Sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy

Is it safe for a woman to have sex when she is pregnant?

Yes. Sexual intercourse is not harmful during pregnancy. In fact, it is safe to have sex right up until the last day of your pregnancy.

Is there ever a time when sex during pregnancy is not safe?

Won't pressure on the womb hurt the baby?

No. In a normal pregnancy, sex will not harm the baby, even if your partner is on top. The uterus protects your child.

When the stomach starts to grow, sex may become uncomfortable for you, especially if your partner's normal position is on top. At this time, you should experiment with different positions, until you find one which is comfortable for you.

Will sex feel the same?

For some it will, for others it won't. Some women actually experience better sex while they are pregnant because of an increased blood flow to their pelvic region.

Other women may find it increasingly uncomfortable, or they may have no interest while they are dealing with such things as morning sickness. For others, they may simply feel too unattractive to have sex.

It is absolutely normal for a woman not to be in the mood for sex while pregnant. Do not worry about this. Remember that huge changes are taking place in your body while you are pregnant, so it is not surprising if this has some sort of an effect on your sex life.

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