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Major research summit on Down syndrome (21-03-2019)
Give your brain a workout (12-03-2019)
Being active in middle age lowers dementia risk (01-03-2019)
Simple lifestyle changes could cut dementia risk (13-12-2018)
Memory technology resource rooms launched (25-09-2018)
Smokers may have increased risk of dementia (07-09-2018)
Awareness of dementia is increasing  (29-08-2018)
Traumatic brain injuries up risk of dementia (11-04-2018)
Travel tips for people with dementia (11-04-2018)
Participants needed for dementia study (28-03-2018)
New blood test to detect Alzheimer's early (07-03-2018)
Many myths surround dementia (06-03-2018)
Heavy drinking increases risk of dementia (21-02-2018)
New rapid access clinic for dementia (12-02-2018)
Many unaware diabetes increases dementia risk (15-11-2017)
More understanding of dementia needed (27-10-2017)
People with dementia struggle to eat properly  (06-09-2017)
Dementia - carers need more support (14-06-2017)
Major roads linked to dementia risk (06-01-2017)
New tool to inform students about dementia (20-12-2016)
Caffeine may cut dementia risk in women (06-10-2016)
New dementia mobile service launched (07-09-2016)
More home care support needed for dementia (08-07-2016)
Going back to college may cut dementia risk (19-11-2015)
Public has limited knowledge of dementia (06-10-2015)
People at home with dementia need more support (02-10-2015)
Smoking doubles risk of dementia (21-09-2015)
Irish team in Alzheimer's breakthrough (21-09-2015)
A healthy weight may delay Alzheimer's onset  (18-09-2015)
Warning over neurological disease epidemic (09-08-2015)
Dementia study needs participants (23-07-2015)
Cork brain study needs participants (29-05-2015)
Dementia risk for underweight middle-aged (10-04-2015)
Gout may reduce Alzheimer's risk (09-03-2015)
Jump in calls to dementia helpline (20-02-2015)
Dementia much more common in women (16-02-2015)
Dementia care severely lacking (29-01-2015)
New dementia resource for Cork (12-12-2014)
Bilingualism delays Alzheimer's by 5 years (02-12-2014)
Older people will soon outnumber kids (07-11-2014)
Dementia carers needed for study (21-10-2014)
Neurotic personality ups Alzheimer risk (17-10-2014)
Elderly mental health linked to deprivation  (12-10-2014)
Ageing with an intellectual disability  (30-09-2014)
Tranquillisers may up Alzheimer risk (15-09-2014)
Early onset obesity linked to dementia (21-08-2014)
Digital literacy important for memory (13-08-2014)
Gardens beneficial for dementia sufferers (15-07-2014)
1 in 3 Alzheimer cases could be prevented (15-07-2014)
Blood test for Alzheimer's a step closer (08-07-2014)

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