Tallaght Hospital renamed Tallaght Hospital

Dublin's Tallaght Hospital is changing its name to what everybody has already been calling it since it opened in the late 1990s- Tallaght Hospital.

The official title of the hospitals since it opened in 1998 is 'the Adelaide and Meath Hospital Dublin Incorporating the National Children's Hospital', reflecting the titles of the three hospitals that amalgamated to move to Tallaght.

The old hospital title will remain for the time being until changes in its governance legislation are made. The official new title of the hospital will be 'Tallaght Hospital - a Teaching Hospital of Trinity College Dublin.'

A new interim board for Tallaght Hospital was recently set up comprising nine non-executive directors and seven execuitive directors. The board has recently established an audit committee and a quality and safety committee.

Meanwhile, the HIQA review into safety standards at Tallaght's emergency department, established last summer, is not expected to issue its report until April.

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