Home Help - how to get it

Getting home help

Many incapacitated people could benefit from the assistance of someone to come and help them around the home for a few hours on a regular basis. However, not all of those who need such assistance know how or where to apply for a home help service.

The health boards, with the co-operation of various voluntary organisations, supply the a service to anyone who is:

There may be a small charge and services vary from health board to health board.

Home helps assist with normal household tasks, such as shopping or cleaning and are assigned to people who are unable to carry out those tasks by themselves. The assistance of a home help can enable many incapacitated people to live a successfully independent life.

Unfortunately the home help service is not available in a uniform manner throughout the country. In some areas where there is a home help service, there may be a small charge. The health board decides whether to provide the service on a case by case basis.

To find out whether you qualify for home help and to get a list of home help organisers, contact the Customer Services Department of your local health board.

In the greater Dublin area, contact the Eastern Regional Health Authority at freephone 1800 520520.

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