Holles Street below par - patients

  • Niall Hunter, Editor

Patients have rated the National Maternity Hospital as performing below par under most service headings, according to latest statistics from irishhealth.com's unique Rate My Hospital facility.

The National Maternity Hospital in Holles Street, Dublin is one of Europe's largest maternity hospitals, delivering nearly 10,000 babies per year. It is the national referral centre for complicated pregnancies, premature and sick infants.

Its facilities have come under increasing pressure in recent years, and plans for the hospital to move from its city centre site to a larger unit at St Vincent's Hospital have been long-fingered in the current financial climate.

Nearly 700 patients have now rated the facilities and services at Holles Street with Rate My Hospital and, perhaps reflecting the pressure on its services, it has been rated with a below-average score nationally.

Under Rate My Hospital patient ratings, Holles Street currently stands 37th out of 51 public hospitals in the overall national league table with a 3.25 out of five rating. The national average patient rating for hospitals is 3.45 out of five.

Its ranking is lower than that of the other two public maternity hospitals in Dublin, the Rotunda (12th place - 3.7 score) and the Coombe (28th place - 3.35 score).

However, all three are well belew the ranking of Mount Carmel's private maternity unit, which scores 4.4 out of five and has been voted the best maternity service in the country by patients on Rate My Hospital.

Under separate service ratings, Holles Street has been voted the worst hospital in the country for car-parking, scoring only 1.43 out of five (national average 2.84). It scores 3.17 out of five under cleanliness/hygiene (31st place - national average 3.37)

Holles Street scores poorly under staff to patient ratios at 2.92 out of five (38th place-national average 3.21)

On quality of food, it scores 3.12 out of five (25th place-national average 3.19). It scores three out of five for child-friendliness (36th place-national average 3.29).

Holles Street scores 3.57 out of five on quality of care (29th place-national average 3.68); and on doctors' attitudes it scores 3.68 out of five (25th place- national average 3.68).

Recent Rate MyHospital patient comments on Holles Street have focused on deficits in hygiene, facilities and communication, while generally, the hospital staff are praised for high standards under pressurised conditions.

The average age of patients attending Holles Street, according to Rate My Hospital findings, is 37.

With Rate My Hospital, patients and their relatives can rate and comment on their recent experience of hospitals under various service headings.

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JamesH - 31/01/2012 14:49

I would think this article is a little unfair. As mentioned Holles Street is the national hospital of referral and if there is anything major wrong Mount Carmel won't be long about shipping you out to one of the public hospitals. At the end of the day the most important measure is clinical. Whether it is hard to park the car or if the food isn't great doesn't really matter that much really.

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