'Drastic changes' for Nenagh Hospital

The role of Nenagh Hospital in Tipperary is to ‘change drastically’ and this will have an adverse effect on the thousands of people it serves, the Labour Party has claimed.

According to Senator Alan Kelly, he has been given access to a memo from the Director of Nursing, which points to major changes for the hospital.

He said the memo followed a meeting of regional managers in the mid west with the head of the HSE, Prof Brendan Drumm. At this meeting, it was confirmed that:
-Acute surgery and overnight work will be moved to Mid West Regional Hospital in Dooradoyle (Limerick Regional Hospital).
-A&E services in the hospital will be reviewed and will become nurse-led.
-Critical care services will be reviewed. The elderly care unit in the hospital is already closed for the summer.

Senator Kelly said that effectively, Nenagh Hospital will be transferring many of its functions to Limerick Regional. This, he said, will have ‘a drastic impact’ on north Tipperary.

“The memo puts the future of Nenagh Hospital firmly in the category of a day hospital with day surgery, nurse led outpatient clinics and diagnostics to the fore and yet this is a hospital that has a CT scanner lying idle for some sixteen months now. This will mean that any overnight surgery will have to now take place in Limerick, thereby creating hardship for the people in the area,” he insisted.

He pointed out that Nenagh Hospital has been taking on a greater workload since the closure of the hospital in Cashel, with more people now being directed to it from the Thurles area.

“I am sick and tired of the management of our health service by an organisation that refuses to divulge their real plans and when forced to do so ‘spins’ the message incredibly. Why hasn’t Prof Drumm come out and explained his plans for acute services in the mid west Hospitals? Why are we reliant on a drip of information from friendly leaks?” Senator Kelly added.


nk - 03/07/2008 09:12

The people of North Tipperary will not let this happen, firstly we will be nice and wait for the consultation process which usually follows this kind of announcement, the HSE will no doubt be in print before long with 'shame on you statements for putting the fear of god in the patients and users' Then will follow how Sen. Kelly got it wrong. But do you know what You can only fool some of the people some of the time................. The people of North Tipperary took to the streets in their thousands before and those people still live in North Tipperary. This time out their patients are wearing thin and the present government should take note, they will be dealt with in the local elections next year.

John(johnwilliams) - 08/07/2008 21:44

This is clasic HSE spin but I think it is counter-productive because at this stage nobody believes any announcement from that dysfunctional organisation. Closing Nenagh and Ennis, because that is what it is effectively doing, and tranferring all acute patients to an already overcrowded Limerick Regional is quite crazy and is the opposite of what any rational person would do. If Limerick cannot cope (and it cannot!) why not move geographically peripheral patients in Clare and Tipperary to the smaller under utilised hospitals and ease the burden on the Regional? The HSE should be broken up immediately before they endanger any more lives.

nk - 11/07/2008 16:12

Good thinking John, I would like to add that the smaller hospitals have also proven to be more cost effective pls check out 'Small Hospital Big Service' produced by the Nenagh Hospital Action Group. These figures have never been disputed, and what is more encouraging this report was fully funded by the generous people of North Tipperary through fund raising and donations, and not prepared by an over expensive consultancy group hired by the Dept of Health. Why will this government not take heed and listen to people who talk sense and value for money? Surely it is more important now in these times of so called recession.

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