Big support for Reilly's car smoking ban

  • Niall Hunter, Editor

More than eight-in-10 people support Health Minister James Reilly's proposal to ban smoking in cars where children are present, according to our latest poll.

Dr Reilly announced last month that he was in favour of prohibiting people from smoking in cars with children present, and his Department is currently collating evidence from a number of sources to back up his proposed ban.

It is expected that legislation to implement such a ban will be brought forward early next year.

The Minister does not have any plans at present to ban smoking in vehicles where children are not present.

The proposal has been welcomed by the Irish Cancer Society and ASH Ireland but has been opposed by others as an excessive intrusion into personal privacy.

We asked readers whether they agreed with Dr Reilly's car smoking ban proposal: 84% said yes, 15% said no while 1% were unsure.

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