New national office for abuse victims opens

People who were abused as children in institutions of the state can now avail of a new service offering support, advice and assistance.

The National Office for Victims of Abuse (NOVA) has been established by the government in order to assist those who were abused in institutions. The office is being guided by advice from four of the largest groups representing survivors of abuse, SOCA UK, Alliance, Right of Place and Aislinn.

A number of services are available through NOVA including:

  • assistance to people trying to trace their records.
  • a referral service for people wishing to avail of social services such as counselling, education and health services.

NOVA is also operating a national free-phone helpline. The number is 1800 25 25 24. A free-phone line from Britain is also available at 0800 039 0301.

The office, which is located in Dublin's Ormond Quay, is open daily from 10am to 5.00pm.

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