'Vegetables, fruit can prevent cancer'

Leafy green vegetables and soft fruit have a role to play in preventing bowel cancer, according to a UK expert.

According to Prof Jonathan Rhodes of the University of Liverpool, soluble plant fibres found in leafy green  vegetables such a broccoli and in soft fruit such as bananas can block potentially harmful interactions between intestinal bacteria and the lining of the colon.

He said there is also a large body of evidence suggesting that a high calorie intake from any source and infrequent exercise are also major risk factors for colorectal cancer.

Prof Rhodes said lifestyle alterations that took these risk factors into account would not only be likely to reduce the risk of bowel cancer but also substantially reduce the risk of death from other conditions such as heart disease.

He is delivering a public lecture on prevention of colon cancer in lecture theatre G10 at the Brookfield Sciences Complex in UCC tomorrow night.

The lecture will also address the role of population screening for bowel cancer.

The lecture is hosted by the Alimentary Pharmabiotic Centre and the Department of Medicine at the college.


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