Doctors' earnings 'a racket' - economist

The economist behind the Bord Snip Nua report hit out today at at medical professionals who hold down well-paid academic jobs, and also work in hospitals - branding the practice the practice "a racket."

Colm McCarthy was speaking on radio this morning on the Newstalk Breakfast Show, in response to a question about HSE Chief Executive Brendan Drumm, who is expected to return to a hospital consultant and academic post when he steps down as HSE CEO next August.

While he said he was not particularly singling our Prof Drumm for criticism, he hit out at the earnings of some doctors and members of the legal profession.

Colm McCarthy said such arrangements raise questions about people's professions.

Prof Drumm has previously responded to complaints about the level of his salary and bonuses as HSE CEO by stating that he could earn much more as a consultant with private practice.

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