What is constipation?

Constipation is the infrequent and difficult passage of stool. The stool may be too hard, infrequent, small or difficult to expel. In some people, constipation is sudden and often a manifestation of another abdominal problem, such a bowel obstruction. The incidence of constipation increases with age, and is most common after 60. A change in bowel habit (without change in diet) is a significant symptom which should be brought to the attention of your doctor.

What causes constipation?

Constipation may be caused by various medications such as general anaesthesia or iron, analgesics, tranquillisers and sedatives.

Other causes include:

What are the symptoms of constipation?

How is constipation treated?

This depends on the cause of constipation.

How is constipation evaluated?

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