Too much worry harms relationships

  • Deborah Condon

While worrying is a common human condition, a US professor has warned that too much worrying may put your relationships at serious risk.

According to Prof Amy Przeworski of Case Western Reserve University, people who worry to the point where it interferes with their daily life are suffering from a condition known as generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). She insists that the way in which GAD sufferers deal with this disorder can interfere with their closest relationships.

For example, they may become too detached or far too clingy.

Prof Przeworski and her team carried out two studies in this area and found four different traits among people with GAD - exploitable, non-assertive, cold and intrusive. All of these traits can have a serious effect on relationships, they noted.

"The worry may be similar, but the impact of the worry on their interpersonal relationships would be extremely different. This suggests interpersonal problems and worry may be intertwined," they said.

They added that the treatment of GAD should focus on both the worry associated with the condition and related interpersonal problems.

Details of these findings are published in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology.



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