Cookbook for Parkinson's patients launched

  • Joanne McCarthy

A healthy eating handbook for people with Parkinson’s disease has been launched by the Parkinson’s Association of Ireland.
The handbook contains recipes as well as nutritional tips and advice.
“Eating well is important for everybody but it is essential for Parkinson’s patients. Proper nutrition helps to maintain a healthy body,” said Una Anderson Ryan, chairperson of the Parkinson’s Association of Ireland.
“This handbook is not only about diet but also answers questions that many Parkinson’s patients may have about taking their medication with certain foods,” she continued.
For example, the book advises patients to take their medication and then wait one hour before eating protein foods.
“This practical information will help Parkinson’s patients to take greater control of their condition,” Ms Anderson Ryan said.
In Ireland, it is estimated that 6,000 adults suffer from Parkinson’s disease. Although the incidence is higher in the elderly population, approximately one in ten sufferers develops symptoms by the age of 50.
The World Health Organization has estimated that Parkinson’s disease, along with other neurodegenerative diseases, will surpass cancer as the second most common cause of death by the year 2040.
Celebrity chef Neven Maguire, who launched the handbook, said that good nutrition and a balanced diet can help promote general wellbeing and good health.
“This book shows that cooking for yourself and your family can be easy and stress-free,” he said.
The handbook is available from Parkinson’s Association of Ireland by calling 1800 359 359, or from Lundbeck Ireland on 01 4689800.

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