Green tea good for heart

  • Olivia Fens

Drinking green tea may reduce the risk of heart disease, the results of a new study indicate.

The study found that drinking green tea rapidly improves the function of (endothelial) cells lining the circulatory system. Endothelial dysfunction can lead to atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

Scientists from Athens Medical School, Greece, tested the effect of green tea, caffeine and hot water. They found that the endothelial function and dilation of large arteries increased significantly after drinking green tea. The effect of caffeine and hot water was not significant.

While black tea has been associated with improved short-term and long-term endothelial performance, this is the first time that green tea has been shown to have a short-term beneficial effect on the large arteries. Another study has shown that green tea reverses endothelial dysfunction in smokers.

The cardiovascular benefits of all teas as well as dark chocolate and red wine is based on their antioxidant properties. However investigator Charalambos Vlachopoulos said the antioxidants in green tea are probably more potent than in black tea because the green tea has undergone little to no oxidisation.

“Green tea is consumed less in the Western world than black tea, but it could be more beneficial because of the way it seems to improve endothelial function and its antioxidant properties,” Dr Vlachopoulos said.

The study was published in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation.

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caitlin(DPM71068) - 03/07/2008 19:22

I love green tea and I know it is good for you but am I mistaken or did I hear that it helps in dieting.

mycupoftea - 30/04/2009 13:08

Green tea naturally suppresses your appetite slightly. It is the same like other tea such as Oolong/Puerh. So obviously they help in dieting. But probably you need to drink a lot through the day (except at night) to make it happen.

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