will guide you.

luna - 13/07/2006 21:14

I am a 42 year old woman and i have one tube and both ovaries. I had a laparoscopy done 8 years ago in New York. The clinic i attended was fantastic and i cant praise them enough.However my remaining tube was damaged and my only option was ivf. Sadly i did not proceed with it and wonder now if i am too old. i wish i had opted for the ivf when i had the chance. Friends say to me its never too late to try but i am not so sure. I thought that i was dealing very well with being childless but of late it seems to be gnawing at me a lot.Its wonderfull to hear of the success stories and it helps me to keep the faith that maybe ?

KC - 15/07/2006 11:32

Luna, I will be 40 shortly and am just embarking on treatment to try to help me conceive my first child. I understand your worries about age but I think if you are having these feelings now and ignore them, then in five years time you will really be kicking yourself! I hope you make the right decision for you and your partner but really I don't think 42 is too old and if your desire is strong it will get you through in the end. Good Luck KC.

babyblues - 21/07/2006 05:34

I had unexplained fertility issues for 2 years. It's heartbreaking. Hypnofertility is now available in Ireland and has higher success rates than IVF. Lynsi Eastburn who created the program has a new book coming out about it called Conceivable - might be worth a look. I eventually got pg a month before we were going for IVF.

Anonymous - 25/07/2006 11:14

Hi all. My hubby and i have been ttc for over 2 yrs now but without joy. I finished 6 mths of clomid 3 mths ago and waited for referral to gyny in Galway. Went for 1st visit which involved blood tests, vaginal scan and hubby had to go to UCHG for sperm test. Now have to wait 3 mths to be seen to discuss results and options. Is this normal wait time? It seems like an awful long time to be just doing nothing, shd I be doing anything else to move it on? Gyny is just extremely busy. Shd I consider changing if this is the way all appointments are going to be or is he the specialist to see in Galway? Any comments appreciated as I\'m getting very impatient at this stage and the clock is ticking.

Delly - 25/07/2006 11:58

Yes, 3 months is pretty normal. I have been ttc for nearly 4 years, have been to a few different doctors/ clinics & they have all been the same. The next step for you may be a Laporoscopy & you will probably have to wait 3 months for it to happen then two or three months until your appointment to discuss findings. It is all a waiting game, sorry to dissapoint you.

AK - 25/07/2006 15:45

Hi Baby blues, Do you have any other info in relation to hypno fertility ? I cannot find anything on the web - I have tried everthing else - thanks AK

Shelley - 25/07/2006 16:30

in regards to the Hypnofertility all I could find was in relation to treatment in England, nothing in Ireland. If anyone know of it in Ireland I would really appreicate the details. To the lady enquiring about Galway Clinic. I find the clinic in Galway very good. It took me about two/three months to get my initial appointment but that was the longest I had to wait for anything. Going private is faster than been on medical card. My treatment started straight away and they even seen me on St. Stephen's Day. At the moment for the summer they seem to focus more on the IVF treatments and resume in September again with Ovulation Induction Treatments. I been ttc for two half year but have stop all treatment at present. I needed to reassess what I wanted and the effect it all was having on my mental and physical health. Things are good now and I feel stronger now to start IVF hopefully in Sept/Oct. The Galway Clinic have been very understanding and allowed me the time to come to this decision to start IVF when I am ready and not when they are ready. I now feel more in control. Best of luck to all and don't give up.

Apple - 26/07/2006 14:10

Hi All, I know it is very early days yet, but i have just found out i am 5 weeks pregnant! Talk about shock, after 4 years TTC and 3 failed IUI!! We were due to go back to the Cork Fertility Clinic in the next few months to begin IVF. Please can you all keep your fingers crossed that the next few weeks are good and safe for me. If nothing else it proves there is hope out there for everyone.

KC - 26/07/2006 17:59

Hi Apple, Let me be one of the first to congratulate you and your partner. That is just fantastic news and gives hope to all the rest of us going through the mill trying to conceive. Look after yourself and take it very easy!!!!!! and of course I will be remember you in my prayers. KC.

Helen(helenquinn) - 27/07/2006 00:29

Congratulations Apple that is great news. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Helen

Mary - 27/07/2006 11:56

Hi Apple, Congratulations on your good news. Hearing good news like that gives us all a little bit of renewed hope. Best of luck Mary

Nina - 12/08/2006 11:44

Ive just spent the last while reading all the texts, some heartwarming and good advice and I have just happened across this site now. Congrats to apple. I dont know if this is still onging as last post in July. I have been trying for a baby since 2000 and am now 33 will be 34 Dec. I spent a full year with a gyni with a battery of tests and a d&c and at the end of that she couldnt find anything. I had believed I had pcos from a young age had all the symptoms and was also confirmed at age 20 from Rotunda an earlier battery of tests. She (new gni)didnt find this however I was very sceptical as my periods if any were irregular and bleeding usually lasted in some cases over 4mths and I had other symtoms, my ealier tests which confirmed pcos were also lost in the Rotunda when she tried to retrieve so I had nothing but my own earlier diagnosis and gut instinct something was wrong. I was then referred to Hari Unit to Prof harrison, he was wonderful and did many blood tests on the first visit, however for our next appointment date we had a serious illness in our family and my infertility issues were set aside to care for someone else. When we returned 11mths later Prof Harrison had retired and the new consultant had more blood tests taken and put me straight onto clomid without indepth tests, to be honest I was disheartened by his attitude. I was on clomid for 4mths 100mg and nothing had tracked my own cycle but on the fifth month, mid cycle experienced the most excruciating pain and bleeding, I couldnt get appointment in Hari and went to my own gp who told me I was more than likely overstimulated by the clomid and stopped this immediatly, this also gave me extremely painful periods prolonged for 4 mths after stopping the Clomid. Then back to my usual irregular sometimes prolonged periods. My husband was also tested and has normal sperm count and no other medical problems. Ive tried to research what and where I should be going next, this was last June and to be honest I was so tired exhausted and unhappy with the level of care from the Hari at that time I just did not go back! Im wondering does anyone have any information they could give on a good consultant they have visited or alternative therapy, I have been looking at websites for acupunture but I dont know if I should return to the medical route to continue with tests or just resign myself to this and learn to live with it. If anyone has had similar experience with clomid and been on an alternative which has worked better I would appreciate the advice. Sorry for being so long winded trying to condense 6 years into small sentences is hard, not as hard as longing for a baby though. much luck and thanks to all nina

Helen(helenquinn) - 12/08/2006 17:22

Hi Nina firstly I just want to say that I conceived at 38 and had our gorgeous little girl at the tender age of 39 so dont despair. However, we had to use IVF/ICSI. I tried diets, acupuncture and reflexology to help with my symptoms of PCOS. However, since having the baby my cycle seems to be more regular as I approach my 40th birthday. Would you consider another clinic? I know you are tired of the medical route but sometimes a fresh perpesctive can help. I also have set up a support website for people such as yourself. Its Not all of us go the IVF route and there are other options before that. We can offer you help and support as all the members there either have been there or are going through it themselves. Do please have a look and we can do our best to help you. Dont despair just yet - you are not alone in this. Helen

nina - 14/08/2006 00:46

Thank you so much Helen, even the kind encouraging words are helpful. I will look at the website as Ive never had this information, I would consider using another clinic but I think the only other is sims in dublin and not to sure if they actually investigate infertility or just go into IVF. Thank you again and I will keep watching and gathering information and be hopeful. Much thanks and luck to all

Helen(helenquinn) - 14/08/2006 23:18

No problem Nina - we are here for you any time you need. Helen

Mary - 24/08/2006 10:04

Could anyone tell me if there are any medical insurance policies with either bupa or vhi that cover the cost of iui or ivf? Have just contacted bupa to find that my particular policy doesn't cover only the investigation of the problem but will not cover the cost of the treatment!!

Shelley - 24/08/2006 11:48

Dear Mary I was informed that no health insurance covers these area. All you can do is claim of your tax using a med 1 form at the end of the tax year. Sorry the news isn't any better. It is a stretch to wait and save the money.

AK - 24/08/2006 13:53

To Nina, Galway Univertisty and Clane General Hospital have been recommended to me, also, the Sims clinic. I have had 3 failed ICSI attemtps in the Hari unit, I have had countless number of blood tests and laps done since 1998. I have done, yoga, reflexology and acupuncture. It is a long road, but I still will not give up and you should not either, there will always be an obstacle if you let there be, Be positive and dont let infertility beat you, until someone tells you \"You cannot have a child\"..... keep going. Dont let infertility beat you. There are lots of other avenues, egg dontation, sperm donation, adoption.I just wish I had put my name on the adoption register in 1998 - maybe I would have a child now! - At the time though it was not for me. I dont intend to give up - I hope you dont

Elle - 25/08/2006 22:06

Hi all could I just throw some light at the end of the tunnel for you all.My sis has being like you all trying for a precious baby.We've been trough some harrowing times together.I've gotton phone calls at ungodly hours to tell me of babies being found abandoned etc etc(which is another story in itself).So we took on the attitude it's NEVER going to happen LIVE YOUR LIFE.So herself and hubby travelled to places they never thought they would see,they partied like teenagers,life got good again no sobbing down the phone every month.Yet the yearning was ther but not mentioned.WELL........... The 1st week in May she called out of work dreadfull bug.Still no better May 6th her wedding anniversary Doc asks any chance of a pregnancy.. Her answer was GET REAL.He did a test and YES YES YES after all these years I'm going to be an auntie.She will be 40 soon so what.This baby will be treasured and could'nt want for better parents.So don't give up hope reading your stories makes the rest of us who have children realise how much the whole experience is taken for granted,although honestly I never have not when someone so close is so desperate.NEVER GIVE UP YOUR HOPE.

Joanne(CSY45538) - 26/08/2006 21:43

Hi Mary, After the first 125 euro or 250euro for a couple on the Med1 form you can claim back 42% so it is a hefty sum. If you get your form in by Sept you should get back a cheque for payment in full, and not through your wages the following year. I hope that helps.

liz - 29/08/2006 14:56

Congratulations Apple that is fantastic news. My husband and i have been trying for 2 yr for a baby and we are both 34. we have been attending a fertility clinic. i have a very very regular cycle and both my husband and i have been thorough checked out and everything seems fine. however every month we try for a baby i bleed approx 3 days after ovulation. this is not normal for me but the doctors don't listen. yesterday i went to an acpunturist and she listened intently to what i said and what she said to me made total sence. can you give more details of your acpunturist and where he/she was based? thanks and congrats

Mary - 30/08/2006 17:12

Joanne, Thanks a million all these treatments seem to cost so much and to think that medical insurance doesn't cover it is just a joke. In the uk you get one free go at ivf and i think that it should be the same in Ireland. My husband and I have spent a fortune already and are now facing ivf, not too sure what to do ivf with no guaranteed results or foreign adoption and finally have a child to call your own? What do other people think? How many of you have been successful with ivf?

Brigid - 31/08/2006 11:23

Hi all, reading msgs which I find both enlightening and supportive and more importantly hopeful. Have been ttc for over 2 yrs but no joy. Have my second appt with gyny in Galway to discuss results from initial appointment. Hubby was given initial results of sperm sample and told he tested positive for anti sperm antibodies and I'm curious prior to next appt to have knowledge on this. Have read up and doesn't seem good, can use steriod treatment but can have serious side effects. Has anyone any experience/knowledge of this. I know gyny will have answers but appt isn't for another 6 wks and I'd like to have info prior to that so if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

AK - 31/08/2006 13:20

my husbad has sperm antibodies, but has been told this is not a problem, when optin for IVF or ICSI, the sperm are actually washed - so dont worry too much on this. good luck AK

doc - 03/09/2006 13:21


Helen - 04/09/2006 11:42

Hi doc reading your story was like looking into a mirror for me as my dh and I had exactly the same. Low sperm for him and I have PCOS. We also attended the Cork Clinic and of course they are a wonderful team there and you and dh are in great hands. I have set up a support website and I invite you to join us doc and we can give you lots of support and of course you are not alone in this journey. The website is We would love to see you there. Helen

rachel - 06/09/2006 20:24

regarding the posting from chess 11/04/2006, i too am 30 and had to have a hysterectomy due to cancer not very long ago and myself and husband really want to have children.i too have been looking in to surrogacy but im afraid at the moment the only option is to go to another counrty to do it. hopefull ireland will sort its self out soon and make a lot of childless people very happy. hopefully your still reading this site because your not alone.

Chess - 08/09/2006 12:44

For Rachel: yes, I am still reading the messages on the forum and it's good to feel I'm not alone. I have started going through the first tests with an Italian doctor connected to a fertility clinic in Russia. So far so good, it will be a long journey, I will keep you updated should I succeed in my dream of having a baby. For the time being, best of luck to all of you out there trying to accomplish the same. Chess

rachel(PVF49608) - 08/09/2006 17:28

hi chess thats great.! do keep me informed would love to know how you got on,where did you find out about the doctor in russia. i wish you and your husband all the luck in the world.

rita - 04/10/2006 17:28

hi,i have 2 girls 5 and 9,i have been trying for a baby for a year and still no luck im wondering whats wrong.

Brigid - 17/10/2006 16:46

Hi AK, thank you for responding to my mail on 31/8/06 re sperm antibodies. Only getting back now as I've had my gyny appt last wk. Our gyny feels only option is ICSI. I think I was a bit shell shocked when he said this as I didn't realise that we were at that stage, probably naievity on my part. I was very upset and reading various articles, I realise its a long road ahead. Do you mind me asking, did you have other difficulties aside from the sperm antibodies. I felt a bit upset when I was talking to gyny and didn't ask any questions and have kicked myself since as you wait for months for these appointments and don't take advantage when you're there. My next step is a lap to see if everything is ok with me and then we go from there. Does anyone know if there is just the one IVF clinic in Galway or are there others. How do they rate compared to others. I was interested AK to see you had been recommended Galway, why was this do you think? I hope you are getting on ok with whatever stage you are at right now. It is a long and difficult road and I suppose all we can be is hopeful. I think the hardest thing is not talking about it. It's like a taboo amongst friends and family as you really don't feel like talking about it and therefore have no knowledge to gain from others. Good luck to everyone and thank God for these type of chats where at least we can glean some information and knowledge from others in the same boat.

AK - 18/10/2006 19:08

Hi Brigid, After years of going to apts I still never ask the right questions, I am intelligent enough, but when it comes to these meetings, I behave like some one who does not even posses a brain so I know how you feel. I am not aware of any other clinics in Galway, The Hari Unit in Dublin had mentioned Galway University to me, also Clane General Hospital in Kildare, logistically though I am sure this may not suit you. Another clinich which has been mentioned to me is SIMS clinic apparently they are supposed to be good. Along with my husband having Sperm Antibodies, he had slow motility, I also had ovarian cysts and some endo (which has been cleared up via Laser Lap). I am in the process at the moment of undergoing egg donation in Spain. We are doing ICSI for this. I am due to go to Spain on Mon/Tues for the transfer once there are embryos.... - AK

Anonymous - 19/10/2006 12:29

Hi apple,hope every thing went fine with your great news,have not heard from you in a while.

Brigid - 20/10/2006 11:39

Hi AK, thanks for that. It's good to talk get the opportunity to talk to someone who's "in the know". My husband also has slow motility so we'll see what is said after the lap in Dec and go from there. I have no reason to question Galway or treatment at the moment as I haven't started anything as yet but will no doubt find out in time. I hope everything goes well for you in Spain, my fingers are crossed for you. Keep us posted. Brigid.

j - 22/10/2006 10:21

hello, i have been ttc for 4 years now, have tubal problems and endometriosis. Had an unsuccessful ivf attempt just a few months ago in galway. I've had some problems as a result both physically and mentally and as a result have ended up seeing a homeopath as well as some other people, she has encouraged me to try homeopathy as an alternative to ivf and showd me case histories with amazing results. I'm reluctant to build my hopes up and i'm just wondering if any one knows anything about this? Thanks and good luck to you all!

RainyDay - 23/10/2006 21:43

Hi J - While I understand your desparation, in my opinion you would be taking a huge gamble by putting your trust in a homeopath. Talk to your GP about further options.

Mary - 24/10/2006 11:46

Hi all, its been a long time since i've written just wanted to know if anyone else after failed iui treatments have found that relationship with husband on a rocky patch. We've never had problems before but it seems that the failed treatments have put us under tremendous pressure. We have unexplained infertility which we are both finding it hard to come to terms with because each of us blames ourselves for our inability to have children. While everyone around us appears to suddenly having children we seem to be falling apart at the seams. Anyone who can give me any advice i would be most grateful as this is tearing me apart.

Anon - 24/10/2006 13:09

Mary, Its perfectly understandable that there is a tension between you and your partner. The focus is on having a child and you have lost sight of each other in the process. As you are both going through this, you both feel alone and can only 'react' to each other rather than an 'outsider'. All I would say to anyone going through this is to think about your life if you don't have a child. Look at the positive side of life as a couple. Its particularly difficult when females are in their late 30's as regardless of whether they really want a child or not, there body (and society) is telling them that they are incomplete if they do not have a child and the clock is ticking. I have been through it all unsuccessfully and thought that once the menopause hit, I would become a basket case if I didn't have a baby. But you know what, its not the end of the world. I look at friends who have children with disability, both mental and physical and I know now that I actually didn't want a child that badly. I look at other friends who are in despair because their children are leaving home & I realise that I couldn't cope with that either. Its the feeling of failure & the fitting in with the crowd. Don't get me wrong, I am not being negative. I am only trying to say that regardless of what you try, always be prepared for if it doesn't work and live your life for yourself rather than focus on 'what if'. Sit down and talk to hubby. Its harder for men to talk about these things. He should be your focus and you should be his. Good Luck though.

ana - 26/10/2006 13:47

Following laparascopy, i was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and am scheduled to have micro surgery very soon. Doctor believes this will increase my chances of conceiving. My progesterone is always low around 30 , doctor states that optimun is 60. the edometriosis seems to be effecting my hormones. Anyone else out there who has had same diagnosis and who had micro surgery or opted for something else? what were the chances of success after.

AK - 07/11/2006 19:34

Hi Mary I understand how you feel in relation to a rocky patch with your husband. I have has three unsuccesful IVF (ICSI) attepmts and I am currently doing egg donation, I had a transfer of 2 embryos last Monday (PG) During the course of all of this my husband and I separated because of the constant arguing and tension in the house, While I was devasated over this it was nearly a relief not to have him there and not to have the arguing. I was so stressed. I even developed over active thyroid over the stress. We then started communicating again by going for dinner going on dates.etc I am not saying you should split up certainly not, but a break away from each other did help us. I blamed him all of the time, he in fairness never blamed me. Dont get me wrong, we still have arguments now, but I know that he hurts too and I understand that (sometimes)... He is still a man of course! Why dont you try counselling - even if he does not want to go you can avail of it yourself, and maybe see things from a different perspective. I hope things improve for you and your husband I really do. You dont need the stress of an unhappy marriage and what you are going through as well, you dont want it to make you ill. Good Luck ! AK.

anon - 07/11/2006 19:35

Can anyone out there please advise if progsterone causes period like cramps - I dont sem to be getting an answer from medical staff ?? thanks

Ella - 29/12/2006 14:52

Have you considered hypnofertility - it can be very effective for both partners. Alice Domar in the US runs a research program in Harvard about the mind body connection (stress and infertility) and has shown in her research that women who learn relaxation techniques such as self hypnosis and yoga can increase their likelihood of conceiving and carrying a pregnancy to term.

Mary - 05/03/2007 16:05

Hi All, haven't visited for a while i just took a complete break from it all, i think for my own sanity i had to. Just wondering how everyone is getting on? Am supposed to go back for last iui and just keep putting it off i dont think the either me or hubby are ready for more disappointment yet. Has anyone tried hypnotherapy for unexplained infertility? Am 29 years of age and hubby 28 have been trying for baby for almost five years willing to try anything!!!!

doc - 13/03/2007 14:03

hi all. a month ago we had twins cocieved by ivf.they were born at only 24 weeks and sadly they both died at 4 days and 9 days.we are coping ok.taking everyday as it comes..we are eager to try another cycle of wondering if anybody knows what is the recommended time to let between a c section and starting another cycle.??

Anonymous - 17/03/2007 22:56

To doc - posted 13/3/07 - I have travelled a similar journey of loss. The 2nd IVF didn't take & I was astounded at the grief I felt. I am now waiting a while to give myself a chance to recover. I know it is the most natural thing in the world to want a brother or sister for your two little babies. Mind yourselves & don't push yourselves too hard. I don't know if you have heard of - they are a listening ear to families whose babies died in & around the time of birth. I wish you all the best in the future.

Helen(helenquinn) - 20/03/2007 19:39

Hello, I have set up a website for couples dealing with all aspects of infertility and infertility treatment. The website is It is a very friendly support forum and may be of help to some of you who are feeling isolated and dealing with this on your own. I invite you to come and look at the website. All members have the same interests and experiences in common and we all help and support each other through everything. Helen -

cath - 21/03/2007 17:37

Have been ttc for 4yrs i have just been told have tested positive for thyroid antibodies and have had an underactive thyroid for 7 years could this be affecting my chance of conceiving nothing has shown up on any other tests for me or my husband we are attending the cork clinic thanks for any advice

mur - 21/03/2007 23:00

Hi all, Got an embarrasing question to ask all. How many males reading this have had Semen Analysis {SA} done in recent times to find out there is little or no hope of conceiving. I have been married for over 2 years now and trying to have a kid in that time. After \"nothing stirring\" during this time, we attended as private out patients in the Rotunda. Two SA\'s were done and both came back with little or nothing there worth talking about. Today the doctor referred me to the HARI clinic for a full SA and a future appointment with another doctor, where a very helpful and cheerful girl made light of the whole thing which made it a lot easier to discuss. (I have an appointment for my full SA in a couple of weeks). Has anyone or does anyone know anyone else that had a dismal low sperm count with little or no hope of conceiving, to find that something changed and their SA increased over months and successfully conceived at a later stage. I should mention also I am a sufferer of A.S. [ankylosing Spondylitis} and am on weekly medication for this {enbrel injections}. All literature for this never even considers a drop in semen count yet I am so dependent on medication cannot come off it for more than 6 weeks or all symptons kick in and I am in agony. As there is at least a 3 month cycle for any dramatic change in SA, my current condition wins V coming off medication. I suppose I must not lose faith yet and keep trawling the internet for clues as to what is wrong, with the help of all you good people. I would be really appreciative of any comments / suggestions on this matter as I am heading to a point of great disappointment and resolution that I will not be able to father a child with my lovely wife? Thanks for reading and understanding this sensitive subject.

smily - 22/03/2007 21:40

Hi, read your post and feel your disappointment and pain. We too went through all the tests and dh had sa only to find zilch sperm, nada, zero. Bombshell. The good news? Dh had a biopsy and there is sperm being produced and for icsi they only need very few sperm, so once you have some they can use them and you can have your very own biological child. We are on 2WW after icsi #2, so praying for bfp. Best of luck too you and you can have a child with your wife, you just won't have the pleasure of creating the child in the natural way. Never give up hope and good luck xxx

RainyDay - 22/03/2007 21:57

Hi Mur - Having gone through the IVF process at the HARI clinic (as a guy), I can confirm that they are very sensitive and supportive. Google for details of ICSI, which is a special type of IVF for people with very low sperm count. They basically pick out and individual sperm and inject it directly into the egg. It is more complicated than standard IVF, but success is possible.

Sus - 26/03/2007 09:28

Hi, going through IVF process at the moment (starting injections next week) and was wondering if it was too late to start acupuncture? Also does anyone know about the benefits of taking pineapple after transfer? This is our second attempt at IVF so we have everything crosses but myself and dh getting very snappy at each other.

smily - 26/03/2007 20:04

Hi Sus, me thinks I recognise you from another site!! Regards the acupuncture, it is never too late to start. They do like you to do a 12 week course but it is not necessary. My advice is, if you like it it will definitely relax you as times get tougher in the ivf cycle. It is meant to up the chances of success if you have a session immediately before and after egg transfer, so that will benefit you anyway. I am on 2ww and had acu through the cycle and found it great. It really relaxed me and the acupuncturist was a wonderful person who knew the right things to say at the right time. Whatever you decide... best of luck!!!

Anonymous - 12/04/2007 20:34

Dear All, I attend meetings that are held by NISIG and find it wonderful to share and hear other views from people going through what we are going through. They are very sensitive and understanding. I arrived on my own as my husband was not interested in attending the meeting and I was made feel so welcome. Their website is and they have a LoCall number 1890647444 and during the day if nobody is there they give you a mobile number to ring. Though I am regularly in touch with a chat room, I find the meetings great. When I'm feeling a little low its great to chat to one of the ladies on the helpline, I just don't feel so alone.

Anonymous - 12/04/2007 23:46

Hello to the previous poster, I would be interested in joining that chat room you mentioned, is it on another website or through NISIG? It would be nice to get in touch with other women in a similar situation as I do feel very alone at times. Thanku Mags

filo - 25/04/2007 18:35

Hi. my gyn has just prescribed clomid. Does any one have any stories, tips, side effects they can share? I would really appreciate some feedback. Thanks.

Brigid - 26/04/2007 09:15

Hi Filo. Can only speak from my own experience but had absolutely no problem taking Clomid and no side effects whatsoever. It didn't work for us as we discovered other issues after but best of luck with it. My sister also used Clomid and is on Baby No. 3 now so she was luckier that me and didn't have any notable side effects although she was on the max dose. I suppose side effects will be outweighed if you are successful. Good luck.

filo - 01/05/2007 15:41

Thanks Brigid. Thats very encouraging. Had crazy hot flushes last night. I think Its the clomid.. as you say, as long as the outcome is positive!

Anonymous - 08/05/2007 20:43

my name is lisa and i have been trying for a baby for 4 years and at this stage i am heart broken on friday the 4 may 07 we went to the rotunda and to be told after all the surgery and lap an dyes and years of clomid ,my tubes are blocked and i have realy mad endometrioses and our only hope now is ivf. i just cant have any more disapointment i know it might work but what if it does not i am in bits. i would love to talk or email anyone who knows what i am going true

kea - 10/05/2007 17:02

Hi Lisa, please don't give up hope now. I too have very severe endo. and after two major surgeries have been told that my tubes are blocked and our only chance of conception is IVF. You need to give yourself some time to deal with the news you were given last Friday, it's a huge blow to you and your partner. After some setbacks with HARI we will hoefully be starting IVF later in the summer. I have found that acupuncture helped relieve a lot of the stress and upset (lots of tears!) that I've been through recently. You need to give yourself some time-out before you think about more treatment. I really hope things work out for you, whatever you decide. Take care of yourself Lisa. xxx

Anonymous - 10/05/2007 21:09

Lisa have a look at It is a brilliant website and I would be lost without it. The members there give very good support and help.

lisa(OSX60231) - 10/05/2007 21:10

thanks for that its nice to here from some one who knows what its like ,i talk to people about the way i feel not been able to conceive i feel like i am not normal in a way i dont know if people feel like that or is it just me.let me know how you get on during your treatment and i will pray for the both of us thanks kea

Anonymous - 15/05/2007 21:59

Hi, We been trying for a baby since June 04. Have has the ultrasounds and laporoscopy and it looks like its "unexplained". This is so frustrating. We are due to start IUI in July. All our friends and colleagues are announcing pregnancies on nearly a weekly basis. Its killing me and killing my husband watching me (he is so brave - outwardly at least, he suffers too). Stumbling accross this website has been the most posative thing that happened to me in months. Don't feel so alone anymore.

Marti - 16/05/2007 11:29

I am due to have HyCoSy in a few weeks. The literature I was given says to expect "some discomfort" but I would like to know what other people's experience of it is.

Billyjean - 16/05/2007 15:35

Hi all, we have been ttc for 10 yrs now. Tried ivf once at hari but did not work. did not get on well with all the drugs either just had a terrible time. have mild endo and getting treatment for it again later this year. Currently with Dr. Boyle in Galway - what a revelation! my hormone levels were so low on day 21 no possible way i could hold onto a pregnancy. now on daily hormones and regular injections after ovulation , started all this about 6 months ago - still not pregnant but for the first time in years i feel very positive - the difference the hormones made to me in general are unbelievable.

Anonymous - 16/05/2007 16:41

Marti you don't mention whether you are gettign general or local with sedation. It it's the former there wll be some discomfort afterwards but your medial team should be able to manage that for you with proper pain control measures

lola - 26/05/2007 01:27

currently attending galway on a frozen cycle,just turned 40,lost a baby @ 2 weeks due to congenital adrenal hyperplasia,ectopic followed resulting in loss of a fallopian tube,in addition had 3 miscarriages,attended the rotunda for an uhcg,found the consultant to be totally unsympathetic.does anyone have a reaction to FEMATAB as my eye-lids are bloychy and resemble elephant skin?

Susan - 26/05/2007 18:57

Hi, Just wondering if anyone has gone through IVF post ulcerative colitis & colo-rectal surgery?

Anonymous - 30/05/2007 00:55

My wife and I are currently going through the process of Ovulation tracking, scans, injections etc. PCOS is the diagnosis. We may soon have to make a decision on IVF. Can you let me know if 1. you would have reservations about Galway? and 2. if you would recommend Cork, Rotunda or CARE (in the UK)? Thanks.

Marti - 30/05/2007 13:00

Anonymous, thanks for getting back to me - I don't know how I missed your message! There is no anaesthetic or sedation at all with HyCoSy (it's not a lap and dye) and you go home straight afterwards. I've been told that it's only a 15 minute procedure and that I will have the results on the day.

Anonymous - 30/05/2007 14:14

Hi Marti - Thanks. Do you mean then that they only give local aneasthetic (and presmably lots of it) without sedation instead of general??

Helen(helenquinn) - 30/05/2007 22:38

For Anonymous I too have PCOS and attended both Cork and Galway. However, it was with Cork that we eventually achieved success. I also have a website which both you and wife may like to go for information and support. Do please check Helen www.irishinfertilitysupportforums.i

sara(sarab) - 31/05/2007 11:07

I was diagnosed with borderline PCOS and I am attending the hospital in Drogheda, but I have had been attending my local gp with the problem of irregular periods since 2000. I had an ultrasound in 2002 and it was clear and I also had bloods done but my LH & my testosterone Levels were a bit raised back then. I have changed doctors now attending a female doctor. I'm waiting to go for a lap and hys since last September. I'm also waiting for another ultrasound appointment till I get word on the operation date. I'm currently taking herbs Angus Cactus/Evening Primrose Oil and Black Cohosh. Has anyone tried any of these and have they worked. I was also taking Metformin but i stopped taking it as it just didnt agree with me. It is so frustrating not knowing why I'm not getting a regular cycle. We are ttc but while I'm not ovulating there is no chance of that happening.

Marti - 31/05/2007 11:34

As far as I am aware, there is no anaesthetic at all - I was just told to take two painkillers about an hour before to dealing with "cramping".

Anonymous - 31/05/2007 12:44

Oh my God, Marti - are you serious? No aneasthetic at all??? Just painkillers? Are you sure that's not some kind of mistake? I would have thought at least local (and sedatives if required by the women) and muscle relaxants would be the standard of care if general aneasthetic is not required.

Marti - 31/05/2007 15:45

Completely serious. From what I've read, this is the standard with this particular test - it involves pushing a saline solution into the uterus and through the tubes while monitoring with ultrasound to check for both shape and possible blockages. My only real concern is that I'm hearing some very different accounts about how much "discomfort" is involved.

Anonymous - 05/06/2007 09:51

I am NOT comfortable with tubes of saline solution, being pushed into my uterus and falllopian tubes without appropriate anaesthetic. Suffice to say, I had procedure involving something similar (with my uterus but not the tubes) some time ago using just painkillers and I experieced an number of contractions (not cramps, contractions), my blood pressure dropped to 31 and I almost passed out!!

Mel - 05/06/2007 11:32

Hi does any one know of any medicine or heard of any thing to help clear blocked Fallopian tubes? I was told I have this problem after 5 years.

lisa(OSX60231) - 05/06/2007 19:18

hi mel there are herbs you can get that will help .but to be honest i dont know i have also two blocked tubes and we were told only ivf is our best treatment in the rotunda which i was heart broken about and just the other day my friend told me she is pregnant with twins and know i should be happy for them but i find my self that i cant even talk to her at the moment never mind seeing her i dont know how i am going to cope with it i feel really angry about it i know it sounds a bit mad has anyone felt like this or is it only me

Mel - 06/06/2007 10:33

Hi Lisa, That is the way i felt when my friend said she was pregnant, she kept telling me that i should have a baby!! if she only knew.. me & my partner have kept this from our familys.. its hard but we feel like it better that way.. we are not married and i feel like people will judge us, we are a young couple (26).i have gone for acupuncture and i taught it helped but i found that he was not very helpful I guess its because we are not married ...? did you ever get that? I just got that vibe…. we have be referred to clane but i would like to try other options first..Have you gone down this road?

Mary - 06/06/2007 15:29

Hi Lisa, I can totally agree with how u feel at the moment and i have been feeling like that with almost 2 years. My husband and i are suffering from unexplained infertility and have found life very difficult. Both my brothers wifes/girlfriends have had babies and during both pregnancies i couldnt have anything 2 do with them. One nite in particular stands out in my mind - all the family (who didn't know about our situation at the time) we out for a meal and my brother proceeded to tell us that dey were goin to have half a dozen children and in front of everyone asked my husband did he know what to do as we were married the longest and had no children. I often wonder how he actually felt when we did tell him. I was angry with the world and myself and pushed away all my friends that got pregnant and felt constantly under pressure which probably made our situation worse, however, just 2 weeks ago one of my best friends told me she was pregnant and was dreading telling me as she knew it would upset me and it was only then that i realised the pressure that i was putting my friends under when they did get pregnant. It has taken me a long time to be able to deal with other peoples pregnancies so persevere and hopefully with time it mite become easier hope this helps

Mel - 06/06/2007 16:29

Has anyone heard of laser surgery to clear blocked Fallopian tubes? or the name of the herbs that work?

Billyjean(IHL55327) - 06/06/2007 19:17

Hi, Does anyone know if there is any truth in this - I have been told that if you ovulate after day 18 that there is no chance of pregnancy or if you do get pregnant that you will have a miscarriage ? I always ovulate after day 18 sometimes day 20 si does this mean there is no hope ? any advice ?

lisa(OSX60231) - 06/06/2007 20:36

hi mary and mel i am glad i am not going mad i was feeling like this bitch that felt so much hate for them because they can come off the pill and bingo they are pregnant what i would give to get pregnant without the doctors ,herbs,acupuncture ,every ones opinion about me getting pregnant and that old saying that its not meant to be .i have to say these last few weeks have been killing me i am not a person that i would say would get down and sad but this infertility is getting to me so bad and my poor husband does not know what is going to meet him when he comes in the door i said to him the other day just go out and meet someone else who is normal now i dont think i am normal and i feel a shame of what is wrong with me i just don't know what to do with myself and on monday i am heading to a family wedding which i am dreading because i know whats a head are you not pregnant yet ? sorry about this i know you all have your own problems of your own good luck. and mel there is surgery you can have its called tube surgery i had it done two years ago and they say its works for a lot of people so good luck lisa

sara(sarab) - 06/06/2007 22:46

Hi Marti, I'm just wondering are you referring to the Lap when you say that they don't use an anesthetic. Could you have one if you asked as I know myself that I would end up being sick during the proceedure and I'm worrying enough about going for the op. The only way I have any way of going for this op is if only I can be put to sleep. Also has anyone info regarding the herbs that the other girls were talking about for to help clear blocked Fallopian tubes. Or even to help regulate the menstrual cycle or to help stimulate the ovaries.

Anonymous - 07/06/2007 10:48

Billyjean, I have never heard that pregnacy is not possible with late ovulation or indeed that it causes miscarriage.

Mel - 07/06/2007 11:09

Hi, I have heard about the op to clear your tubes but it could cause etopic pregnancy ? is this true? That’s why I did not go for it…. Also it would mean a lot of time off work for the procedure ….Doc told me 2 months? There is a company in limerick called New vistas it does a good bit of fertility medicine… I have looked on it, it seems good but you would be better off contacting them with you’re problem and they could work out a treatment plan for you… its worth a shot I guess, I still have not found out anything for un blocking Fallopian tubes, surely there is something out there that you can take that unblocks them?

lisa(OSX60231) - 07/06/2007 18:40

hi there are herbs i take for endo and the tubes if want you can email me at and i will tell you who i went to see lisa

Marti - 08/06/2007 15:08

Sara, From what I understand a lap (laparoscopy) is always done with anaesthetic as it is a surgical procedure. HyCoSy is not a surgical procedure.

Mel - 11/06/2007 08:28

Thanks a mill lisa i will look into that and keep you posted.. to the other girl sarh....I had a laparoscopy, yes they do put you asleep, it was quite painful when i woke up, i was out the same day and bed rest for 2 weeks, stomach was very sore, it did not work for me. but i would give it a try.

Brigid - 20/06/2007 11:44

Hi, I had lap and dye done as part of std tests for fertility. You are given a general anaesthetic for this. I wouldn't worry about the procedure. I was fine after. A little sore when I woke initially but that passed and had the odd little throb for a day or two but was absolutely fine. Dr Egan in GY recommends 5 days of taking it easy after. I had op on Wed and back in work on Mon no bother so don't worry at all.

Mel - 20/06/2007 12:12

Hi briget, i also had it done... did this operation work for you? what options were you given after the results?

kea - 23/06/2007 15:32

Hi all. I am due to start IVF with HARI later in the summer. Initially we were told we would be starting in June but now they're saying it'll more likely be September before we start. I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with HARI? This is our first time. I have been on meds for severe endo and am off it two months now; if it's a September start I will have had 5 periods and the endo is too extreme for me to take nothing for it for long. I had two laparotomies done in the space of 7 months last year with large grapefruit-sized cysts taken each time! I'm thinking of Clane instead, has anyone any feedback about it? Thanks.

Jenny - 25/06/2007 20:11

Mel, a lap & dye is just a diagnostic tool to see if the tubes are clear or not. It will not, in itself, as a procedure, clear your tubes. Just one question to all What will you feel if the ivf does not work ever? I only ask. Having been down the road and not succeeding, one needs to be aware of this as the end result.

Mel - 26/06/2007 12:43

Hi Jenny, Sorry to hear ivf did not work for you...what is ur next step? Also I was told that the Lap could help clear the tubes,,,I was offered the procedure, to clear the tubes, but the success rate was not good... (thats why I did not go for it) did you have this done? Also I went to the doctor at the weekend to discuss the ivf, he also told me that I only had one tube blocked not 2 .....The nurse said to me at the time.. that one of my tubes had a Spillage I took this as been damaged !!!- I have not taught of what to do if the ivf does not work ,, Just going to stay positive.

Pixie - 26/06/2007 22:38

Mel, I had nothing wrong whatsoever with my repro system and neither did my hubby. The biological clock started ticking when I was in my mid to late 30's which nearly drove me to insanity because the pull of that overrides the actual want to have a baby. You don't think clearly at all. You just want a baby because you are biologically programmed to fulfil this part of your womanhood. I had had 2 miscarriages in early stages and also when I was young enough for it not to matter as I thought it would all fall into place in time. It didn't. Probably due to pressures of work, paying a mortgage, family trauma and just life in general not working out to the plans I had for it. I am now in my late 40's. I am in a very happy marriage for which I am totally grateful for. I now look at children, love them and have fun with them. I know I would have made a wonderful Mother but it was not to be. In some ways, I feel that it is probably the best thing that I did not have a child now. I see my peers with very difficult children that will put them (parents) into an early grave. I have other friends with children with mental and physical disabilities and I now know that I would not be able to cope with that. I just wouldn't! If I had a child with such difficulties I know in my heart and soul that my marriage would have fallen apart under the strain. I suppose what I am saying is that everything happens for a purpose. Some of us are not meant to have children, regardless of our desperate want to have them. If you are or end up as one of those people then that is something you will have to accept and be grateful that sometimes the saying "Be careful what you wish for" can be very true. I wish everyone going down this route well but please do not let it take over your life. If it doesn't work, then I am living proof that once you get past the biological clock years you will relax and accept your situation. You have to live your lives for yourself and as best you can not for what you can give or do for another. Sorry for going on. Just I do feel the pain of some of you and can only say, I have been there and it, like everything else in life, will pass, whether you are successful or not.

Brigid - 27/06/2007 13:09

Mel, I was told that I have pcos after my lap and dye which isn't big in itself but we have a bigger obstacle in that my hubby has anti sperm antibodies which poses a bigger problem for us. ICSI seems to be our only option. We did try IUI twice but were not successful with this and our Dr did not expect too much from this. My hubby is a smoker and is off them at present as he needs to be before we will or can proceed any further. Absolutely no point in going to the expense not to mention the strain and pressure of ICSI if we are not going to give it our very best shot. Initially I was very upset when told that this was our only option but I just keep thinking that 1 in 3 (approx) are successful and hopefully we will be one of the lucky ones. I too was told by my Dr that having the lap and dye can help to flush out your tubes and its always a good time to start treatment and he immediately recommended two rounds of IUI. It's amazing though that it's just not something you discuss with others as such as you don't want sympathy and opinions etc which is why I like these websites although they often depress me too when I see so many in the same boat. As for Pixie and your post, I do take on board what you are saying and hope that I will feel positive like you at some stage but right now I want to give this my very best shot and some people just need assistance. I too look around me at others with children but I see the positives and the fulfilment that family has brought to their lives and do wish that one day I will have this too. If I don't, I will obviously have to accept it but at least I will say that I tried my best.

Mel - 27/06/2007 14:37

Hi Pixie & Brigid, To pixie its great that you have gone through so much and still have a great happy life, I guess you're right it can take over a lot of your life wanting what you cant have….but you have accepted your situation and it sounds like you have the best husband in the world… I wish you all the best… I will keep this site up dated on how I do … To Brigid on ur post its good to hear Pixie’s story she sounds like a strong woman guess there is a lot to be greatfull for in this world even if it means not having kids…BUT….you sound like you’re in my shoes at the moment.. keeping head up high,…trying every door that opens….i am still quite young so going to make the IVF app this week.. so long road ahead…. Also I was not offered the ICSI…

cmk29 - 29/06/2007 16:36

hi all, i've just spent the afternoon reading all ur messages, you've have all given me much comfort to know that i'm not alone. Am attending HARI clinic, and had my lap during the week, we were told that we have no option but icsi. having gotten over the why us, i now just want to get started, how long do you have to wait ? have gone to the open meeting. can anyone help ?

Lorna(WLH62171) - 30/06/2007 06:32

I only read a bit of the article and to be honest I do not agree that alcolol aor good intercourse has anything to do with getting pregnant. I was just speaking with my partner about this tonight and, lets be honest, we read about it in the papers and magazines about women or girls who only tried it once or out celebrating their leaving certificate fininshig or their results and they were drunk and raped and they fell pregnant-drink had no part stopping them falling pregnant, but us women that have problem conceiving must stop drinking....why, it worked for all those other girls/women that got a 'surprise' a few months later????

Alex - 03/07/2007 17:44

This may sound inconsiderate, I don't know. I cant say I understand the urge to have a baby at any cost , emotionally, physically and financially. But has anyone on this site considered adoption? All those procedures and hormones, the idea of all that makes me sick even thinking about them.

Helen(helenquinn) - 04/07/2007 18:48

Alex, Your post made me so angry and hurt. Adoption is not a cure for infertility and is not always an option for everyone. I am assuming that you have a family of your own, and if you could just walk a mile in my shoes for just a while and see the pain hurt and suffering that both my husband and I endured in order to have a baby. Thankfully for us we did have a happy ending and we have the most beautiful little girl in the world and she is just the light and joy of our lives. We wouldn't change a thing. Your comment was totally insensitive and to be honest out of order. Helen

Mary - 05/07/2007 12:37

To be honest Helen I couldn't agree more with your comment to Alex. It was totally uncalled for and she so obviously has never had difficulty getting pregnant. Has never had to tell her family and friends that she cannot have a baby of her own and deal with everyone feeling sorry for her because of her situation. We have gone through the dissappointment of failed fertility treatment and are now in a waiting list to adopt however we feel if we didn't explore all the fertility options before adoption we would always have wondered if it would have worked and at least now we know that it didn't. That's not to say that even now when we hear about something new that has worked for someone else we will still try it. I don't think that we will ever give up hope

Mol - 05/07/2007 14:06

True indeed. Some people can be rather insenstive and the adoption route as many already know does come with its own set of trials and challenges and can be tiring for a couple.

claudine(KMS53976) - 05/07/2007 20:01

No I don't have a family actually. I realised that my question may sound insensitive, but I wanted to try and understand what it is that you want. Why are you angry with me Helen? I'm just asking. Mol adoption does have trials as you say (more than invasive fertility therapy?)but can also have extremly happy results there are unwanted children out there. It is so sad that you desperately want one and it seems every drunk teenager can have one. (I say this not to cause offence to anyone on this site-that is absolutely not my intention) There is a horrible stigma attached to adoption, I think this causes a lot of the problems not the process itself. As you know some people can 'Some people can be rather insenstive'

Mol - 06/07/2007 10:33

- a horrible stigma attached to adoption? What on earth are you talking about Claudine?

Helen(helenquinn) - 06/07/2007 10:39

Yes adoption can be very rewarding and I do realise that there are many children out there who need loving homes. I am not angry Alex or Claudine it's just that saying adoption is an option is a very flippant thing to say. It's not for everyone and the application process is very intrusive and even then there is no guarantee that a couple will be accepted and continue with the process of adoption. I wanted to put across the hurt pain and isolation of infertility for couples who are faced with it. We have enough to deal with without more insensitive comments. Again I stress adoption although rewarding is not always the answer or "cure" for infertility

claudine(KMS53976) - 06/07/2007 16:38

Mol I have heard a lot of comments about adoption that I would not repeat, about the women who give up babies and the children that are adopted. Sorry if that wasn't clear, I am talking about just one of the reactions of people that I have come across, not all thankfully. What I was trying to say is that this is damaging and makes adoption a more emotionally difficult process for those involved. Helen you just said I made you angry! Clearly I cannot join this discussion without being attacked for my views (which I will not apologise for). 'Insensitive' 'out of order' uncalled for' 'flippant'- i asked a question! I thought I might generate positive disscussion and hopefully understand a different angle of this issue. I didn't say anything about curing infertility. I didn't say anything hurtful (and clearly my intention was not to offend) and I certaintly am not being flippant about adoption. Yes you have plenty to deal with I dont envy your positions. Best of luck, I'm signing off I don't need this aggression in my life. Claudine (aka Alex)

Helen(helenquinn) - 07/07/2007 12:58

With all due respect Claudine or Alex you did start this and bring it on yourself. Also again I point out that I did not say I was angry. This is a support thread for people dealing with infertility. If you want to discuss adoption etc there is a thread for that. Helen

Keeper - 14/07/2007 12:04

I think everyone needs to take a step back and a deep breath. I am infertile and have always found the comments about 'why don't you just adopt' to minimise both the issue of infertility. However as a parent thru adoption I also find that it minimises what the decision to form a family thru adoption means. Having said that I also don't like the comment 'adoption can be very rewarding' - rock-climbing can be very rewarding.

Homer - 15/07/2007 01:26

Hi Get a refferal letter for some tests off your G.P. for a family planning Dept. they can help & counsel you.

Helena - 20/07/2007 22:06

Have just spent some time reading through this thread...Hypnotherapy or 'Hypnofertility' based on the work of Alice Domar, Harvard is available in Ireland. Just do a google search. All the best to everyone...and delighted congratulations to Helen! Helena

Helen(helenquinn) - 23/07/2007 14:31

Thanks Helena Helen

cath - 23/07/2007 16:43

realise that you are physically healthy and get on with a fun happy life making the most of what you have. I too am infertile and thought it was the end of the world until recently being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. so pull yourselves together and realise there is a lot worse out there

annie - 05/08/2007 15:40

i was 10 weeks pregnant when i started spotting which eventually got heavy and passed few smallish clots, had severe lower abdominal pain. bleeding and pain stopped after 6 days. i had a scan in early pregnancy clinic and size of scan didn't match my dates. they could only see sac measuring 7-8 weeks.i have another scan in 2 days,but am still having left side abdominal pain and persuading myself that i'm still pregnant. it's my first pregnancy and my heart is breaking, should i hold out any hope.

Anonymous - 15/08/2007 13:45

Hi,ive just been through my first failed ivf,I was devasted,I already have 3 kids from a previous marriage which ended badly so I had my tubes tied,I'm now remarried and my hubby has no kids,we would love a child,I had a tube reversal op but a year later found they sealed up again and was told ivf was the only option,we were told that everything went by the book and the clinic told us they would not be surprised if we rang with a pos result after d 2ww;so our hopes were really high,we are really down,we have 2 frozen eggs and are due to have them transferred in oct but haven't the same hopes this time. Any success stories out there? I'm 36.

aine(URF63339) - 15/09/2007 21:36

Hi. just spent the last while reading all the txts. i have pcos and am 33 years old. after having tests and laproscopies and to no avail and i suffered from the worst period pains every husband had a sperm test done and he is fine.anyway long story short..... i went to see a gynae today and scanned me(never knew they had appointments on a saturday). have multiple cysts on my ovaries so he has me on glucophage and have to take clomid on the start of my next cycle.(of course i am just finished my period for this month!) i am desperate to hear success stories. i am not feeling very positive as a friend of mine told me not to get my hopes up! for those of you who read this site and can conceive naturally. please never take it for granted because you will never realise how lucky you are! please say a little prayer for all of us who are not as lucky!

Helen(helenquinn) - 18/09/2007 19:12

Aine I really empathise with your story as I too have PCOS and was only diagnosed at 31. After years of Clomid and tests and IVF I eventually had my little girl. I have also set up a website which you may find of help and support. Its There are other women on the site who have PCOS including myself and can offer you lots of help and support. Helen

gaby - 18/09/2007 22:55

Just wondering if anyone who is or has been on glucophage has any cure for the side effects of taking it. Such as the nausea,upset stomach etc? Can you take other stuff that may cure it while on glucophage?

Kathriona - 21/09/2007 15:12

Hi, I am a producer with a company called television who are making a new documentary science series for RTE about important issues for science and society. We are making a documentary about the embryo and stem cell research and we want to speak to people who are caught up in the issue - whether they want to be or not! I am looking for an Irish couple who have been through IVF and have (or had) surplus embryos following their treatment to talk about their experiences. If anyone would like to contact me to find out more information and what would be involved please feel free to call me on 01 4100 845 or email me on I look forward to hearing from you, All the best, Kathriona

Anonymous - 20/10/2007 12:41

NISIG the National Infertility Support & Information Group have set up a chat room and as a member who works on Saturdays and cannot make their meetings in Dublin I am delighted with this. I wish them the very best as they have been so supportive of me every time I telephone them. Keep up the good work NISIG

Anonymous - 20/10/2007 13:57

Dear Kathriona, I have been reading this site for many months and have never left a message until now. You have posted on different sites your call for couples who have / had surplus embryos and so far it appears that you have had no response. I feel it just goes to show that the subject of infertility is still a secret in our society. I also feel for a couple to appear on television saying that they would like for their embryos to go for research / adoption / allow to perish, the public would condemn them as they do not understand. Maybe if your documentary had an open debate on the outcome of excess embryos (without involving couples who have excess embryos) society may look upon infertility and the outcome of treatment in a different light. I am aware that you have contacted NISIG as it has been mentioned at their meetings but not all their members attend meetings so therefore you might log onto their new chat room and some very brave couple may assist you. I do feel an open debate would be much more beneficial. Good luck

lulu - 13/11/2007 22:31

I am going through my first IVF cycle-had a miscarriage after fresh embryo transfer at 5 weeks and a failed FET. Have one precious frozen embryo left that we will transfer on 17th Dec..All my hopes and dreams are pinned on this day...

maryb - 29/11/2007 15:42

Is fertility treatment available on the medical card in Galway even if you have previously had a child in the past and if not how much is a course of fertility treatment?

Martina - 04/12/2007 21:07

Both my partner & I are 33 years of age and are trying for a baby. I have had years of trouble with ovarian cysts; endometriosis and am left with one ovary. I presumed up to now that I was the one with the problem. I had test; which showed I am ovulating; but now my partner has had semen test; which has shown he has a low sperm count. Gynaecologist at a dublin hospital has said to go for IVF; but I believe he has made this decision very fast without doing scan, examining me or advising if my partner can rise his sperm count. Has anybody else been through this scenario or advise what other options are out there? I would consider IVF; but am not looking forward to all those hormones being pumped into my body; causing bad moods. Thank you.

sand - 03/01/2008 12:58

hi,i just need anyone out there to answer me someting! ive had 2 fresh cycles of ivf which failed and 1 frozen which failed,i have two embies left from this fresh cycle and am due to have them transferred in march-was told to take a break for a month,im just wondering why none of the ivf is successful? the clinic cant even give me an answer,they've told me everytime that things went acc to the book and my eggs are excellent quality and the embryos were excellent qualiyty,so whats wrong with me? im nearly 37 am as fit as a fiddle and carry no extra weight and hubby's sperm is normal,forgot to say both tubes are blocked thats why we're on the ivf rollercoaster,why is it not giving us the baby we so much want,its heartbreaking sandra x

Anon - 03/01/2008 14:54

Sand, My sympathy for what you are going through but nobody can give you an answer unfortunately. Its just one of those things and all I can say is that if it is meant to be, it will be. All your worrying and wondering will not help you and will just make you more anxious. I know its difficult but just try to relax and let things take whatever course they will. Wishing you the very best of luck though.

marianne - 11/02/2008 23:31

hi, just spent most of the evening reading all your posts, and hope that there is someone out there that won't tell me to relaaaax! I'm 26 and so is my partner of 4 years. we have been trying for a baby for 15 months, without success. I want to see my GP, but my partner wants to wait for another while, which I totally respect. However, I feel so desperate! I've been using the Clearblue Monitor for the past 3 months, and I was ovulating up until this month. Am on day 28 now and still no ovulation in sight... Badly need some support now, feel so lonely in all this. Found the courage to share this very embarrassing issue with some friends and they said, it will happen, just relax and go on holiday or get a dog or something, and you will fall pregnant! Sorry about the long text, needed to relieve myself!

Marti - 12/02/2008 10:17

Marianne, I'm not going to say relax, but I will say don't panic yet. It can take a perfectly normal couple more than 12 months to conceive. After 15 months, I would go ahead and get a referral to an infertility clinic. It will probably take a few months to get an appointment depending on where you are. While it is more likely that everything is ok and it's just a matter of time, there's no harm in getting yourself and your partner checked out - think of it as an NCT for your reproductive system. If there are problems, you can start dealing with them now. If there aren't, you CAN relax and just get on with it. My specialist advised against using ovulation kits as they just put pressure on you and your partner to meet a schedule - I must ovulate on day 14, we must have intercourse on the right days. Once you know you usually ovulate, that's enough - everyone has odd cycles, even if you're normally very regular. Good luck.

marianne - 12/02/2008 16:16

thank you Marti for your reply. What you say makes a lot of sense actually. I think I am a bit stressed out, maybe that is messing up my cykle too, busy at work, just bought a house (you know how stressful that is!) etc etc. I might just mention it casually to my GP next time I see her, and see if she is concerned. Thanks again, feel a lot better today!

Anonymous - 15/02/2008 06:46

we have just had the first round of fertility assessment, and i'm diagnosed with PCOS, and will have to do Ovulation Induction. Everything i read about it says i should try to lose weight and be as fit and slim as i can be... I'm finding it so hard to be motivated, where as i thought i would do anything for a baby, our baby... its a cycle in my head of guilt and anger, then others get pregnant so easily. I'm a stone overweight.

butterfly - 22/02/2008 20:38

Having had failed ivf treatments , we are now considering doner egg treatment, but information on same is very limited. Is there any couples out there who have been "down this road" that can give us some information?

Anonymous - 25/02/2008 13:03

Hi butterfly check out and you will be able to talk to other couples who have gone the donor route and you will be able to ask questions and get great support.

Louise - 04/03/2008 14:26

Hi all, Myself & my partner have been trying to conceive for the last 5yrs without success. My partner has anti-bodies in his sperm. We had a failed IUI and a failed IVF cycle last year. When I went for my last scan before the egg retrieval on my first IVF cycle the nurse mentioned to me about hyperstimulation - she said she would have to discuss it with my doctor to see if he still wanted to go ahead with the cycle which he did. Unfortunately we didn't get the result we wanted. Starting another IVF cycle in April & the doctor has lowered my medication for this cycle. Any feedback would be great. Best of luck to you all.

EP - 30/03/2008 18:18

Hi, not sure exactly where to start first time to use this website and sooo glad that I have found it as I have been feeling very isolated as of late. My husband and I are currently on our second round of IUI (we have been trying clomid for the last year having suffered a misscaraige last Feb I suffer from PCOS and had been on clomid for six mths before this) and not sure where to go from here if this fails. My thoughts have already turned to IVF and what this entails... can anybody give me an idea of the cost of IVF etc.

Louise - 31/03/2008 11:08

Hi EP, My sympathy on your loss. I know it is hard but try and stay positive. The usual cost for IVF is around €3,500 in some cases they will do ICSI and this costs €4,500. I'm statring my 2nd cycle of IVF this month. I had a failed IUI last year and my doctor recommended that I go straight to IVF. I am just hoping that it works this time round. Best of luck to you & your husband

marianne - 31/03/2008 11:53

Hi there again! Just wanted to let you all know I'm going to my GP this wednesday for bloodtests and my partner is having his sperm sent off for analysis. Can anyone here tell me what to expect, ie how long will it take for the results to come back etc. Also, my GP has told me that there is no public fertility clinic in Cork anymore, so if we should need treatment, we would have to go private!! Is this true? Could we get public treatment say if we went to Dublin? I hope someone can give me some answers, I'm so worried... // Marianne

Irina(SER70552) - 16/04/2008 12:19

Hello everybody, I've come accross this site and found it very useful. We have been trying for a baby for more than a year and I have been charting my cycles, for the last 6 months. I have gone to my GP for blood tests which had perfect results, and I am still waiting for an ecography to make sure I'm ok. I know I am because of all I've learnt about my body through the charts. I too recommend the book that has been mentioned in this discussion before:"Taking Charge of your Fertility" but I also recommend a website if you are interested in this: I understand the emotional and frustrating time one can go through. In my case, I'd like my partner to have a sperm test because he has a varicocele, it worries me a bit. I don't want to put pressure on him, but sometimes I feel desperate, sometimes I feel I'm on my own in all this, when it is a matter of two...But I also think that I should wait and support him, and I do! but it seems he doesn't have the same 'urgency' to try to solve the 'possible' problem, cause after all it might have a solution...He prefers to keep trying and timing the intercourse with the help of the charts and ovulation tests (I also buy them on the internet and are great help), but I feel it would help if he got it checked... Well, that's my case, thanks for reading, and good luck to you!

Ally - 17/04/2008 16:49

Hi Marianne, it makes no difference to the cost of IVF if you are public or private! You can claim your tax back through the MED1 form and the medication will cost a max. of EUR85 a month if you have a DPS card. (Drugs Payment Scheme card, apply at your local pharmacy now if you don't have one). You probably have your test results back at this stage, they usually take about 3 weeks. If you are planning on going down the IVF route I would advise you to contact a clinic soon, waiting lists can be quite long. Good luck. Hi Irene, it sounds to me that your husband may just want to avoid the possibility that there is a problem. That's understandable, and as you say, you have given him time and supported him; he needs to know how important this test is for you. There may be nothing wrong, at least you could rule that out now, instead of waiting another year. I don't mean to sound harsh, but I think you both really need to discuss this soon. I understand your sense of urgency, and you're right, the sooner you find the problem, the sooner you can look for a solution. Hopefully all is well and things will happen soon. Take care. Ally

mad4baby - 22/04/2008 11:30

Hi i have a question i am hoping someone can help with??? i have been ttc with my lovely husband for the last 2 1/2 years with no success. had all the usual tests but nothing came up on them. The doc suggested clomid which i started last month march24th. some of you are saying you took it day 5-9 but i was told to take it from day 2 does anyone know why the difference in timing. also i would have a fairly regular cycle of 26-28 days never any later and i am now 2 days late. took a hpt this morning which was negative and i am devastated. i usually have terrible pms symptoms 3 days before my period but nothing yet - but i do have very sensitive boobs at the moment to even lie on them hurts - which is not a symptom of pms for me. I am finding it increasingly difficult to be happy for those getting pregnant around me and its my job!!! it just so isn't like me to begrudge other people. the last few days i have been crying over nothing. has anyone else felt like this or am i just bitter. i wish my period would come so i could start the next round of clomid if i am not pregnant

Siu - 22/04/2008 18:34

Hi M4B and everybody else. I'm mid 30's, married and finally ready to try for a baby. Blood tests during the last couple of years have shown that I'm not ovulating, so we have now entered the world of tests, poking, consultations, prescriptions and peeing on sticks. I'll start to add my journey on these pages as well, may it be good or bad, hoping it will help somebody else one day... and I might need some support myself! I have just started with Clomid as well, my 1. cycle with it, and was asked to take during days 2-6. I have no regular periods so I had to start my treatment with something to trigger them first. Had an ultra yesterday and was told I have follicles. Celebrations... I suppose I have never had them before! One was a big mothership of a one, I hope it's friendly and alive...! The advise now is to use ovulation kits, Clomids and husband for the next 6mths. Wish us luck! We have always known that I will have a problem to get pregnant because I've never had regular periods. But when he was tested it was found out that his boys are lazy swimmers! It was quite a shock for him, somehow he didn't expect to add to our problem. So my advise also would be for EVERYBODY starting to deal with fertility issues is to get BOTH checked at the same time in the very beginning. Hubby's semen analysis needs to be repeated to see if the motility is a long term problem or just a result of being on anxiety medication. He has stopped his tablets, eating healthy, doing sports and wearing loose underwear, banana hammocks. I won't let that kill the passion! See you all soon on the page. Siu

mad4baby - 23/04/2008 11:35

hi mollie, yes i did go down the same route as you. even though i am still youngish have been so desperate for so long to have a baby. i tried acupuncture- 13 sessions i think but didn't work either but i do have a success story with it. my sister who was trying for a baby for 5 years had multiple investigations with only minor problems noticed. she tried clomid iui, three sessions of ivf and was saving for their last treatment of ivf ( They were worn out with it) and she discovered she was pregnant and now has another baby all by herself!!! so it definitely works for some. and Siu i agree with you about getting both checked out. it is stressful enough waiting on your results and then having to wait on his- why not wait together. you always have it in your head what if its me - completely unrealisitc and unnecessary to feel that way. on my first of clomid day 32 now with a normal cycle length of 28 neg hpt yesterday- don't know what it means though. very tender boobs and cry fo nothing anyone anyone ideas??? heres hoping

easylivig - 23/05/2008 21:02

Hi all, hoping someone can give me some advice. Have been trying to get pregnant for the last 6 mths (v short i know!) with no joy. We are going to see our GP nx wk for tests. I went for a scan about 2 yrs ago and my then GP told me that i had cysts on my ovaries and might have probs getting pregnant in future. Obviously we have to wait for the results first but can anyone give advice as to what our next step should be. Thx in advance!

Duffs - 26/05/2008 15:02

As you may have a problem with your ovaries, I would recommend a laparoscopy although I belive doctors are reluctant to recommend a lap. as you are supposed to be trying a long time before this option is taken. Otherwise, go for some acupuncture and see what they say.

Anonymous - 30/05/2008 09:01

Easyliving, If you have cysts on your ovaries, that will not necessarily affect your fertility, and doctors are unable to give a concise diagnosis on the basis of a scan. In order to have a proper, informed diagnosis, you will need to have a laparoscopy. If you feel that there is really something wrong, push your doctor to either refer you for a lap or to a specialist who will perform one. I had ongoing problems for 5 years or so and my doctor was quite complacent, going so far as to tell me it was all in my head. When my "appendix" burst and was removed I had no relief and 5 months later I had the same pain and problems. Except it was an ovarian cyst. I kept pushing until I was referred to a gynae who I insisted operated on me to get answers. I got answers (I have severe Endo and there is extensive and severe scarring) but I got an answer. I know that I will need fertility treatment, but at least my specialist now knows that too. While my story is not one with a happy ending, but make sure you push on and get seen to. It could be something very very simple that can be easily rectified. Best of luck with it all!

Mel - 30/05/2008 11:31

Hello every one, Im Mel I have been on this site quite a few times talking to bridget & Pixie 2007. I have being trying for 8 years…My only problem is my tubes are blocked. I have no health insurance so this is why I have to wait so long. Ive had a lap dye done… no results… I also did some acupuncture for about 9 months no results…. But I would still try these options.. I Was on a waiting list for the rotunda for IVF… I had to wait about a year for this.. when I got there the doctor told me I was too young for ivf and put be back on a waiting list in another hospital for surgery to get my tubes cleaned out… This is some time this year……I felt like I was not treated right in any of these hospitals … I am 29… I was 21 when this started.. My point is try any option you can I would recommend anyone in public Hospital to get health insurance.. I went around in a bit circle …Fingers crossed it will be my year this year

Duffs - 03/06/2008 23:24

Hi all, I have just started to see an excellent acupuncturist who has been so helpful in terms of explaining fertility and the possible problems and has asked some poignant questions my consultant has never asked and has told me that after 3 months of Chlomid it actually thins out cervical mucus and the uterine lining, something my gynae never told me. I feel so angry with the system here and like some of you feel I have not been listened to my consultant and gp, who really seemed to know very little about fertility. My advice would be if you are not happy with your consultant, go to a fertility specialist in a clinic as otherwise you could be waiting years being told that everything's fine and to just keep trying. Best of luck to all of you on this heart-breaking and frustrating journey.

Penny - 05/06/2008 17:01

Hi guys,first time using the comment box so bear with me.Just found this great site a few days ago and feel much better knowing i'm not the only one that has these feelings and problems. With my husband 11 yrs but only married 10 months and desperate for a baby.We had been trying for a yr before the wedding and since but without any results. Both my mother and grandmother went through the change in their early 30's and i'm 29 now so obviously i was concerned and had numerous tests done but thank god ''i'm still in working order'', after these results my husband suggested he have his sperm tested. Much to our dismay it showed he has a zero sperm count.We have private health cover so our doctor refered us to a specialist in Galway.My husband has since been refered again to another specialist and has been given an appointment for a biopsy,we are praying they will find some sperm and hopefully we'll be successful with IVF or ICSI whichever they suggest. We have talked about the chance of there being no sperm there and the option of donor sperm but he's not so keen on a donor. Has anyone out there had the same experience?, if there is sperm how soon after the byopsy will i be called in to start the retrieval process? If sucessfulful how long before they implant in me? Estimated cost???? Sorry bout all the questions, it would be so great to be in contact with someone else who has come out the other side of this whole process.

Helen(helenquinn) - 05/06/2008 20:38

Hello everyone, I have a support website which you all may find of help and support, know that you are not alone. Its Do have a look and maybe share some of your experiences with other members who understand all you are going through.

evee27 - 15/07/2008 12:17

i know i'm not alone when it comes to fertility. my hubby and i have been trying to concieve for 2yrs almost. its heartbreaking. i'm 27 and he's 32. he had a semen analysis done last week so its all about waiting. i haven't had a period in 44 days but thats normal for me. i have been told i've a cyst on one ovary and its treatable. we're going to a private clinic cos our health ins would take too long. but we've hit a wall as its getting too expensive for us so we can't have the treatment as often as we require. i'm starting acupuncture on friday to see will it help. has anyone any suggestions?? i'm sooo frustrated

smily - 16/07/2008 09:10

Hi penny, I have lived through your prediciment. I can tell you it does get easier.... I am still not successful but it is easier to live with. The initial shock is the worst. When treatment starts you feel pro active. The biopsy showed my dh had a few swimmers which were retrieved. We then underwent 3 cycles of icsi which were all unsuccessful. We have moved to donor and are currently on 3rd iui cycle. The previous 2 were successful but ended in miscarriage. Icsi is approx 3500 euro in my clinic. Once dh has biop and (hopefully) sperm will be found. If so you should be able to start treatment with next af. There are blood tests to have done first though I don't know if you have had them done. Cystic fibrosis was the cause of my dhs infertility, this was diagnosed through blood test. You will probably have to go through all these tests too. Once treatment starts a full icsi takes about 3 months in my clinic. 1 month on pill to regulate cycle. Then buserelin to down regulate... approx 12 days I think. Then you will be put on stimulation drugs to produce follicles. Another 12-15 days. egg collection will then happen under anesthetic. Eggs will be injected with dhs sperm and you will wait and see if fertilisation occurs. If successful 3-5 days later 1-2 embryos will be transfered back into you. You will then wait the dreaded 2 weeks to see if you are successful!! Its a long and often painful journey (emotionally) but I wish you and your dh the best of luck. The website Helen above mentioned is excellent to meet others in your shoes.

o - 16/07/2008 20:54

hi guys im looking into ivf with donor sperm as my b.f had a childhood illness he dosnt have any does any1 know if its cheaper/easier in northern ireland any info would be great thanks a mil

Ella - 22/07/2008 12:51

Hi everyone. I am after 3 failed IVF attempts. The last of these was IVF/ICSI. Long story short, like a lot of you out there, we were gutted and never expected to have to go down IVF at all, never mind failed ones. We did our treatment in Cork. The staff were most helpful but i suppose it wasn't meant to be. However we are now thinking of donor eggs as my eggs were supposedly not great, at least that was the conclusion they came up with for the treatment not working. We have been advised to go for counselling first in Cork through their counsellor, which we will probably do. I am wondering has anyone out there used donor eggs, and if so, was it in Spain, as that's where we are advised to go. I would like to talk to someone about it before we enter into it. If someone out there could please send me some information on the length of time we will be there and what it was like for them, i would be eternally grateful for it. As you can imagine this is a big decision to make. Looking forward to the reply, girls and thanks. Ella.

Ruthie - 23/07/2008 12:27

Hi there, We have been through two ICSI cycles on the Flare protocol - or should I say we have had both stopped on day 7 due to no follicles/egg being produced. I have been told that my FSH levels are sky high and that I have no eggs despite having a very regular monthly period. We are due back to our clinic at the end of this month for a review (or to be told they can do no more for us) and are now considering egg donation. We would greatly appreciate any information about this process either here or abroad that anyone can give us. I am about to have food allergy tests done too and we are about to make an appointment in Galway too to see if this problem can be reversed. I would love to hear from anyone with the same problems. Thanks

Ella - 23/07/2008 16:16

Hi Ruthie, That's really unusual especially when you have a regular cycle every month. We always said we would do 3 cycles of IVF, and dont regret it in one way cause we would always be saying "what if" if we didn't do the third one eventhough it broke our hearts as everything was going really well the third time, 2 eggs fertilised at 9 cells each, which you would think couldn't fail, but it did. So really the last one took it's toll the most and my health really deteriorated after that, at which time i swore i would never go back to that stage of my life again. I would never do IVF again now as hindsight makes you wise, but i'm keen to learn more about the donor. If you hear anything can you let me know on this site and i will do the same. Maybe we will be successful together. XX

Pc - 25/07/2008 08:21

hi Ruthie and Ella, I am currently going through a donor egg ivf with the instituto marques in Barcelona. I am also on the website under 'discussions, then trying to conceive, then anyone gone down the donor road' thread. There are quite a few ladies there going the same route and lots of info and knowledge now on the whole process. You're welcome to join in, or if theres anythng I can help you with here let me know? Very best of luck in whatever you decide.

Ella - 25/07/2008 09:14

Hi Pc Thanks for acknowledging my email anyway. It's great when people take interest. Unfortuntately, i am emailing from work and my sites are limited so cannot get into the site you mentioned. We have no computer set up at home yet but we are in the process of doing so. In the meantime i will try and get hold of that site somewhere and log on there for information. I presume you are on that thread too?? Best of luck to you in Barcelona, that's where we hope to go too. Let me know how it all goes for you and i'll keep the fingers and toes crossed that it all works out well. Ella

Ella - 25/07/2008 09:29

Hi Pc It's me again, Ella. Just wondered if you had a "link" to that website that i could follow up. If so could you email it on to me on this site please, as i cannot get into it unless it is highlighted to me. Thanks again.

Ella - 25/07/2008 09:38

Hi again Pc. Just wondered when i was thinking afterwards, is there any possible way that you would have that "" link, so that i coud log on to it, as i cannot get into it here without the highlighted link. If so, would you be so good as to pass it on to me on this site? Just a thought .... Thanks, Ella.

DM - 25/07/2008 11:54

Hi there everyone, Just wondered if anyone has had experiences in the Instituto Marques in Barcelona for donor eggs? If so, i'd love to hear about it, as we are heading that way ourselves, hopefully for one last try to have our lives changed. thanks. DM

Pc - 25/07/2008 12:27

hi Ella, let me know if this works? And yes I'm there also.

Pc - 25/07/2008 12:45

Hi Ella, tried to send it to you but don't see the post. Hopefully you will get it, if you want to ask me anything here go ahead?My story is ttc 7 years, had 3 ivf cycles, cancelled all due to no response...with various other tests and issues in between. Went to IM in April for a review for donor eggs. The wait is approx 2 months from date of appt to tranfer. In my case I was due to go for transfer in June but had a problem with my lining not being thick enough so cycle stopped and had to have hysteroscopy to check all ok which it was . Now waiting for af to come and once it comes will hopefully have my transfer 10-20 days after that. The clinic are very nice and professional although it is a bit awkward dealing with another country, Simms in Dundrum also have a donor egg program from Ukraine. I did my last ivf with them and found them excellent even though it didn't work, for various reasons though we went to Spain in the end....feel free to ask anything else,

Ella - 25/07/2008 14:10

Hi Pc Thanks for that infor. Didn't know that about Ukraine donation in the SIMS. I tried the link but no, it didn't work. It has to be highlighted usually for it to work, typing it to me wont open it, unfortunately. Maybe if you tried to post it from the wedsite itself or something, i dont know really. Anyway it doesn't matter that much. Sometimes i really want donor and then sometimes i think, is it for us and will we be heading down another route that mighn't be successful, but i suppose we'll never know if we dont try!! I lost alot of my health due to the last 3 failed IVF's and swore never again so hoping this wont be the same!!

Pc - 26/07/2008 11:16 Hi Ella, I've copied it straight from the website above, but don't have the option to copy as 'link' so not sure if this will work for you. Am sorry to hear the hard time you've had. I also was very distraught after the 2nd ivf failed and really thought it was the end of my world. I had some counselling to talk about the donor process and you're right there are no guarantees it will work, but I had to at least grieve for what wasn't to be and then move forward in this process as the counselling helped me feel it was the right thing to do. I don't want to push you one way or the other but if you want to ask me anything please do. There is also a donor forum on irish infertility website Maybe you can go here..either way there are a lot of people who have been through what you have and know the pain you have felt and many have decided to go the donor route, but of course it may not be the route for everyone. Take care and hopefully talk soon. xx

Ruthie - 27/07/2008 13:20

Hi PC Hi Ella Thanks PC for coming back with that info. It seems we have had fairly similar results from our IVF trials. We are going to IVF clinic for review on Friday and have managed to get an appointment wed week in Galway. Would love more information on donor in Spain - I will try that link you gave Ella as we are definitely going to try that route if our man in Galway cannot help us. Ella you could try emailing that link to yourself which should allow it to highlight. Keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

Pc - 28/07/2008 14:57

Hi Ruthie, best of luck on Friday. Let us know what happens and how you get on. Hi Ella, any joy with the link?

Ella - 28/07/2008 15:42

Hi girls, Start of another week!! I tried to open that link by email but it doesn't work on my pc anyway. So that's it. I will try to access it another way if i can. Hope ye are all feeling well. If anyone should have more info on Donor eggs in Spain, please log on and help us out. Ella.

Pc - 28/07/2008 17:10

Hi Ella, I am currently going through the ivfd process so if there is anything else i can help you with just ask. I am currently on medication to thicken my womb lining and if all is ok with my scan next week will hopefully be going over for transfer in approx 1.5 weeks. The clinic in Spain, Instituto Barcelona also do extra tests on the male side that are not offererd in Irish clinics, and whilst we had always thought the problem was my eggs, it appears that hubby has some issues also...called dna fragmentation. They have proposed something for us to help overcome this also, I can tell you about it if you like. Usually the process is you would go on the pill to sync you with the donor's cycle, then start the meds to thicken the womb lining the same time as the donor starts the stimms.. if theres anything else I can help with let me know. Also did you try to copy the link to your email like Ruthie said and maybe it would come up as a link? If you can get access to the other side from another pc you would get lots more info etc so maybe you could try to do this also. But if not I will keep checking in here and just ask me anything and if I can help I will.

Kel - 13/08/2008 10:47

Hi, I am new to this site. After reading many of the postings, I think that it is great that you offer each other such support. My husband and I have been trying for over 2yrs. I am 39 yrs old. We are on a waiting list for our first go at IVF. We'v had all the relevant tests to find that there are no apparent reasons why we can't conceive. We just feel that we are at the mercy of the doctor's and their expertise on the matter. We've recently been told of the clinic in Galway that uses NaPro technology. I've noticed that some of you have been through the process. I'm told that there is a 50% success rate. I'd love to speak to someone that has been to clinic to see what they think. I'd be grateful if someone would reply. This site has helped me to know that this is such a huge problem for so many couples and that it is so complex. Best of luck to you all.

Anonymous - 13/08/2008 12:29

This is a support website which you all may find of help and support.

Ruthie - 13/08/2008 20:57

Hi Ella, Hi Pc, and welcome Kel. Went to my IVF clinic for review meeting on Friday 1st and were offered a third go but my hubby and I declined and said we were strongly considering donor eggs at this stage. Doctor was very supportive but once we had stated our preference he agreed that we would probably have no better success with at third success and agreed with our decision to try egg donation. He also gave us two recommendations in Spain. We then went off on holidays for the long weekend and finished up in Galway on Tuesday night and had our appointment in the Galway Clinic on Wednesday morning, went in feeling very nervous and apprehensive and came out of there so positive its unbelievable. The doctor was really lovely and made us feel so at ease, he explained their whole process very simply and my hubby was able to ask all the questions he wished without feeling in any way odd. They explained that they actually only want ONE follicle, as opposed to IVF/ICSI where they need tons. He then did a scan and lo and behold there was a fiesty little folly right there where it should be!! We left walking on the moon (my cyst is also no longer there). Obviously they cannot tell at this stage if it is progressing in the way it should but at least there is one!! They have suggested that both of us do food intolerance tests, I am taking a total of 8 tablets (mostly vitamins) and my hubby three, he has also given up the cigarettes (again). We have sent off the food intolerance tests this morning and I am doing the Napro tracking on my own and awaiting reply from my nearest practitioners for guidance. We are to track for three months, take two blood tests and return to them then for analysis. It may not lead to anything but my sister in law has been trying for 7 years, has done 5+ IVF cycles - went to Galway Clinic about 18 months ago and is having her 12 week scan tomorrow (fingers crossed for her that all is well). Maybe we get lucky, maybe we don't but we can never regret that we didn't try. xxxx Keep in touch - it is great to hear how others are doing :~} ruthie

Pc - 14/08/2008 11:51

Hi Ruthie, that sounds really positive and good for you to try this out.. I really hope this will work for you and you sound very impressed with them which is a great start. I hope you will let us know how you get on. xx

Ruthie - 14/08/2008 15:54

Hi Pc Thanks for the good wishes! I have made contact with the practitioner for my first appointment to make sure I am tracking correctly and so far no side effects to the medication (except extra energy from all the vitamins!!!). Will let you know how we go. Hope all is well with you. Keep me up to speed re. your treatment too x Ruthie

Antoinette(christinao) - 14/08/2008 18:45

Hello girls, I am new to this site also..just a bit of background..I had my first ivf in 2003 which we were blessed with our son..then I had 3 more ivfs which failed and we called it a day. I am now 40 years of age & I heard about napro technology, my husband & i went up and were also so impressed with the dr..he was so down to earth, caring & I was very impressed with their whole process.. I feel the odds are against me but we are giving it a go...I have been tracking my cycles for the past 7 months, I have bad PCOS & the tracking showed i have low progesterone & oestrogen, I am now on medication which has sorted out the prog & oestrogen & I start follicle tracking next month so hopefully we will be given the green light soon to "try"... Ruthie, do you mind me asking was the intolerance testing expensive? Did you get it done here in ireland or is it through a source in the UK? The very very best to you girls xx

Kel - 15/08/2008 00:10

Hi Girls, Well according to you Ruthie, I have joined you all at the right time ( since you have begun with Galway). I rang them and they suggested that I contact their counterpart in Lifford since we are in Belfast. The doctor there rang me yesterday to give us an appointment. After speaking with her, my husband and I have to make a decision as to forget IVF and go straight to NaPro, as the doctor says, we cant do both at the same time. Makes sense. The problem is, I'm about number 50 on the NHS list. We can have 1 go of IVF before I'm 40, which happens in Dec. Unfortunately, we don't have alot of spare cash to go privately. At least we thought we would wait the year and try naturally. They have told me that I should be called before then ( in about October). Obviously, the NaPro way is a long process and the two can't enterwine. So, you can see my dilemna. After much discussion last night, we decided that we will wait til I'm called for the IVF treatment and after that, if it doesnt work, we will call Lifford again. It sounds like you girls have been through many times of this rollercoaster. Hats off to you all. One thing that the doc said yesterday was of interest.. Many couples go through IVF unsuccessfully and never know why it didn't work. With NaPro, even if unsuccessful, you will go away knowing why you didn't conceive. I just wish I knew about Dr Boyle and his clinic before I got so close to the end of the NHS list! Hope all this made sense!

Ruthie - 15/08/2008 09:56

Hi Kel, Welcome to the club!!! I can see your dilemma. I think you are probably right to give the IVF a shot - it does work well for lots of people - at least that way even if it doesn't work you get rid of the "what if" factor - the way we look at it - nothing ventured nothing gained!!! And as you say you can always try NaPro afterwards if you dont succeed. Keep us posted. Its great to hear from others going through the same things. xx ruthie

Ruthie - 15/08/2008 10:08

Hi Antoinette, Glad to hear you are progressing well with the tracking - I have only just started and have still to see a practitioner locally to ensure that I am doing it right but I'm sure it will become second nature soon!! We did the food intolerance tests by post. I contacted Cambridge by phone and ordered them - paid by credit card - you get a 20% discount if you are a patient of the Galway Clinic and they sent out the kit. You basically have to prick your finger and fill a tiny vial with blood - pack it up again and post it off. They send back the results in about 10 days. We went for the Foodprint 120 which tests 120 foods and it cost us €408 for 2 tests. You can opt for the Foodprint 60(which the clinic recommended initially but agreed it would give us more detail to go with 120) but we decided in for a penny in for a pound and went for the more detailed one. My sister-in-law did it with the same people and they uncovered a number of intolerances which she was able to then eliminate - she lost over a stone in a very short time once she went gluten free (not that she looked like she needed to but obviously something was blocking up her system) and I am sure that isolating and fixing this intolerance contributed to her success after trying for so long. I can't wait to see what result we get as I suspect a wheat intolerance too!! There are other places I'm sure that do tests but these guys not only indicate an intolerance but give you three grades i.e. very intolerant, mildly intolerant and no intolerance. I felt that this detail was essential in allowing one to live with an intolerance i.e. if you are mildly intolerant then you need not necessarily exclude it from your diet but be aware of it and limit it!! I will let you know how we get on with the results. My poor hubby is dreading them as he has already had to give up his ciggys if he has to start cutting out beloved foods he will go into a decline altogether!!!! Talk soon - have a good weekend X ruthie

Kel - 15/08/2008 19:38

Hi, and thanks for your comments Ruthie! I can't tell you how glad I am that I have come upon this site! The fact that you and Antoinette are going with NaPro is very encouraging. Good luck to you both with the tracking etc. It certainly does sound very complex, even though you both sound so positive about it all. My husband is a skeptic. He thinks that everyone is out just to make money and that some doctors prey on people like us that want a family so badly of our own. It sounds like your husbands are very supportive. Don't get me wrong, mine is willing to try anything too but he is definitely skeptical about it all. How did your sis in law's scan go Ruthie? They must be so excited. Na pro sounds like a long process too. Like you say tho, nothing ventured nothing gained. I'm just so concerned about my age! We only got married last July. Talk about taking your fertility for granted. I dreamt that we'd have this problem. How old are you Ruthie? I truly hope that NaPro works for you both. I told the doctor that we will wait and try IVF first. She was lovely about it all. I pray that we've made the right decision as it puts us back about 5 months if we haven't. So frustrating! Hope you all have a lovely weekend! x

Ruthie - 18/08/2008 11:57

Hi Kel We were also a little skeptical about the whole thing until my sister-in-law actually had results with NaPro despite heaps of IVFs and various other attempts. Thanks for asking - her scan went all according to plan. We too were concerned about waiting another few months with the donor option too but decided it was worth a shot. I am 39.5!!! So age is definitely a concern for me too. Let me know how you get on xx

Pc - 18/08/2008 14:01

Hi Kel. for what its worth I would say you are making the right decision at 40 to go straight to from experience I know that it can take a lot of time from your first app to getting started on treatment, or cycles might have to be cancelled etc. not always but something to be aware of. There is a napro thread on where you can get more info and also ivf threads...but some of the girls on Napro have been tracking for 9 or 10 months, so you may lose more time by going this way first than with ivf. Hope i haven't offended you but having been trying for a baby for 7 yrs and 3 failed ivf's (now doing donor egg ivf) I would push to get ivf at this stage as soon as possible with no delays. Best of luck. x

Anonymous - 18/08/2008 14:52

sorry to be a pain but does anyone know how to start a discussion here?

Antoinette(christinao) - 18/08/2008 21:29

Hi Kel, Ruthie, Kel, I really think you have made the right decision also, so I really wish you & your husband the very very best on the ivf process & you know where to come for plenty of support!! My husband is great but he too would be "less enthusiastic" than I would be...which in one sense is great because there is no pressure on me other then my own self berating! But he has agreed to go all the way with Napro.. Ruthie, thanks a million for the info..I know I did get a leaflet about the food intolerance testing at my last appt in galway, I must root it out..I will defo do it...anything is worth a try & it can only help...Great news to hear about your sis in law!! I hope everything goes brilliant for her! I am heading off to meet my fertility friend on wednesday just to review my chart..I think I have got the hang of it all now...then next monday heading to ballinasloe for a consultation with the dr who is going to do my laperoscopy (the 3rd one!!) no harm in having another look i suppose! The very very best of luck to everyone & please keep updating the board...great to be able to share with similar ladies in our situation. xx anto

Ruthie - 19/08/2008 16:49

Hi anto Good to hear that you are going well with the tracking. I am a little unsure of it at the moment as i have just started and seem to be getting the same observation each day i.e. nothing!! but I am sure that will change shortly. I'm not sure if they will allow me to give you the contact number for the food intolerance people on this page or if there is some way I can e-mail you with it. Make sure to say you are with Galway Clinic as you get a 20% discount. No sign of our results yet but hopefully will have them next week. I have not yet met my fertility friend yet but have made e-mail contact and am ringing her today to sort out a first appointment. Where abouts are you based? I am in Kilkenny and seeing one in Durrow. I was also asked if I would be willing to have another Lap & Dye (had one which showed everything clear and in full working order in Jan 06 or 07 - cant remember) but also said I would be happy to see their guy for another one as my sis in law was told years ago that they could do nothing and then last year had endo removed and tube unblocked by guy they suggested. Let me know how you get on with your tracking appointment and also appt in Ballinasloe. Will keep you posted with anything we find out. Cheers xx R

Anonymous - 19/08/2008 21:09

hi every one. I was on this site for many months and going through every thing you girls are. After nearly 5 years we had to stop and say thats it and when we did stop half of me was happy to let it go and the other half, it was like a death of thats it, no more. i will never know what it would be like to be a mother or have a baby and i have to tell you all i was a mess for a very long time and every were i went i would see mothers and their babies. And life just carried on and bit by bit we got on with it. I have endometriosis and both my tubes were blocked and i had stage 5 of it which i believe to be the worse stage. What i want to say to you girls is don't give up, stay positive. 3 months ago i missed a period which was nothing different. i was 3 days late and still nothing came and i done a test which i done about a million times hoping to God it would give me 2 bright lines but of course it never did. Well i done a test and there it was, i was PREGNANT, me the girl in the rotunda they said would never get pregnant. and i ran out of the house and i got 10 more tests because i thought i was losing it but each one said the same thing. Now i know what its like to have a miracle. through it all i kept my faith and i know at times i would scream my head off but deep down my husband always said to me, i promise you will get pregnant, God will not let us down and he didn't.So girls keep the faith and i will say a prayer for you all so you too get your miracle.

Ella - 20/08/2008 08:17

To Anonoymous, Pc Anonymouse:- Just click on New Message at the top of the page and type in what you want to say, the Submit Message at the end of the page and that will get it posted. You will receive messages back telling you that it has been cleared by the Editor. After a day or so you will see you message posted on the site. Pc. Havent heard from you in a while. Hope everything is ok with you. I know it must b a worrying week for you, but God is good. Try and get in touch, miss the chats....!!! Ella.

Ca - 22/08/2008 10:54

Mel, Would you consider going to a herbalist? There are some excellent, well experienced herbal practitioners dotted around the country. There is a very good herbalist in Portlaoise who will take you through a very thorough but gentle programme of detoxing, building up your immunity, supporting your endocrine system and helping you deal with the emotional 'stuff' (for want of a better word) that comes up when you are going through a difficult time. Look up for a listing of herbalists.

Pc - 22/08/2008 12:44

Hi girls, Anon such a lovely story to share and i wish you all the very best with your pregnancy. That feeling of being told it will not work for you is the worst in the world. Take care.xx Ella, thanks for asking about me and sorry havent posted in a while. Finding getting through the 2ww after my transfer and having come so far just very difficult , due to test on Monday and praying it will be good news. I will let you know. xx

Ruthie - 25/08/2008 07:34

PC Just wanted to wish you all the best today with your test. I will have everything crossed for you. xx

Ella - 25/08/2008 09:12

Pc. Just wishing the very, very, very, best to you today, Monday!! I have a good feeling for you, so i'll be thinking of you till you email us, with hopefully fab news. Best wishes for now!! Ella

Pc - 25/08/2008 13:24

Hi Ella and Ruthie, thanks so much for thinking of me and yes its good news!! BFP on home preg test today. Very early days but shocked to be here and of course very happy. After 7 yrs never thought it would happen for me, and I really hope it will work out for both of you also. xx

Mary(GDI52711) - 25/08/2008 15:13

Ca If i gave you my email address could you give me the name of herbalist in portlaoise

Ella - 25/08/2008 15:27

Pc. Oh my God, i'm so thrilled for you. i'm shocked too but i had a good feeling for you this morning, and i was right!!! You must be so excited, and emotional too i suppose after such a long journey!!! Isn't it great to get such news after so long and all the hassle you had in Spain too. Just shows you things do work out, and of course it's giving me great hope too as i will be on that very journey now too soon. Maybe the 7 year itch is finally over for you. I too am in the 7 year itch, so hopefully i will have the same positives you have!!! Who knows. Here's hoping always!! Still today is your day and hopefully it will all go well for you now from here on in .... hard part over, eh??? The very, very, best for you. Talk soon. Ella. xxxxxxx

Ruthie - 25/08/2008 16:08

Hi Pc Great great news. Wow I am sure you are still in shock. That is really super. Feet up now and take it easy - nothing else matters for the next few months - except keeping in touch with us that is!! Well done congratulations to both you and your hubby. May I ask how long the process took from when you decided to go donor egg to today. My hubby is still concerned about my age (I will be 40 in January). Thank you and big hug from me. xx

Ruthie - 25/08/2008 16:18

Hi Anto Just thought I'd hop on and tell you the results of our food intolerance tests!! My hubby thankfully is only borderline intolerant to Soyabean - sounds easier than it is however cos there is soya in nearly ever processed food now. Borderline means he can have them a few times a week but must not have too much. I am so glad its only that cos he is doing really well on the ciggys so happy not to have to tell him he has to give up even more!!! I will just carefully choose the food I serve and he wont even know he's missing out on stuff!! I am also borderline intolerant to egg yolk, red kidney beans (which I love), and have come up with a high intolerance or AVOID to soyabean, pineapple, cashew nuts (also a big favourite of mine) and buckwheat. The soyabean is really a problem as it is in sooooo much once you start reading labels. I have thankfully managed to find old fashioned bread made by a wexford bakery which doesnt use soya flour so at least one comfort food is saved!!! If anyone knows of any good food intolerance websites or discussions I would be really grateful. So here goes with the eating habit change and hopefully it will have some effect!! Look forward to hearing from the rest of you this week. So glad I found this site. xx

Pc - 25/08/2008 17:59

Hi Ruthie and Ella, thanks so much!! I really appreciate your nice words and good wishes. Ruthie, i had my first meeting in early April, and would have had my transfer sooner only for my womb lining didn't develop well for the first cycle and i had to have it cancelled and have a hysteroscopy to see if there were any problems. I started again near the end of July and here I am! Normal time from 1st app to transfer with IM Barcelona is 2 months. Thanks again girls and i will stay in touch with both of you and hope thats ok. xx

Ruthie - 26/08/2008 09:48

Hi Pc Really really happy for you. Thanks for the info on timeframe - gosh that is quite quick isnt it. I am so used to the long waits involved in normal IVF so that seems great. Would it be ok to get more detailed info from you re. who you went through, how you went about it, cost of the programme etc. I can give you my e-mail address if you like. We just want to do as much as we can in preparation for it in case this doesnt work with us. Would prefer to be ready in the blocks if that happens rather than having to start from scratch again!! Thanks heaps and keep us posted re. scans etc. xxxx

Kel - 26/08/2008 16:49

Hi Girls, I haven't been on this in a week. Wow! Look at all that can happen! Anonymous had me in tears with that story! And PC, what wonderful news. Congratulations to you both! Really fantastic news. Thanks to the rest of you, Ruthie and Ella for your comments too. The support is fantastic. Friday was really disappointing for me. First of all, last month, my period was 11 days late. This has never happened to me before. Of course the test was negative. Now, (Fri) my period arrived 7 days early! What's that all about! There was no warning either! How am I supposed to know when, if ever, in the month I am fertile? Also, on Friday I decided to phone the hospital to see where exactly I was on the IVF list. In May, I was 64th. They told me that 13 women are called each month. So, on Friday, you can imagine how annoyed I was to hear that I'm at 58. Approx 5-8 months before I'l be called. I feel like I'm going out of my mind. The doc that we seen in May did tell me to contact her in Sept if I haven't heard but it doesn't sound very promising that I will be called before I turn 40 in December. I'm going to see my own GP this week to see if she can pull any strings for me. Even the private doctor here in belfast has an even longer waiting list at the minute, so I dont know what we're going to do. Girls, for those of you that have been through IVF unsuccessfully.. do they ever tell you why it hasn't worked? I hope we made the right decision re the NaPro thing. Scary to think that food intolerance can be stopping us from getting pregnant! Good luck with the charting etc anyways. I think its very wise Ruthie not to let your husband know what he's missing. Talk soon x

Pc - 27/08/2008 16:06

Hi Ruthie, just a quick one as in work, but no prob giving more info. also look at the ivf thread here as i had given Ella some info also that might help. But when i log back in I can give you more details, no prob. And if you would like to give me your e-mail thats fine also..i know this is a public forum though so it can be hard to give e-mails but whichever you prefer is fine by me, Talk later or tomorrow. xx

butterfly - 27/08/2008 21:34

Haven't been on for long time. Having got in contact with hospital Reprofit, dealing with Dr Machac.We done all the requested tests, they have given us a date for April 2009. Has anyone out there been to this hospital or even gone down the route of donor egg. We would really love to be able to talk to some other couple that have done similar.

Ruthie - 27/08/2008 22:03

Thanks PC, that would be great. I will talk to you tomorrow or whenever you are back online. Cheers Ruth

Antoinette(christinao) - 28/08/2008 11:03

Hello Ladies... wow..great story from anon..its always such a boost when you hear stories like that..wishing you a very happy & healthy pregnancy!... P.C...congratulations to you also!!...Its just fantastic news!....keep us posted on your wonderful journey! Hey ruthie...hope the new food regime is going well for you and your hubby! It will be really interesting to see if you feel any different...thanks a million for the information, let me know how everything is going.. Kel..just to answer your question from my experience...I had two failed ivf's..on the last ivf, it was "perfect" we had 2 day 5 blastocysts and I was warned by the embryoligist that they looked so perfect there was a huge chance I could get pregnant with twins..(I was thrilled of course!) but it failed.. had a review with the docs but there was no reason..they just don't know why it does'nt work....but then on my first ivf..i was told the 2 embryos were of "so so" quality, I left after embryo transfer dissapointed...a day 3 transfer and guess what..I now have a beautiful 4 year old boy!! So you just don't know..ivf is like the lotto...but it so worth the rollercoaster ride.. Just to update on myself..went up to meet doc in ballinasloe so I am having a lap on 3rd oct...starting follicle tracking this month with dr.boyle and will be officially trying hopefully once follicle reach correct size..I have finished up now with my fertilitity care lady as I have now got a hang of the charting at last!! Best of luck to all xx Anto

Kel - 01/09/2008 14:36

Hello Ladies, hope you are all keeping well and that everything is going according to plan! I've been reading back to try and get everyone's stories straight. Ella, have you's decided to go the donor route then after all? You really have been through so much. I really am saying special prayers that soon your time will come too. You have been great support for PC and the other girls. I went to my GP on Friday. There isn't much she can do for me. She did tell me that my private fertility doctor is now off on maternity leave herself at the age of 42! So, her waiting lists are even longer. I emailed the doc at the hospital we're attending to ask her about clomid and the waiting list problem but I haven't heard back from her. I seem to be getting myself really stressed out over the waiting game. The GP reassured me of our test results and that everything seems to be "normal". I was asking if there are any other tests that we could take but she said no.. everything has been done and they are aware of my age etc. So, until I hear back from the doc at the hospital, I'll just have to try to not freak myself out. So, to Anto and Ruthie.. hope all is going well with the tracking etc and PC, I do hope your enjoying every minute of being pregnant! I know I have no right to sound so whinney about it all. You have all waited so long and been through so much. Sorry. xx

Ella - 01/09/2008 15:56

Kel Thanks for your kind words, but all the girls here are very supportive!! Unless you're GP is very good i wouldn't read too much into what they say to you. I have everything tried at this stage ... i will never give up. Even after everything we have been through i just seem to find the hope and fight in me to carry on, sometimes i wish i didn't, but i do, and i'm praying to God that he will help me on our journey this time and make it a lucky one for us!! Anyway i was on Clomid too. We were never diagnosed with any problems either in the beginning, but now as you prob know the possiblility is my egg quality. I tried Clomid for a year too and it got me down too much, prob on it too long, so i'd give it 6 mths and see then if i were you. Do loads of research on your options. If there is anything i can help you with, please ask and i will do my best. We attended a Counsellor last week here in this Country and it was a real teary experience for me. Yes we are definately doing donor now, and were advised to see this woman before hand. It was on in the clinic we had prev gone to and i think the place, the memories, everything brought it back to me again and i just burst into tears from start to end and most of the way home. TG my hubby was with me and he is just fantastic. I cant give him enough praise. He is so scared of what it will do to me if if it fails again and i never realised how afraid he actually was until this day. It frightened me to death and i love him all the more now. It's funny how we get caught up with our own feelings and dont realise how they are REALLY feeling too. So anyway, Kel, fight on and push things forward always, dont sit back if you're not happy with what is happening. Sometimes you have to move things yourself. You must rem too, we are only numbers to a lot of these clinics and docs!! But we have to start somewhere too. Best of Luck always. Keep in touch and keep positive!! Ella.

Pc - 01/09/2008 17:06

Hi everyone, Kel am so sorry to hear you're feeling so frustrated and can completely understand it as I've been there many times waiting and waiting...I feel I've spent the last no of years just 'waiting' between cycles, or starting cycles, or reviews. etc. Look at least your tests are fine which is good news and at least you're on your way with a plan and it will all come around quickly in the end. I hope it all works out for you. Antoinette thanks very much for your kind wishes.And best of luck with your tracking. Butterfly , I didn't go to the CR but did donor egg ivf in Spain. There is also lots of info on and girl there has just come back from the cr after de and seems to have high praise for the clinic, so you should try there, August thread. Hi Ruthie, hope you're ok. I know you wanted some info on how I went about it etc, Well after my 2nd ivf failed to respond I was really low, and spent a week at home trying to think what to do and panicking! Anyway the Hari had suggested DE in Spain so I started looking up clinics and once you start its amazing how much info there is. I made 2 appts one with IM Barcelona and one with IVI Barcelona, but only kept the IM one in the end as thought if I go to 2 places it might make it even harder to choose and would cost more for appts etc...I went onto the IM (Institut Marques) website which is: and got their e-mail address which is: Then sent them an e-mail with my history, and went from there. They asked me for my previous records which I had from Hari and Simms and I sent them all these plus any test results etc I had. The app took 2 months. The cost of a cycle is €9,500 but if you supply the donor's drugs. you get €1,000 discount which we did (can tell you about that again). However we also needed initial tests on my hubby which cost around €1300 and then we had to have some extra procedures done as a result of these tests, so the cycle cost us approx €12,300 plus the initial tests, plus if you have anything to freeze (which we didn't) thats an extra €800. So its all pretty expensive but hopefully I pray will be worth it. Does that help? If there is any other info you need let me know. xx

butterfly - 02/09/2008 12:35

Thanks pc will do some more research now that we have a little more to go on. Will let you know how we get on .

Kel - 02/09/2008 13:30

Hi Ladies, Ella and PC, thanks so much for your responses. You have both helped to give me a kick up the a**! to see that it's not that bad. I know that you both have been through this waiting time for many years now. Perhaps, because I'm just starting out and because of my pending 40th that I'm feeling this way. Anyways, I appreciate your kind words and very positive attitudes. Ella, you obviously went through a very stressful time going back to that clinic. After reading what you wrote though, you are a very positive person. Fare play to you for even responding to me. You must have a very strong faith Ella. I think that you are right with what you said about the husbands. They really do feel our pain. I couldn't imagine going through this without mine being so supportive. I'm glad you had yours with you during that appointment. He sounds very worried about you Ella. I hope that PC's positive results have inspired you though. I pray that the donor way works for you. PC, you have a font of knowledge. Its lovely that you are sharing it all with everyone. I hear what you're saying re the research and pushing things myself. I feel much more positive myself today. Thanks again to you both.

gee - 04/09/2008 15:04

Hi everyone I am new to this site. After suffering with severe pain and dreadful periods I was diagnosed with endometriosis in March 2008, after having to go private I maight add. Adhesions were removed in various areas. I was very concerned about fertility. I really want children but not sure if I am now under a deadline as far as fertility goes. I recently married and we are both keen for children. I have always felt that I would like to enjoy married life for a while first before children and also I am bridesmaid in 6 months. However I was told by my gynaecologist to start a family sooner rather than later....but what does that mean? Another doctor told me yesterday I may end up regretting it if I left it 6 months to even start conceiving Anyone any advice or in the same boat?

Kel - 04/09/2008 20:53

Hi gee, You haven't mentioned how old you are? As a 39.5 year old with no apparent reason as to why we haven't conceived, I would say.. do not take your fertility for granted! If the doctors have advised you to start, then I would take their advice! So what if you have a bit of a bump in a bridesmaids dress. The point is, that you are witnessing the wedding! In fact, I was recently at a wedding where the chief bridesmaid was heavily pregnant. All I could think was that she looked lovely! As for wanting to spend time with your husband first, I can understand that ( we were married in July 07), but there is no guarantee that you wont have difficulty getting pregnant, especially because you already have complications. I'm no expert by any means, but from personal experience, I just wish that we had tried sooner than later. Go with your gut feeling. Best of luck what ever you decide.

Kel - 15/09/2008 23:32

No one seems to be using this thread anymore?? Just wondering how Ruthie and Anto are getting on. I've been on the thread "invitro fertilisation" with PC, Ella etc. That is a very positive thread that gives us all hope. So many positives that are so encouraging. Anyways, hope all is well with everyone. Look forward to hearing from you soon.xx

Antoinette(christinao) - 16/09/2008 11:13

Hi Kel! Thanks for thinking of me...Just to give you an update on where I am..this month I got the go ahead to "try" so on day 15 went up to see Dr. Boyle, saw a fine fat follicle so I was thrilled to see I responded to the treatment, Dr. Boyle gave me the go ahead to do the inject that night to trigger ovulation & I was to go back up on day 18 to see if I ovulated. Had a very "loving" weekend with my husband, went up on Day 18 & lo & behold, when doc did the scan I could still see this big black blob...the egg never ruptured from the follicle!!. I was so dissapointed...things were going so well...So basically doc has tweaked my current medication & added in extra..he is hoping I will respond but he did say in some cases it still cannot be I am going for laperoscopy on 3rd oct there is no point trying next month, so along with having a weak lining of the womb, elevated FSH, PCOS, doc thinks I am also likely to have endiometreosis, I now have wait for it...."unruptured follicle syndrome"!!!!! God only knows what they will find when I do the lap...probably a stringed quartet or something!!! But the one great thing about this is, I would never have know about the UFS..More than likely, I have never ovulated properly at all in the first place, even though I have perfect cycles and can tell to the day when my AF is due & also I have all the classic signs of that is a great relief to I just have to wait now until oct 3rd... How are you doing Kel? xx Anto

Kel - 16/09/2008 13:55

Hi Anto.. my goodness.. bitter sweet kind of.. your right to stay positive that at least now you know what's happening. Remember, when I spoke to Dr Boyle's associate in Lifford she said.. that at the very least if Napro doesn't work.. you will know why! As with IVF you never do. So, please God, at least you have the comfort that something is happening. Good luck with the lap. I recall, its a bit sore. Anyways, I explained on the other thread my latest news but here goes.. After emailing the doc at the hosp with my concern that the IVF list wasn't moving, I hadn't heard back so.. decided to just go and chance my arm that she'd see me. She did! I was very disappointed to hear that after all I won't be called before I turn 40 in Dec. We were hoping to have our first go of IVF on the NHS and if we needed further treatment we would go private ( NHS allows 1 go of IVF before age 40). She also did a scan that showed that on day 14 the uterus lining wasn't thick as it should be and although there was a follicle, it wasn't the right size that it should be for day 14, so.. she said that I wouldn't be ovulating for another 4 or 5 days. Now, after reading what happened to you.. I wonder if I'm ovulating at all! So, finally, she perscribed clomid for me. My FSH levels were 4.5 when last tested last Dec, the lap showed no blockage so.. just keep trying, they say. So, clomid for the 1st 1-5 days of next cycle. My dh and I have decided to try just for 2 months then we will go to a private clinic here where you pay more but they see you faster. I just feel that I should have been given clomid a year ago when they said that I would be called before I'm 40. Also, they didn't put me on the private waiting list ( which is as long as the NHS list) until last week when I seen the doc. Its all so frustrating. The doc at the hosp said that she understood that given my test results that they thought I would just conceive naturally during this year. Very good of them to assume and not to do further tests. So, now I'v to go in on day 11 for a scan. To me, they should bring you in during the time that you are meant to be ovulating and check if that is actually happening! Makes sense to me. I know that the resources are few but this is serious business! I'm gonna ask if that can happen when I see her on day 11. So, thanks for asking Anto about me. If anything, I really do feel your anxiety too. You were so close. Did you do the food intolerance tests etc. Do you think that Napro is the way to go? Remember, we decided not to go for our appointment on Sept 10th because we thought we were so close on the IVF list. Now, we don't know what's for the best. Sorry this was long winded. Check out the thread for " invitro fertilisation" Its very positive.. You'l see some really good news for PC too. It's so encouraging to hear the positives too. If I had advice for anybody reading it would be.. stay on top of things yourself. Remember that we are just numbers to these clinics and doc's. We have to stay positive and encourage each other. So, good luck, keep us posted on how things are going. Since you can't try next month, try to relax with out the pressure of it all. Easy,, I know! Ha. Take Care. xx

Ruthie - 16/09/2008 19:17

Hi Guys - sorry to have not been online for a while but I have been overseas for work and didn't have access to a computer. But THANK YOU for asking after me Kel. It is great to know that after such a short time on this site people really care. I will hop across this evening and have a look at the other thread that you are on too. Can't remember where I was at the last time!! Oh yeah - went up to Durrow to see my fertility friend and all went well there - seem to have a fairly good idea of the whole charting business and was just mainly reminded to not get lazy when the days seem the same. The only minus is that this month (for only the second time in my life) my body failed to produce a proper period (the first time I was unaware that it was actually not one) but instead produced 5 days of brown bleed which is not counted as a period in Napro. I am therefore still tracking away in the last cycle and will continue doing so until I get a normal bleed. I am doing fine on the meds no major side affects - had a little sleeplessness to start with and a dry mouth but nothing else at all. I am due to go back to my fertility friend at the end of the month so we will see what she thinks then. Also feeling a little more energy on the 7 vitamins minerals etc which i now take daily and assume they are doing their own thing towards the whole process. My hubby is also still off the ciggies - I am so proud of him - although I know he is struggling at the weekends if we are out. In the first week after getting my food intolerance tests back I was very strict about what I ate and he said he could literally see me daily reducing in size (just goes to show that the bloating must have been caused by the intolerated foods) and while away last week I think I may have had soya in a few things which I couldnt detect as I had similar bloating and other symptoms. I am now back on track and being very careful so will hopefully continue to see progress there. (not that I am overweight but feel constantly bloated and a little puffed up which is uncomfortable). It has amazed me to see what contains Soya or derivatives thereof - and how many things I now cannot eat - but freshly prepared meat and veggies are fine and having found what seems to be the only white bread in normal shops which is made without soya flour I am enjoying sambos again!!!

Antoinette(christinao) - 17/09/2008 19:58

Hey Kel, God, it is equally frustrating for you...but oh my god wow!! You have absolutely fantastic fsh levels!! when I was 34 I tested I tested 11.1 (which is high but still a relief, i though it would be 44!!)...but your level is brilliant!! Please don't try to get too hung up on the age thing...I know its so so hard not to, but with your fsh and no blockages etc its really good news (i know, your still not getting pregnant though) but it is...I totally agree with you re the scanning...thats the problem with infertility, you go to your gp, who do prelim tests which also don't include everything you should be tested for, then after that you go straight to the fertility clinic on the ivf/iui route, there is no in between, but now there is with there any possibility you could do napro while you are waiting for the ivf?? Dr. boyle also found i had low progesterone, low eostrogen & low vit D level - all fixed now with medication..& he told me his lastest patient was 48 and she gave birth to a little girl!! If nothing has been found after your lap he could be the man to locate an underlying problem that the clinics or gp's won't pick up?? I know your caught between a rock & a hard place...but see is there any way you could try napro, while waiting for ivf..must check out the ivf thread, i have really missed the contact with you girls...xx anto

Antoinette(christinao) - 17/09/2008 20:02

Hey ruthie! Good to hear from you too....great that your getting the hang of the took me about 2 -3 cycles to be really sure..thought I was but was still a little confused! Your hubby is fantastic! It couldn't have been easy...great that you are noticing the difference on your diet... Oh kel, I forgot to answer your other question, to be honest I did'nt get tested yet for the food intolerances, I have it to do though! Well girls, I am off to portugal for a week on saturday...I reallyyyyyyy need the break!! I will move to the ivf thread..really would love to keep chatting with you all and seeing how you are all getting on...lots and lots of baby dust to you all xx anto

Anonymous - 18/09/2008 13:46

Hi could anyone tell me where I can get a HSG test done as my doctor hasn't referred me to get one and I was wondering if there is anywhere I can get one done without a doctors referral? Thanks

Ruthie - 18/09/2008 22:03

Hey Anto - hope you have a great break in Portugal - you so deserve it - I too have hopped over to the other thread but will keep an eye on this one too. Hey Kel - good to hear from you too. - keep in touch as well xxx

Anne - 24/09/2008 11:35

Hi I have been attending the cfc since it opened and on my second attempt of ivf, we had a positive which was brillant. thought it would never happen as I have serve endo, hormone imbalance, blocked tubes. We have been trying again and no luck. we have had three more failed ivfs and one abandoned. Can anyone advise when they decided to stop and say this is not going to work. Have been told that chances are very poor, but then again I did manage once. How many times do you try? thanks.

Ella - 24/09/2008 12:33

Anne, hi, I attended there as well for a few years and unfortunately our story wasn't so lucky. We responded well every time to the treatment and had IVF three times, the last time with ICSI. They came to the conclusion that my eggs were not good enough so suggested Donor, which at the time we didn't think about, but we are now, and have an apt in Barcelona on the 29/10/2008. So hopefully the Gods will look down on us this time and bring us rays of sunshine!!! We suffered a lot both mentally and physically, and it took a long time for me especially to get back on track again. I thank my hubby for his tremendous support throughout it all and he continues to support me now. Without him I would never get through this. We said always that we would attempt it three times, never imagining that it wouldn't work. We never thought we had such severe problems. Everything looked so rosy on the last attempt and when it failed, we were gutted. I think you have to set a pattern of what you will do and how many times. I couldn't do it ever again, it took a big toll on my body as well as my mind, so not for us anymore. A new route now, and this will probably be out last attempt at having our family. Ella

FL - 25/09/2008 14:39

Hi All Just realised a lot of you are posting on 2 threads. I'm waiting on my period to start so I can begin IVF treatment, its late again its so frustrating. I think its because my FSH levels are high, my cycle is all over the place. As I said on the other page I went through IVF twice in 1998 due to my husbands low sperm count. Sadly my husband passed away 6 years ago, and now I am with a new partner but have discovered because I am now 10 yrs older my FSH levels are not good so we have decided to try once, thats all the doctor will allow me because he is putting me on the highest dose of puregon. So say a little prayer for me and ye are all in my thoughts as we all travel on this journey

LJ - 26/09/2008 10:07

Hi everyone, This is my first time on this site, i know this may sound horrible but it's quite comforting to know that i am not the only one finding it hard to get pregnant as everytime i turn around some one else i know is pregnant. not sure if this has always been the case or im just noticing it now that we are trying. I tried to have a baby about six years ago. unfortunatly it was etopic. once i was better we tried again but no luck. we attented the royal hospital in belfast. they said it was unexplained. we were due to have ivf in the april but i discovered my husband was cheating before hand so i left him. Anyway im with a really great guy now we have been together for 4 years and we started trying last september and discovered that i was pregnant in december. we were both overjoyed but 2 days later i miscarried. now the doctor thinks i had another one 2 months ago but he cant be sure. The doctor says there is nothing that he can do unless i have another miscarrage and now for the last few months my periods have become irregular, so we are both feeling a bit lost at the moment and i hate to bother my family with any of this as they seem to be the most fertile family in belfast lol.

Kel - 26/09/2008 12:07

Hi LJ and welcome! Hi to the rest of you girls too. This is a fantastic site that really gives great support. I know what you mean LJ regards everyone else around you. We were at a wedding last weekend and the groom confided to my husband that the bride is expecting. Then I had another guest tell me that she too is four months! As happy as I am for these girls, I can't help but wonder if it will ever happen for us. I am attending the RVH as well. I'm very disappointed with there waiting list etc. If you read back, you'l understand why. The doc I'v been attending has been lovely though. FL, I'm experiencing the same thing with period being all over the show. I'm on day 36 and still waiting for it to arrive. The girls on the other thread seem to have done accupuncture to regulate it. Have you tried? I'm gonna look into it. Anne, I can't imagine being where you and Ruthie, Ella and PC have come from. You girls have been through so much! I can only speculate that you need to talk with your husband and make that decision together as to how far and long you will go. I really take my hat off to all of you that have come through so many trials and disappointments. Everyone's case is so individual. Only you know how much your body and mind and heart can take. At least we have this site to come back to for support of whatever decisions you make. I hope you all have relaxing weekends xx

FL - 26/09/2008 12:41

Hi Kel At the moment I'm on day 38 - it probably would not affect me so much as it is only I have the spray and the puregon ready to start. I went for acupuncture once, at the time my periods were regular enough - was just trying it to see would it help me relax before the IVF. I have to say I didn't really like it but maybe I am being unfair and should try a different therapist before giving up on it. I live near Longford so if any one can recomend someone

Kel - 28/09/2008 11:48

Anto.. Thanks very much for your encouraging thoughts.. When I phoned Dr Boyle's affilliate in Lifford.. she was lovely, but told me that I couldn't do NaPro at the same time or while I wait for the IVF treatment. As you know, with NaPro, you have to make quite a lengthy commitment as far as time. She said that because they use different drugs, etc that it just wouldn't work. Because we thought we were so close to getting IVF on the NHS we decided to wait and do IVF then, if it fails we will try NaPro. Now, it turns out that with the NHS backload we wont be called for another 6 mo or so. So, we have to go private anyways! Very frustrating, cause we would have gone private a year ago! Anyways.. we are just so disappointed that nothing seems to be happening! I'm now on day 38 of my cycle.. I'm going nuts cause my cycle has been crazy this past couple of months. I just want it to come ( if it is!) so that I can start clomid. Sorry if this is repetative.. because I'm on the two threads I'm not sure if I already wrote all that on this one! Anyways.. hope all you ladies are keeping your spirits up. At least the sun is shining!x

Kel - 29/09/2008 13:03

Hi FL.. Sorry I'm only replying to you now.. I totally understand how anxious you must be. Is this your first attempt of IVF with your new partner? Did it come over the weekend? I'm now on day 39 with no sign of it. The longest that I'v gone is 41 days.. 2 months ago and then last month it came on day 24. What's that about?? I, like yourself, just want it to come so that we can start this treatment (of course, your's is much more serious!). Hopefully, you've started. Please keep us posted on how it's all going. It's very exciting. It's great that we have this forum isn't it. I find it so hard, cause you just don't want to discuss all this with friends and family. I'll say a wee one for you and for you too PC. Best of luck with your scan. Keep us posted and thanks for your thoughts too. xx

FL - 29/09/2008 14:58

Hi Kel Thanks for thinking of me, hasn't come yet feels like it is all the time. I have had 26 day cycle, not lately though it. For the last six months it has been about the 30 to 32 day but the last one was day 42 and today is day 42 so just hoping, probably being anxious isn't helping. Yea it's the first attempt with my new partner, he has 2 children( he has full custody, they live with us, but want my own), and when I went through it with my husband (RIP) it was because he had fertility problems, so I suppose I thought it might happen naturally but it didn't and I was so shocked to find out my FSH levels were high. It is great to have this support and I look forward to logging in each day. xx

FL - 03/10/2008 11:35

Hi My period still hadn't come on Wednesday so I phoned the HARI unit who advised me to come up yesterday for another scan.. They have put me on a tablet for 4 days called primulot to bring on a period. All going well and this works, I will be able to start my IVF then. Hope everyone has a lovely and peaceful weekend.

Kel - 08/10/2008 12:29

Hi Girls.. Hope you are all keeping well. At least the sun is shinin' today! FL.. Any sign yet? You must be going crazy with anxiousness! I know you are on the other thread as well as I read your update there as well. For the rest of you girls do pop onto the other thread called in vitro fertilisation. The girls there have been through a lot and they have a wealth of knowledge to share. It seems to be quite a lucky site too as there are quite a few that have recently found themselves pregnant having IVF and egg donor too. FL do keep us posted and know that I share your anxiousness! My period finally came on day 40. I started the course of clomid and I'm due to have a scan on Sunday morning to make sure all is well with uterus lining and follicle, etc. LJ.. I was thinking about you and your predicament. As I am in Belfast too, I was wondering if you have already been referred to the fertility clinic at RVH? There is a lovely doctor there called Gillian Williamson. Why don't you call to get a private appointment with her so that she can do a little more probing as to what's happening with you? I'm so frustrated at the way that I have been left, I just want to push other women to know that your fertility is in your own hands. You need to push these doctors to give you an answer. I feel that given my age, my private doc should have given me scan's throughout this past year to tell me if I am indeed ovulating or if the uterus wall is thick enough etc. Dr Williamson did that scan on me last month and was able to tell me that it would be another 4 or 5 days before I'd be ovulating and that was on day 14. What I'm saying is, don't wait for them or, heaven forbid you miscarrie again! Try and find out what the underlying problem is. Ask about the drug clomid to see if that is right for you. Are you on the IVF waiting list? If not, get on it because its about an 18 month waiting list! ( I've been on it from Dec last year and I'm still waiting!) Of course all this depends on how old you are too. We are now probably going to be going private in Dec or Jan cycle. All this waiting is just so frustrating though. And of course, we can't tell friends and family the extent of the problems. Well, good luck girls. Know that I'm thinking about ya's and trying to send positive waves! xx

FL - 13/10/2008 10:11

Hi Kel Well it finally started last Thursday night with the help of medication. So I had Day 2 on Saturday and started the spray that day and had my first injection yesterday evening. Next Saturday I have scan to see if I am responding , please God I will. How did your scan etc go yesterday.

Littlemuffinshouse - 14/10/2008 20:36

Hi there my husband and i have been trying for the last 4yrs now and have been up and down to the hospital like yo yo's and still nothing. i was promised on my last visit that i would be put on clommid 100mg on my visit today, yet when i went i was told no, that i would have to go through the usual day 4 and 21 blood tests plus have an ultrasound done. then they told me that my husband would have to go and do yet another semen anaylsis. well that was it for me, i lost it and just broke down and cried. you see i have severe osteoarthritis in both my legs and i am only 38. time is running out for me to have a baby as my condition has become much worse. i really thought this was it today. i left the hospital so disappointed and felt like my nose was rubbed in it big time and that there was no consideration made for me with my arthritis etc... the doctor i met even said it to me about sending us for IVF after we told them last time that we could not afford it. needless to say i am sat here typing this message in tears and feeling so very down. today was my last chance to be a mum. my husband and i have decided there is no point in we continuing on with things as nothing is being done for us. i am devastated and can only hope and pray that no one else ever has to go through our heartache or be treated so badly by a hospital.

Kel - 16/10/2008 11:37

Oh what mixed emotions I have!! FL- Great news for you.. really, I'm delighted that your journey has finally begun! Although I haven't been posting, I have been thinking of you and the other girls. Please keep us up to date with your progress. It's almost like, at least if one of us is successful than at least we know that nothing is impossible! I have just been so emotional! I've been doing a novena this past week to St. Gerard ( patron saints of expectant Mum's and those that want to be, just in case you didn't know) and it has just brought to light how many of us there is out there that so badly want children and for some reason or another either cant or need help! So, please know that I have kept you all in my special intentions! So, I went for the scan in the morning and the doc said, great two big follicles and one small one on the other side. She said uterus wall looks good and thick enough so ovulation should happen either today, or tomorrow. I was delighted! Then she took a blook test to make sure that the clomid didn't produce too much eostrogen. I was to call back for results, after 3, which I did and of course... it did produce too much.. therefore, no we can't try this month, I'm not to take clomid again and she wants to see me back when my next period arrives! For what, I'm not sure! I too was gutted yesterday. My husband has just been a star though. So, so helpful and lovely. I'd truly be lost without him. It's so hard, but I'm trying to stay positive, at least there will be no fear of an unhealthy amount of multiples and at least she is going to see me back at the hospital sooner rather than later. I'm praying that she will be taking pity on me and let me begin my IVF treatment as well. As for littlemuffinshouse.. this is terrible news but you musn't loose hope! Are you in the north or south of Ireland? Can you turn to your family for help financially? I really understand the disappointment and the anxiety that comes from feeling that your running out of time. I'm turning 40 in Dec and after being on the NHS waiting list over a year, hoping to get our first go of IVF on the NHS, only to find that the list is another 4-7 months long. We'v had to face that we will probably have to pay as well. I know its a terrible lot to loose if it doesn't work but imagine if it did! That's what we all have to stay focused on. I'm sorry that you feel that the other day was your last chance. From what I'v just experienced, clomid's not so great either. I know you are at your wit's end, but you need to read through some of the stories on this thread and on "invitro fertilisation". There are some powerful stories of bravery and stamina. Some of these women are truly inspirational to see how far they've come, sucessfully and sadly unsuccessfully.. yet! You've got to stay strong and simply find another way. You haven't told us much of your history.. have you had all the relevant tests? If you don't like that hospital, go to another one. There are lots of good clinics out there. Also, maybe Napro technology should be something you should look into with your medical problems. Just a thought. Please keep posting. FL, I'm gonna put this on the other thread as well, so sorry for the repeat info. All the very best to you and your partner.

FL - 16/10/2008 12:51

Hi Kel So sorry things weren't good, is producing high oestogen the same as the high FSH (excuse the ignorance)? I am on the flare protocol which means I am on the spray for down regualising and the injections to produce folliciles at the same time - this is different than when I tried in 1998. I am turning 40 next March so I am not far behind you. I tried Clomid several times but had no scans or tests while taking it, obviously I did not get pregnant on it either so just wondering is it the same problem we have?

Kel - 16/10/2008 13:59

Hi FL, I don't think that it's the same thing. My FSH was tested last dec and it was quite low for my age at 5.4 so I don't think that is the problem for me. I know that things can change in a year obviously but no, I think its the clomid that has just over produced it for this cycle. I too am quite ignorant regards it all. The other girls seem to have come through so much and are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to this stuff. You must be so excited and nervous and everything! I said to my hubby last night, with bein so disappointed, can you imagine what I will be like if IVF doesn't work? I dread it , but we won't know if we don't try. I really am thinking of you FL. So many have had positive results lately, please God, you'll be next. xx

Shady - 25/11/2008 13:55

Hi all

Wonder if you could help me? I'm in a bind and just don't know what to do. Myself and hubby have been married for 7 years and we found out a few years ago that he had a very low sperm count. Anyway, with one thing and another we didn't go for ICSI when we first found out - and now I am wondering if I did the wrong thing by not going for it. I've just turned 43 so am wondering is it too late anyway? I have to say the thought of it frightens the life out of me and I've heard all the horror stories (could bring on early menopause, child with Down's Syndrome, very little chance of conceiving etc). I'm getting really depressed about it now and have no one to turn to for advice. Help! Your opinions would be greatly appreciated...Many thanksFrown

chyemma - 14/02/2009 22:41

Hi everyone, We were ttc for two years but made a move to the GP after being unable to conceive...she did all the necessary test and they were all fine, we were refered to specialist and many hormone and sperm test done and all came out fine...had HSG test done last november and my left tube was blocked...had a keyhole surgery done this january and big fibroid the size of grapefruit was found sitting on top of my uterus and doc said i wouldn't be able to conceive with that....i'm down for abdominal myomectomy soon and this is scaring the life out of me. I pray i come out alive...just like every other op, there are risks of complications and it could lead to hesterectomy. The doc said i'll go for ivf 5 months after the op. we're saving up for that now and i pray to God to give me strenght coz emotionally i'm up and down (mix feeling). Plzzzzzzzzzz pray for me for i have a long way to go this year just like most of us

ethel - 10/06/2009 16:38

Hi All,

Am new to this page. I have been trying for a baby for 5 yrs & no luck. Had period 28/4. Was expecting them round 26-31st May. Never got them. Had mild cramp in abdomen, sensitive nipples, spotting for 1 day, slight sickness. Took 2 preg tests, both neg. Am very anxious to get preg. Bf blames himself as he has diabetes. Was anyone else ever in this position, & come out smiling? Would love to have a bundle of joy to love to cuddle? Can anyone help?Wink

fre - 11/06/2009 16:07

hi there,

i have a big problem i am turning 40 in aug'09 and last oct'08 for 3 months i had my period disappeared and i have done a lot to bring it back naturally with no hope and so i had to go to doctor and he put me back on birth control pills to bring them  back, i stopped them to see if now i can naturally bring them back but no hope so i decided to take natural remedies herbal supplement and acupunture just today. my estrogen is low and uterus cervix is tight

can anybody reccomend how to open up the uterus cervix and what other things can be helpful i am trying to conceive

marianne - 11/06/2009 17:42

Hi, I've been gone from this page a while since I found a different forum that suited me better (in my native country) but would just like to share with all the ladies here struggling, check out, it's the national infertility support and information group. They have been absolutely wonderful, I've just joined, it's 40 euro for the year and you get a book on infertility and a newsletter, they also do meetings every 2 months!

Best of luck to everyone!

Longing - 15/06/2009 15:36

Hi All,

I am new to this site, having been recommended it by a friend...

My history to date has been 1 successful IUI with pregnancy early 08 and then missed miscarriage after 10 wks.Failed 2nd IUI in Sept and cancelled IVF pre Christmas 08.So all in all 2008 was a tough year to say the least.

So the moment we are considering DE as I am just 40 and need to get a move on..not sure how many of you are on the same track as myself re:DE or who are considering it??

Similar to Marianne I have joined NISIG in the last 2 months.They run bi monthly meetings during the year - mainly in Limerick,Cork and Dublin.The next NISIG meeting is in Dublin and is solely concerned with Donor Conception - which for any one thinking of DE or undergoing DE treatment should be invaluable.

It will take place on Sat the 27th of June in Dublin and will be an all day event - starting at 9am which is registration following by a DE meeting in the morning - in the afternoon there will be workshops which will be run by Olivia Montuschi & Walter Merrick  from the DC Network in the UK.It should finish up about 4 in the afternoon.The cost per person attending will be €15

If you would like to attend you will need to to register and find out about the details re:the venue.

I think it will be a very good meeting given that two key members from the DE network in the UK will be running workshops in the afternoon which will I am sure provide invaluable information...Any other questions you have re:this session you can direct them to NISIG themselves(their website is

Hope the info above is helpful to some of you...

take careLonging  xxx

skib! - 05/02/2010 18:48

Hi Everyone, i am new to this site and am just wondering if anyone has been to the galway clinic? I was there last year but unfortunately i got sick and had to postpone it. I am due to go back next month? When you start treatment, are you scanned to check for Follicle Development? I suffer from ulcerative colitis, but in remission now and stil hopefull.

lshandlefox - 16/09/2010 19:25

Embryologists, Reproductive Endocrinologists,IVF Nurses: Does anybody REALLY know how each contributes to our baby-making process?

Find out at Laughing IS Conceivable. Also, this week: "Quality Assurance in the Fertility Lab" an article by Embryologist Carole Wegner.

mrssweeney - 12/05/2011 10:44

hi everyone, 

im new to this site and just wondering if any1 has been to doctor egans clinic in galway. my appointment for the fertility clinic is in 6 weeks,we have being tryin for 2 years now,  got my letter out this morning and it said we had to arrange to have other tests done with my own GP. Im not sure why if anyone could let me know! 


Helen - 12/05/2011 16:34

mrssweene- I first went to Galway when I started on the whole journey.  I would suggest that you take a look at for for help and information and most importantly support and I wish you and your DH all the best of luck


daisymai - 02/08/2011 15:58

Hi all,

I'm new to this site but find that reading other peoples stories has helped me. I never thought I wuldver have to go through with ivf. I found out that I have polycystric ovaries and low egg reserve even thou I am just turning 30. We've been trying for 2 years and have had 2 failed IUI's. Am just waiting for my period to arrive to start nasal spray and scan on wed in kilkenny. I've been feeling so down lately and was wondering if any one can give me a way to turn all this into a positive. I really thought I could make myself feel excited and hopefull this month but all I keep thinking is how will I get out of bed and get on with my life if it doesnt work? I know this is very negative, I'm hoping that when I go for the scan and start the injections I'll be positive and maybe it'll work. Does anyone else feel like this? I really wish I could detach myself from the whole thing and think well if it doesnt work this time, it will the next time, but I just cant at the moment and Im so tired of feeling sad and  crying all the time. Its liek our life is on hold and we cant move on till this is sorted, we cant holiday or do up our house, and i feel like i 've let my friends go cause they are all either pregnant (after 2 F**kING months of trying God forgive me!! or have children already and i cant bear to talk to them. Am i awful, will this end? I worry that if this is going to be a long process Im gonna have to find some better way of dealing with things. Sorry this has been such a long rant, my next posts wont be so long! Id love to hear from anyone who can give me some way of dealing with this. Please God our IVf works this month. thanks a mill

baby2012 - 13/07/2012 17:52

Hi ladies!I need help.My friend starting her first IVF in another coutry,she will need Gonal  F,maybe somebody have left after IVF?I had 2 packs left after mine one,but it is not enought :( Thanks

lindyboo - 03/04/2014 01:20

hi all i am just seeing is there anyone thats doing ivf in 2014 i am looking to chat about ivf and find information thanks 

kikalimerick - 19/05/2014 16:33

Ok Ladies... im begining to drive myself mad.. Doing ICSI cycle , 1st time , had 2 very healty embroys implanted on Firday morning and am litreally going out of my head with anxity.. I am trying to keep it under control but litreally every twinge i feel im thinking its something i should be feeling ! 

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