Long Term Illness Scheme

Long-Term Illness Scheme

The Long-Term Illness Scheme allows people with certain conditions, who are not already medical card holders, to obtain the medicines and medical and surgical appliances they require for the treatment of their condition, without charge. No means test is involved.

The conditions included in this scheme are:

It should be noted however that a number of conditions that people often presume will be included in this scheme, such as asthma and Crohn's disease, are not, despite the fact that for the majority of people, these are long-term conditions.

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Once a person is deemed eligible for this scheme, he/she is issued with a long-term illness book. This lists all the drugs and medicines for the treatment of the particular condition, which will be provided to them free of charge through their community pharmacist.

If your doctor or occupational therapist prescribes a medical or surgical appliance, it will be supplied to you from your Local Health Office.

Anybody who suffers from any of the conditions listed above and who wishes to avail of the scheme, can obtain an application form from their GP or Local Health Office. Completed forms should be sent directly to the Local Health Office.

Individuals who are not medical card holders are not covered by the Long Term Illness Scheme, can avail of the Drugs Payment Scheme, which ensures no individual or family has to pay more than €85 for prescribed drugs and appliances in any one calendar month (find out more details of this scheme).

Reviewed: September 20, 2006


Anonymous - 19/02/2004 14:34

I have Crohn's disease for the past 10 years and will have it for the rest of my life is this not long term ?

Anonymous - 19/02/2004 15:31


gfosh - 21/02/2004 21:03

endometriosis is a longterm illness for many women but doesn't qualify under the longterm illness scheme

Anonymous - 23/02/2004 08:26

Is endometriosis not curable by laser surgery and the pill?

Anonymous - 09/03/2004 20:22

I have fibromyalgia can i get a medical card

Anonymous - 10/03/2004 09:00

Fibro is not recognised on the long term illness scheme. So you will only qualify if your income is under a certain amount

Anonymous - 01/09/2004 10:45

Why are athsma, CFS and Fibro not on this lisrt. These are long-term, in many cases life-long illnesses.

Anonymous - 01/09/2004 11:29

Anyone diagnosed with an illness/condition that will require ongoing treatment/ medication should get cover for same.It is redicilous to allow all over 70 a medical card,it needs means testing. There are a lot of 70 yo with considersble resources. Not all of these will be mean enough to look for a medical card but many will. Childrens allowance should also be means tested. I know someone who payes for livery for a showjumper out of the child allowance!

Anonymous - 01/09/2004 13:01

bit childrens allowance is means tested the income ceiling will eventually be moved lower and lower as it is with the medial card and it is the childen stuck in the middle who will suffer. The rich can pay, the middle classes can suffer and the children of the very poor will get an allowance but it's those who fall in between who will suffer.

mechanima - 01/09/2004 13:16

I am stunned that COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) is not on the list as it is a high maintenance, incurable degenerative condition that leaves you totally medication dependent to control it.

Anonymous - 01/09/2004 13:46

chronic obstructive pulmonary disease - is this not caused by smoking?

liam(lcollins) - 04/09/2004 23:21

I think that any chronic long term , or life long, conditions that are self inflicted ie , by smoking, should not be included in the sheme, and the same should apply to obese people, these should not be included in the long term schemes , because they are brought on by the people themselves.

Anonymous - 06/09/2004 09:05

Obesity is not alweays brought on by overeating. There can be many causes. Undertreated thyroid failure, PCOS, certain psychaitric meds, hypometabolism, emotional disorders. I take it Liam that you have never eaten anything that was bad for you, never drank alcohol, never had sex without a condom, never smoked (second hand or otherwise), never involved in any high risk behaviour such as driving, sailing or cycling without a helmet??

Anonymous - 14/09/2004 13:25

i've got an illeostomy which means i have to buy bags, cream an paste every month. i also have arthritis for which i need prescription pain killers, xrays, physio, occupational therapists and soon replacement joints - meanng a hospital stay. in fact in the last 8 years i've had 1 hospital free year! on average i'm in twice a year. because i came back to work i've lost my card but neither vhi or bupa will cover existing illnesses for 5 years so at the moment it looks like i'll have to give up work again. it's a disgrace on the government. they should at least cut back your card so that it covers only your long term needs, that way it wouldn't cost them so much but the rest of us could work to pay a mortgage or go on holiday and not just to survive and have some quality of life.

Anonymous - 17/09/2004 21:44

To Anonymous Endometriosis. Endometriosis isn't curable. Endometriosis is encouraged by Oestrogen which happens to be a substance in the pill. The pill is considered to be helpful however as many women with endometriosis wish to conceive then it doesn't serve a purpose and basically because it is designed to prevent conception. Laser surgery may provide relief for 6-12 months. Endometriosis also grows on other organs than just the reproductive organs. One would have to go through laparoscopy's quite alot before the menopause is completed. Laproscopy's by laser don't cure endometriosis. Hysterectomy's don't cure it either and dependant on ones age it isn't advisable for long-term HRT. The best that can be offered is maintenance. Infertility is a big issue with most endo women and many can go through a number of Laparaoscopy's or Medical Treatments before conceiving however it doesn't cure them of endometriosis. Endometriosis can also cause other symptoms and ailments. People tend to make unknowledgable comments and insensitive ones at that because they are fortunate enough not to have some of the ailments on this list. If you want my history I have Endometriosis, PCOS, Diabetes, Cholesterol and Triglyceride Problems, Hirsutism, Daily long-term chronic pain, Recurring Infections, Elevated White Cell Count, Weight Difficulties, Mood Swings etc do I need to go on? By the way none of which is a result of anything I did just unlucky to have got a syndrome. I forgot,Rare Blood Group, Fertility Issues, Unemployability, No Social Life, Emotional, Social and Financial problems, Friendships/Relationships suffered. I gather you get the picture now? It may be an idea for people to think before commenting especially if the comments aren't factual and reek of self-righteousness. It's interesting how many people actually ignore the amount of their taxes which are used to provide several inpatient stays on an annual basis for alcohol abuse in the country's Psychiatric Hospitals for each person using the system on that basis. The Service is also used as a defence prior to court cases and to exhibit dealing with the problem and to use it as an excuse to behave illegally. Read your local papers or even the national ones and note how many times alcohol features as a defence and the inpatient service is nothing short of a farce for defence in court proceedings.

Anonymous - 23/09/2004 10:08

The Long Term Illness Scheme only covers certain illnesses. A medical card can be issued on financial or MEDICAL grounds - apply for a medical card on medical grounds with support letters from your GP and any other medical evidence - it is worth trying.

Anonymous - 23/09/2004 10:19

To anonymous - you certainly hasve a lot of illnesses, including diabetes, which will allow you an LTI card. However, the LTI scheme won't cure you, just save you €78 a month.

Anonymous - 28/09/2004 00:50

1970 Health Act Long Term Illness and Disability Scheme. This Act has not been amended or updated since the 1970's. Inflammatory bowel disease should be made a notiafiable illness as it is a serious chronic long term illness which requires daily medication. For more information regarding a campaign. Contact Irish Colitis & Crohn's Support.

Anonymous - 14/09/2006 12:24

If Spina Bifida is on the long term illness scheme, why isn't paralysis through spinal cord injury or trauma?

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