Europe's 1st Breast Health Day launched

  • Deborah Condon

Europe’s first ever Breast Health Day is being launched next week, with the aim of educating women about the influence lifestyle factors can have on breast cancer risk.

Around 2,000 Irish women are newly diagnosed with the disease every year and some 650 women die as a result of it annually. This event, which takes place on October 15, has been organised by Europa Donna – the European Breast Cancer Coalition.

Representatives from Europa Donna’s 41 member countries, including the Europa Donna Ireland Chairperson, Christine Murphy-Whyte will attend the event in Milan next week, from which there will be a live webcast on the website

“One in 12 women in Ireland will develop breast cancer before she reaches 80 years of age. Women need to be aware of lifestyle factors that can influence their chances of getting breast cancer and of opportunities to detect it and treat it as early as possible when it does occur,” explained Ms Murphy-Whyte.

According to Europe Donna president, Ingrid Kossler, 25-33% of breast cancer cases are related to being overweight and physically inactive.

“In Europe, an average of 60% of women are aged 55-64 and 37% aged 35-44 are overweight or obese. This has huge health risks for women today. The point of Breast Health Day is to raise awareness among women of the influence that lifestyle choices can have on their future health,” Ms Kossler said.

A new website has been launched by Europa Donna to mark Breast Health Day. It contains key documents, facts and information on lifestyle factors and breast health and can be viewed at…

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