First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits

How will I know what to include in my first aid kit?

Depending on the destination you choose for your holiday and your general health, you should consider bringing a first aid kit. It is worth discussing this with your doctor if you have a medical history or allergies which may warrant professional advice.

Think about the particulars of your outing that may require special medications or supplies: cold climates, hot climates, malaria regions, countries where there are dangerous animals such as snakes or other poisonous creature, or long expeditions.

Even in less exotic destinations, bear in mind that there may be a language problem in the local pharmacy. Another important point to consider is that brand names vary throughout Europe. You may be looking for something completely straightforward but the local pharmacy will never have heard of it.

You may also want to have a dental check-up, especially before holidays in developing areas.

What should I include in my first aid kit?

Always keep the following supplies in your first aid kit (but out of the reach of children):



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