Ringworm of the groin

Ringworm of the groin

What is ringworm of the groin?

This is a fungal skin infection of the groin. Both men and women can get it, however in men, it can spread to the scrotum. Ringworm of the groin is also known as Tinea cruris or Dermatophytosis inguinalis.

What causes ringworm of the groin?

The fungi which cause skin infections are known as dermatophytes. Almost everybody has at least one of the fungi which can cause ringworm of the groin. These fungi feed on our dead skin cells. More often than not, they are harmless.

What are the symptoms of ringworm of the groin?

There will often be a large, scaly, red-brown patch on the groin. In men this can stretch from the groin to the scrotum. The disease is most active at the edges of this patch. The infected area may be itchy or have a burning sensation.

Is ringworm of the groin more common in men or women?

It is more common in men. Because the fungi thrive in warm, moist places, they are often a problem for men who do not practise good personal hygiene.

Can I do anything to prevent ringworm of the groin?

The best defence is to look after your personal hygiene. Wash properly and regularly. As the fungi like moist places, ensure that you dry yourself properly. Change your clothes daily, especially your underwear!

Is ringworm of the groin difficult to get rid of?

No. It is relatively easy to cure.

Can ringworm of the groin recur?

Yes. If the risk factors aren't changed, for example poor personal hygiene is likely to lead to ringworm of the groin recurring.

How is it treated?

It can be treated with an antifungal cream, or with tablets. If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned, visit your doctor immediately. The condition is quickly diagnosed and easily cured, therefore you should not put off getting treatment.

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