Concern on home help cuts

Age Action has called on he HSE to reverse planned cuts in home help hours.

The campaign group said by limiting home help hours to 7.5 a week, and restricting the service to personal care, rather than domestic chores, the service will fall short of what is needed by older people who are dependent it if they are to remain living in their own homes.
“If the HSE was to limit home helps to 10 minutes to get people up in the morning, 15 minutes to shower them and 10 minutes to help them with their breakfast, they would create a service which does not meet the needs of many older people who currently depend on home helps,” Age Action spokesman Eamon Timmins said.
“If the service is inadequately resourced, and is then restructured to operate without sufficient funding and personnel, it will result in a service which poses a threat to the well-being of the very people it sets out to protect," he added.

The older people’s charity says it is concerned that the proposed restriction of the home help service undermines the stated policy of successive governments to support older people to remain living in their own homes for as long as possible.

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