The E112 - Treatment Abroad Scheme

Treatment Abroad Scheme (E112 Form)

If you require specific hospital treatment that is not available in Ireland but is available in another country, the Health Service Executive (HSE) may assist you in providing it under the Treatment Abroad Scheme.

Under the scheme, the treatment is usually provided in another EU/European Economic Area (EEA) member state or in Switzerland. This is covered by EU regulations, under which you are entitled to medical benefits on the same basis as nationals in these countries, if your treatment there is authorised by the HSE.

Patients may also be referred to other countries outside the EU e.g., the US but this is not covered by EU regulations. In these cases, the HSE is not obliged to meet any of the costs involved in treatment however, in exceptional circumstances, the HSE may make a contribution towards the cost.

There is no legislation in Ireland concerning the circumstance in which referrals abroad may be granted, but the HSE uses the following guidelines.

Your applications must, in most cases, be assessed before you go abroad and the hospital consultant must certify that:

  • The treatment concerned is not available in Ireland
  • There is an urgent medical need for the treatment
  • There is a reasonable chance of success
  • It is a proven type of treatment, not experimental and will be performed by registered doctors/recognised hospitals.

If you have been authorised by your consultant for treatment abroad, you will be issued with a Form E112 by the HSE. For more details on this, contact your local HSE office.

Reviewed: November 1, 2006

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