Granny Smith is healthiest apple claim

  • Joanne McCarthy

Granny Smith apples should be chosen over other apples because of their high level of antioxidants, Irish scientists have claimed.

Thirty years ago the same research team from Teagasc, the Irish Agriculture and Food Development Authority, first showed that eating two apples a day reduced the level of cholesterol in the blood.

According to the researchers, the current research project found that Granny Smith apples had higher anti-oxidant levels than Golden Delicious and Braeburn apples. However, Granny Smith apples were shown to be the least favoured in taste tests, the scientists claimed.

The researchers also noted that more benefits were associated with eating apples with the skin on. While some consumers peel apples because they fear surface contamination, the researchers stressed that a comprehensive screening programme is conducted on all pesticide levels in fruit and vegetables in the EU.

The research was conducted at the Teagasc Ashtown Food Research Centre.

In spite of the findings, a number of studies have indicated recently that many antioxidants have limited value, with some researchers saying that when taken at high doses they could do more harm than good.

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