Monageer tragedy raises lack of services

A tragic killing of an entire family in Co Wexford has spotlighted the need for round-the-clock psychiatric services.

Adrian and Kiara Dunne and their daughters, Leanne, 5, and Shania, 3, were found dead at their home in Monageer yesterday afternoon.

Mr Dunne had suffered from visual impairment, which deteriorated recently.

The Irish Times reports that concerns were raised for the family's safety on Friday after Mr Dunne called an undertaker about a burial plot for himself, his wife and the children.

Local gardai asked two priests to visit the family at the weekend.

The priests found the house closed up and no response.

The chief executive of the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC), Paul Gilligan, said on radio this morning that the deaths raised serious questions.

He called for an investigation into whether the tragedy could have been prevented.

The local Health Service Executive says there are out-of-hours services. However gardai who contacted the HSE at the weekend were told no social worker was available.

Pauline Ryan, HSE manager in Wexford, said the Dunne family were not on the 'at risk' register.

Senator David Norris said today that in an Ireland where people could shop all day every day, health services shut down for the weekend on Friday evening.

The Health Service Executive South-Eastern Region says it will issue a statement today.

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