Open air smoking ban likely

Health Minister James Reilly is proposing to extend the smoking ban to a wide range of outdoor areas.

Under his proposals, smoking would be banned in places such as public parks and beaches.

The Minister said said he wanted to go a step further than the proposed ban on smoking in cars with children so that smoking can be 'denormalised'.

He said he would favour implementing as similar ban on smoking in parks and on beaches to that which operates in New York.

Dr Reilly was speaking at an Irish Heart Foundation conference in Dublin yesterday.

A workplace smoking ban, which includes pubs and restaurants, has been in place in Ireland since 2004. More recently, some hospitals have also banned smoking in the grounds outside their buildings.




CAET - 23/04/2012 12:16

It's very hard for smokers having restrictions placed on them, but as a "never-ever-have smoked" non-smoker it's hard in a different way for non-smokers to have cigarette smoke around them.  I really wish that smokers would not gather in doorway entrances and exits as when you pass through the haze of smoke you end up half-gassed and are really advised to hold your breath!  At bus stops and in the street are other problem areas.  As far as beaches and public places go - never mind the smoke, it's finding the butts all over the place, not to mention sometimes left burning!  No drinking is allowed at beaches and public places or in doorways or at bus stops etc, so perhaps the ban on smoking in these areas could be validated?

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