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Man back to life on Easter Sunday

[Posted: Thu 26/04/2007]

A Dublin hospital is investigating a patient seemingly coming back to life after having been pronounced dead. This happened on Easter Sunday.

The man was found to be still breathing when morgue workers came to collect him.

The incident happened at the Mater Misericordiae hospital in Eccles St on April 8.

Mater Hospital, Dublin

It has not been revealed why the man was in hospital. Aged in his 30s, he suffered from a permanent disability.

After hospital staff declared the man dead, his family was contacted and given the news.

Then his live condition was discovered.

The only comment the hospital was making today was that an internal investigation is under way.

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  Blath  Posted: 26/04/2007 17:35
If this happened in Lourdes it would be declared a miracle! I hope the man and his family are all right and not too shaken by this event.
  lavender  Posted: 26/04/2007 19:44
The Resurrection once again? ?
  Anonymous   Posted: 27/04/2007 09:58
This is more than just a medical error.
  LS  Posted: 29/04/2007 08:34
I would love to know what the procedures are in hospitals for establishing that someone is dead.
  Eggie  Posted: 11/05/2007 19:10
Does anyone know how this man is doing and what exactly he was in hospital for in the first place. Bit frightening that the poor man could have actually been buried alive.
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