Herbal remedy may help PMS

A herbal remedy made from a dried fruit extract could hold the key to easing some of the unpleasant symptoms associated with menstruation.

Dry extract of agnus castus fruit, which grows in Mediterranean and Asian countries, was given to 86 women suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).

PMS refers to the physical, mental and emotional symptoms which many women experience during the second half of the menstrual cycle. Most women experience some symptoms of PMS at intervals throughout their life. However, some women experience it every month. Symptoms can include sore breasts, mood swings and cramps.

Of the 86 participants in the study, over half noticed an improvement in their condition.

German researchers found that women who took the herbal remedy over the course of three months suffered less from sore breasts, mood swings and headaches, than those who did not take it.

The researchers are now calling for the remedy to be considered to help women whose PMS cannot be linked to any other medical causes.

The study appears in the latest edition of the 'British Medical Journal'.


Marion(Marel) - 20/02/2001 22:00

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has tried this and found it to work.

Anonymous - 21/02/2001 09:40

Where can I get this herbal remedy?

Anonymous - 11/05/2001 00:13

where can i get this herbal remedy?

Anonymous - 20/06/2001 16:59

is this product or others similar available in health stores in ireland

Marion(Marel) - 20/06/2001 18:08

Agnus Castus is available in health food shops. (Bioforce is a reputable brand name to look out for.)

mo(murraymo) - 17/07/2001 20:01

any information on natural methods to ease this "pause" would be welcome. any news on this and other alternative remedys would be welcome by many women.

bug(bugface) - 18/07/2001 22:40

A course of Evening Primrose Capsules helped me a great deal!

Marie(mariebyr) - 08/11/2001 00:20

Agnus castus is available in most chemists, either in tablet or liquid form. It does help PMS symptoms and 'hot flushes' in the menopause a good deal.

Anonymous - 10/06/2002 11:11


Orla(OOliver) - 13/08/2003 09:54

Rasberry Leaf tea can be useful for reducing period cramps - most health food stores sell this. It is also recommended for menopausal women. Not to be used if you are pregnant. Also, two drops (no more) of clary sage essential oil in a little warm water, you can add some honey if you like, and drunk can also reduce cramps. This works well for me - but it may be that the taste is so strong, that I forget about the pain. Remember, treat essential oils with great respect, they are very powerful. Don't be tempted to overdose. Clary sage can also be added to warm massage oil (olive or grape will do) and massaged gently into the abdomen to help relieve cramps. Lower salt intake coming up to your period, to help stop bloating. Bioforce ginseng can also be useful to help lift your mood - if prone to depression. It works wonderfully for a friend of mine, doesn't do a thing for me... Bioforce also do the angus castus - their products are excellent quality. Sometimes, the only cure for pms is to curl up on the couch in your pj's, with a great big glass of wine and a huge chunk of choccie cake and a good video.

breda(fahybreda) - 09/01/2004 11:16

I am menapausal and I suffer very bad from hot flushes. I was on Black Cohah for a few months but it stopped from working. I have now started taking Phyto-Femme, I would like to hear from someone with similar problem and taking this herbal. I also take fish oil and a Multi vitiman

Anonymous - 05/05/2004 14:22

I bought this at lunchtime - it is a tincture and is by bioforce. It cost me 10.50 for a good size. You take about 20 drops in a small amount of water for 3-6 months and it is supposed to cure your pms altogether. If it doesn't you should go back on it apparently till it does. I've only started it today and will be keeping a check on my progress. However, I've also started EPO today aswell. AFter a very bad weekend of severe mood swings due to PMS I am at the stage now where I'll try everything!

Mary(avocamines) - 19/06/2004 10:32

Has anybody else had a bad reaction to evening primrose oil, I found my symtoms got ten times worse even after taking just two capsules.

Anonymous - 21/06/2004 12:09

should say that agnus caste interferes with the contraceptive pill - not to be used if you are relying on the pill.

Chris(KAR24750) - 21/02/2005 14:44

Hi all. If anyone is interested in herbal remedies to relief PMS WITHOUT any side effects, check out http://www.pms-relief.org

Haleheart - 08/05/2011 22:52

Agnus Castus is one of the best female reproductive system tonics available - and it is all natural.  If you are taking hte pill you cannot take Agnus Castus too unfortunately.

Raspery Leaf Tea is another good natural tonic for the female reproductive system and drinking this as often as you can is good and will also help with PMS/PMT.

The best comprehensive plan for curing PMT is outlined in the book PMT reversing the curse.  It will minimise PMT and PMS symptoms and will also help balance your whole system.

If you are on the pill or other medication you should always check before using anything else.  Read this little book if you suffer PMT.  If you cant afford to buy it they give it away for free.

Diet Im afraid, really is the only thing that works together with some herbal medicines which work to balance the system.  In the long run, you can turn your health around - not just the PMT - get rid of spots, reduce weight, balance your moods and no more bloatedness - but it takes commitment - no magic pill!!

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